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Do You Digot?

By: Tim Dilley
Do You Digot?

That's what I call changing your digot picking strategy willy-nilly. If you digot then you use emotion and the latest buzz to pick your digots. I found and built upon a strategy that uses pure statistics and takes emotion out of the game. I believe that this strategy is long term for one very important reason. Let's say that DX is manipulating digots to serve the system (they are not according to the DXinOne help files), unknowingly they are still following the rules of statistics - these rules are just hard to break out of. The only way out of this would be to reverse engineer it and I don't believe DX is doing that (if they are manipulating the digots).

This stratgey involves picking digots that are greater then 2 STDEV's from the mean and less than average premium%. It usually results in 3 or less picks, sometimes none. If it produces no picks then just relax the strategy a bit.

As far as Diversification goes, the strategy seems to be producing differenct picks every session. Currently the picks are predominately USD, but other currencies are starting to break-out. You can download my digot picker version 1.0 from This is the only digot picker that uses this strategy. I'm working on version 2.0 that will allow several different strategies. The digot picker will make you less dependent on other sites that offer digot data. You can download your own data directly from DX as early as 15 minutes after session with my digot picker. You will also be assured that the data is correct. I've seen mistakes on some of the other sites offering digot data. Take charge, don't wait for your data, do it yourself with digot picker 1.0.

About the author:
The author is obsessed with the DXinOne business. He writes articles and software to help with the education and application of the Electronic Currency Exchanging Business
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