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How Would You Like to Capture Some Time?   Article Center   

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How Would You Like to Capture Some Time?

By: Suzanne Berg

Women's health issues often are focused on goals to reach:
getting thin, moving up in the corporate world, having a child,
taking a vacation, meeting Mr. Right, fitting in exercise or
making sure you are eating your vegetables!

Well, I hope to help you start at the beginning to capture
moments of time that will help you build a foundation to
support that very busy, goal directed life. How can you focus
on the process of living, be able to stay in and gain those
moments of time as you are trying to reach your extraordinary

What is a moment in time for you? How do you capture that moment?
Are you even able to find a moment in time for you? The
Buddhists talk about staying in the moment, Kodak would like to
sell you that moment and Hollywood movies reflect that moment....
How might you capture that moment when you are struggling with
doing laundry, taking the kids to a soccer game, planning dinner,
trying to finish the task you started at work and you have been
wanting to try that new thigh exercise you saw in the magazine
yesterday. Multi tasking certainly is the norm for most women
today and not the exception.

Your optimum health is dependent on seeking moments in time on
a daily basis. Moments in time will lead to freedom, increase
your ability to enjoy the process of life, lower your
stress level and they will help you grow. Living today, for the
vast majority of women, is complex and fast paced. Capturing a
moment in time will help you to slow that pace so that you can
enjoy all of your life not just the spare moment at 11:00PM that
you have waited for all day!

As an example we often are so busy that we are not able to take
the time or moment to truly connect with others. What is that
about? When we are in a hurry we do the standard -"Hi, how are
you?" Then move on to the next event or task often without
really hearing or connecting with the other person's answer.
What might happen if you stopped for a moment and asked that
question of someone with the intent of standing there and really
listening to the answer? Would it detract from your day? It
might add value and a connection with someone that would benefit
both of you.

So to take that moment in time - here are a couple of ideas:
* Call a friend you have not seen for a month.
* Talk to a stranger - ask them a simple question such as
"Where are you going today?" and really listen to the answer.
* Sit still for a moment and just breath, breath, breath.

All of us are over-stimulated on a daily basis. Think
advertising, TV, Nintendo, traffic, ambient noise.... All of
these create a need to shut down some of our senses and
withdraw. We simply cannot attend to everything around us. But
how sad to miss the sounds of a bird or the ocean because you
need to screen out daily sounds that are annoying. Where is our
ability to stay in the moment and grow under those circumstances?
Here are a few more ideas to help you find a quiet, no matter
how small, moment in time:
*Turn off the TV for 15 minutes.
*Laugh - read the comics or rent a Laurel & Hardy movie.
*Read a good book - by "good" I mean anything you enjoy.
*Take a walk alone - you can go for just 15 minutes.

A moment in time does not need to be large, extended or planned.
Just let it happen even if for only those few seconds of
breathing, breathing, breathing. It will give you back a sense
of who you are and more energy to reach your goals.

Just take a deep breath!

Suzanne Berg LCSW
"Life is Juicy"
Life Coach/Psychotherapist
Learn more by visiting my website:
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