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Confusion Feeds The Golf Industry


The policeman drops his paycheck on the kitchen table so his wife can go shopping and pay their bills. They are able to do this because somewhere down the line someone killed, raped, or robbed someone. An unnamed X (rated) President of the United States can have pizza and frollick with a starry eyed intern in the White House because you are paying the rent.

Here's a news flash for you! If you have been in a coma or have spent the last half century on Neptune, you should know that the golf industry is now a multibillion dollar a year business. What did we learn in paragraph one? Somewhere down the line someone supports, funds, feeds or makes possible the growth and maintenance of such a insatiable glutton. How did IT get so humungous? Sit here on the Anti-Pro's knee and lets toss some ideas around in our craniums.

This hungry monster needs a lot of food (money). The dope addict needs a fix. Somewhere there is a need. And, in the golf industry, that need is cleverly disguised as confusion. Confuse the golfer and he will be back for more. He doesn't want anyone to think he is stupid or no talent, so he will convince himself that maybe he just didn't get it the first time, or second, or...?

A reader sends along this interesting observation: "My experience has been that the overwhelming majority, 85-plus percent unduly complicate the golf swing. I have spent thousands of dollars to come to this conclusion. I often wonder if it is a deliberate attempt to keep one in golfing no-mans land." Thanks, Chip!

Has the beast made a puppet out of us? Send the golfer a new magazine and watch him tear into it to find the "latest tip." Try it. Doesn't work? No problem, they will send you another next month that will give you just the opposite advice. The golf pro can't tell you the golf swing is simple. He could explain it ALL in one lesson, but if he did and

IF the golf mags didn't have new "bogus"tips and the book writers didn't have a batch of golfer wanabees drooling at the thought of getting better.....They would all die an

excruciating death from starvation. They CAN"T tell the truth...It would be Suicide.

AND that $500 driver? If your swing STINKS, it will NOT make any difference. It looks pretty goofy to stand up on the first tee with a $500 club and slice it into a subdivision.

Lets build the golf swing around this premise. A 3,4,5 year old watches a good golf swing, copies it and has a beautiful swing. No hi-tech, no books, no freeze frame analysis, no series of golf lessons. Watch Daddy walk....walk. Watch Mommy walk....walk. This is an A....write an A....this is a B.

There are thousands of languages here on Earth and the part of the brain that runs motor skills (your golf swing) does not understand one of them! If you continue to swallow the grub the golf industry is dishing out, get real comfy and enjoy your stay in................

.......No Man's Land!

About The Author

Introduced to golf in 1948 at age 8, Jim McLellan quickly became known as the "Whiz Kid" with an incredible swing and a gifted ability to instruct. At age 15, students came to him at his family owned golf course from four surrounding states for lessons. Jim was consistently breaking par, owned 2 course records and was "the skinny kid" who could drive the ball 300+ yards.

Jim attended Arizona State University at Tempe on a golf scholarship and graduated from the PGA Golf School in Long Beach California in 1960.

You can learn more about Jim's simple approach to golf by going to

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