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Tuesday December 12 2017

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Getting A College Degree After The Military

By: John Sanderson
The men and women who serve in Americaís armed forces, National Guard, and reserve forces have paid a great service to our country. Some of them will never come back from foreign wars and others will return shattered and maimed both physically and emotionally. They deserve our thanks and our praise and they also deserve a second chance at getting a college degree.

The benefits of a college degree for current and future employment are clearly evident. So too are the economic benefits and increased earning power of having a college education. Thatís why America owes military veterans the assistance to make their second chance a successful one.

Most branches of the Armed Forces have specific funding and scholarships dedicated to their men and women on active duty and in reserves. The Army plan for examples provides for assistance up to $75,000 for an active duty soldier who wants to get a higher education.

Some people in the military plan their way to a college degree long before they leave the service but many others enroll right after high school and donít think about college until after they return from their tour of duty. These people need a whole lot more assistance just to get their life back on track and then they start looking for their options, sometimes even years later.
The good news is that there are now educational supports available to veterans from a variety of sources including the Veterans Administration, the Department of Defense and a wide range of academic and business organizations. The Army for example has developed partnerships with over 1,600 colleges and universities across the country to assist both active duty soldiers and veterans explore their higher education options.

To create an educational plan for yourself as a military veteran you simply need to find out as much information as you can about veteran and military financial aid to assist your college education and once you have access to the money, then develop a plan to make it happen.

Your plan should outline your goals for your college education including what you would like to study and where you would like to learn. Your VA counselor would be pleased to help you put that together. Next you will need to select a program that suits your needs at an institution of your choice. Your final step is easy. Go to school, work hard, and study harder.

Your life as college graduate awaits you. As a military veteran you deserve it.

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