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Thursday December 14 2017

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3 Keys To Overcoming Problems   Article Center   

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3 Keys To Overcoming Problems

By: Kathy Williamson
Are you stuck in a rut? Do you seem to have the same problems popping up time after time? What will it take to finally get you over your problems and into the abundant life? Here are three biblical principles to help you get out of whatever personal problems youíre going through and on the road to achieving the life of your dreams.

Have you noticed that almost all of our problems stem from relationships? Either someone has hurt us or we lack relationships in our life, especially healthy ones. Sometimes other symptoms develop as a result of our hurt or isolation; such as addictions, depression, bitterness, anger, and loneliness. Then we get sidetracked working to resolve these symptoms instead of realizing there is a deeper underlying cause - that of unhealthy relationships.

It has been discovered that when a person works on living their life according to Godís overall instructions, their problems get resolved as a by-product. So, when we work on having the following three key principles active in our life, then almost all of our problems get resolved.

The first principle is: when you develop a strong, deep relationship with God, then you will know how to build loving relationships with others. It is only through our relationship with God that our deepest desire for unconditional love gets fulfilled. No other person can fulfill this need except God. Since God is love, He has the greatest capacity to provide us the love we so desperately search for.

Since God never leaves us, we can stand firm in our relationship with Him. During our lifetime we will never fully uncover the depth of Godís love toward us. So we have a lifelong pursuit in this love relationship. How close we get to God is up to us!

Once we experience Godís love revealed to us, then we can properly love others. We can quit expecting others to meet our deep need for love because we now receive that from God. Through our understanding of how God treats us (or doesnít treat us) we learn how to properly interact with others.

The second key principle is: to overcome our problems we must take 100% responsibility for our own life. We must stop blaming others and making excuses for the way we act. Once we realize that we have a choice on how to act and react to situations, we gain control over the quality of our life. In order to move on in life and let go of our focus on our problems, we must learn how to act and react in a different manner.

Many of our reactions to hurtful people are changed after God shows us His unconditional love. We realize that because God loves us even with all our mistakes, then we can learn to love others in the same way. God asks us to make the effort and He will provide His love through us to others. Now weíre on our way to developing healthy, godly relationships.

Taking control of your life also means you must plan for your future, and that is where the next principle helps you.

The third key principle is: when you find Godís unique purpose for your life, you have the motivation to keep you headed in the right direction and you discover the abundant life. Godís plan usually entails taking whatever you are passionate about and putting it into a life-long project whereby you use it to love and serve others.

God created man to have an intimate relationship with Him, then to love others, and then to carry out the specific purpose He designed us for. While there are general guidelines on how God wants us to live and act, God also gives each of us a very personal goal for us to carry out. Since this vision includes loving and serving others, it is important that we have the first two key principles in place to enable us to adequately carry out Godís plan. With a proper understanding of God, His love and His plan, then we will be able to handle trials that come while serving the Lord.

When you focus on implementing these three key biblical principles instead of dissecting every individual problem, you will get better results. Now that you know three areas to work on, get a pen and paper and begin to determine what these items will require of you.
Kathy Williamson teaches biblical principles to help people overcome their problems and find the abundant life. Her book, teachings and free ezine can be found on her website at

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