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Counseling At A Hair Transplant Centre, Is It All That Essential?

Hair Loss

Men and women visiting a hair restoration centre or clinic have many different motives for desiring hair restoration. Whatever the motive, the decision to undertake hair restoration surgery should be an educated one before any desperate patient becomes an easy game for the unscrupulous hair transplant surgeon paying on fears and panic of his patients for immediate financial gain.

A patient's education and counseling in a hair restoration clinic or center helps him or her to be the realistic about the outcomes of hair transplant surgery and cooperate with the hair restoration surgeon for designing the hair line or deciding the future course of the surgeries.

Along with the patient's education, his or her psychology is also an important aspect of hair restoration surgery. A patient should never expect miracles from the hair restoration surgery but only that which is actually possible as briefed by the hair restoration surgeon.

Any article on counseling would not be complete without a discussion of the factors that lead to a patient's dissatisfaction with the outcome of hair transplant surgery. The dissatisfaction rate among the patients undergoing surgical hair restoration is approximately 2%, even in the best hair restoration clinics.

With the slick, overstated advertising of modern hair restoration techniques and the high surgical fee charged by hair restoration surgeons t is very natural for the patient to expect too much from a hair transplant surgeon. Encouraged by aggressive litigation lawyers, the patients can even go to the extent of suing the hair transplant surgeon.

Though most patient do not go to the extent of suing, more often they grumble about the postoperative pain, lack of graft hair density and threaten the hair transplant surgeon.

A pre-operative counseling session at the hair restoration clinic definitely helps in reducing the disappointment rate with their hair restoration surgery. The prospective hair restoration patient needs to understand the difference between the results that can realistically be produced and the results they wish for.

No matter how careful and ethical the operating hair restoration surgeon is, there is a small group of patients who are very difficult to satisfy. Although no patient can ever be completely happy even with best of results, some patients due to their subverted psychology are much more difficult to please!

Experience has shown that young men aged 18?28 years have a higher dissatisfaction rate than men in older age groups. Their emotional immaturity plays a major role in this regard. Such men may have psychiatric problems, but a good hair restoration surgeon understands and never deprives these patients of the undoubted benefits of hair restoration surgery by a blunt denial. Instead they will do all sort of cajoling to agree them and be realistic about the outcomes.

Perhaps the greatest challenges sometimes do not lie in the actual hair transplantation procedures, but in the counseling process itself. And getting the patient, especially the young patient (at high risk of developing more advanced baldness in the future) willingly agreeing to undergo a conservative hair restoration is like wining half the battle! If a young bald person insists upon a hairline like other peers of his age, he is perhaps demanding something unnatural without any consideration for his future hair loss. And in such cases it all depends upon the counselor to convince the young person to understand that though some hair restoration possible it cannot give him the exact look he expects from the surgery.

Similarly, the counseling session with the patient for designing of his or her hair line also helps the hair transplant surgeon. Considerations of the individual patient's facial structure, expectations, and hair quality are a must. But, though the quantity and quality of hair varies, the concepts of hair transplant surgery remain the same for every hair transplant surgery performed. By creative planning, judicious use of available donor hair and aesthetic and strategic placing of hair follicle grafts, a hair transplant surgeon can do much for the patient's expectations!

If you have already made a decision to undergo a hair transplant surgery, find time to read through the web pages of to make a well informed decision.

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