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10 Best Ways to Promote your Site   Article Center   

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10 Best Ways to Promote your Site

By: Tracie Johansen
1. Trade links with other web sites. Go to a search engine
and type in words from your keyword list. This way you
can find other sites in your target area. Go to each site
and find out if the site would complement your site.
Send the owner of the web site a request to exchange links.

2. Write a Free eBook and give it away. Or find other Free
eBooks and write to the publisher and see if they would be
willing to put your ad in their eBook in exchange for
promoting it in your eZine. You can put your ad in my eBook
free for promoting it in your eZine. Fill out the form here.

3. Submit your site to Intomi. Inktomi Search/Submit is the
easy way to make your Web content searchable through over
50 Inktomi Search/Web partners, including AOL, MSN, HotBot
iWon, Looksmart,, Anzwers, CNET, Overture, NBCi
and Corporate Yahoo!.

You can submit your site for just $39.00 instead of paying
$199.00 for each one. This is very effective.

4. Pay per click guarantees you hits to your site at a pay
for each site view you receive. You can control how much you
want to pay for each hit to your site. For more information
on how to effectively promote with Pay Per Click search
engines, read this article. Send a blank email to: and it will be delivered
by autoresponder within a couple of minutes.

5. Get involved in forums. This is a very effective way to
get hits to your site and become known as an expert in your
field. Be sure to read the other posts and the rules before
you post. For a complete list of forums to post to get eBook
Ideas listed below.

6. Start your own eZine or Newsletter and promote it on
every page of your site and at eZine Directories. You can
get a complete list of eZine directories and more in my
free eBook - eBook Ideas here:

7. Start your own affiliate program and get other people
to sell for you. Clickbank offers a simple way to start-up.
Go here for more information.

8. Place ads in Yahoo! Get this Free eBook with tips
on how to get 200-400 hits a week using Yahoo! Ads.

9. Give a gift for filling out your survey and announce it
everywhere. This will also help you to find out what customers
want and where they are coming from.

10. Start Joint Ventures with other web site owners.

i.e., Offer to trade a free ad in your eZine for your ad in

Trade links from your eBook to theirs.

Give them a testimonial about their product for a testimonial
about yours. The possibilities are endless.

2002 Tracie Johansen

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Tracie Johansen
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