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Everything You Wanted To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Hair Loss

Laser hair removal is the best available method for hairremoval because of the several advantages offered by thismethod. Laser hair removal method scores over other methodsof hair removal for its ease of use, less time-consuming,little or no side effects and a long lasting treatment forremoving unwanted hair from the face and the rest of thebody.

A scientist who accidentally exposed his arm to 692 diodepumped YAG for a few seconds discovered laser hair removaltreatment in late 1970's. The exposure burned off the hairbut did not damage the skin. After few weeks, the scientistnoticed a bald patch on his arm. Further research anddevelopment resulted in the birth of a revolutionary newmethod to get rid off unwanted hair. Since then, Laser Hairremoval has become popular with both men and women of allage.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

The relief from the age-old hair removal methods likeplucking, waxing, shaving is temporary. In the new hairremoval method of electrolysis, each hair is treatedseparately. This makes the process time consuming andrestricted to small areas. The inconvenience faced in theold methods has made the Laser Hair Removal the mostpopular hair removal technique. Most of the cosmetologistsprefer laser hair removal to other methods of hair removal.Here are some advantages of Laser Hair Removal:

1. Ease of Use - Laser treatment uses the principle oflight energy absorbed by dark matter such as hair. Anexperienced laser technician directs and fires a laser beamat the area of hair growth thereby burning off the unwantedhair. Laser hair removal method is not painful like waxing.Users have compared it to a tingling sensation like a smallpinch.

2. Less time - Unlike electrolysis that is painful andtakes a lot of time, laser hair removal is faster. Withlaser hair removal process, facial hair can be removed inabout 45 minutes. Larger body parts take a longer time.

3. Few side effects - Unlike waxing or hair removingcreams, laser hair removal treatment does not cause skinirritation or any other side effects.

4. Long Lasting - Laser hair removal treatment is longlasting than waxing, shaving or hair removal creams whichhave to be repeated every few weeks.

The wavelength required by laser to achieve efficienttreatment is in the range of 670 to 890 nanometers. Thetreatment includes wearing protective eyewear. Usually,more than a single treatment is required since hair is bestremoved when it is in the active growth phase.

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