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Thursday December 14 2017

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A Disgruntled Consumer is Set to Take o


A Chicago based computer user/writer, harmed by Adware, looks to stop Internet Adware programs from being able to hijack browser screens. His computer, damaged by privacy invasions, caused him to be unable to pursue work searches, or properly use the internet. He then felt compelled to ask others to join him in stopping this widespread abuse. It causes data loss, confusion among novice users, and millions of dollars in time and repair for consumers each day.

Chicago, IL July 16, 2004 -- "The Internet will become the new place for the 'Tin Men' of old unless we stop them now!" says a Chicago based computer user who goes by the name Cody Windsong.
He now hopes to begin an independent Search Engine Optimization Company known as that will help other small businesses succeed and offer free suggestions on how to defeat the offending companies.

He has been advising several friends for the past year on how to sell on the Internet, but says, despite his success in getting them highly visible in Search engines, confidence is eroding, even for the Internet businesses not involved in hijacking, pop-up ads, unauthorized privacy invasions, or other intrusive adware programs. "I have had four internet programs hijack my browser screen and make me believe that my computer was malfunctioning."

Some of the companies,such as ShopNav, offer uninstall programs that do not properly work and Windsong, when he found it virtually impossible to contact company officals, decided to counter-attack."Even some of the more conventional anti-spyware packages did not work. Once the damage is done there is often nothing that can be done to correct the damage," says Winsong. "We have to stop them. They give the Internet and Internet business a bad name!"

Cody hopes to bring together the hundreds of thousands of people injured by these schemes and, by making the companies pay for their harms, thereby stopping unsolicited hijacking and privacy invasions.

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