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Three Tips To Help You Benefit From Golf Video Instruction
Golf video instruction can be a powerful tool in helping any golfer improve their handicap. Yet many golfers do not fully benefit from them.The reason is that their approach is wrong and they are therefore unable to benefit from the practical advice and tips received through golf video instruction.Here I carry three tips to help you benefit and reap the full rewards from golf video instruction tapes.A) Watch the whole golf video instruction tape to the end first and then slo...(related: Golf)

Tiger Woods, The Greatest Ever? ?not!
Tiger is great but still a long way from claiming the title of "Greatest That Ever Played The Game". Although I do believe he is more then on his way to claiming that illustrious title, God wi...(related: Golf)

Tiger Woods Wins Again
Tiger Woods today strolled to his second British Open Golf title finishing fourteen shots under par, five shots ahead of the veteran, the Scot Colin Montgomerie. It was Tiger's tenth success in major tournaments and now only Walter Hagen's eleven majors, and Jack Nicklaus's total of eighteen lie ahead of him.Earlier in the week on the Friday Jack Nicklaus had said an emotional farewell to a huge crowd of golf fanatics who applauded him and Tom Watson all the way around the famous old course at Saint Andrews on the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, the headquarters of golf.But this was Tiger Woods' tournament and he stretched his lead overnight as all of his rivals failed to put in...(related: Golf)

Tips For Buying Used Golf Clubs
Used golf clubs can be great for those who are on a budget, don't play much, or just want a spare set. They certainly aren't for everybody, but many will find that they can get the job done just fine. Here are a few tips if your looking for used golf clubs.Research Different ClubsYou will need to do some research and see what's out there. This applies to new or used clubs. You may want to consider renting some clubs and asking a friend what is good. Check places like ebay. The idea is to know what your looking for and what suits your style of play.Checking out the ClubsWhen you find a set of used clubs you like you will need to see if they are in good...(related: Golf)

Tips For Correcting A Golf Slice
Correcting a golf slice is the fastest way to shave strokes off of your golf game. Slicing a golf ball is one of the most common errors that an average player makes.Some golfers remain frustrated for years because they never find out why they are slicing a golf ball. But if you are ever going to become a good golfer, correcting a golf slice is a must. These simple tips will show you how to cure golf slices just by practicing some basic golf swing tips and instructions.Proper Golf StanceA proper golf stance should be about as wide as your shoulders. Make sure your shoulders are aligned at your target. Point your right foot straight ahead and point your left foot ...(related: Golf)

Today?s Golf Schools Bring In The Elements Of Instruction And Fitness
What comes to mind when you think of golf lessons through a golf school? Do you imagine hours of instruction on the range and putting green? Maybe the school teaching professionals will review the fundamentals and even include a playing lesson. While each of these elements has an important role in improvement of your golf swing, do you have any idea what might ...(related: Golf)

Too Many Online Golf Tips...which One Do I Take?
Online golf tips are on the increase. This is hardly surprising because we are in the information age and virtually every kind of information you can think of has increased tremendously in quantity over the internet an...(related: Golf)

Top 14 Tips For Selecting A Golf School
With the increase in number of schools for learning Golf,it has become necessary for the learner to find out aschool that suits him best from all the angles. Here arethe tips for selecting a Golf School:1. When the institute was established and ho...(related: Golf)

Top Of The Mountain: The Masters, Augusta, Ga
If you're a stockbroker, the center of the world is New York. If you are a commodities trader, it's Chicago.But if you're a golfer, the center of the world is?a little further south."You actually feel it...(related: Golf)

Training For Golf Combines Technical, Physical, Mechanical And Tactical
When most golfers think of the elements of the game upon which they want to improve, the vast majority think in terms of either technical elements or think about outcome. "I want to make more putts." "I want to hit more fairways." "I want to break 90 consistently."Whi...(related: Golf)

Try Developing Your Own Golf Style
Some golf beginners think that all they have to do is copy Ernie Els, Tiger Woods or whoever their favorite golfer might be and bam, immediate golf success!I am sorry to say, it is just not that easy. If it were then everybody would be a lot better. This, as we see every time out on the course is not so much the case.In reality, no two people ever really swing the same way. Since each of us has a unique body build, some more unique than others, we need to develop our own individual set of muscles. A golf swing method used by one golfer who ha...(related: Golf)

Understanding The Physics Of The Golf Swing
Some golf players have been able to increase their game tremendously by studying the physics of their golf swing by capturing and analyzing the biomechanics of their golf swing.Biomechanics or Motion Capture Technology (MOCAP) is the mechanical analysis of body motion. Studying and understanding the physics of golf swing by analyzing the biomechanics of your swing can help improve your golf game. This is usually achieved with the help of high speed video technology.The fact is that it is not always very easy to identify specific problems for correction in the golf swing. However if the physics of the golf swing is clearly captured and studied, it makes everything a lot easier and the correct improvements can be quickly carried out.Actually one of the mos...(related: Golf)

Understanding The Rotary Nature Of A Golf Swing
A careful and close study of the golf swing will reveal that it is mainly a rotary golf swing movement.This is the reason why the most effective golf swing exercises are rotary in nature.When using golf training aids like the weighted golf club, the rotary golf swing is practiced very effectively. This is a very golf-specific way of practicing and conditioning your muscles for the rotary nature of the golf swing. Using this aid, the golfer goes through the exact set of movements required in the rotary golf swing.The inside approach is another golf aid that brings out the rotary nature of a golf swing. This device is quite useful for slicers and helps them deal with this p...(related: Golf)

Understanding The Rotary Nature Of The Golf Swing
The golf swing is really a rotary movement in nature.Actually part of the real secret behind the perfect golf swing has to do with a golfer understanding the rotary motions in the golf swing and being able to perfect and master them.This is of course easier said than done. In the past many golfers have had to struggle for decades trying to get their golf swing right with poor results at best. Most hardly ever achieved a good consistent golf swing, let alone getting to understand the key rotary movements in the golf swing motion.However in recent years a short-cut of sorts has emerged where golf specific exercises which include both strength building and stretch exercises have worked miracles in helping numerous golfers of all ages to dramatically improve on their golf swing. Many have done so by getting the rotary motions in the golf...(related: Golf)

Unique Mental Challenges For Women Golfers
The game of golf provides trials for every player, independent of the player's gender. However, for some women in our society, there is a special challenge.Women in the Western world have traditionally been raised and socialized to be cooperative, polite, feminine and "nice". There is implicit pressure that some women feel to make sure that they don't stand out too much or present themselves as trying to outdo or "embarrass" another woman. These messages can ...(related: Golf)

Using A Golf Fitness Video Will Save Time And Improve Your Game
Using a golf fitness video is a great alternative to going to a gym. Just think of the time you're saving not worrying about what you where or how you look; or driving ...(related: Golf)

Using A Golf Swing Trainer May Surprise You
Many amateur golfers start out playing golf for fun. Most would like to keep it that way and that is precisely the reason why the mention of a gol...(related: Golf)

Valuable Tips For Golf
We learn a lot from just watching and observing the pros and by doing so it is easy to pick up valuable tips for golf that can help our own golf game.And make no mistake about it, to pick the really valuable tips for golf from the professionals; you will need to be very observant and keen. Many times you will need to watch and listen keenly, if you are watching them on Television or arrive at the venue very early if you are watching the action live.One of the things the pros never do is arrive late and find that their tee time has arrived an...(related: Golf)

Wanna Play More Consistent Golf? Learn And Apply 10 Proven Techniques Golf Professionals Use
For the past seven years I have been researching what are the most important things great golfers do when playing their best golf. Being an instructor at the San Diego Golf Academy, I was exposed to many golfers, both amateur and professional. My research encompasses over 300 golfers, professionals and amateurs who have handicaps from 2 to +3.Some commonalities they all share are:? Started playing golf in their teens? Play 15-20 tournaments a year? Average best round was 65? Practice every part of their game consistently? Never satisfied with ...(related: Golf)

Warm Up With A Back Exercise For Golf
Let's face it, if you are a passionate golfer who likes to hit the links whenever you have the opportunity, at some point in time you are likely to be faced with lower back pain. Fortunately, there are some great exercises that will help you work through lower back pain...(related: Golf)

Watch The Pros Play Golf
You can check out a pro golf swing on video instruction tapes and on TV during golf shows and games. Checking out the golf swing of a pro can help even the amateur fine tune their own swing.Taking lessons from a pro is a great way to have them analyze your swing and help you to make changes to make your golf game better and more consistent. Call your local golf course to ask if they have a pro on staff for you to take lessons from.Purchasing a golf instruction tape can also give you a tool to analyze a pro's golf swing. Pro's usually have personal coaching so their swings may be more smooth and precise than yours. Some golf instruction tape's have slow-motion segments where you can really see what the actions of the player are. An advantage to a video i...(related: Golf)

What A Golf Conditioning Tip Must Have
There are certain aspects that any good golf conditioning tip must have. And with the increasingly high number of golf tips flying through the net and many other places, it is extremely useful to know what to look for in a genuine golf conditioning tip.To start with you must realize that golf conditioning tips are specifically useful to playing the golf game and will therefore concentrate on the so called golf muscles in the body.They are actually more numerous than most newcomers would think at first glance. Right from the fe...(related: Golf)

What A Good Golf Workout Program Should Have
Golf workout program?with the exploding number of so-called golf experts these days it becomes very confusing and it is easy for a golfer to be misled and end up in a program that will hardly have the desired objective of improving their game.In fact the wrong golf workout program can end up making a golfer's game deteriorate rather than improve.It is therefore very useful to know what constitutes a good golf workout program.A complete golf workout program will tend to have the following attributes;a) Golf specific stretch exercisesStretch exercises are a very important part of any genuine golf workout program. Stretches help improve the golf swing and correct many common mistakes and weaknesses in this area. They sometime help alleviate or even eliminate nagging back problems in some golfe...(related: Golf)

What A Load Of Golf Balls
Through out the history of golf the golf ball has evolved more than any other piece of equipment used in the game. From the very first wooden balls followed by the feathery to the latest 4 piece, high energy core, tungsten weighted, titanium, super thin covered, go further go straighter last forever golf ball, advances in science and the materials used in manufacturing has taken that little white thing to a new level of performance.At the moment in my shop I have 36 different balls to choose from and there are plenty more types I could stock. This being the case it is difficult for a golfer to choose which is the right ball for them especially when they all claim to be the best thing since the couch potato was given the remo...(related: Golf)

What Are Custom Golf Clubs
Custom golf clubs are anything from a single club to a full set of woods, irons and putter which have been custom specified and assembled just for you. They may work for somebody else and other people will probably love your custom built golf clubs, but they are yours.To make an analogy that most of you will be familiar with we will compare buying a new set of golf clubs to buying a new sui...(related: Golf)

What Are The Advantages Of Golf Schools In Resorts
Golf schools in resorts serve two purposes - one that thelearner will focus more on the training than on otheractivities secondly he can relax after an exhaustivetraining session.Since there is no time restriction either from the Golfcourse management side (because they charge according tothe playtime) or from the individual side who can play foras much time as he wishes to.Th...(related: Golf)

What Are The Best Exercises For The Golfer?
With all the talk about the players on tour getting stronger and more flexible, we hear a lot about exercising for golf from television commentators and read about it in the golf publications. But what exactly are the best exercises for the amateur golfer?A great question that has a good answer, but before we give you the answer let us provide some background so the answer makes a little more sense to you. First of all, discussing the golf swing for the time being will get us rolling.What exactly is the golf swing? The golf swing is an athletic movement that requires using of the entire body from "feet to fingertips" in order to complete th...(related: Golf)

What Are You Doing To Improve Your Golf Swing?
Improve your golf swing. You have probably tried everything, from following advice that worked for your friends to so called 'tips from experts.' So what else can you really do to improve your golf swing?Actually there is plenty you can do, as long as you are prepared to change your mindset.Thinking "outside the box" is a common expression we all like to use in boardrooms and offices these days, and yet ...(related: Golf)

What Can A Golf Exercise Routine Do For Those Who Are Happy With Their Game
Can a golf exercise routine be useful to a golfer who is happy with the current quality of their game?You bet it can. While there are many useful benefits of a golf exercise routine to a person's game even when they are happy with their current form, exercises have many other benefits that a golfer can enjoy and...(related: Golf)

What Can A Single Digit Handicap Golfer Do That You Cant?
Chances are that if you're an avid golfer, you'd love to be a single digit handicap golfer. So what ...(related: Golf)

What Causes Golf Back Pain?
Why it that back pain is such a common complaint in golf and amongst golf players on any course?Does golf back pain have something to do with the game or do most players bring back pains acquired elsewhere into the game?While it is true that there are golfers who started having back pains and related problems long before they set foot on the course, there is clear evidence that golf does cau...(related: Golf)

What Do The Core And The Golf Swing Have In Common Part Ii?
In part one of this article we discussed the core and its relation to the golf swing. A quick review of the information in article one will indicate a definitive connection between the "athletic movements" of a golf swing and the core section of the body. Prior to beginning this article let us take a brief moment to review information provided in the first article on this topic.A quick review will indicate that the core is an anatomic...(related: Golf)

What Do The Core And The Golf Swing Have In Common?
The concept of "core training" is a "buzz word" in today's fitness and training community. It has also become a prevalent idea in the game of golf. In regards to golf it has been noted by many individuals that the core area of the body is where the "power" comes from in your swing, and in order to make a full turn you need flexibility in the core. This article will discuss the function of the core in relation to human movement and the golf swing.We will discuss categorically the functions of the core and how improvements in these areas can assist in the improvement of your golf swing. Before we begin discussing the functions of the core, let us define it. The core can be defined as an anatomical area of the body. The core is include...(related: Golf)

What Do Trees Have To Do With Golf?
On our way back from a recent round of golf, Fritz and I were discussing the way most golfers evaluate golf courses. We've had this discussion before, and it inevitably gets around to my heartfelt conviction that trees do not enhance the "golfing experience".Most golfers in North America assume that golf is not golf without tree-lined fairways. If I am not mistaken, this is a bia...(related: Golf)

What Does Annika Know About Exercise That You Don?t?
Think of your golf game. Visualize connecting with your drive and sinking your putt. Now think of exercise and how it relates to your golf game. Do you do a total body workout several times per week? Do you have a tailored fitness regimen that pays special attention to certain muscle groups? Do you even exercise at all?Annika Sorenstam has an exercise plan which is adding value to her game as she rules the LPGA tour. There are three key elements to her exercise program that have produced successful results. Can you guess the three elements? They are commitment, discipline, an...(related: Golf)

What Hinders You From Hitting Long Drives Will Shock You
Hitting long golf drives is the desire of every golfer when they are on the course.Sadly many fail to achieve this objective most of the time and the best game in the world which you are supposed to enjoy enormously, instead ends up being a very frustrating experience.Yet hitting long golf drives need not be so difficult to achieve. Actually the greatest hindrance to your hitting long g...(related: Golf)

What Impact Does Exercise For Golfers Have
In spite of numerous assurances some golfers still dread and fear joining any exercise for golfer programs. So as a last line of defense, they pop up the question of wanting to know just how effective exercises for golfer are on improving a person's game.They want concrete evidence and figures on what the exercises have done for other golfers. I guess it is a case of the patient wanting assurances on just how effective the bitter pill is going to be so as to help them brace themselves for the bitterness to come. Like they want to use the end result as some sort of inspiration to help them through wh...(related: Golf)

What Is Golf Exercise Equipment And How Can It Help
Golf exercise equipment can be a variety of pieces; but what truly is golf exercise equipment?You'd be surpris...(related: Golf)

What Makes A Golf Training Book Effective
A golf training book needs to be 'user-friendly' and 'plug-and-play'. What I mean by that is a golfer should be able to have a clear idea on what he should do immediately to improve his/her game. And it should be easy to apply. No figuring out what to do next. No sense of confusion or frustration at information overload.<...(related: Golf)

What Night Golf Ball Should I Use For My Glow Ball Event?
Believe it or not, there are three different types of Night Golf Balls. The more traditional Night Golf ball has a hollow core in which a light stick is inserted (after activating). A player simply bends the light stick until it "cracks" then shakes the contents vigorously to ensure distribution then inserts into a hollow core on this Night Golf Ball. The advantage of this Night Golf ball is that it is relatively inexpensive and can be used over and over again by simply removing the old plug and inserting a new plug the next time you use it. Although not a major disadvantage, players must use a club or two 'extra' for this particular Night Go...(related: Golf)

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A Golf Exercise Program Will Leave Your Playing Partners In Envy
It's no secret that a golf exercise program can put you heads and tails above your playing partners and competitors. Why do you think all the Pro's are doing it?Golf is no longer just the leisure game it used to be. It is now recognized as an athletic sport. As with all other athletic sports, your body's strength plays a crucial part in how well you play the game.FACT: A stronger body plays better golf. Most strength-building workouts can be beneficial to some degree, but a golf exercise program will enable you to hit longer -- and straighter -- drives with less effort and hit more ...(related: Golf)

How To Know What Defines The Best Golf Drivers
Why is it considered the most electrifying club in your golf bag? Why is it the first club anyone talks about when equipment is brought up? Why is it what everyone wants?The answers are simple - POWER. It's all about the power of the long ball. The golfer who drives the ball the furthest is considered the man of the moment, and everyone wants to be that man. I guess it's an ego thing.This mind game is played among all golfers form beginner to professional. It is one of the main driving forces behind the design of today's best...(related: Golf)

Are Golf Conditioning Routines Really Necessary
Many golfers around the world still do not understand why experts these days insist on golf conditioning routines when the game has been played for decades without the need for any sort of exercising.Why now? Why this great emphasis on golf conditioning routines to the extent where virtually all professionals ...(related: Golf)

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