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Sunday December 17 2017

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Top 7 Brick 'n Mortar Newsletter Rules

By: Wild Bill Montgomery

1) YOU'RE IN IT FOR THE MONEY. Keep your newsletter aligned with your
business. Always work products into the articles and information discreetly,
but distinctly. Don't push it to the point of useless sales-packed
information. Remember that most of your subscribers are with you for the
information, not the product.

2) KEEP YOUR ARTICLES FOCUSED on the readers' interests and the information
you give them useful. People are interested in finding information that will
be useful, profitable, or interesting to read. Stay focused and flexible,
meaning don't try to serve up everything to everybody.

3) BE INFORMAL AND RELAXED. Although newsletters often tend to reflect a
more serious tone of their area of commerce, your newsletter should still
have warmth, life and the feel of a human voice. A newsletter is like a
personal voice in a community. A good newsletter gets a following, but a
great newsletter builds a family. Because of this fact, subscribers are more
likely to go with your product than a company outside their family of

4) WRITE TO EXPRESS NOT TO IMPRESS. Don't use technical terms relating to
your business or any other. You may understand and use them everyday, but
depend on fact that some of your readers will not. Use easy to understand
words. Explain what technical terms you must cite. Always strive to
communicate clearly.

5) VARY THE CONTENT NOT THE FORMAT. Use such things as a column or some
other idea that invites the readers' comments or ideas. Whether it is
offering different types of articles or offering new and different
information, you must change the content of your newsletter to maintain the
interest of the reader. However, changing content does not mean changing
format. Don't get into the habit of changing the format of your newsletter.
Create and Maintain format guidelines. Readers get accustomed to seeing the
newsletter in a certain format. Changing this format will too often confuse
and annoy your readers.

6) MAINTAIN QUALITY CONTENT in your newsletters. Whether you have 100
subscribers or 10,000 you must do your best to keep your articles and text
clean and spellchecked. If you offer referral to another business, be sure
that you are referring them to an honest and reliable business. Your
newsletter is a reflection of your business. Never let the aire of
dishonesty show it's ugly face.

7) DIVERSIFY AND DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS. As a "Brick n' Mortar businesses, 75%
of you are focused primarily a local market. When your newsletter starts to
pick up a nominal amount of subscribers, begin to consider products that can
be marketed nationally and internationally. Take advantage of the
opportunity. Imagine the amount of new prospects you can gain.

Wild Bill Montgomery
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