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Tuesday December 12 2017

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1-800 I'm calling Heaven to talk to Mother

By: Rose DesRochers
How do we face a day set aside for Mothers when the woman who brought us into this world has been taken from this world. Ask those who have already been down this road and they will tell you that it is a very lonely time.
For those of you that will be glowing with smiles, shopping for your Mother and taking her out to your favorite restaurant there will be those of us whose heart will be aching as we remember the last moment spent with our Mothers.

Don't keep these emotions bottled up inside you, perhaps write a special article or poem and dedicate to your Mothers memory, share memories of your special times spent with your Mother with family and friends, pull out old photographs or look at a video tape of your Mother. Every year on holidays I light a candle in her memory. Go out and buy yourself a rose bush and plant it in your flower bed. Each year as summer brings back the birth of roses your motherís memory will rebloom in the beauty of those roses.

My mother always loved the roses. Her and my father would grow them in the garden and all our neighbors would remark on the beauty of those roses. So during my Mother's illness I often took her roses clipped from the rose bush in my yard to the nursing home. Every winter I am sadden by the loss of my mother, but as winter took her the first bloom of those roses brings her home.

So this Mother Day I will delight in the beauty of roses.

This Mothers Day allow yourself to feel the love and joy of your children. You are not betraying your Mother by feeling happiness. Your Mother would want you to be happy on this day and remember her laughter. Grief is normal and there is no easy way to deal with it. Close your eyes and remember your child hood and the happy times spent with Mom. Remember the talks and the wisdom she shared, even remember the fights when you didn't quite see eye to eye.

Your Mother is forever with you, she is in the part of your mind where she will never die. This Mothers Day rejoice and smile. Your Mother gave you life and with that life she taught you many things but one thing she may not have taught you was how to say goodbye when her time would come to leave this earth. Death it is just the passage through a door. It is from one room until the next, from this life into eternal life. Right there through the clouds is where your Mother is, she is in the beauty of roses that bloom.

Remember your Mother this Mother Day, mourn in her death but rejoice in her rebirth.

My Mother I will never be able to write anything that matches her love for me but may my love for her be found within the wisdom of these words that I share with all of you.

1-800 I'm calling Heaven operator please patch through a call to our Mothers and wish them a Happy Mothers Day.

About the Author

DesRochers is a published author, web columnist and founder of Today's Woman
; a supportive online
community for men and women over 18. Their goal is to help writers succeed in
the writing industry.

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