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Golf Club Swing Weights
A golf club's swing weight helps the player to be able to feel the club head hit the ball. This helps each of the clubs to have the same feel for continuity purposes.Low lofted iron head's, such as a 3-iron, have a much lower weight than a higher iron head, but the irons feel the same weight, due to the increased length of the lower irons club. The sand wedge is the only exception to this rule, as it needs the higher weighted club head to move through sand and pop the ball into ...(related: Golf)

Golf Clubs Reviews And Tips
Golf clubs: Reviews and tips is the central message of this article.Golf clubs: Reviews and tips #1: Try the TaylorMade r5 dual TP which is a new driver that is made with revolutionary technology.Golf clubs: Reviews and tips #2: The Nike Ignite fe...(related: Golf)

Golf Clubs - Your Golf Putting - Use These Putting Practice Tips
To begin a golf game, your golf practice game or your golf putting practice; study the art of keeping your eye on the golf ball. It seems to be just natural to let your eyes follow the backswing. To correct this you might turn the golf ball until the brand is on top. Then just keep your eyes on that.When putting, think of the golf swing as a pendulum and as you move through this area, strike the golf ball with the sweet spot only.How do you find the sweet spot? Hold your putter using the thumb and forefinger. You are dangling it now and letting it swing.With the other forefinger tap the putter blade until the putter head rebounds stra...(related: Golf)

Golf Core Exercises For More Power
Golf core exercises. You hear that phrase quite often on the television by the commentators referring to the area a lot of the touring pros focus on to improve their power output and prevent low back injuries.Vijay Singh for example uses weighted medicine balls to work his golf core muscles throughout the whole week of the tournament. In fact his caddie is his rainier. How convenient! The best of both worlds!But hearing the phrase golf core exercises and knowing what your core is are two different things entirely. As a fitness professional it's easy for me to throw out that phrase often to impress would-be clients or customers to my golf fitness training products.But that's not the case. Understanding what your core is and how it plays a critical role in producing maximum ...(related: Golf)

Golf Course History - You Could Play On The Worlds Oldest Golf Course
The oldest golf course in the world...If I asked you where the oldest golf course in the world was what would you say? Scotland ? yes, good guess so far. But where in Scotland?When pressed most golfers eventually say St Andrews, but they're wrong. Golf was played at Musselburgh near Edin...(related: Golf)

Golf Drills To Improve Your Game
Many people believe that simply getting out on the course and playing as often as they can is practicing their golf game. While playing often does help you improve, to really see improvement you need to perform golf drills that will target very specific components of your game so you can improve them. Just getting out on the course means you could just be "practicing" the same errors, drills focus on golf mechanics and will fix those errors.Drills to strengthen your core come in handy when you need to improve your swing. One such drill is similar to push ups. Get in a push-up position on the floor and hold your body straight with just your hands...(related: Golf)

Golf Driving Tip That Will Add Yards Quickly
A golf driving tip that can make the difference between being the shortest hitter in your foursome to the longest?consistently would interest you right? Well?the tip I'm going to discuss is not what you'd think, but you need to take notice and apply it?if you want to own your foursome off the tee!When you think of a golf driving tip I'll bet you think of swing mechanics. Am I correct? If so, has it worked? I mean?have you added 10,20 or even 30 yards to your swing taking this approach?If most of you are being honest you'll say no. For those of you who have accomplished the above wit...(related: Golf)

Golf Driving Tips To Correct A Common Mistake
One of the most common mental errors golfers make when driving the ball is to try and hit it as hard as possible.This article wi...(related: Golf)

Golf Elbow Or Tennis Elbow ? The Tell Tale Signs
Many athletes suffer from pain in their elbow that is generally attributed to repetitive stress. Golfers and tennis players are susceptible to conditions that are very similar to each other; they are called golf elbow and tennis elbow. Sometimes it may be a little hard to tell the difference between the two conditions. But there are signs that can distinguish between the two.Due to the amount of time spent using their arms, many golf and tennis players, especially the pros, can suffer from one of these conditions, but the fact is anyone can get either of these conditions. Tennis elbow is caused by the overuse of the muscles that pulls ...(related: Golf)

Golf Equipment ? The Most Expensive Is Not Always Correct For You
The essentials of golf begin with the clubs you choose. Shopping on the Internet will save you time and money but choosing can be difficult, as there seems to be endless options. From our work with different golfing web sites we have seen sales for golf clubs dramatically increase in the past two years but do people really know what they are buying? I think the answer to this is yes if you have been playing for a few years and no if you are a total beginner. Some peop...(related: Golf)

Golf Exercise And Fitness? And Why You Can No Longer Ingnore It
No golfer can afford to ignore golf exercise and fitness programs which have become part and parcel of the modern golf game.There are actually several reasons why it is good idea to pay attention to golf exercise and fitne...(related: Golf)

Golf Exercise And Stretch Program For Total Golf Performance
Golf exercise and stretch. This is a combination I use in all of my golf fitness programs both online and with my personal golf clients. It's the ultimate combination to improve the golfers swing quickly and efficiently.A fitness program for golfers that does not incorporate a golf exercise and stretch is doing more harm than good. Golfers need that blend of dynamic strength specific to the golf swing and the range of motion to hold it for 18 ho...(related: Golf)

Golf Exercise Tip ? How To Warm Up
A useful golf exercise tip to take into consideration is the fact that warming up before your game of golf can dramatically help you improve the quality of your game.The warm up session does not need to be something elaborate or strenuous. You can get creative and take a brisk walk from your car to the course.The idea is to get your muscles warm before you even ...(related: Golf)

Golf Exercises - Improving Fitness For Power And Consistency
Perhaps one of the biggest changes in the golf world today is the increased emphasis on fitness for golf. Tour professionals and amateurs alike are practicing regular fitness routines specifically targeted for golf. The results are more powerful and stable golf swings. Needless to say, the scores are going lower.The golf swing is a very complex movement, requiring much from the body. Only if the body is flexible and strengthened, can one expect consistent and powerful golf swings. Mo matter what your current physical condition or your handicap, your golf game can benefit by regular exercise targeted with the golf swing in mind.Top tourin...(related: Golf)

Golf Fitness Dominates The Pga Tour
Have you been curious why some golfers seem to take control and rule the tournaments these days? Tiger Woods is the golfer who is widely acknowledged with starting the revolution in fitness training, although many players before him like Gary Player are known exercise enthusiasts. While Tiger made it not only acceptable, but preferable, to train for golf, the majority of players are now taking their fitness levels very seriously.Do you have to be fit to play good golf? You may be surprised to hear me say "no". However, if you want to be able to place at the top of the leader board on a consistent basis from tournament to tournament, then the answer changes to absolutely ...(related: Golf)

Golf Fitness Dvd: Improve Your Game In Your Living Room
Plugging in a golf fitness dvd is a great alternative to relying on yourself for motivation and consistency. The dvd craze has caught on with golfers of all ages and abilities. Golf instruction dvds have been very popular, but now golf fitness dvds are coming into their own.I have personally looked at all the golf fitness dvds. There are some okay ones and some not so okay ones.What you would hope for in a golf fitness dvd is several things. 1. Very simple and easy demonstrations of every golf fitness exercise. This is separate from the workout comp...(related: Golf)

Golf Fitness Evaluation Is The First Step Towards Improving Your Game
Golf fitness evaluation can be an invaluable tool in helping any golfer to assess where they currently stand and thus help them reach a decision of what they can do to improve.It is now an accepted fact amongst golf experts that an improvement in golf fitness almost always means an amazing improvement in the quality and standard of play by any golfer, whether in the junior level or a senior citizen, and irrespective of whether they are male or female.In the old days it was rare for golfers to think of anything like golf fitness evaluation. In fact the word "exercise" could have been classified as a dirty word in golf.In those days golf was considered a gentleman's game where most played an almost entire game while hardly breaking into a sweat. Therefore exercises and golf fitness evaluation programs we...(related: Golf)

Golf Fitness: The Quickest Way To Play Better Golf
Golf has always been viewed as a game of leisure. But today's golfer is leaner, stronger, and fitter. Until the last few years, golfers didn't know how to go about incorporating golf fitness, or specifically resistance training for golf.They have had a vision of going into the local gym and being intimidated by the "muscle heads." It can also be overwhelming to decide what plan of action to take and if it will be worth the time and effort. I have listed some myths about strength training for golf and the truths about them as well."I will bulk up too much and that will hinder my golf swing."Golf fitness (resistance training specific for golf) will not result in muscle gain that will alter your swing mechanics. To increase muscle size, involves lifting increasingly heavier weights with lower repetitions, increasing your...(related: Golf)

Golf Fitness Training Equals Better Golf
If you've watched any golf on the television you've no doubt heard the commentator's mention golf fitness training. It's no secret that 95 percent of professional golfers are doing some for of golf fitness training.If there livelihood depends on their performance and t...(related: Golf)

Golf Fitness Training Made Easy?and Anyone Can Do It
Golf fitness training might sound grueling, sweaty and a lot of work! Doesn't have to be that way. Now of course I'd be lying to you to say it's easy and you won't have to make a small commitment to stick with it to see results.But what I am saying is?you can participate in a golf fitness training pr...(related: Golf)

Golf Flexibility For The Senior Golfer
Golf flexibility is the biggest term you hear when the senior golfer is complaining about lack of distance or a sore back.Why is this?It's not a secret that with age comes a decline in physical capabilities?especially golf flexibility.The good news is?the above scenario can be drastically improved with a little bit of effort and consistency.The biggest and most noticeable change is in backswing range of motion. This can rob you of massive yards off the tee and humiliate you with your golfing buddies.How many times have you been the shortest hitter off the tee? Be honest now. I know how frustrating that can be and there is a simple solution.<...(related: Golf)

Golf For Beginners ? What Makes A Good Golfer?
A good golfer is a golfer who is happy with their own game and willing to listen to advice from experience. A good temperament is needed to play golf, expect bad days it happens everyone from low handicappers to full professionals. Having a hot head will only cause you more problems.It can be daunting when starting as there is so much to remember but take time to practice and go to the driving range to help improve teeing off. Looking around the golf ...(related: Golf)

Golf Fore Success
Golf has a crazy way of telling who we truly are as a person. Many people judge us by the way we play the game. Everyone has a favorite...(related: Golf)

Golf Gifts: For The Experienced Golfer
Whether it be Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, birthday, or any other gift giving occassion, a golf gift for an experienced player is a sure winner, if it's the RIGHT gift.Let me start by saying that experienced golfers and novice golfers are two entirely different players with different wants and needs when it comes to their golf games. The experienced golfer has been playing for quit some time and probably has developed personal preferences in the types of balls, clubs and equipment he or she uses while playing.Purchasing a set of new clubs for an experienced player might be a nice idea. However, you would definitely want them to be involved in the selection and buying proc...(related: Golf)

Golf Grub
GOLO GOLF GRUBFuel for the golfer."A good diet can not make an average athlete great, but a poor diet can make a great athlete average."-David Costill, Ball State University, IndianaGolf is a lifetime sport that both men and...(related: Golf)

Golf Holiday - Plan Your Holiday Golf Or Your Ireland Golf Vacation
Try Ireland for a golf holiday full of emerald green magic!Ireland is, without doubt, one of the world's friendliest countries. If you take a golf holiday in Ireland then you are certain to return home with memories to treasure for the rest of your golfing days.The Irish landscape is full of history and steeped in legend - and it has a truly magical and mysterious quality that you simply don't find elsewhere in the world. Each little village will bewitch you with tales of it's past - while entertaining you richly with its beers, whiskies and food. This is hospitality at its simplest and best. Your golf holiday in Ireland will be truly unique.Holiday golf in Ireland lets you choose from some of the world's best links courses and the softest, lushest inland fairways and greens. No excuses t...(related: Golf)

Golf! How To Power That Drive Away
Anyone who tells you, that he or she would not like to hit the golf ball further is either a liar, or Tiger Woods.Drive for show and putt for dough maybe sound advice, but if you ask the average weekend golfer whether they would like to putt like Brad Faxon, or regularly belt the ball like Tiger, most would opt for Tiger's power off the tee.It is this fascination with power in golf that prompt's me to write this article, and provide a golf tip.A couple of facts first, that were discovered two or three years ago, by the teaching profession in the USA. These were, that by using the golf swing, test robotic arm generating a clubhead speed of 100 mph, the golf ball, on average, would go around 265 yards.However, if ...(related: Golf)

Golf Humor Examines Golf Emotions:- Are We Just A Bunch Of Cry Babies?
Let's examine an aspect of the game that I find par-ticularly fascinating:- The strong emotions associatedwith this game of golf.Before I started becoming a fan of this game, I alwayswondered how a game that looked so bland----and at timesdown right comatose-----that seemed to take boredom to a whole new level------could possibly have Any emotional appeal.DID THIS GAME ACTUALLY HAVE A PULSE?!I mean-------what could be simpler? PUT THE BALL IN THE HOLE, RIGHT?How could that POSSIBLY produce such strong emotions (both on the green and off).I see now that it's NOT just about competing to be the bestagainst others, and to better your own game.But that the game APPEARS to be so deceptively simple.Could THAT be the source of this emotional rollercoaster?Remember when yo...(related: Golf)

Golf Humor Poetry:- Ode To The Fanatical Golfer (part One)
He wanted golf to be experienced by all, And hoped his daughter would heed the call."C'mon!", he said. "You'll have a ball!""Why?", she asked. "Are we going to the mall?"He'd often take his golf cart to work,And all his co-workers there would smirk.He didn't know why, and thought, "They're jerks!""How could they belittle such a perk?!"His swing was big and grand, yet dopey,He cried and cried when he made a bogey.Kids thought, "What's wrong with this old fogey?"He thought, "I'm not old. I sport a goatee."He loved his old and tattered bag,His caddie thought it was such a drag.But he hated more "golf cart tag",The golfer played with him, when he didn't move the flag!Forever chasing the elusive par,He'd hit the ...(related: Golf)

Golf Humor Poetry:- Ode To The Fanatical Golfer. (part Two)
He's not eager to reveal his handicap;Around the truth he would often tap.They told him his game was taking a nap;That it never showed up; it needed a map!Of his golf apparel he was Oh so proud!But people thought it was just too 'loud'.Often suggesting it needed a shroud;This caused a fight; a rolling dust cloud!To his heart, golf was the key.It was on the green his soul felt free.He could hardly await the time for 'tee';But club dues must be paid; this ride's got a fee.Once in a blue moon he made a birdey;Though he knew much about golf (a little nerdy).About to tee off- his feet stood sturd...(related: Golf)

Golf Ideas Clone Golf Clubs Buyers Guide
The TruthLets be honest you decided to click on this link for one of the following reasons:You want to improve your golf game (score). You were intrigued by the prices we offer compared to Name Brand equipment. You want to finally have a set of irons or a driver that is custom fit to your swing. With that being said, I want to tell you that you have come to the ...(related: Golf)

Golf Industry Insights
The time and effort for due diligence prior to the launch of Prescription Putting has provided a number of insights to the golf industry. The following are some of the things that we learned and ones that help s...(related: Golf)

Golf Information Overload?
You've come home from work dead tired. You grab the mail on your way in and notice your new copy of your favorite golfing magazine is in the pile. It puts a slight smile on your face as a picture of you on a couch with an adult beverage suddenly pops into your mind. After getting into your evening uniform (sweats and slippers) you make your way to your favorite reclining device with that drink and a snack in hand to make that vision on the couch a reality. You get all settled with the TV on for background and you finally enter the "Jell Zone" to enjoy that golf magazine an...(related: Golf)

Golf Injury Prevention
A golf injury is one of the most common issues with all amateur golfers. But having adequate strength and flexibility of muscles and joints and participating in effective training technique, can also prevent a golf injury.Well-conditioned limbs and joints that are under control when the stresses of the swing are encountered will greatly reduce risk of a golf injury.If your body motion is out of control when you execute the swing, the muscles and tendons have little room for error. The result is likely a tear ...(related: Golf)

Golf Instruction Is Only Part Of The Equation
Golf instruction is critical in understanding the mechanics of the golf swing. I am a firm believer in golf instruction. However, golf instruction is not the ONLY component to optimal golf performance.I believe the BEST combination for maximizing your golf potential is golf instruction, mental golf AND the physical (fitness) side of golf.You see, golf is a very demanding and stressful sport on your body.To stand in a somewhat stationary position, while swinging a 3 foot long club at over 80 miles an hour, takes a tremendous amount of both strength and flexibility.Do you agree?I mean, how many times have you fallen ...(related: Golf)

Golf Instruction Tip For Exercises In Your Office
If you are the typical enthusiastic golfer who thinks about the game all the time, even when you are in the office, then this golf instruction tip for exercises in your office will be of great help.But first it is important to appreciate the value of stretching exercises, which is what the golf instruction tip in this article is all about.The golf swing is resisted by the human body because it is a very unnatural movement, as far as the human body is concerned.Golf-specific stretching exercises help a great deal in conditioning your body to adapt to the golf swing as much as possible. The idea is to make the body comfortable during the golf swing so that you greatly reduce on its' awkwardness. In simple terms the more comfortable your body is during a golf swing, the better the qua...(related: Golf)

Golf Lessons From A Beginning Golfer?
Would you rather hear what you need to learn from someone who is already an accomplished golfer? Would a few hours with Jack Nicholas REALLY help your game? "Just do what I do, it's easy!" Or would you rather learn from a beginner, who understands the struggles, the small improvements and remembers those early changes that lead to greater success?It almost makes sense, doesn't it? The best coaches are often mediocre players, and the worst coaches were stars, who had everything come easy to them. Natural ability is hard to teach to others! As a beginning golfer, I have noticed some dramatic improvements, thoug...(related: Golf)

Golf Nutrition Is Not An Oxymoron - Listen Up
Golf nutrition is still a relatively new concept. However, everybody knows that leading athletes in the NBA and NFL quite often have special diets and specific nutrition programs to help them perform at their peak.The reasons who golf nutrition is still in it'...(related: Golf)

Golf Nutrition On And Off The Course
For best competition performance on the golf course, maintaining proper nutrition is very important. There's no one specific food or diet that will fit every golfer's needs. A golfer's nutrition plan should be individualized to meet the needs of training and competition or recreational play. Since carbohydrates are the primary fuel for performance related activities, they should be the primary consideration of a golfer's diet.Listed below is a breakdown of the amounts of food sources a golfer should have to maintain optimal performance on the course.? 20-30% of daily calories from proteins.? 20-25% of daily calories from fats.? 50-60% of daily calories from carbohydrates.These ranges leave you some room t...(related: Golf)

Golf On Historic Rice Plantations Of South Carolina; A Special Treat! Plan Your Next Golf Vacation!
Nothing could be finer...Just a few short miles south of Myrtle Beach South Carolina, well known for it's 100 plus golf courses, you'll find Georgetown County, a monument to the fine tradition of the southern way of life. Tradition reigns supreme even to this day as many families have been there for 175 years or more. You'll find the same names in the All Saints Cemetery on King's Highway that belong to the movers and shakers of today. The people behind those outstanding golf courses that are #1 on your "hit" parade.Believe me you'll find golf in this area...and perhaps the best golf to be found in the Myrtle Beach area. One of the oldest golf courses in the area is Litchfield Golf and Country club, now we know that many of you have heard of or even played golf at Litchfiel...(related: Golf)

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Using A Golf Fitness Video Will Save Time And Improve Your Game
Using a golf fitness video is a great alternative to going to a gym. Just think of the time you're saving not worrying about what you where or how you look; or driving ...(related: Golf)

How To Unleash The Power Of Your Core
The golf swing relies upon core strength, endurance and proper engagement in seeking elements of stabilization, control and coordination. Core conditioning is very important for a golfer because all movements in your entire body stem from the strength in this ar...(related: Golf)

A Golf Fitness Coach Equals Great Golf
Golf fitness coach. Have you ever considered one?and if so, what exactly were you looking for? There are many 'general fitness' trainers trying to get a piece of the golf fitness and training market that seems to be rapidly gaining exposure both on the television and in print thanks to Tiger, Vijay and Annika.But the first thing you need to consider when looking into hiring a golf fitness coach or program is the trainers experience in golf.Yes?that is high on the list of requirements. Does he/she know golf? Do they know the biomechanics of the golf swing? How about muscle function during the golf swing?An easy test is during the initial interview or if you're researching it online is to either ask very golf specific swing tec...(related: Golf)

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