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Five Fabulous Resume Tips For College Grads (or Anybody)
Fluffy clouds. Chirping birds. Green trees. Colorful flowers. It's springtime! All of these things bring thoughts of joy and serenity to most people, but to you, dear college senior, it is usually a hectic time, full of final exams, decisions to be made, Graduation Day, and looking for a job. Sure, the job search is a major thing on your to-do list, but having fun, studying, and exams usually take the top spots as the months wind down and Graduation Day...(related: Employment)

Five Facts You Must Know When Changing Careers
Too often in life, we fail. We fail not because we set our goals to high and miss achieving our aspirations. Instead, we fail because we set our dreams too low and we achieve them. If we achieve what we set out to do then how is this considered to be a failure? Failure occurs when we are not fulfilling our highest aspirations. Theresa Castro, executive career coach and author of The Dark Before the Dawn: 70 Secrets to Self-discovery, provides insight on what anyone can do while they are in the midst of wanting to change careers.ADOPT THE INNONENCE OF A CHILDWe begin our lives as children with lofty goals. For example, a child might decide that they would...(related: Employment)

Five Mistakes That Can Derail Your Job Search
No matter how much time and energy you invest in job seeking, critical mistakes can derail your efforts. Consider the following job search scenario. Each of the mistakes described below can put your job search off track, but all are easy to avoid.Mistake #1: Starting with a Handicap<...(related: Employment)

Five Powerful Tips For Interns

Interning is about more than earning money during summer break.  It's a wonderful way to gain work experience and lay the foundation for your future career.  But to get the most out of it, you have to do more than just land the job, show up for work and collect your paycheck.  Here are some tips that will help you get the full benefits of interning:

1. Pay Attention.  This is more than a job, it's a learning experience. And unlike school, this is the real world -- where you'll be spending the rest of your life after graduation!...(related: Employment)

Five Qualities Employers Want
More than ever, employers want employees who can produce results! Here are five qualities employers seek in such employees.1. Attitude. You hear a lot about folks with "an attitude". If you've got "an attitude", lose it! Employers want employees with these attitudes:* "Can do" attitude* "I'm willing to risk failing to give it a go" attitude* "I'm willing to apply myself and learn" attitudeSmart employers hire for attitude ...(related: Employment)

Focus On White-collar Crime: Accounting Fraud And Computer Crimes Creates Need; Qualified Investing
An epidemic of white-collar financial crime has resulted in the development of specialized education programs focused on economic crime investigation and fraud management. These college-level degree programs attract students who are interested in law enforcement and are attracted by the very unique nature of these types of crimes and the special investigative techniques required to solve them.There seems to be no end to the greed in the hearts of some professional business people. It isn't enough to have fancy cars, vacation homes and other lavish perks of the highly successful. Many selfish individuals have decided to play a risky game of "milk-the-company-for-all-it's-worth" to fuel an...(related: Employment)

For Effective Decisions, Look Beyond Career Stereotypes
You've probably been taught not to stereotype people based on race, religion or sex. But when you make a career or business decision, do you still make decisions based on stereotypes?"Insurance sales reps must be gregarious."Hal, a successful insurance agent for many years, has developed a portfolio of loyal, happy clients. Hal can be described as an introvert. He rarely speaks unless spoken to, and then he speaks briefly and softly. His clients have learned that he's a caring, dedicated agent who never misses a detail."Accountants sit quietly and crunch numbers."These days, accountants, especially those in the large firms, have to become experts at client relations. Often they're expected to steer business towards the firm's consulting division."Wan...(related: Employment)

For My Second Career, I Want To Do Nothing!
Q. For my second career, I'd like to know "What to do when you have done a lot and nothing really interests you anymore. The things that interest me are not financially feasible right now, because one of the things I'd like to give up is working!"A. People often want to stop working when they've experienced a series of challenges. You leave one career and begin another. You experience a great burst of energy as your second career takes off. And then your excitin...(related: Employment)

Formal Business Attire Is Making A Comeback
The dot com boom of 1990s brought with it a laissez-faire attitude to dress code. Business casual was not a word that was part of our daily vocabulary.Business casual may have been good for the dot comers, but the casual attire tried to find its way into other industries as well. Human resource departments all over the country were forced to reconsider their dress codes, many of them having to finally put theirs in writing.Dress codes vary from industry to industry, and the company ultimately has the discretion in what their employees are required to wear. Some companies made it clear through ...(related: Employment)

Four Important Questions To Ask Your Interviewer; Do You Really Want To Work For This Person?

Many job seekers miss a golden opportunity when they are asked towards the end of an interview if they have any questions. If they feel the interviewer adequately explained the position, they make the mistake of answering "No" to this question. But this is the perfect time to find out if you really want to work for this person!  After all, even a wonderful job can turn into a miserable experience if you don't get along with the person you work for.

Here's how to find out i...(related: Employment)

Four Job Interview Mistakes That Can Torpedo Your Chances Of Success
What are the worst mistakes job hunters make? It turns out there are four big ones. These four mistakes turn up repeatedly when executives responsible for hiring talk about the reasons why someone didn't get a job offer.If you make even one of them, you'll drastically reduce your chances of getting selected.Interview...(related: Employment)

Four Simple Steps To Better Results With Your Resume
Is every job description you read the same? No.Is every job you submit your resume to the same? Of course they aren't.If all these job descriptions are different, why do you submit the same resume?Every day, people send the same generic resume out as though each position was identical and each employer was attempting to hire identical skills and attributes. Too often, the results they receive are like the broken watch that is right twice a day-hit or miss success.They list their name, address, phone numbers and email address, list an objective, education, and chronology of experience with dates of employment. The resume includes some successes or accomplishments. This is their resume.In the days prior to computers when changing a resume required you to re-typ...(related: Employment)

Franchising Offers No Guarantees --
You have to ask --- IS a FRANCHISE FOR YOU?There are NO guarantees. You invest your money and take your chances. My own experiences include franchises for personnel agencies, temporary help services, diet centers, restaurants and PC training schools.Some of these franchises proved very important in our business plan and growth into a multi-million dollar enterprise. However, there were some expensive l...(related: Employment)

Free Resume Examples: More Is Better
If you ever studied any probability theory in high school or college, you probably remember the marbles.Most introductory probability books talk about drawing different colored marbles out of a bag. What's the probability of getting a particular color?Let's say the bag has 20 marbles, 15 red and 5 blue. The probability of drawing a red one is 15/20, or 3 out of 4. The ...(related: Employment)

Free Resume Examples: Untold Wealth In 10 Minutes!
Doesn't every job search start with Google?Way back in another lifetime, I was looking for a job after one of my startups failed. Conveniently, everything went to pot in early 2000. I've always had good timing.Google was th...(related: Employment)

Free Resume Examples: Use Them, But Dont
There are lots of free resume examples (or free resume samples) on the web.Try searching for "free resume example" at Google and take a look at the almost 5 million pages that come back (the less restrictive "resume example" gives you 7 million pages, if you've got more time on your hands).But what good are they?P...(related: Employment)

Free Resume Template: Beware!
Downloading a free resume template can be so alluring. No work to do! You just download it, fill in the blanks, and get the job of your dreams!If you buy that, I've got lots of other things I'd like to sell you.That's a pipe dream. Listen, folks. All you get with a template is a structure that you have to fill in.Granted, coming up with the structure can be a challenge for some people, but that's not the real head-buster. The real challenge is filling in the blanks.There's also a not so trivial set of risks involved with using a free resume template. One of the biggest risks is that there's an extreme temptation to make minimal changes. That leaves you with...(related: Employment)

Free Resume Template: The Only One Youll Ever Need
WARNING: This article is likely to make you mad.In fact, I'm pretty sure it will.I imagine you were hoping for a free resume template in this article that you could download and fill in. Well, you won't find...(related: Employment)

Free Resume Template: What Makes A Good One?
You can drown in the "free resume examples," "free resume templates," and "free resume samples" on the web.In my opinion, a single thing makes one free resume template different from another: results.Find a free resume template that will help you create a resume that'll win you a job.That means several things have to be true about this template you're considering.First, it has to be able to produce a jaw-dropping summary at the top of page one. If it'll only let you plug in an objective statement, even if it's a good one, you won't necessarily be able to produce the resume you want to. At least not the kind I'd recommend.Second, it has to be flexible. If you can't rearrange t...(related: Employment)

Freelance Work: The Changing Face Of Employment
The world sure is changing, and if you look at job employment you will see what I mean. Let's just go back to our grandparent's generation, even though I'm sure if we went back further we would see very different structures of work in the tribal periods of our histo...(related: Employment)

From Bumbling Bosses To Cranky Co-workers ? How To Overcome What Makes You Hate Your Job
I'll be the first to admit that I hated my job. It took many years for me to come to this realization since I kept accepting promotions in the hopes that the awful ache inside of my chest would go away. This ache was not a medical condition ? it was me longing to have a career where I could be happy.I tried to ignore these feelings but instead, the ache became more intense. I expressed to my friends that I was unhappy with my job as a pharmaceutical representative and they told me that I was crazy for wanting to leave such a well-paying job. I became frustrated because I realized that I was goi...(related: Employment)

From Cleaning Lady To Entrepreneur: How Your Cleaning Business Can Benefit From The Images
Many people never consider entering the cleaning business because of the images it has."Be a janitor (or cleaning lady or maid)? Me? That's too demeaning!" is a common reaction.In the past, these jobs had very low status. Nobody with a college degree would be caught dead doing them. These ideas are slowing changing, but since the business of cleaning only has about 6% self-employed entrepreneurs, it's still true that a lot of t...(related: Employment)

From The Workwise Collection: Job Hunting In The New Economy
To succeed in today's global marketplace, companies must hire the best and the brightest. Having talented employees can make the ...(related: Employment)

From The Workwise Collection: Ten Ways To Win The Job Search Mind Game
Are you one of the thousands of job seekers who question their sanity, marketability, and capacity to make smart decisions-just because you've lost your job? Are you wondering how to overcome t...(related: Employment)

Fun At Work Leads To More Success
Common sense at work: Such qualities as loyalty, energy, intelligence and hard work are certain to be in any consensus of what it takes to build a successful career."However, there's another essential ingredient that is too often overlooked," says Ramon Greenwood, senior career counselor at www.CommonSenseAtWork.com> "That is having fun on the job."In fact, most of us are downright ambivalent when it comes to the subject of fun on the job and taking leisure time away from work. It is easy to argue both sides of the issue.You've heard the axiom, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Well, it is true.A macho point of view has been the order of the day among some ambitious careerists. It expresses itself through a sort of masochistic drive to work more hours ...(related: Employment)

Fuzzy Headed Job Goals Lead To A Fuzzy Headed Life!
May I clarify in this article what I believe to be "fuzzy headed" life and job decisions. I believe both are entwined: life and job."Fuzzy Headedness" is a result of notHAVING and ACTING on life goals. It'seasy to fall into the trap of not makingreal decisions for oneself. Others canmake them for us. We can drift and goto the job and life that just happens.I think we all know people that have livedlike this for a long time!It is all right to let some things in lifejust happen. That puts some glitter andfun into a life that is worth living.However, if fuzzy thinking and acting isa pattern in one's life, then TOO MUCHJUST HAPPENING ...(related: Employment)

Genes And Work Ethic
If you have good genes, you are blessed. If they are exceptional, you might be successful on that alone.Add work ethic and you will be ...(related: Employment)

Get A Job! Tips For Organizing Your Resume
Whether you're a Vice President of Marketing or a recent college grad, your resume is the 'key' to opening the doors of employment. It is an employer's first impression of you and believe it or not, many hiring officials spend less than thirty seconds reviewing it. With only fleeting moments to make a first impression, it is imperative that your resume be organized.Polish your shoes, practice your handshake, and take note of some tips for creating an organized resume that will catch the eye of even the most weary of HR associates:

  • Start by sitting down with you...(related: Employment)

    Get A Life Why Dont Ya?!
    It's okay to take your job seriously, to be a stickler for professionalism, and sure it's wonderful to take your responsibilities seriously. However, you have to be a bit careful when you allow your job to become your LIFE.Give your work your best effort, stand up for your beliefs, but be...(related: Employment)

    Get A New Job - Career Choices
    Career change is tough but rewardingThere are a number of reasons why people might be due for a career change:? They don't like their current career. Maybe they took the job because they needed money at the time and it was the only work they could find to pay the bills.? They don't like what they studied in school anymore. People grow and change. The things that interested you 10 years ago may not interest you anymore.? People want to change careers because they're hoping for higher salaries or more advancement opportunities than what they have now.Prepare for tough interview questionsYou can prepare to change your career by making up fo...(related: Employment)

    Get A Raise: How To Ask Your Boss For More Money
    How many people do you know who think they deserve a pay rise, but are too scared to ask? You might even be one of those people! Why is it we are afraid to ask for what we believe we are worth? It's time to stop worrying and start asking, but before you ...(related: Employment)

    Get Beyond Your Tasks
    Ever hear the story of the two masons working side by side at a building site? They're doing the same work under pretty much the same conditions. Then, one day a stranger comes along, approaches one of the men and asks him, "What are you doing?" "I don't know and I don't care," replies the man, h...(related: Employment)

    Get Dressed And Get Hired
    Tying a tie properly may tie you to your next employer. A properly tied tie is essential to a good first impression. With the recent outcry regarding athletes wearing flip-flops to the White House, it's apparent that a review of socially acceptable fashion rules is needed.Gone are the days of Leave It To Beaver and other such shows which often depicted the strong leader of the family proudly donning a suit and tie for his daily job and any other social occasion. Today's impressionable society takes more cues from the Internet than from Nick at Nite.Formal Friday night dinners are a thing of the past and many chu...(related: Employment)

    Get In Career Shape
    Research suggests that as many as 8 out of 10 employed adults are in the wrong job or career! They are in poor career-shape or have little or no career-stamina.If you are one of the 8 or your goal is to shape up, it is important to have a good understanding of some basic career management principles for a healthy career workout and to help you make the best decisions about your career on a day-by-day basis.Career Fitness TipsHere are 10 proven tips to maximize your career-workout:
  • Set Goals You Know You Can Reach. Keep your goals realistic. Unrealistic goals leave many people feeling like a failure even after a career success. Rather than feeling good about what has been accomplished, many feel dissatisfied ...(related: Employment)

    Get In The Game With A Stellar Resume
    During the job hunter's market of the 1990's, employers were settling for less than qualified candidates because the candidate pool was so small. Job hunters were able to name their price and employers were meeting their demands.The job climate is much different today than it was a few years ago. Job hunters have forgotten how to present themselves to a prospective employer. Their job search skills are poor and they are struggling to find employment.In today's job market, a resume which highlights accomplishments and skills is essential for career success. It is time to get back to...(related: Employment)

    Get Inspired About Your Career
    Get Inspired about Your CareerDo you linger in bed long after your alarm goes off on work mornings? Do you dread Sunday nights because they l...(related: Employment)

    Get Off Your Butt And Out Of The Rut
    It's amazing to see so many people who are prepared to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their careers.I'm sure you know of someone like that. They get up at the crack of dawn, drag their weary bodies out of the house and head off for another exciting day at work. Ten or twelve hours later they head home totally exhausted with all their energy sapped from their body.They might make the effort to find out how the rest of their family's day has been, even read their children a bed-time story. Finally after having something to eat, taking a hot shower or bath, they then veg out on the couch. They immerse themselves in the newspaper (again) or watch the news or some mindless television show (if they don't fall asleep beforehand).And this is a common scen...(related: Employment)

    Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone In The Job Search
    Most everyone these days knows what a comfort zone is. My definition is the place, environment and tasks that we have learned to do and feel comfortable with--a comfort zone.Lots of people feel devastated when they have lost a job as their comfort zone no longer exists. In other words, the time, place, co-workers, tasks which have been performed on the job don't exist any more. It's an uncomfortable place to be in. There is no sense of direction.However, if we as workers realize that a comfort zone can disappear at any time, it is important to get out of our comfort zone while working. It does not take lots of money to be adventurous in looking at what other people do.When we establish a reason to find out about other's jobs, we can unders...(related: Employment)

    Get Paid To Shop And Keep Everything You Buy - Without Having To Pay!
    Can You Tell Good Service From Bad; Recognise Value For Money; Compare Prices, Staff Efficiency, Product Range, Customer Service Between Rival Firms?If so you might easily find work as a 'Mystery Shopper' and be paid to comment on service in shops, banks and building societies, hotels, cinemas, veterinary surgeries, restaurants, even on long distance flights and holidays.Poor service is the number one reason customers turn their back on a business and start shopping elsewhere. Worse still, one dissatisfied customer tells on average sixteen more people about their experience, meaning even greater loss of customers and profits for business owners.Even taking too long to answer the telephone or replenish the shelves, inadequate parking facilities, crowded toilets and poor s...(related: Employment)

    Get That Job: Mastering Job Interviews
    I've heard it said?in fact, it might well have been me that said it ? there are few things more excruciating in professional life than the job interview. Job interviews are awful! Throughout my career I have attended many and conducted many more, and the truth is whether you are the candidate or the interviewer, job interviews are challenging and confronting and difficult ? but you can not only survive but learn to be a masterful interviewee by developing an understanding of what it is the interviewer needs to see and learning to conduct yourself with clarity and confidence. Be prepared. Sounds obvious, right? You'd be surprised how many people don't get this part right. Make a detailed list of all...(related: Employment)

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    Reading The Want Ads--not For Jobs--for Information
    What? Want ads are where job announcementsare, not information!Wait! Job want ads are full of information ifyou know what to do and how to use them.Doubtful? Here are some ide...(related: Employment)

    Ten Things To Do When You Really, Really Hate Your Job
    1. Begin focusing on what you want instead of how much you want to escape. When you find yourself sharing the latest horror story, stop in mid-sentence and say, "What I want to have is....(related: Employment)

    Getting Your Online Health Care Administration Degree
    Are you thinking about getting your online health care degree but don't know where to start? Afraid of choosing the wrong college or school? Here's a simple guide to help you get started building the career that you've always wanted....(related: Employment)

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