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Tuesday December 12 2017

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By: Scott Britner
Over $120,000,000,000 are spent on lotteries each year in the US, Canada, UK and around the world. It’s obviously a very profitable venture. But with only an average of 30% being given back to the lottery players it’s not the players who are profiting. Yet. is shaking up the industry and breaking down traditional barriers by putting the players first. Let’s examine the 5 characteristics that you can evaluate to determine why is a profitable lottery system… for you.

1.)“How easy is it for me to play?”

The act of purchasing a ticket is definitely not rocket science. Anyone can do it. But the physical act of leaving your house, driving to a location that sells tickets and waiting in line can seem a nuisance – especially when it’s out of your way or you have other things to do. is extremely easy to join - all you have to do is surf to the website and sign up. It makes playing far simpler because you only have to enter once.

With traditional lotteries you must make sure you purchase your ticket each week – goodness forbid you miss a week and wonder if you could have won. With you sign up once and you are automatically entered in every weekly drawing until you tell us to stop entering you. is so simple… it just makes sense.

2.)“How much can I win?”

Traditional lotteries only pay out 25%-35% of the profits they take from players. Since their jackpots are calculated based on estimated players, there are limits. They are designed to win when the player loses – that’s why there are no guaranteed winners.’s lottery system gives 65% of all profits directly back to the players in the form of guaranteed jackpots and bonuses… with no limits. Plus, the Instant Winner bonuses put you, the player, in the driver’s seat about how much you can win. You can create unlimited chances to win each week. is designed to win because you win.

3.)“What are my odds of winning?”

The majority of lottery players do not ask one of the most important questions… “What are my chances of winning?”

Traditional lotteries display huge jackpot amounts and use colorful neon signs to mesmerize players and distract them from thinking about anything other than what they are going to buy with all that money.

Comparing the odds of winning a Power Ball prize with the same odds of winning a prize shows just how powerful the system really is.

1 in 74 $3.00(PowerBall) - $92.04(
Increased Winning: 3,067.92%

1 in 8879 $100.00(PowerBall) - $11,043.26(
Increased Winning: 11,043.26% wants you to know the odds and hope you ask yourself, “Would I rather have a chance of winning $100 or $11,043?”

4.)“How many different ways can I win?”

Traditional lotteries give you one chance to win for each entry you purchase. Whether you are picking numbers or buying a scratch off ticket, if you buy one ticket, you get one chance to win. Period.

One chance is not good enough. not only wanted to create a system with more chances to win, we wanted to create a system with you having more control over your chances to win.

Each week, gives you:

1.)One chance to win the guaranteed Jackpot
2.)Unlimited chances to win the Instant Winner Referral Bonus ($1 each month for each active member you refer)
3.)Unlimited chances to win the Instant Winner Jackpot Bonus (If a player you referred wins the Jackpot – you receive 10% of the Jackpot amount.)

Your chances to win are completely up to you.

5.)“What’s the risk?”

With traditional lotteries, your risk is unlimited. Since there are no additional built in opportunities to win, you will be charged for each chance you want. Your bank account can dramatically get smaller depending on how many tickets you purchase, yet your odds will not increase in proportion. keeps your investment to a minimal and let’s you determine how many chances you have to win… without having to pay anything additional. Our lottery systems uses the power of leverage to increase the jackpot and your opportunities to win while not asking you to give up anything but the cost of a burger and fries lunch. takes the risk out of playing by leveling the playing field and putting the opportunity to win with you – which is where it belongs. is so simple, so powerful, and so profitable for the players… it just makes sense. We look forward to making you a winner.

About the Author

Scott Britner blended his background in programming and analysis with a little creativity and a lot of focus on the customer to develop the unique system. If you want to benefit from Increasing Jackpots, Guaranteed Weekly Winners, Instant Winner Bonuses, and No Limits... then check out

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