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Play Exclusive Las Vegas Golf Courses ? The Not-so-secret Secret
Experience the luxury of tour-class caddies. Play the private golf courses that celebrities and touring pros play. Get tee times on a course that once required a $100,000 gambling credit line at local casinos.What's the secret? It's coming. But first, here's a quick look at four golf courses that even us high handicappers and regular Joe's can play.Cascata Golf Club - The course is so exclusive they don't even provide an address. This Rees Jones designed course once required a $100,000 credit line at local casino properties just for the privilege of a tee time. Now it wi...(related: Golf)

Play Golf In Bed To Improve Your Game
I am always looking for new and easier ways to play better golf. So imagine my delight when I dreamed up this way of improving my game.I was just lying in bed one Sunday morning dozing and dreaming about playing a great round in the competition coming up that afternoon.For no really good reason I decided that it would be fun to play a round of golf in my head. So up I got on the first tee and that's where it happened.As I was addressing the ball in my mind's eye I suddenly thought "hang on a moment; how about, instead of just watching the ball fly around the golf course, I watch myself actually playing the shots!"Let me tell you that when I first tried this I was shocked by the way that I kep...(related: Golf)

Power Golf The Easy Way
Power golf is a game very few golfers can play. What I mean by that is?power golf takes a certain level of golf specific strength and flexibility. There are requirements that have to be in place to maximize your power and golf driving distance.It's not as easy as getting the 'latest-greatest' driver at $500. It's not buying Titleist ProV1's at $45 a case. It's not even taking more lessons (although sw...(related: Golf)

Prepare For The Worst And Play Your Best
It's one thing to get mad when you miss a shot, but the hardest part of golf to overcome is when you decide on the wrong shot and hit it perfectly only to find that you've put yourself in jail.So why do we do this? Sometimes it's a special shot we know we can hit and we get keyed up about it and forget to think of the result.Just like chess and pool, golf is a game of strategy. If you plan all of the shots for a hole, includ...(related: Golf)

Preparing Your Body For Golf While You Travel
We all know the temptations of traveling? grabbing a slice of pizza while running to your gate at the airport, an elaborate steak dinner with a client, and being so tired at day's end that all you want to do is fall into bed. Traveling can often create havoc on regular exercise and golf conditioning. Fitness and good nutrition while on the road can help keep you on top of your game. With a bit of planning and creative strategy you can help keep your body ready to hi...(related: Golf)

Public Golf Courses ? Making The Right Choice
Chances are, if you're just starting out, you haven't decided to apply to a fancy country club yet so you can play their outstanding course, right? That's a very good idea, bec...(related: Golf)

Pull, Push Or Carry? I?ll Carry My Golf Clubs Thanks
I love to play golf and I love to walk the golf course. After all, the Pros walk when they play golf and if walking is good enough for them why not me? Ideally I would love to have a Caddie carry my bag but it's not an option at my golf club. So the question comes down to carry my golf bag or use a push-cart or pull-cart. I've tried them all and I choose to carry my golf clubs. Here are the reasons:ˇ TIMEˇ CONVENIENCEˇ HEALTHTime ? I want to play golf without standing around waiting all the time and most golf courses require you to play at a certain pace in a specified amount of time. ...(related: Golf)

Purpose Driven Golf
I want you to meditate on a couple points for a moment:1. Why an earth are you playing golf?2. What are you getting out of each round?3. What is the point?Have you ever thought about any of these points before??Here is an excerpt from "The Dave Way"... if you already own "The Dave Way" please read this one more time to get a few ideas of why you are on the course every weekend.PrideIt's almost like a proud parent raising a child successfu...(related: Golf)

Putting And My Aching Back!
I am guessing that all of us can relate to the title of this article. I am sure you have bent over for that 4 footer (can't give you that 4 footer, sorry), and felt that lower back feel tired, sore, painful or tight. Regardless of what the word is, you feel it! I also am guessing that some of you have changed to belly putters for the reason that your back hurts when you putt! Even if you are one of those players that has switched to a belly putter because of back pain,...(related: Golf)

Putting Causing You Some Problems?
You can be the greatest golfer alive but if you have trouble when it comes to putting, it doesn't matter. Maybe you just need some golf putting tips. Golf putting tips can help you improve that final part of each hole.Golf putting tips are helpful because there are little things about putting that you need to concentrate on. When you take a look at these gol...(related: Golf)

Quick Golf Tips For Restoring Muscle Imbalances
As a golf biomechanic, my focus is on looking for areas of poor flexibility and muscle imbalances which effect the mechanics of the golf swing and create opportunities for the body to break down in inju...(related: Golf)

Quickly Improve Your Golf Swing
Do you need some golf swing tips? If you could use a few golf swing tips you have come to the right place.Golf swing tips will help you with confidence as well as improve your game in general.Golf swing tips #1: Find a way to talk to yourself in a positive way while golfing. Negative self-talk will not help you or your game.Golf swing tips #2: Develop a good mental attitude, be tough.Golf swing tips #3: Practice, practice, practice!Golf swing tips #4: Learn how to perform in tough sit...(related: Golf)

Ratings And Ranking Golfers
Who's the best?Who's the best golfer in the world? Not such a difficult question. You probably only have to choose between a handful of golfers ? Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Ernie Els, Retief Goosen and Phil Mickelson. And, on current form, it's probably got to be Woods. You would have a hard job arguing the case for anyone else.Who are the ten best golfers...(related: Golf)

Reluctant To Try Golf Instruction?
Maybe you or a friend had a negative experience with an instructor. It could have been a personality conflict or some other problem. Golf instructors are like college professors. Good teachers have the knowledge, but great teachers can explain it in a simple yet fascinating way. If you took a lesson in the past and didn't see immediate results, try a different instructor. Not all problems are easy to fix, but you should get a firm understanding of what you are doing wrong, why you are changing it, and what you need to do.It is also possible that you just don't take the game serious enough. You might be perfectly happy with your game and just don't have the time to improve. Besides, golf is just a game. If you don't put in the...(related: Golf)

Resort Golf Can Vastly Improve Your Game
There is more to a golf vacation than spending your day on the golf course and driving range. The golf course may be the main attraction for various golf resorts around the country, however many also offer fitness centers, spas, and healthy cuisine. The availability of onsite fitness resources, such as workout equipment and aerobics classes, has become common. Pleasurable amenities including spas and healthy menu options have brought depth to the golf vacation experience.At many of the top golf resorts in America, golfers are offered an array of personal training services to compliment their game. Golfers now have an opportunity to work in conjunction with club teaching professionals and golf fitness trainers to maximize their performance on the course.Golfers are now more widely acce...(related: Golf)

Returning Home: Scottish Golf Breaks
July 2005 sees the return of the world's greatest golf tournament to its spiritual home on the Scottish East Coast. With the 27th staging of the British Open taking place on the Old Course in 2005, St Andrews has held the event more often than anywhere else which has reinforced its strong...(related: Golf)

Sciatica Exercises Alleviate Discomfort For Golfers
If you are fortunate enough to have never experienced sciatica, you may be wondering what it is. The sciatic nerves run from your lower back down each of your legs. They are the largest nerves in the body, growing to more than a half inch in diameter. Irritation or compression of these nerves, which can range from a mild tingly pain to excruciating pain that is debilitating, is referred to as sciatica. Many golfers experience lower back problems, and often this is due to sciatica.If you exper...(related: Golf)

Secret 7 Necessities For Great Golf
The game of golf can be difficult when you consider all of the individual elements. Most golfers are overwhelmed with information regarding which tips wil...(related: Golf)

Secret Sneaky Tactic To Get A Complete Used Golf Club Sets On A Discount With Auction Sites
Have you experienced this when you're bidding on ebay or other auction site? You bid on an item, lets say used golf club sets, you put you're first bid. Then you leave it for a while thinking you'll be winning on the bid. After a while you checked it again, then suddenly there's a higher bid... What? I need to get that used golf club set, I'll bid higher!...Then the cycle begins pushing the price to ridiculous prices. Sounds fami...(related: Golf)

Secrets Of The Avid Golfer
Every avid golfer has got to be the sort of person who enjoys the game immensely. It has been proven that we tend to be very good at doings things that we enjoy doing and this should be no exception to the case of the avid golfer of today.This also means that the avid golfer tends to constantly improve their game and handicap all the time.This whole picture must seem like an impossible dream to the majority of amateur golfers struggl...(related: Golf)

Selecting A Golf Gift That No Golfer Will Forget
Even as you contemplate on getting a golf gift for a close friend or acquaintance, you may have heard other golfers complain on numerous occasions about how useless some golf aid equipment they spent a fortune on turned out to be.This is not to say that golf products designed to improve golfer's games do no...(related: Golf)

Senior Golfers Can Still Play Great Golf. Do You Want To Know How?
If you're a senior golfer?don't give up and don't give into the perception that's it's all downhill from here.No way!You have a lot of GREAT golf years ahead of you, but you need to take a different approach to your golf improvement.The approach I'm going to talk about will quickly and dramatically transform your game; and you can do this all right in your own home in less than 30 minutes.No more teasing?this secret approach is your BODY!Yes?it's that ...(related: Golf)

Senior Golfers Increase Swing Speed
It is widely known that with increased age comes a decrease in flexibility. This is why so many golf fitness programs emphasize stretching and increasing range of motion for senior golfers. It has also been well documented that senior golfers between the ages of 55 and 79 can increase their drive distance and enhance their overall golf perform...(related: Golf)

Shoulder Exercises To Improve Your Game
Your shoulder strength and flexibility are essential to producing an optimal swing off the tee. Adequate shoulder rotation is responsible for keeping the club in the desirable swing plane. Tightness of your external right shoulder rotation limits your follow through while tightness of your external left shoulder rotation creates restrictions in your backswing.One of the ways you can make sure that your shoulders are up to the task is to include shoulder exercises in your fitness routine. Fitness is crucial to being a good golfer, so anybody who wants to improve in the sport should be including fitness in their weekly routine.Wh...(related: Golf)

Shoulder Stretches For Golf
Performing shoulder exercises and stretches are important to ensuring that you have a good swing. Stretching the rotator cuff muscles, those found in your shoulders that allow you to move your shoulder in a circular motion, increases flexibility and ensures a more natural and fluid golf swing.Good shoulder stability and strength is vital to your golf game, since your shoulders are involved with every swing of your clubs. Include shoulder stretches and exercises in your regular fitness routine, as well as use them as part of your pre-game warm-up. Here are two important stretches ...(related: Golf)

Simple Golf Warm Up Exercise
Golf warm up you say? Aren't you supposed to rush to the course, pull out the BIG DOG, take a few hacks at it and start your round? Is that what you do? Come on be honest with yourself. If so, what was the result on the first tee? I'll bet it wasn't even a par! Am I wrong?I don't mean to add too much sarcasm in there, but I want to get your attention to the importance of doing golf warm up exercises to avoid those big numbers the first few holes.Are you with me? Good.Now let me talk to you like you're an athlete for a minute. Time to re-live the glory days one more time.Now remember back in the day when you had a game, meet or competition. Did you run out on the field or court and start playing your sport?I'll bet not!You did a sport-specific warm up did...(related: Golf)

Simple Tips For Improving Golf Swing
There are loads of resources both on-line and off that you can turn to for easy tips on improving golf swing. More than likely, you are looking for simple pointers on improving golf swing that you can start with yourself, because you are not in a position to hire a professional to help you improve your swing.These are tips on improving golf swing that you can use every single time you are out, whether you are playing nine, eighteen or are just brushing up on the driving range.The first tip for i...(related: Golf)

Sit Up Straight! It Will Help Your Game
What does it take to reproduce the perfect golf swing? Precise coordination of muscle contraction and relaxation, muscle balance and body awareness are all required to recreate a good swing. A prerequisite to these necessary components is good posture.Good posture is a state of musculoskeletal balance that allows the body to move efficiently in a stress free range of motion. Faulty posture sets the body into a state of neuromuscular imbalance where flexibility and range of motion are limited (loss of power), neuromuscular pathways are disrupted (loss of control and consistency) and detrimental forces are placed on th...(related: Golf)

Sports Psychology For Golfers: 4 Tips For Beating The Yips
When players labels themselves as having the putting yips, they think they have an incurable disease. Putting confidence declines and the fear of missing putts makes matters worse. Players who suffer from the fear of missing don't like to putt. The more they putt, the worse it gets, until it's intolerable. This leads golfers to believe they have an affliction that they must learn to play with. When golfers condition themselves into believing they have the yips, it is extremely hard for change to occur.The yips start with poor results and missing short putts. The player then progresses to the fear of missing and the fear of putting. The player feels like it is a physical condition, which leads golfers to believe that it can be corrected with a change in technique or practice habits. But the yips come fro...(related: Golf)

Staying Out Of Trouble With Your Driver
So what is it that's really causing problems with your driver? Is it a slice, a hook, or just flat-out inconsistency? Well the good news is that, regardless of what problem you are fighting, there are a few things to incorporate into your game tha...(related: Golf)

Strength Training For Junior Golf
Much debate has occurred about kids and strength training. There's been concern about growth plate damage. There's been discussion of whether it increases their likelihood of future success or simply places them at increased stress both physically and mentally. Here's a few notes on the correct way to have a junior golfer build a strong, healthy body. First there are definite differences between adolescent boys and adolescent girls with respect to strength and strength production. In boys, absolute muscular strength (the greatest amount of force an individual can produce) grows consistently between the ages of 7 ? 19. In girls, strength gains are incurred on a consistent level until about the age of 15, when a period of stagnation occurs and strength gains plateau, and in fact begins to fall....(related: Golf)

Stronger Abs For Golf
Everyone wants a firm midsection. For the golfer, it delivers much more than just a coveted physique. Stronger abdominal muscles convert to better balance and a more powerful swing. Your abs are part of a group of core muscles, which also includes the back and glutes. Strength in these muscles are vital to a golfer's stability and power. Stronger core muscles can also prevent injuries to the hips and back.The abs play an integral role in the core muscle group. Weaker abdominal muscles can place more work on the other core muscles, therefore reducing overall strength as well as ope...(related: Golf)

Success In Golf And Meditation - The Same Skills?
When we say to people that you need the same skills to be a successful golfer as you do meditator it usually raises a huge laugh. Golf and meditation are miles apart. Some often suggest that in hitting the perfect Golf shot you need to be in a focussed meditative state, but that's as far as it gets.What do you think?I know. You think we're crazy. But let's look at the evidence. Let's just look at what's needed to be a successful medi...(related: Golf)

Super Golf Wheel Chair That Enables Disabled Golfers To Play Normally
Last week when I was at the driving range I noticed a number of young disable people working on their games. I was very impressed by a young lady who, despite the fact that she was sitting in a wheel chair, was able to drive the ball straight for around 120 to 1...(related: Golf)

Take Your Eyes Off That Ball!
O.k., so you love golf. I know, I know. Me too.There you are, exhilarated just by being on the course again, away from the worries of real life. Man, this is great.But come on, underneath all that titillation is - way too often -- the pang of frustration. Why? You know the routine. You get all set up and quickly run through the 20-item checklist in your brain. This time, everything's just right, perfect. And then, wack, off the ball goes, to Slice City or to Hooksville. Or perhaps a dribble or a pop fly.Dang! Isn't there a way to end this misery? Well, no, there isn't, not entirely.But I do have a suggestion that may help sometimes, and that is to t...(related: Golf)

Taking A Golf Lesson Isnt Always The Answer
Golfers will do anything they can in hopes to play better golf and hit the LONG ball. Am I right? Are you in this category? If so, I'm quite confident to say you've taken a golf lesson or two. Golf lessons can be very effective in getting you back on track, if your swing has gone south. But, not always.How many times have you taken a golf lesson, only to be more frustrated and hitting the ball worse than before that golf lesson? Do you know why this happens? It can be many different reasons, such as too many swing thoughts; making drastic changes...(related: Golf)

Taking The Confusion Out Of Golf Ball Compression
Compression, in terms of a golf ball, is probably the most understood aspect of golf ball technology. At one time compression was used to describe the quality of a golf ball according to the tightness of the windings around a three piece ball core. The tighter the windings the better the ball's performance.Because of the advancement in materials used to produce golf balls the compression ratings of golf balls now only indicate how much a ball will "deform" und...(related: Golf)

Teenagers Top The Leader Board At The Womens Us Open
Determination, poise, focus and talent were abundant, as teens topped the leader board at the 2005 Women's US Open. Younger players at the 2005 US Women's Open gained much more than experience. They definitely made their impact as the future leaders in womens golf Michelle Wie (15), Morgan Pressel (17), Paula Creamer (18) and Brittany Lang (19) were among some of the teens competing on the course at Cherry Hills Village, CO for the coveted title of Women's US Open champion. All three finished in the top 25 Pressel tied for the #2 spot with Brittany Lang, Creamer 19th, and Wie finished tied for the 23rd spot.The final round on Sunday began with the winner Birdie Kim trailing third-round leaders Morgan...(related: Golf)

The 5 Keys To A Highly Effective Golf Pre Shot Routine You Can Learn Immediately
What I'm about to disclose to you in this article is an easy to follow, 'Step-By-Step' formula to having a highly effective pre shot routine. Every golfer knows that this is a key element of their golf swing that must be executed effectively.I know from experience that without one you will never become that quality player you dream of being. Take my advice; it will make a world of difference in your confidence and your scores. So let's jump int...(related: Golf)

The Basic Golf Swing Is Pure Physics
If you've been on a golf course and have tried to use all your strength in the basic golf swing so that you hit the ball as far as possible, then you will have already understood that this does not quite work.One of the reasons is that although the basic golf swing requires strong conditioned muscles, this hardly means hitting the ball with all your strength. In fact the basic golf swing is much more physics that strength.Look carefully at the way your golf clubs are designed. You will have already noted that each clu...(related: Golf)

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The Power Of Combining Golf Swing Basics With Exercise
When training in good golf swing basics is combined with the right exercise program, the results can be nothing short of miraculous.Take the superb performances witnessed in junior golfers like the Song sisters, Ty Tyron and Michelle Wie. The amazingly high level of performance o...(related: Golf)

Finish Your Round Of Golf With Birdies
All the major tournaments, especially the U.S. Open and the PGA, are a true test of endurance. They are usually located in a part of the country where it is hot, humid and muggy. A real physical and mental drain on any golfer.Look who has been winning the Majors in the last couple of years: Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh. They have incredible endurance. It doesn't come by accident. They work at it.Endurance is a word that is commonly associated with athletes such as marathon runners, tri-athletes, swimmers, and cyclists.Granted, the majority of amateurs use a cart to play. This takes the walking part of the game out of the equation. Bit when most golfers break down, it has more to do with the endurance of the swing muscles than the walking part....(related: Golf)

Returning Home: Scottish Golf Breaks
July 2005 sees the return of the world's greatest golf tournament to its spiritual home on the Scottish East Coast. With the 27th staging of the British Open taking place on the Old Course in 2005, St Andrews has held the event more often than anywhere else which has reinforced its strong...(related: Golf)

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