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Ebook Review: Winning A Job Is Easier With Job Secrets Revealed
IntroductionThere are literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of books about writing resumes and job application letters. Why should Brierty's be any different? Well, Brierty came from a copywriting background - sales and marketing. His focus is on selling your services, not applying for a job.There is a difference. Applying for a job is a process ... write a resume, write a cover letter, post it to an address in the advertisement. Most 'how to write a job application' ...(related: Employment)

Effective Networking Skills: The Art Of Taking Your Job Search To A Whole New Level
Your network consists of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and former employers. It also consists of your dentist, your barber or hair stylist, your accountant and your local grocery store manager. Networking is not only who you know, but who knows you. You may know a lot of people, but how well do they know you ? especially in terms of your skills, talents, creativity and potential? How familiar are these people with your value proposition -- your unique gifts?It is your value proposition that differenti...(related: Employment)

Effective Resume And Cover Letter Writing - Part One
To begin, make a decision to discard any former knowledge learned about the "rules" of resume and cover letter writing. People commonly become stuck in "bad" writing habits from a time gone by.It is almost a certainty that since you last wrote your resume, much has been learned and even more has been changed. This is as it should be, for everyday, very creative people are adding to the resume and cover letter writing arsenal.The BasicsFor years, we have been told that to be most effective, a resume should be o...(related: Employment)

Effective Resumes
A resume is normally the first contact point between an employer and a job seeker. It serves the purpose of providing a summary of why a candidate is suitable for a job (cover-letter) and his relevant qualifications/experience.In this article, advice about creating effective cover letters will be provided and followed by the rest of the resume.An Effective Cover Letter:An effective cover letter is a 1-page introduction of your resume that h...(related: Employment)

Electronic Resume Writing Tips That Boost Your Interview Appointment Success
Electronic Resume Writing Tips That Boost Your Interview Appointment SuccessBefore you write your resume in a word processor, print it, and hand out copies to prospective employers, you should consider formatting it for easy scanning and retrieval from a computer database.As you can imagine, dozens, maybe hundreds of resumes bombard employers for a position they would like filled. To sift through each of these manually would probably be too time consuming even for the largest of organizations.To make the search for ideal candidates more efficient, some employers scan and store resumes into a computer database. From there, employers can search the database to retrieve the name of individuals whose resumes contains the keywords or terms they are looking for in a candidate....(related: Employment)

Employees, Get Used To Working Under Surveillance
Let's face it. Monitoring employees' e-mail, tracking their Internet use, logging everything done at keyboards has become the norm in Corporate America.With computer monitoring software so cheap and easy-to-apply it's no wonder that workplace surveillance becomes more and more widespread.Here are some figures from the 2005 Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Survey made by American Management Association and the consulting firm ePolicy Institute:76% of companies monitor websites their employees visit, and 65% use software to block connections to certain websites.36% use software to log keystrokes and keep track of the time spent at keyboards. 50% store and review computer files.55% store and review employees' email messages.So, wherever you work, the o...(related: Employment)

Employment Law: Attendance Rewards - Legal Ramifications
If you were thinking of offering your employees special rewards as incentives for having good attendance records, then you must read on. In fact, employers that offer attendance bonuses may find themselves falling foul of the law.The Royal Mail introduced a rewards scheme for staff that did not to take time off sick. Under the Royal Mail's scheme, workers with full attendance records were entered into a prize draw to win Ford Focus cars or holiday vouchers worth £2,000. As a staff incentive, it seemed to work. The Royal Mail says its overall sickness absence levels fell during a nine-month period (between August and April) by 11%.However, such schemes could have serious ramifications from a legal viewpoint, and leave employers vulnerable to a variety...(related: Employment)

Employment Law: Unfair Dismissal - Employer Succeeded In Changing Terms Of Employment
Good News for Employers wishing to change the terms of employment of employees, however, employers must still take care.In Scott & Co v Richardson [2005], the Dependant, Mr Richardson, who worked for a Scottish firm of debt collectors, refused to accept his new terms of employment which required him to visit defaulting debtors during the evenings. Mr Richardson agreed to work evenings but only if this would continue to at...(related: Employment)

Employment Screening Today ? Are Online Database Searches Enough?
In today's employment environment, HR managers are faced with the monumental duty of hiring and maintaining, as well as the ongoing development, of employees. But the single most difficult task lies first in hiring the right people.Not only are prospective employers faced with the largest available potential workforce since the Second World War, but, as things have become more sophisticated, so have the deception techniques of those who would shaft you and your company. Negligent hiring, sexual harassment, and frivolous employee lawsuits have increased sharply in recent years, as have the incidents of workers' compensation fraud and employee theft.What Can You Do?In the area of hiring the most quali...(related: Employment)

Employment Under A Microscope
A certain amount of oversight is involved in almost any job. The more important, the more highly skilled, the more successful the position, the lower the degree of oversight. At the bottom rung of the economic and social ladder - the laborers, the...(related: Employment)

Energizing Synergy
Would you like to have more energy and synergy in your job and career? If you are not enjoying work the way you used to and if you would like to contribute in a manner that produces more results with less effort, then Energizing Synergy is what you need to cultivate.Be honest with yourself for a moment and answer the following questions:

  • Are you energized or drained at the end of a workday?
  • Are you out of sync with the business direction the company is taking, and d...(related: Employment)

    Evaluating Job Offers -- Eleven Warning Signs You Must Watch Out For
    Moving into a new job always involves some degree of uncertainty. You should do your best to find out all you can about a prospective employer, starting right from the pre-interview stage.Here are some things to look out for. If one or more of these warning signs are present, you need to be doubly careful about joining that organization.1. The company is in the midst of mergers and acquisitions, or there is a major reorganization taking place, staff cutbacks are on the anvil or some other major flux is occurring.2. The company you are considering is not undergoing problems like those described above, but many other companies in that industry are. That could be an indication that trouble may spread to your prospe...(related: Employment)

    Everyday Is Saturday: Help For The Suddenly Unemployed
    I recently was "unhired" by my former employer. Unhired is a softer term than "fired" but it means the same. With no warning and an immediate departure, I found myself at home enjoying the provisions of a severance package but curious about the next steps.Like most recently unhired people, I went through a range of emotions--shock, anger, grief, rebellion, self-reliant indignation, and so forth. Yet, after a few weeks I found myself wondering what day it was. For me, everyday was Saturday.That's not a bad thing. It's great to be able to cut the grass before it gets too hot or swim on sunny days. However, there was still a problem. Not only did I not have a job, but I wasn't making progress toward getting a job. Something had to change.Now, I know that it is impossible to force an emp...(related: Employment)

    Everyone Should Have A Red Ball In The Job Search
    May I explain what about what a red ball means to me and how I counsel others as a career coach.A RED BALL is a symbol of what you can do and want, especially in a job search.Here are some uses for a RED BALL, especially when you are stuck for ideas and resources to get your next job.1. Play with it! Bounce it! See how high it will go. Be silly with it! (No, this is not intended as a 'feel good' exercise). It is a way to free your imagination for goals and ideas about what you want to do next.2. Carry it with you when you are out and about looking for a job. If you are not afraid of risk, ask others you meet to bounce it! You'll be surprised at how others will react. If some people th...(related: Employment)

    Experience Hear-see-do
    Research indicates that we retain only 10% of what we hear; 20% of what we see; 65% of what we hear and see; but 90% of what we hear, see, and do.Every day at work we demonstrate Hear-See-Do when we use a combination of our knowledge, wisdom and skill to perform a task or plan what we will do at a later date. This combination of intellect, insight and ability is called experience.ExperienceOne of my favorite sayings is, "It's ...(related: Employment)

    Expose Lies On Resumes
    Purpose: Learn about the new Polygraph for management hiresHis heart dropped when he saw his boss from his current company walk into the interview room with his prospective new employer. In a flash, every exaggeration on his resume was known. All of the excitement of a new and better-paying position instantly vanished.That meeting ended quickly with an exchange of courtesies and a kind rejection. The interviewer walked back to her office frustrated at the amount of time and effort she had invested into this candidate. She had been excited about his strong resume and test results and happier yet that ...(related: Employment)

    Fact Or Opinion?
    "You ain't going nowhere, son. You ought to go back to drivin' a truck." What if Elvis believed this Grand Ole Opry manager's critique after his l954 performance? Or the Beatles listened i...(related: Employment)

    Factual Employment Screening Part 1
    We have all heard in recent years that the need for a substantive policy of conducting pre-and post-employment background checks exists in more than just defense contractor and fiduciary-based enterprises. Today, with the overwhelming preponderance of employer liability litigation, and with negligent hiring being the focal point of round-table discussions of some of the plaintiff's firms, the need for thorough background checks has been substantiated. This is a common sense perspective, not only from the standpoint of getting the best possible people fo...(related: Employment)

    Factual Employment Screening Part 2
    An Employment Screening OutlinePolicy DevelopmentA policy of Factual Employment Screening; Personality Evaluation/testing; and/or Drug Testing should be developed and embedded into the core policy manual rather than exist as a supplement or bulletin policy. This avoids any "after the fact" ramifications, should the policy be challenged under discriminatory theories.The policy should have an effective date, and if the corporate philosophy is for "purification" of existing staff, then a policy implementation should be evident, along with the reasoning for the retroactive purification of the staff. This is common practice following a recently resolved internal problem, where specific numbers of staff have bee...(related: Employment)

    Fantastic Job Fair Follow-up
    Set the stage for fantastic job fair follow-up while you are still at the job fair. As the conversation is coming to a close, ask for the company representative's business card. If he or she doesn't have one, ask for their name, title, and best way to reach them. Write that information down in your notebook. Thank them for their time and re-affirm your interest in the company and position.Back home, sort through the business cards, company literature, and notes that you made. Prioritize them for follow up.SET YOURSELF APART FROM OTHER CANDIDATES by sending a thank you note that reminds them who you are and what you have...(related: Employment)

    Fascinating Ways To Make A Living Doing What You Love May Be Closer Than You Think...

    You don't have to look very far to find fascinating ways to make a
    living. Opportunities are literally everywhere? if you're looking, that is. It seems I can't turn on the television or radio or open a magazine or newspaper without seeing at least one good business idea.

    Maybe that's why, as we were winding down a consulting session the other day, one of my clients said to me, "Boy, you sure have a lot of information in your head." I appreciated the compliment, but Julie was only half right. W...(related: Employment)

    F-e-a-r In The Job Search!
    Fear in starting a job search is a four letter word! Like any other four letter word, the word itself can create more fear, and some- times self-loathing!Look at the fear when it applies to a job search.

  • Fear of others.
  • Fear of change.
  • Fear of rejection.
  • Fear of being seen as inadequate.
  • Fear of taking action, (procrastination in disguise).By looking at the fears expressed, they revolve around failure. It is not failure in the person looking for a job, it is failure to take action. Looking carefully at number 5, it is easy to understand that a lack of action is ...(related: Employment)

    Fear Of Being Outsourced? Fight Back
    Me, outsourced? Impossible. How could they replace a business-humor columnist? But my brother-in-law, the radiologist, told me his hospital was threatening to cut his position because they had found a medical group out of India that would read MRIs at half the cost.He warned me, "Hesh, don't be so smug. No one is indispensable in today's world economy."He was right. I had become blasť. I needed to diversify and find readers outside the USA, especially in the booming call-centers of India.Do Indians find our business customs humorous? I decided to do some research. ...(related: Employment)

    Federal Job Search Strategies: 7 Tips To Help You Succeed
    Despite constant calls by politicians and policy makers to reign in government spending, the federal government remains the largest employer in the United States. According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, there are currently more than 2,700,000 employees working for the federal government in civil service positions. For nearly every federal job vacancy, the number of applicants exceeds the number of available positions by at least tenfold.Why do so many Americans aspire to a federal job? The answers are diverse. Some consider it a patriotic duty, while for others it's an act of enlightened self-interest. Whatever your motivation, however, the benefits are significant. Simply put, Uncle Sam is an excellent boss.Working fo...(related: Employment)

    Feedback: Take It Or Leave It ... But Get It
    The expense was substantial. An immersion workshop with twelve participants sharing a common goal to hone their skills. With nervous eagerness like kindergarteners embracing school, we received input, critique, and suggestions about our work. Some of the feedback I used. Some of it I didn't. But all of it was helpful.I haven't always viewed feedback that way. At times in my career, I've taken it more like a ...(related: Employment)

    Feng Shui Your Desk For Career Success
    Have you used feng shui around your desk? It's a great way to "test drive" feng shui, to see how well it works for you.In feng shui, we work with a 3x3 grid called a bagua (said "bagg-wahh"). The grid is placed over your floorplan, and can look like a tic-tac-toe board, or perhaps the face of a clock, seen from above. With this, we can organize any room, home, or office into areas, each with its own color and design themes.So, let's pretend you have Superman's x-ray eyes, and you're flying over your home or office, looking down into it. And, let's pretend that you can see the bagua grid that's overlayed onto your floor plan.Starting clockwise from yo...(related: Employment)

    Finally Revealed: The Top 7 Resume Killers?
    During my job search I read dozens of books and articles took programs and evensat at the feet of two of the most experienced Human Resource professionals. I...(related: Employment)

    Finally The First Online Job Agency In Mauritius
    Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean with a population of 1.2 million inhabitants. It is well known primarily as a tourist destination. Its economy is based on 4 major pillars: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Tourism and Services sector. Unlike many other A...(related: Employment)

    Find A Job In A Fast Growing Field Using Labor Market Information For Your State
    The question confronting most people who want to find a job is "what's a good paying job with growth potential?"At one time, the Conestoga wagon building trade boomed as people joined the wagon trains heading west.Today, the boom is long gone and those wanting to find a job with a future will most likely wish to stay away from such a field.So how can you find a job that will reasonably be expected to thrive in the future either in your home state or the state in which you choose to reside?...(related: Employment)

    Find Free Resumes Online
    Have you been spending money on countless job boards, only to find that they don't offer the types of candidates you need? If the answer is yes, don't fret any longer, you're about to learn crafty techniques to help you find free resumes on the net. There are numerous free resources online that offer resumes. These include: Free Resume Databases; Free Member Resumes on Association websites; Free College and Alumni resumes on University websites; Free Resume Newsgroups; Free Resume Blaster sites and active and passive resumes hosted on individual candidate websites. All of these resources can be found by using simple search techniques.You will soon have hundreds of free resumes at your fingertips. The first step is to utilize multiple search engines since they will ea...(related: Employment)

    Find Passion For Your Work
    Most people spend approximately 25% to over 67% of their waking hours working. Eventually, most everyone will want to work in a career that they enjoy and are paid well enough to live a prosperous life. Yet, far too many people end up being miserable in their job and find themselves stuck in a career that they did not choose. People then get discouraged, produce less, and become disgruntled....(related: Employment)

    Find Those People
    "The Emperor's New Clothes" was a favorite childhood story of mine. It made me laugh. I couldn't believe that all those adults were standing around, watching the emperor make a fool of himself and not telling him the truth. When I grew up and went to work, I discovered it wasn't that easy.In twen...(related: Employment)

    Finding A Career In Harmony With Your Life Path
    Which of the following would you chose? Doing your lifework as a permanent occupation or a regular ...(related: Employment)

    Finding A Job Under Tough Circumstances
    Anyone can find a job. That's right, I said "anyone". And I meant it. But the caveat is: I didn't say what kind of job. You can go out and start flipping burgers, and whine about the tough breaks life handed you when your company down-sized, or you can reach higher, and go for that job you really want, and know you have the experience and enthusiasm for.Reaching higher means being on your toes, in every sense of the words. You'll have to stretch yourself too- make that extra effort to overcome the obstacles in your way. Nobody said getting the right job would be easy. But it's there, waiting, if you're...(related: Employment)

    Finding Employees For Insurance Industry Jobs
    Finding the right employee for any job opening can be a challenge to say the least, and this is no truer than in the insurance industry. With considerations ranging from experience and education to their personal skills, the decisions faced by recruiters and employers can be of critical importance.When hiring employees for insurance industry jobs it is important to take many factors into account. Summarized, these factors include:1. Education & Certification2. Experience3. Personal SkillsEducation & CertificationObviously one of the first criteria you will be looking for in a candidate will be their education. Whether the employee is applying for a one of your insurance sales jobs, customer service, risk management or some other position you will want to make sure that their education matches the criteria...(related: Employment)

    Finding Freelance Writing Jobs - Join Us On The Job Search
    Finding freelance writing jobs require great skill, dedication and lots of patience. There are many qualifications that businesses look for prior to hiring an individual to fill their job vacancies though. When the potential applicant arrives, he or she must possess a good working knowledge of the tasks that the business person needs. If they don't there is sure to be someone else who does. Therefore, when looking for writing jobs, the applicant simply must make sure that they are the most qualified for the employment opportunities.Here are some helpful hints on getting the first assignment.Step One: Prepare. It is important that the individual be prepared for the different types of work that is available. For example, proofreading work is readily available to those who have the right talents. For those who are ...(related: Employment)

    Finding Success In Todays Job Market
    This year we are experiencing the most dynamic and rapidly changing economy in all of history except for next year, and the year after, and the rest of our working lives. The days of being able to get a college education, then get a good job for life, which will give you financial security and retirement are gone forever.There will be mor...(related: Employment)

    Finding The Right Travel Nursing Placement Agency
    Travel nursing is becoming one of our nation's fastest growing professions, and it's no surprise. If you love seeing new places and enjoy exciting new experiences that evoke the feeling of taking an extended vacation, then the career of a traveling nurse might be just what the doctor ordered! Travel nur...(related: Employment)

    Finding Your Ideal Career
    In the current climate, many people are looking away from the traditional job market towards working for themselves. The massive redundancies and job-insecurity has caused many people to radically rethink their career plans. With the ever rising cost of living, many would be happy just earning extra money to support their family and to pay the bills.In this article, you will discover what you really enjoy in life and how to turn it into a money making opportunity, and perhaps even a full-time career. Your only limitations are those you impose upon yourself! At the very least, what you learn will help you to be happier with your current job.First of all, a little exercise to get you started. Make...(related: Employment)

    Five Biggest Resume Mistakes You Can Fix Yourself
    A career consultant can diagnose and overhaul a troubledresume. But you can check off the basics yourself.Mistake #1. "The mystery applicant." No contactinformation.Fix: List a daytime phone number and email address, right atthe top of the page. Create a professional-sounding messagefor your answering device.Mistake #2. "The scrunchie." Loads of detail crammedtogether in eight-point type.Fix: Add lots of white space, avoid tiny type and use bulletpoints instead of...(related: Employment)

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    Just A Series Of Choices
    Steve's a pretty regular guy ? wife, 4 kids in their blended family, 12+ years of engineering experience, a degree, mortgage, car payments, some debt? and feeling depressed because he waited to look till the end. L...(related: Employment)

    So Youre Thinking Of Changing Careers
    "You don't have to take life the way it comes to you. By converting your dreams into goals, and your goals into plans, you can design your life to come to you the way you want it. You can live your life on purpose, instead of by chance. ~ What...(related: Employment)

    It Is Still Possible To Be Upwardly Mobile In America!
    Yes, it's still possible to be upwardly mobile in America: it's called a career in sales.Sales jobs come in all shapes and sizes. From the lowest telemarketer to the global strategic accounts managers, sales is what makes a company successful.Today, the need to find sustaining careers is a hot topic for everyone in the labor force. Yet, every business owner I know is constantly lamenting the lack of good, effective salespeople.What makes people unwilling to go into sales? How can we show people tha...(related: Employment)

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