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10 Tips For Writing Powerful Articles

By: Michael Pollock
Writing articles is a great method to create exposure for
yourself and your Internet business. In fact, I'd suggest
it's the best marketing tool you can use.

Webmasters and newsletter publishers are always looking
for good content. Further, aside from your time investment,
it's completely free advertising.

Here are 10 practical tips to ensure your articles get
published and read by others.

1. Write to serve.
Before writing an article, ask yourself what problem it
will help others solve. Some of the more common issues
people deal with revolve around a lack of something,
whether it's time, money, self-confidence or just joy in
life. How will your article help with these issues.

2. Grab their attention early.
If possible, intend to "hook" your reader right from the
get-go. Ideally, your title should be the hook. When
creating the title, ask yourself if it would make you want
to read the article. Your first paragraph should also
serve as a hook , as well as a general introduction to the
article content.

3. Write to one person only.
Forget the fact your article will be read by many people
and write to only one person, just like I'm doing with you

4. Keep the flow logical.
Don't bounce around from one idea to the next. Each
paragraph should logically follow the next. Although there
may be different ideas expressed in each paragraph, they
should dovetail off each other.

5. Use quotes to support your main idea.
Quotes from famous people are a great method to reinforce
your ideas. They help you make your point and add
credibility to your overall message. I use the quote
library found at Motivation Mecca http://www.joshhinds.com
or Uinspire at http://www.uinspire.com

6. Keep your paragraphs short.
Ideally, 4-6 lines per paragraph is what you want to shoot
for. It looks and feels much more appealing to the reader
to see "bite-sized" paragraphs.

7. Inspire action in your article.
If your article is, in fact, intended to solve a common
problem, give people practical suggestions for taking
action. Remember the formula "insight + action = growth."

8. When possible, tie your message to everyday activities.
A good example of this is "life is like a box of
chocolates." Make it easy for your reader to relate to
your ideas. That will also make it easier for your reader
to apply your ideas in their life.

9. Summarize the article in the final 1-2 paragraphs.
Briefly summarize the main points of your article, how
people can take action from the information and what
results they can achieve.

10. Don't forget the resource box.
Provide a brief resource box following your article. It
should tell a little about you, your business, how you
serve others and how to contact you. Be sure to include
your URL and email address with an invitation to contact
you or visit your site.

Using these 10 tips should help you write powerful articles
that get published and read. Above all else, remember this.
A writer writes. So - first - be a writer in your own mind.

About the Author

Michael Pollock is a popular on-line writer and Personal
Coach. He empowers proactive people to create lives that
are inspired, power-full and prosperous. It's your life.
Make it great! Visit http://www.successfulifecoach.com or
subscribe to his weekly newsletter "It's Your Life!" by
sending a blank email to ItsYourLife-subscribe@topica.com

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