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Golfers ? Here?s A Short Drive That Will Not Disappoint
Are you planning a golf vacation to Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head or Kiawah Island in the near future? We know you will spend the majority of your time teeing it up on all the beautiful golf courses. We would, however, like to suggest a day-trip to see a new engineering marvel and North American record holder.Charleston is well known for its rich historical landmarks. Now the city is providing a look into the future. On July 16, 2005 the longest cable-stay bridge in North America opens in Charleston, SC. Believe me, this is one short drive that won't disappoint you.The new Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge replaces two bridges that have graced Charleston's skyline for decades. This record-setting bridge ...(related: Golf)

Golfing Products And What You Need To Know Before Purchasing
In recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of golfing products available in the market. Most notably golfing products that are supposed to dramatically improve one's game, virtually overnight.Smart entrepreneurs have cashed in on the fact that almost every golfer is constantly looking for a way to improve their game and reduce their handicap. The result is that so many golfing products have flooded the market and the results have been predictable.You will come across many golfers who have garages filled with golfing products that did not help them in any way to improve on their game.Although golfing products can be very useful in helping a golfer's game, the problem is being able to find the...(related: Golf)

Gps Golf Balls Are Almost Here
As GPS technology gets better and better and smaller and smaller it will be able to be used for many things? For instance at the World Series a baseball hit into the third level will be able to be recorded by GPS as to exactly how far it was hit and it's trajectory to formulate where it would have actually landed had the stadium been flat. Thus we will be able to tell who wa...(related: Golf)

Guide To Buy Used Golf Clubs For Beginner Golfer
If you are just starting out to play golf, you should never buy a new golf club set immediately as you may discover that this game is not for you later on. Furthermore, you are yet to find the type of golf clubs that fits you during the learning stage. The good choice is to start with cheap used golf clubs>. And here are some guidelines...(related: Golf)

Guide To Playing Golf For Free And Getting Huge Discounts On Golf Balls, Golf Gloves, And Golf Stuff
If you love to play golf as much as most golf enthusiasts, you would probably play more if the great game of golf and most golf equipment wasn't so grossly expensive. An 18-hole round of golf at even a moderately expensive golf course averages about $36.00. A decent box of 12 golf balls costs roughly $19.00, and golf clubs are hundreds. Although it's impossible to get it all for free, there are ways to get free rounds of golf and huge discounts on golf equipment. Here are some guidelines to help you play more rounds of golf for free, get some free golf equipm...(related: Golf)

Have A Golf Fitness Expert In Your Home
The term golf fitness expert has grown in popularity for the last few years thanks to Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Vijay Singh and many other tour players.They all have a golf fitness expert who actually travels with them to every tournament to keep them in top shape throughout their season.Most of you don't have the luxury to have a golf fitness ...(related: Golf)

Have You Played Chicago Golf Courses?
When most people think of Chicago, they usually think of a big city, lots of tall buildings, maybe Oprah. That's accurate, but did you know that Chicago is the home to dozens of golf courses?Chicago was designed as "Urbs in Horto", the City in the park. There are plenty of golf course...(related: Golf)

Here?s A Golf Training Tip To Boost Your Drives
Every golfer would like to have a golf training tip to increase their drives by 10, 20, 30 or even 40 yards. But what do you need to focus on to accomplish that?Have you ever received a golf training tip that didn't work? I think we all have. That can be very frustrating to say the least. But the key to implementing a golf training tip that's effective is to look at your swing.Do you lack a full, 90 degree shoulder turn on your backswing? Do you breakdown at ...(related: Golf)

History Of Golf- How It All Started
Since before the time Mary Queen of Scots was disciplined for playing golf two Sundays after the murder of her husband Lord Dernley in 1567...(related: Golf)

Hit Longer Drives - Heres How
To hit longer drives is the dream of every golfer on the planet! Even the professionals players want to hit longer drives. Is there a magic bullet? Do you really know what it takes to dramatically improve your driving distance?I'll bet your first answer will be a new driver at $500. Am I right? If not a driver?take more golf lessons. Am I getting warmer yet? If I still haven't guessed right?hit more balls at the range? Am I scorching hot yet?The ke...(related: Golf)

Hogans Real Golf Secret
Ben Hogan's secret was his extraordinary ability to focus. This was not a gift from heaven. No, Hogan spent long hours perfecting his focus technique.Robert DeLeon, my mentor and a golf biomechanics instructor, grew up in Austin Texas. Besides taking lessons from Harvey Penick, he had the opportunity as a kid to sit and watch Hogan practice. Hogan would take hours to hit just forty balls. He would hit a ball and spend a few minutes to rewind the shot in his mind and go over every aspect of it. Before he hit the next ball he knew everything he did right and wrong with that shot and was ready to hit the next one even better.Hogan fine tuned every swing ...(related: Golf)

How A Female Golfer Can Quickly And Easily Improve Distance And Accuracy?
Female golfers, like their male counter parts are looking for quick and easy ways to improve their distance and accuracy. I wish I had the "magic bullet" to accomplish this overnight, but that's not possible?even if you see it in an advertisement.I want to ask you a question.What swings your club? This isn't a trick question, but the answer is one you need to realize in order to improve y...(related: Golf)

How A Golf Exercise Dvd Can Save You Time And Improve Your Game
Using a golf exercise dvd is a great alternative to going to a gym or just relying on yourself for motivation and consistency. Golfers are now finally realizing that exercise dvds aren't just for the ladies anymore.The dvd craze has caught on with golfers of all ages and abilities. Golf instruction dvds have been very popular, but now golf exercise dvds are coming into their own.What you should look for in a golf exercise dvd is several things. Simple and easy demonstrations of every golf exercise. T...(related: Golf)

How A Golf Fitness Book Can Transform Your Game
A golf fitness book that is written to give you ready-made golf fitness programs, exercises, step-by-step instructions and illustrations can quickly transform your golf game.There are so many "so-called" golf fitness books on the market; but when you open them up you see dozens of pictures of...(related: Golf)

How A Golf Stretching Routine Can Impact Your Game Quickly
Even as you read this article, golf stretching routines continue to positively revolutionize the games of many golfers around the country and indeed around the world. Golf stretching routines play a major...(related: Golf)

How A Golf Trainer Can Take Your Game To The Next Level
Having a golf trainer in your corner to give you guidance, motivation and ongoing, cutting-edge golf fitness information will put you leaps and bounds above your playing partners and competitors.An experienced golf trainer will be able to dia...(related: Golf)

How A Golf Workout Routine Can Crush Your Competitors
A golf workout routine can be as simple as using a pair of hand weights (dumbbells), and doing 5-6 golf-specific exercises in less than 15 minutes. Now I know you have 15 minutes to dramatically improve your game and crush your playing partners and competitors.So many times golfers think that a golf workout routine is in the gym, takes 2 hours to do, and will wipe out all the energy they have and ultimately hurt their golf game.How wrong they are!Yes?I can design a very comprehensive golf workout routine that ha...(related: Golf)

How A Simple Golf Stretch Can Add 20 Yards To Your Drives
To quickly improve your golf, stretch your golf muscles regularly!What's the difference between a "golf stretch" and an everyday stretch? The answer to this question may be your missling link to a great game and years of enjoyment instead of frustration and weak attempts at quitting the game.I know?you've considered it! I've been there many times. But the bottom line?we keep coming back!So to end the years of frustration and quickly transform your game, you need to do golf stretches daily. Yes, that's right?daily!It will only take you a few minutes to get them done, but the improvement ...(related: Golf)

How A Woman Can Improve Golf Performance
Everything else being equals a woman cannot drive a golf bail more distance than a man, because of one reason. Men are physically stronger than women. Strength and power connect to each other.Power is a factor of muscle contraction. Muscle contraction moves the club over ones head and then as various muscle groups contract, the club accelerates making contact with the ball, sending it down the fairway. Thi...(related: Golf)

How Better Course Management Can Lower Your Golf Score
Whether you are just starting to learn golf, or you have been golfing for many years and you're just looking to refine your game, this will provide a good direction of focus for this season.If you want your score to drop by any significant amount, you should learn to hit your 150 yard club, and learn to hit it very well.By "hitting your 150 yard club very well", I mean being...(related: Golf)

How Different Courses Can Help You Become A Good Golf Player
Golf is an fulfilling and absorbing sport but, even so, there is a risk that you may become stale or bored if you do not cha...(related: Golf)

How Do The Golf Pros Train?
Many of the top touring professionals know that winning on the tour today takes much more than a great game of golf. It means understanding every aspect of their physical and mental being and what factors influence their performance.Before any golfer, pro or otherwise, picks up a club, they look at the capability of their bod...(related: Golf)

How Fitness Has Changed The Face Of The Pga Tour
Professional golfers on the tour today are approaching fitness as they never have before. PGA players look to fitness for many of its benefits. Fitness can improve their game through gains in strength, flexibility, and stamina. They can prevent or minimize injuries. Playing golf is not only a recreation for PGA players, it is their job. Their financial success depends on tournament results. Therefore, they must not only maintain a superb golf game, but a fit body as well.There are few players on tour who have not have revamped their fitness training techniques or...(related: Golf)

How Golf Stretches In Your Office Can Improve Your Game
Yes you heard it right! Golf stretches in your office. What a great way to take a quick break from your computer to not only feel better in the moment, but improve your game at the same time.I've come up with many clever ways to work around the "I don't have time" reason (excuse).You can't tell me you don't have 15 seconds at your computer?an no-less in your chair? That's right?I have come up with a whole routine you can do at your office that will quickly and dramatically improve ...(related: Golf)

How Golf Training Can Transform Your Game
Golf training has been brought to the masses thanks to Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Larry Nelson and now by the Number One player in the world?Vijay Singh. Vijay is a golf training machine. His personal trainer travels with him on tour and works him out all the way through the week. Vijay has his golf training routine down to a science and doesn't deviate even a fraction.When Annika implemented a golf training program she shot a 59 that year and dominated the LPGA. No one was even close. She was the one to beat every week. She even went as far as saying she needed to challenge herself, so she played in a men's PGA event. And almost m...(related: Golf)

How Important Is A Golf Fitness Program
A golf fitness program can make the difference between you optimizing your golf potential or playing the same frustrating golf you may be used to playing.It's no secret that the body swings the club and plays the game?so why wouldn't you consider a golf fitness program to play your best?A golf fitness program consists of strength, flexibility, endurance and even nutrition. But the big difference is making your golf fitness program as golf-specific as you can.How do you do that?First off?just take a look at the position your body is in during the golf swing. It's "on your feet" and in golf posture (bent a...(related: Golf)

How Important Is Your Golf Swing Release
An optimal golf swing release has a lot to do with the way the golfer controls their body and makes use of their muscles right from the back swing to the impact and follow through.And the muscles involved are not just those in the arm. The feet, knees, hamstring, hips and spine are all very important in achieving a good golf swing release.The perfect golf swing release will happen with one coordinated and smooth movement. The fact is that it always looks a lot easier on the outside than it really is.The truth of the matter is that it is not easy, whatever the golf gurus tell you. It is something that requires a lot of work on your part in preparation as well as training, right from your body and muscles so as to be able to execute the perfect golf swing release.It is important to know that your entire body fights you v...(related: Golf)

How Playing Short Will Save You Strokes
It's a pretty simple tip really, but it will help you to lower your scores.What you should get out of this lesson is that short is usually better regarding approach shots, and I'm going to explain a few reasons why I believe this to be true.Let's set the scene. We'll use the same example throughout. Let's say that you usually hit your 8 iron around 150 yards, and you are 160 out. Now, most golfers would probably grab their 7 iron here, and think to themselves, "I'll just take a little off this, and I'll be right on the pin".Problem: Most recreational golfers don't have the ability to add and take off power from their s...(related: Golf)

How Power Play Golf Fitness Has Changed The Game
The sensational entry into the game by legendary golfer Tiger Woods, at the tender age of 20, introduced power play golf fitness into a game that had traditionally been looked at as a leisure sport where technique was much more important and necessary than any physical fitness or strength.Never before had the world witnessed such a physically fit golfer playing at the highest levels of the game.Research has produced some amazin...(related: Golf)

How The Golfer Elbow Can Be Avoided And Cured
The golfer elbow is very similar to the tennis elbow and can be a nagging and extremely painful inju...(related: Golf)

How The Risk Of Golfer Elbow Injury Can Be Reduced
A golfer elbow injury has got to be one of the most dreaded injuries on any golf course.And it is not too difficult to figure out why. To begin with a golfer elbow injury will usually take a long tim...(related: Golf)

How Timing The Golf Swing Is So Critical To Consistent Shots
Timing the golf swing is extremely critical. It is not possible to complete a good golf swing or execute the perfect golf swing without getting your timing right.Exercise plays a vital part in helping a golfer get their timing of the golf swing right. This is because timing involves the co-ordination of both the mind and the body.It is useless to get it all right on your mind when your body and the muscles are not prepared to obey instructions and follow through. There is no way you will get the timing of the golf swing right without the co-operation of your body and muscles.Many times a golfer understands and grasps the golf swing technique but execution ends up being very poor because the flabby weak muscles are not able to take the strain and pressure...(related: Golf)

How To Achieve Longer Golf Drives
Longer golf drives are the desire of every golfer. Yet this is something that remains elusive to many golfers.Yet this should not be the case. Achieving longer golf drives is much easier than most people realize. It is really just a matter of improving on your strength and endurance. Some simple golf specific exercises can do wonders in helping anybody to accomplish longer golf drives.And what is more, exercise does not have to mean long hours in the local gym sweating it out. Actually many strength and stretch exercises that will help you achieve longer golf drives can be done virtually anywhere. Even in a hotel room somewhere ...(related: Golf)

How To Achieve The Golf Club Swing Speed You Desire
The golf club swing speed is what will determine your driving distance and ultimately your scores.This is the reason why virtually every golfer desires to increase their golf club swing speed as much as possible. Some golfers still believe that if you simply practice the right technique, long enough, they will achieve this desire of their heart.The truth is that there is only one thing that can improve golf club swing speed. And that is golf exercises. In many other sports, the more you play the actuall...(related: Golf)

How To Achieve The Proper Golf Swing
Every golfer wants to know the magic secret to achieving the proper golf swing. One that is repeatable and produces results.If you have been trying to accomplish the proper golf swing through traditional ways and still aren...(related: Golf)

How To Become A Real Golf Bandit
It all started when he lost three games in succession and feltreally hurt by the experience. It wasn't just that he'd lost, itwas the fact that, when h...(related: Golf)

How To Choose The Best Golf Clubs For Your Game
Wilson , Callaway, Titleist, Adams , King Cobra, Yonex, Ping , Taylor Made, Mizuno, and Spaulding are all excellent name brand golf clubs. As a beginning or even a professional golfer, trying to decide which set of golf clubs to purchase, however, may often f...(related: Golf)

How To Create Better Shoulder Stability For Golf
Shoulder stability is essential to packing a powerful golf swing. Without stability, flexibility and strength in your shoulders your swing is not going to be as efficient or effective as it could be. In fact, you can wind up with shoulder injuries that not only hurt your swing, but literally hurt your shoulders.There are a number of things that can contribute to rotator cuff (the muscles in your shoulders that allow for circular motion) problems, but Brian Schiff, a licensed physical therapist specializing in sports medicine, sees three main contributors: poor posture, flexibility issues, and a decreased level of muscular strength and endurance. "People just aren't conditioned to do the things that we want to go out and do on a regular basis," Brian says. "And, with a sport like golf, it's such a repetitive action. A p...(related: Golf)

How To Cure A Golf Hook
If you've been battling a hook for a while you understand how frustrating they can be. Everyone else is, more than likely, slicing the ball, and you are playing from the opposite side of the fairway.But... the hook really is pretty easy to cure. Try this sequence of corrections, and most likely the hook will be fixed in no time. Your g...(related: Golf)

How To Develop More Consistency In The Golf Swing
Imagine every one of your shots in the middle of the fairway, every chip two feet from the hole, and every putt nailing the center of the cup. Well, maybe some of us dream of never having to ever putt and each approach shot goes into the hole, but I think you get the picture. A consistent swing is probably what many golfers dream of when our heads hit the pillow.The majority of us are aware that golf is a game th...(related: Golf)

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Golf Workouts Can Quickly Add Yards To Your Drives
I'm sure by now you've heard most of the professional players; both men and women actively participate in golf workouts. It's no secret. But why then do most amateur golfers ignore this? Is it because it seems like work? Or, does the thought of actually breaking a sweat get you tired already?Either way?the proof is in the bag. The number one player in the world, Vijay Singh, does his golf workouts all the way through Sunday of each tournament. Does it look like it's hurting his game? I don't think so. Back in 1997, a young, very athletic golfer came on the professiona...(related: Golf)

Golf Training Uses Flexibility, Strength, And Power
When it comes to fitness training for your golf game which is most important: flexibility, strength, or power? Flexibility advocates stress the importance of being able to swing a club through a full range of motion completely uninhibited of physi...(related: Golf)

How The Risk Of Golfer Elbow Injury Can Be Reduced
A golfer elbow injury has got to be one of the most dreaded injuries on any golf course.And it is not too difficult to figure out why. To begin with a golfer elbow injury will usually take a long tim...(related: Golf)

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