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More Money for Muscles?

By: Sherri L Dodd

American Council of Exercise teamed with Consumer Reports to find the most effective exercise equipment. While they had plenty to say about weight equipment and cardio machines, abdominal, butt and inner thigh devices barely received a nod. In fact, the words used were “None worth considering.”

Now, remember the purpose of Consumer Reports is to find the best buy for the money, which may contribute to the lambasting of belly and butt busters. But, the duo went on to explain that a large portion of the devices did not do what they claimed and the rest proved no more effective than regular floor exercises.

For abdominals, and the often forgotten Obliques, if you find that you are bored with the same old crunch session, my suggestion would be to consider the many alternatives. Mom Looks Great has a list and the instructions to a plethora of abdominal exercises. Leg lifts (for abdominals? …YOU BET!), side crunches and free weight side bends to name a few offer different positions as well as target different areas of the muscles. All are completely free of charge; and, unlike the devices, can be done on a whim. This beats running to the garage to blow off the dust from your $20-30 piece of hinged metal.

For your Glutes (i.e., butt), there are also many muscle toning exercises from which to choose. Add free weights and you can bet that your backside will be burning from the progress you will be making. First off, a simple, non-equipped squat is one of the best and most effective exercises for the backside area. Depending on your strength, add 10-20 pound dumbbells and eventually your favorite pants will have a whole new fit. As a side note, one of my favorite behind builders is the dead lift with dumbbells. While this move is more for your hamstrings, it definitely adds definition to your behind.

For some, this run of the mill free stuff just doesn’t ‘do it’. If you are one of those who must invest money on contraptions to promote motivation, then let it be. Anything that motivates an individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle cannot be all bad. But, if you can get past the notion that more money means more results, a pair of good running shoes, a small set of free weights and a floor mat will provide a well-rounded fitness routine that has proven effective time and again.

About The Author

Sherri Dodd is the creator and author of Mom Looks Great - The Fitness Program for Moms. She is also an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and a Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant with over fifteen years of exercise experience. She is dedicated to a life of fitness as well as encouraging others to establish healthy habits and a better quality of life.

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