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Thursday November 23 2017

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Are You a Martryr to Your Job?

By: Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

I think we know of martyrs who have died for great causes. They had a "calling" to become sacrificial to a purpose larger than they had imagined.

Is being a martyr to a job the same? I think not. Surprisingly, many people keep a job that is either dreadful, boring or just plain harmful to one's being.

I think the reasons for staying with a bad job are:

  1. Fear of making a change.
  2. Economic hardship without a job.
  3. Avoiding risks.
  4. Inner conflict over worthiness.
  5. Lack of other goals.
  6. Punishment as a choice.
  7. Seeing the "glass as half empty".
  8. Not enough emotional support.
  9. Fear of not making it.
  10. Life orientation to grin & bear it.

No need to define job martyrdom with more reasons to this list.

If you find yourself using one of these reasons or all of them, what do you have to lose by venturing out of your false comfort zone and finding the job you need and want?

You bet it will make you a different person; healthier and happier, maybe even wealthier!

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Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
Certified Job & Career Transition Coach

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