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Are You Fully Benefiting From Your Golf Swing Training Videos
The golf swing is so central and so important to the game of golf that any improvement tips and especially golf swing training videos are greatly desired and valued by golfers everywhere.Yet the question will often arise about just how effective these golf swing training videos are in improving golfer's drives on the course, let alone their scores.It will be found that the impact that golf swing training videos have on most amateur's games is minimal at best and at the other end of the scale, some games even get worse, rather than better.There is a simple reason why most golfers hardly ever benefit from golf swing training videos. It is the facts that even in cases where they are mentally prepared to implement the valuable tips and advice that they receive from suc...(related: Golf)

Are You Fully Committed To Playing Your Best Golf?
After taking golf lessons and/or attempting to make changes in one's swing, many players have a difficult time fully committing to executing the new swing on the golf course. There are a variety of reasons for this. Some are concerned because of a fear of hitting the ball in a "bad" place- into a hazard, bunker, OB, etc. Others don't swing the club with full commitment because of a lack of faith in their ability to swing it well, and instead end up trying to guide the ball.The trouble with making tentative swings is that regularly the s...(related: Golf)

Are You Having Trouble Sustaining Energy On The Back Nine?
Loss of stamina and endurance toward the end of an eighteen-hole round of golf happens to many golfers and can often be attributed to poor nutrition. To keep up the pace and go the distance, there is no substitute for good nutrition.Good golf nutrition has many of the same characteristics as good general nutrition. Foods that are low in fat and contain balanced portions of lean protein and slow release carbohydrates make the best choices, and the golfer's diet should include...(related: Golf)

Are You Too Old For Golf Fitness Workouts
Many a senior golfer would not resist the temptation to skip golf fitness workouts, using their age as an excuse. And at first glance age would seem to be a genuine excuse to avo...(related: Golf)

Are You Wearing The Right Golf Shoes When You Golf?
For those of you that golf you know that golf shoes are an integral part of the game. Not only do you need the support and comfort for the 7,000 plus yards you have to walk, but you need the right foot traction and grip throughout your swing process for that good contact with the ball. The right golf shoe can make a huge difference in your game.There are plenty of golf style shoes available in stores and online, from the likes of Nike, Reebok, Etonic, Footjoy and many more. The huge selection of shoes available provides us ? the consumer, with different options for comfort, support and a fashionable look. It all comes down to personal preference when deciding on how you want to look on the golf course in your shoes.Every golfer has ...(related: Golf)

Back Exercise And Golf Are Synonymous
Back exercise and golf. Doesn't that sound like a common denominator? Of all the injuries in golf, the low back is by far the highest one.To explain why doing back exercise for golf is important, a golfer needs to und...(related: Golf)

Back Fitness For Senior Golfers
Back injuries are prevalent among golfers of all ages and especially for senior golfers. Age has a way of letting us know subtly that our bodies no longer react like the good old days of 20 something. The back is one area of our body we can't afford to take for granted. Whether you suffer from minor aches and pains, mild discomfort or even general tightness, your back could be at risk as well as your game.So how can we protect our backs from the wear and tear of age while creating longevity in golf?The first thing to check is your posture. If you don't know the right way to sit, stand or lift weight, then you are far from learning the complexities of swing mechanics!The "perfect swing" is something many attempt to learn by watching or reading a book. Yet, it's a motor skill, which also draws upon yo...(related: Golf)

Backspin Advice
Lately, I have received many requests for 2 things.1. Advice on how to hit backspin (always a common request) 2. Advice on the short game in general.Honestly,...(related: Golf)

Baggin It Right...raises Your Game
Even the most casual of golfers needs a golf bag. Having the right golf bag is essential. It is another tool to help raise your game. If your clubs and other equipment are stored in an appropriately sized and organized bag, you can concentrate on your game. Otherwise you can be scrambling to find your rain gear when hi...(related: Golf)

Balance Your Checkbook And Golf Swing
We all search for it. Balance in our daily lives. Balance while riding a bike. Politicians are always debating a balanced budget in Washington, and most of us could use a little balance in our checkbooks. Balance is a term used in golf quite often as well. It's a "buzzword" and almost a cliché when it comes to the golf swing. I am sure you have heard numerous times from swing coaches that "you have to stay balanced when swinging your club." Others phrases that I hear when we talk about golf and balance are the following: "When it comes to a sand shot, dig your feet into the st...(related: Golf)

Basic Golf Etiquette
Many golfers take to the sport without the basic understanding of how the game should be played. Of course, we all know that the game requires a tee, a ball, and clubs, but few golfers actually take the time to learn the proper etiquette of the game. Lacking this type of fundamental knowledge can lead to tremendously embarrassing mistakes on the green. Golf is a great game when digested properly and then studied correctly. It's important to take each step as it comes and do it right. This article should help you to understand the basics of good golf etiquette. I think that I can best show you how the game is played by taking you through the play of one hole with a foursome.The members of the foursome or twosome hit in turn. The closest ball to the green hits last and so on. When on the first tee, the order in which the play...(related: Golf)

Basics Of Golf Swing Instruction - Go With Exercises
Golf swing instruction starts with an understanding of the different segments of the golf swing. Understanding the golf swing segments will give anybody a firm foundation to learn all the tricks of the trade from others and thus be able to understand any golf swing instruction aimed at helping them improve their game.There are actually three segments to the golf swing. The segments are the backswing, the downswing and finally the impact and follow through.Dividing the swing into these 3 segments helps to apply every individual golf swing instruction or tip to the particular segments where they apply.It also helps the golfer focus on one segment at a ...(related: Golf)

Becoming An Ageless Golfer
It happens to all of us, even though we do not want to admit it. The reality is we all get older. Some of you may already know what I am talking abou...(related: Golf)

Before Purchasing A Gift For A Golfer...ask Yourself These 3 Questions
It should be rather clear to everybody that the gift a golfer will ordinarily appreciate the most...(related: Golf)

Beginner Golf Swing Instruction Tips
If you are a beginner at the fine sport of golf you may need some beginner golf swing instruction. Where can you find beginner...(related: Golf)

Beginner Or Novice Golfers: Start With A Pre-owned Set Of Golf Clubs
As a beginner or novice golfer, you want to avoid the expense of purchasing a "New" set of golf clubs, and concentrate your efforts on finding a good set of "Used" golf clubs (also know as "Pre-Owned".)Major golf club manufacturers introduce new lines of clubs almost every year. With the yearly advances in golf club technology, many golfers regularly upgrade their existing golf sets in pursuit of improving their game and lowering the...(related: Golf)

Beginners Guide To Buying A Set Of Golf Clubs
You walk in to a golf store and there are hundreds of woods, irons, wedges and putters to choose from along with clothing, balls and all kinds of accessories. When just starting out in golf, choosing a set of clubs can be an overwhelming task. What is one to do? What decisions need to be made when buying a set of golf clubs? This article aims to help you know what you need to know, so you can make the right call and save you a little dough in the process.First, you need to know what mak...(related: Golf)

Benefits Of A Golf Fitness Stretch Trainer
Hardly any professional worth his name today will dare approach their game without a golf fitness stretch trainer of sorts.The game of golf has changed tremendously in recent times.No longer is it viewed as the leisure sport of old. Golf is now recognized as an athletic sport where performance depends a lot on your fitness level. Thus the wide introductions of golf fitness stretch trainers and training.Stretch training plays an important role in improving the flexibility of a golfer and therefore the quality of the sw...(related: Golf)

Big Trouble
I have chosen four of what I feel are the most common trouble shots you may encounter at The Bridges Golf Club. And "Taking the Challenge" at the Bridges involves being prepared for trouble shots. It would be naive of me to think otherwise. Remember, every course has a little different layout and terrain so practice accordingly.Welcome these difficult situations as a test of your intellect. These shots just take a bit more creativity than others. Besides, if we hit every shot in the fairway and then on the green, we would have nothing to talk about over a beverage after the round.Trouble shots might be the hot topic of conversation after the round but are less popular at the practice range. There are several reasons why we don't practice trouble shots. First of all...(related: Golf)

Can A Golf Swing Video Change Your Game?
There are many golfers who have been exposed to many a golf swing video and yet there has been no effect on their game. At least not a positive one.In fact for some their game has consistently gotten worse whenever they try to implement stuff that they learnt from a golf swing video somewhere. So the truth of the matter is that there are many golfers who do not believe that a golf swing video can have any sort of impact in a golfer's game or even its' quality.There are several reasons for this. For instance there is no way a golfer can perform consistently or even hope to see their game gradually improving, without being physically fit or at least g...(related: Golf)

Can A Golfer Do Without Golf Fitness And Exercise
Just how important is golf fitness and exercise to a golfer today in the modern game? Can a good amateur or even professional golfer do without it and still maximize their potential?Will they still be able to enjoy their game and see constant improvements or at least consistency in their quality of play?Those golfers who ask these sorts of questions about golf fitness and exercise sometimes nostalgically cast their minds back to the so called good old days of the golf game when the game was strictly a leisure sport where one hardly needed to break into a sweat to thoroughly enjoy them...(related: Golf)

Can A Stability Ball Help You Strengthen Your Core For Golf?
Some call it a Swiss Ball, some call it a fitness ball, others use the more modern term 'stability ball.' Whatever you call it, the stability ball has been used in exercise and rehabilitation for years and has recently been adopted by personal trainers and fitness instructors for use in strength training and muscle development, especially when it comes to exercises designed to strengthen the core muscles....(related: Golf)

Charity Golf Tournaments
If you are involved with a non-profit organization, chances are you have been approached by people who specialize in hosting charity golf tournaments. Charity golf tournaments are extremely popular ways for people to raise money. Usually, the way these events are set up, people pay a fee to be involved in a two or three-day event, sometimes a one-day event only. The players get to play alongside local celebrities and there are prizes that can be won to sweeten the deal.An example of a charity golf prize is a hole-in-one prize. The tournament organizer will choose a hole with a par-3 and offer, say, a new car to the person who hits a hole in one. There is no risk involved to the charity if they purchase what is known as "hole-in-one insurance," a comparatively small premium that...(related: Golf)

Choosing A Golf Swing Training Aid
Golf swing training aid clubs are a great way to learn how to swing your golf club correctly and more powerfully. There are many different kinds of training aid clubs available on the market and many different professional golfers endorse them. What do you look for if you would like to try out a training aid?1. What am I trying to learn? You want to purchase a training aid that addresses the problem that you have with your golf game or swing.2. What is my budget? Expensive...(related: Golf)

Choosing The Right Golf Balls
You've watched Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on television ? you know the brand of golf balls they use. And they're good, right? You should be able to use the same brand of golf balls and be good too, right? Wrong!Maybe using the same type golf balls as the PGA golf pros will improve your game...and maybe it won't. You need to choose the golf ball that's right for your own game. Choosing the wrong kind of golf ball can be a bigger handicap to your game than starting at the 19th hole. Choosing the right kind of golf ball can have you feeling like a Tiger, even if y...(related: Golf)

Choosing The Right Golf Clubs
Planning on becoming the next Tiger Woods? If so, the first thing you might consider is getting some new golf clubs. Choosing the right golf clubs can make the difference between spending your time on the fairways and ...(related: Golf)

Choosing The Right Shoes, Golf Shoes, Wedding Shoes And Other Footwear!
Wearing a comfortable pair of shoes is very important if you spend much time on your feet. Whether you're standing, walking or running, all of your weight falls directly onto the bottom of your feet. That's why the shoes you wear are critical to the long term comfort and health of your feet and ankles.Whether you're wearing sandals, boots or running shoes it's crucial that your feet are supported and comfortable. Shoes with support and shock absorption will help reduce pounding on the rest of your body as you walk or run.In prehistoric times skins or hides were probably tied around the foot for protection and warmth. The sandal, probably the earliest form of shoe, was worn in Egypt, Greece, and Rome; an early form of the boot was also known in Greece and Rome.The characteristic shoe of the Middle Ages w...(related: Golf)

Components Of A Golf Exercise Program
Golf exercise program - with the exploding number of so-called golf fitness experts these days, it becomes very confusing. It's easy for a golfer to be misled and end up in a program that will hardly have the desired objective of improving their game.In fact the wrong golf exercise program can end up making a golfer's game deteriorate rather than improve.It is therefore very useful to know what constitutes a complete golf exercise programA complete golf exercise program will tend to have the following attributes;A) Golf specific stretch exercises Stretch exercises are a very important part of any genuine golf workout program. Stretches help impro...(related: Golf)

Confidence Building For Junior Golfers
One of the challenges about being a young person is dealing with what feels like is a constant com...(related: Golf)

Confusion Feeds The Golf Industry
The policeman drops his paycheck on the kitchen table so his wife can go shopping and pay their bills. They are able to do this because somewhere down the line someone killed, raped, or robbed someone. An unnamed X (rated) President of the United Stat...(related: Golf)

Controlled Body Movement The Key Essential For Your Golf Game
Basic body movement is essential in any sport. Of course it is also essential for any type of physical activity we do.As parents, we teach little children how to do the simplest of things. This includes how to move and how to control movements for precision and safety.Basic body movement also means limiting movement to the essential movement for what you want to do. We control the desire...(related: Golf)

Core Exercise For Golf Will Improve Your Driving Distance The Quickest
Core exercise for golf. You've probably heard this phrase mentioned on the television a time or to. This is the area that Vijay works on the most with his golf trainer and it seems to be working for him. He's driving it longer and straighter and winning tournaments.When we talk about core exercise for golf the key term that needs to be thrown in there is ro...(related: Golf)

Core Strength For Golf
When someone talks about core strength, they're referring to the strength of the muscles that go deep within the abs and back attaching to the spine or pelvis. A few of these muscles are the tranversus abdominis(TVA), the muscles of the pelvic floor, the lats and the obliques. The core muscles are the origination point for stability and movement on the golf swing. Stronger core muscles convert to better balance and a more powerful swing. Strength in the core muscles can also prevent injuries to the hips and back.The relationship between core strength and speed and power capabilities is very important. Golfers must...(related: Golf)

Correcting A Golf Slice
Slicing the ball is a common problem among golfers. A slice is when the ball travels from one direction to the other [depending on the left or right-handedness of the golfer], generally not in the direction you want it to go. This contrariness of the ball not to go straight toward the hole is the bane of the golfing world.Correcting a golf slice is not difficult, but may require plenty of practice, patience and more practice.There are three ways to correct a slice. Hire a golf instructor, purchase some DIY books and/or grab a golfing buddy to follow you around the fairways and tell you what you're doing wrong.In the meantime, practice these simple guideli...(related: Golf)

Course Management Strategies For Junior Golfers
Many junior golfers are still in the process of developing all of the fundamentals of their game. One of the challenges faced is how to measure the progress of a player in these b...(related: Golf)

Create A Gift Basket For A Golfer Lover!
The choice of what gift to give your family and friends can often be a difficult one. One of the best gifts that you can give is a gift basket. A gift basket is that one present that comes in many shapes, themes and of course, price ranges. A gift basket is easy and fun to make.The diversity of gift baskets is never-ending. You can give a weekend pack gift basket or a relaxing gift basket (required after a weekend away playing golf) or a simple basket with balls and tees. The type of gift basket you choose and create is only limited by your imagination.Here is a simple basket that you can easily create yourself for that special "Golf Mad Person...(related: Golf)

Creating A Golf Fitness Program
For the average golfer embarking on a total golf fitness program may sound a little overwhelming. Fitting the program into your schedule on a regular basis may seem like something for which you simply don't have the time. However, it's not as hard to...(related: Golf)

Discover How Golf Schools Can Help You Play Better
Services offered by Golf Schools need to be analyzed beforejoining it. A number of schools have mushroomed all aroundand every school claims that their school is the best. Inview of such claims, it becomes difficult for theindividuals to take a decision.The objective of joining a Golf school is to learn the golfand become a good player if not a great player.Swing is most impo...(related: Golf)

Do You Dream Of A Golf Swing With Power
If you are one of those golfers whose idea of a golf swing with power is by making every effort to try and hit the ball as hard as possible, you are guilty of one of the most common mistakes made by poor golfers.Trying to hit the ball as ...(related: Golf)

Do You Fear Golf Weight Training Programs
In a sport that hardly has any controversies; few issues have come as close to being controversial as golf weight training programs have. More so with amateur and non-professional golfers.And yet if you really examine the facts, golf weight training programs need not be controversial at all.Although professionals have now fully embraced the benefit of golf weight training programs, amongst the other golfers golf weight training programs are still loo...(related: Golf)

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How A Golf Fitness Book Can Transform Your Game
A golf fitness book that is written to give you ready-made golf fitness programs, exercises, step-by-step instructions and illustrations can quickly transform your golf game.There are so many "so-called" golf fitness books on the market; but when you open them up you see dozens of pictures of...(related: Golf)

Increase Golf Swing Speed Easily
Golf swing speed is an elusive term for most amateur golfers. We've all heard of it and know it relates somehow to longer drives, but how can w...(related: Golf)

How To Win At Golf
What's the point of playing sport if you don't want to win? You may try to kid yourself that you're playing for the good of your health or because you enjoy the sport, both of which would probably be true, but the real satisfaction and joy comes from winning.If you don't believe me just study the attendance stats for a professional sports team which is on a run of poor results and near the bottom of the league table. Teams that win fill stadiums, losing team...(related: Golf)

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