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Monday December 18 2017

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Johnny Appleseed ... A Lesson In Sowing And Reaping   Article Center   

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Johnny Appleseed ... A Lesson In Sowing And Reaping

By: John Colanzi

Remember the story of Johnny Appleseed? Good old
Johnny would travel from place to place sowing apple

As soon as he planted seeds in one place he'd move on
and begin again.

Ezine writing is a lot like that. The seeds are our
articles and we reap traffic, new subscribers and

So what lessons can we learn from Johnny Appleseed?

1. Don't expect immediate results.

Imagine if Johnny sat and waited for each of his seeds
to take root. He wouldn't have covered much ground.

Keep sending out your articles, don't wait for
individual results.

2. Don't try to determine ahead of times which articles
will get a good response.

When planting apple seeds John knew some would take root
and others wouldn't. He didn't know which ones to plant.

He planted them all.

3. Think long term.

An article that may not have done well when you first
released it, may end up in an ecourse or ebook, months

4. Know that you will get results if you're persistent.

Keep sowing.

Know that over the long haul you'll reap the rewards.

My uncle used to liken it to pasta throwing.

If you took hands full of pasta and started throwing it
against the wall, some of it will stick.

So keep sowing, keep throwing and start reaping.

Your seeds will bear fruit.

Wishing You Success.
John Colanzi

John publishes the "Street Smart Marketing" newsletter.
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