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Saturday December 16 2017

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Through an Open Door

By: Arleen Kaptur

A fine front door is not only a delight to see but an impressive addition to your home.
You drive by or walk by some fine vintage homes. A main focal point is always that impressive front-door. These doors are usually canvasses of superior craftsmentship and graceful mouldings.

You always ponder as to where the owners found such a regal door to frame the entraceway into their home.

An antique door can instantly add mellow hues and dcorative carvings to any home. They also have a rich patina of color that adds to the ambivance.

You can also have vintage doors on the inside of your home, leading to a dining room, the master bedroom, or any other focal point in your home.

Expensive - yes and no. They are expensive in their exquisite details, with hardwoods and sometimes decorative glass inserts. Most cities and towns demolish buildings to add super modern structures to a demanding world. These buildings can include churches, banks, heritage homes, etc. The offcasts of these buildings are referred to as salvage. The monetary value is what you place in it, and the benefits are years of service and beauty for your home.

A slight problem - what if the door you love just doesn't fit where you want it? Talk to a carpenter or check with home supply stores. They can give you tips, and tools to make sure that your "found" dor will be "as tight as a bug in a rug." Even if years of paint are added to the fine architecture of your door, paint can be removed and fine finishes are available at all hardware stores. The advantages - beautiful ironwork, stained glass or leaded glass insets that let the sunshine dance on your foyer floor, and impressive trims and lines.

A little more work than a mass-manufactured door - but well worth it. Next time you enter through your front door - consider the possibilities and ENJOY! ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2003 February

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