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Golf Exercises - Improving Fitness For Power And Consistency


Perhaps one of the biggest changes in the golf world today is the increased emphasis on fitness for golf. Tour professionals and amateurs alike are practicing regular fitness routines specifically targeted for golf. The results are more powerful and stable golf swings. Needless to say, the scores are going lower.

The golf swing is a very complex movement, requiring much from the body. Only if the body is flexible and strengthened, can one expect consistent and powerful golf swings. Mo matter what your current physical condition or your handicap, your golf game can benefit by regular exercise targeted with the golf swing in mind.

Top touring pros all use functional exercises which mimic the actual demands of the golf swing. The goal of functional training will be to challenge the body's neurological system even further by steadily increasing our demands. You'll find exercises in several planes of motion and incorporate stable and unstable environments.

It's important to regularly perform an assessment of your current fitness levels. By identifying weaknesses and strengths, you won't waste valuable workout time. This will allow you to place the emphasis on those movements which will provide you with the greatest opportunity for improvement. Sometimes it seems hard to concentrate on areas of weakness, as it is much easier to perform the exercises where we already have proficiency. The quality of your overall fitness and the improvement in your golf game hinge on how committed you are to working on your weak areas.

Flexibility, stability and power are all improved by exercising for golf. As you begin to develop a regular golf exercise regimen, be sure to concentrate on functional exercise for golf. These exercises include a combination of movements designed to both strengthen the muscles as well as improve neuromuscular coordination. Therefore, when you take your golf swing, the body's already been conditioned to perform in a similar manner. Strength training and stretching exercises will go the distance to improve your game.

Susan Hill is a nationally recognized fitness trainer, CHEK golf biomechanic and sports nutrition specialist. For more information on golf specific nutrition, exercises or stretches, visit

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