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10 amazing things you might want to know about television   Article Center   

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10 amazing things you might want to know about television

By: Irene Revallio

Mankinds first ever colour television transmission occurred in John Logie Bairds UK studio back in 1928.This transmission showed some blue and red scarves and a English policeman's helmet. Also pictured was a mixed bunch of flowers, a man poking his tongue out and the glowing end of a cigarette.

The famous revolving globe that is used by the NBC news series spent many years spinning in the incorrect direction. In 1984 this was eventually discovered and on January 2nd this was fixed and now the globe is revolving in the proper manner.

The first toy ever advertised on tv was the "Mr potato head" creation. He was brought to the view of millions of American TV viewers and even now can be viewed in the well loved "Toy story" animated stories.

Way back in 1950 only 10 percent of U.S households had a television in their possession. By 1960 this had changed to an amazing 90 percent whilst in todays world it is ninety nine percent with 54 percent of American youths having one in their bedroom. Now more of us own televisions than we do a phone.

The highest known annual earnings for a TV star were paid to American comedy star Jerry Seinfeld.He was given an amazing $1000000 for each episode. The series lasted 8 years and although this fee came into play in about 1997 this still makes Jerry the highest paid TV star so far.

The biggest ever fee paid to run a tv add was $2,000,000 per 30 seconds of time. This was given by companes to show their adverts during the final U.S screening of the famous comedy show friends. The show was aired by U.S TV network NBC on May 6 2004 and lasted for one hour.

Mankinds largest television set was unveiled in the Japanese city of Tsukuba and measured 24.3m by 45.7m [ 80ft by 150ft ]. It was utilized in the 1985 Japanese International Exposition and displayed a series of specially commissioned videos containing various artistic and cultural productions.

Some early experimental TV transmissions began way back in 1928 by station W2XBS and featured a test model of the well known Felix the cat. Although these first transmissions were only showing a figurine Felix the cat he will always be able to maintain his place in the TV hall of fame as the first genuine TV hero.

In the United States the largest proportion of the TV audience consists of of pre-school youngsters.On average their weekly tv consumption works out to be as much as 30.4 hours which means by the age of 17 they would have amassed around fifteen thousand hours of television watching. Unbelievably this adds up to a staggering 2 years of non stop viewing.

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