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1st String: First in Guadalupe Shark Diving Liveaboards   Article Center   

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1st String: First in Guadalupe Shark Diving Liveaboards

By: C.C.
Largest and Most Spacious White Shark
Cage Diving Vessel at Guadalupe

The 1st String, is first in luxury and spacious traveling of the white shark diving liveaboards plying the water of Guadalupe Island offering comfort as only the 1st can. Quality orientated, the shark cages are custom built for the photographer and naturalist. They are designed to provide the best viewing angles over any previous cages used at Guadalupe to maximize your upclose encounters with the ocean's apex predator. The vessels

The Shark Diving liveaboard is designed for your comfort and safety. It is the newest and most luxurious shark diving vessel in the California shark diving fleet, offering our divers a more comfortable, safe and relaxing diving experience. At 93' in length and featuring a 25' beam, the vessel is extremely spacious. The low to the water, exceptionally wide beam offers divers a huge deck area and a much more stable ride platform.

Features include
·Extremely large, modern air-conditioned galley with seating for 45 pasengers
·Fully equipped with TV and VCR
·Three large heads with hot showers.
·Electronics - Five radios, Global positioning navigational system, 48 mile radar, color side scanning sonar and fish finder, video plotter, and loran C.
·Power - Twin Turbo-Charged NT855 Cummins Diesel engines.
·Super large on deck bow.
·Sleeping accommodations are provided for up to 54 passengers in private air-conditioned staterooms and bunk compartments.
·A spacious sun deck that will seat 60 passengers.
The cost for 5 day White Shark trip in private stateroom is $2,550 per person; bunk quarters is $2,350 per person. TerraSea – Shark Diving Adventures is offering a $100 discount on 2006 reservations booked in 2005.

For more information or reservations contact:
TerraSea -Shark Diving Adventures

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