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Do You Know These Hair Coloring Secrets?

Hair Loss

Coloring your hair is perhaps the quickest and mostdramatic way to change your look.

There are two types of hair dyes: permanent and semi-permanent, with variations of each.

A) Permanent Tints:
Must be mixed with hydrogen peroxide to lift hair color.The peroxide opens the hair cuticle so that the tint canpenetrate the cortex and form the color. The higher thelevel of peroxide, the quicker and lighter the result.

B) Semi-Permanent Colors:
They don't actually lift the color-you can either vary thetone within your natural highlights or go darker. The colorcan last up to 20 washes and will softly fade as youshampoo, causing no re-growth problem.

C) Semi-Permanent Vegetable Colors:
Contain only vegetable extracts and natural ingredients, sono color is stripped from your hair. It is similar to hennabut it doesn't coat the hair (adds shine though). Thiscolor sits on the hair's surface and will wash out afterabout 8 shampoos.

Different coloring methods suit different hairstyles, soget some expert advice when deciding which one to go for...Skin Tone: Your new hair color should complement your skintone. Light-skinned people don't look good with very darkhair because it draws color out of their skin.

If you would love to be blonde, talk the process throughwith your colorist (or stylist) before you go for it. Itshould be relatively painless on virgin dark brown hair,but if your hair has been permanently tinted then theprocess will become a long saga.

Never attempt this kind of dye job on your own for thefirst time.

Red is the sexy shade, for color that cries out forattention. Hair holds on to red-toned pigments well, sogoing copper-top can be easy for most people. But bewarned-if you are blonde you will usually have to go two orthree shades darker than your natural color to achieve arich red (brunette), and it's not easy to reverse it.

Brunette is always a safe choice as it suits nearlyeveryone. Varying the shade with highlights can achieve ahuge range of looks. From chocolate brown and bronze shadesto honey or dark blonde, combinations of natural tonesgives incredible shine as darker-pigmented tints addcondition to your hair.

This is by far the easiest color to accomplish because themolecules in black tints are larger and will cover all hairtypes very effectively. Caution is needed when using black,as it only tends to look good on people with darker andolive skin tones.

Some popular coloring questions:

* Will coloring my hair damage it?
Only if the wrong level of peroxide is used or you areover-processing (too many permanent colors are applied)your hair. If you constantly change your hair color,especially if you go from blonde to brown and back toblonde, you must regularly use deep conditioningtreatments.

* What's better for my hair, semi-permanent or permanentcolor?
Semi-permanent color gives your hair a higher shine andenhances condition, but they won't lift natural hair color.Also, a semi-permanent tint will not cover large amount ofgray hair (more than 50 percent).

Jane Preeter is a hair stylist who has great interest inher profession. She has studied many hair loss treatments,different methods of hair removal, and a wide variety ofhair treatments.

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Develop A Strategy For Dealing With Premature Hair Loss

The fact you are reading this probably indicates you have concerns about the rate of your hair loss. Baldness may sometimes be a source of amusement to those with a full head of hair, but premature hair loss at any age can be the cause of intense concern to those affected.

But you can do something about this! By following the guidelines suggested in this article you will place yourself in a position to identify a hair loss treatment that not only works but also fits in with your lifestyle and preferences.

To achieve this you must truthfully answer four simple questions:

1. What is the true cause of your hair loss?

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