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Common Résumé Mistakes
Using a general résumé.DON'T DO IT! You cannot successfully use the same résumé to apply to several different jobs.Y...(related: Employment)

Competency Based Interviews - 6 Steps To Success!
Competency based interviews are intended to get the best from you, the candidate, whilst also fulfilling the needs of the organisation to get the very best person for the job. There are some easy steps to make the most of yourself and have a much better chance of success.

  • Prepare well, but keep it sensibleAs long as you know the job you are going for, ask for details of what you will be measured against. Ask for a set of competencies. Ask for a job description...(related: Employment)

    Conduct An Informational Interview
    Informational interviews are designed to get as much information as you can about the industry and career you're seeking a j...(related: Employment)

    Conducting An Effective Interview
    An employment interview is a goal oriented conversation in which the interviewer and the applicant exchange information. Even though interviews are a poor selection tool for most jobs, they are often the primary method used in evaluating applicants. The main players in the job interview are the interviewer and the applicant.The interviewer should have a pleasant personality, empathy, and the ability to listen and to communicate effectively. He or she should be aware of stereotyped views of the capabilities of women and minorities, and should be knowledgeable of the laws governing employment practices. In addition, a solid knowledge of the job and its requirements are indispensable to properly assess the applicants' qualifications. Through open-ended and probing questions, four m...(related: Employment)

    Confidence Is Critical To Your Success....
    Make EYE contact when you look at another person. Look at them!! Don't look down at your shoes or away from the other person. Don't look around the room for someone else who may be more interesting.Be sincere in communicating (talking!) with another person. Give them your undivi...(related: Employment)

    Conflicts With Your Boss Are Inevitable, But Can Be Healthy
    If you are a pro-active, get-things-done type, sooner or later you will come in conflict with your boss. The same sort of assertiveness and confidence that leads you to have a mind of your own has helped him to earn his position.Another reality is that if you do not have some periodic disagreements with your supervisors you are probably not being as assertive as you should be in moving your career ahead.These conflicts can prove to be hazardous to the health of your career if they are not handled with common sense, says Ramon Greenwood, senior career counselor, www.CommonSenseAtWork.com>No one enjoys conflict, especially with t...(related: Employment)

    Considering A Career Change?
    Are you thinking about a career change? Many people do this because of specific problems or difficulties. Others want to make such a change because of some growing, generalized dissatisfaction. A career change is becoming more common. A few decades ago this kind of change was considered inappropriate. People were thought to be "job-hoppers" when they moved from job to job. People with this behavior were thought to be unstable and without loyalty. But now, changing your job or cha...(related: Employment)

    Consultants - If We Cant Laugh At Ourselves?
    There are hundreds of varieties of Consultants these days. We can find Consultants to take care of our diets, our physical well being, our mental well being, and pretty much anything you can imagine when it comes to business.The story below might just indicate that we take ourselves a little too seriously sometimes.A shepherd was herding his flock in a remote pasture when suddenly a brand new Beemer advanced out of the dust clouds towards him. The driver, a young man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses, and a Zegna tie, leaned out his window and asked the shepherd, "If I can tell you exactly how many sheep you have in your flock, will you give me one?"The shepherd looked at the man, then looked at his peacefully grazing flock, and calmly answered, "Sure.&q...(related: Employment)

    Consulting: A Different World
    I won't say I have a vast array of knowledge as a consultant...collectively I've only been doing it about 8 years. However, there are some things that I have observed that I think will be helpful to those of you who are new to the profession. We will first dispel the myths and address the realities associated with being a Consultant, then we will address the commandments of being a good and valued consultant.CONSULTING: MYTH AND REALITYMythConsultants are outsiders.RealityConsultants are only outsiders if they make themselves so. You don't have to be an outsider, go out to lunch with your co-workers...talk to them, and befriend them. Just know where to draw the line.M...(related: Employment)

    Continuing Professional Development
    Continuing professional development (CPD) is promoted by the CIPD to support the systematic development and accreditation of its members. The aim is that the continuing search to improve knowledge and skills through exposure to new experiences benefits both the individual and the business. The CIPD actively encourages CPD along with other bodies for professionals such as lawyers, accountants and surveyors.The world is not static and there are new developments in all areas emerging all the time, which are both challenging and exciting. Change gives individuals a chance to stretch their ability and staying up to date builds confidence and adds to credibility. For businesses, the benefits are the ability to stay ahead...(related: Employment)

    Corporate World: Jungle Or Paradise?
    The road to the top is not easy, it is bumpy and dirty. Along the way, we meet interesting creatures. There are seasons in life when we will be at crossroads and choose a path based on what is important in our life. Either way may lead us to our goal, but the means to get there is different. While we have control over the choices we make, we don't have control over the consequences. The cost of our actions are governed by natural and spiritual laws that were set in place a long time ago.The corporate world is the playing field where we work to achieve our goals. It is a place where people e...(related: Employment)

    Could You Write Performance Reviews For Money?
    Writing performance reviews can be an excellent way to earn a living. Who wouldn't want to go from place to place watching actors, singers, and chefs perform at their best (and maybe their worst)? Getting paid to do something like this just seems like fun, doesn't it? But, in reality, these jobs are not easy to come by nor are they easy to do. A writer will need to have many qualifications and have...(related: Employment)

    Counter-offers: Do They Merit Consideration?
    You are one of the fortunate few who have not been downsized. However, your current job isn't exactly fulfilling. Perhaps it isn't what you enjoy doing. Maybe the hours are too long. Perhaps you are having some conflicts with your supervisor. Your salary may not be on par with average job salaries for the same type and level of position, or not come close to what you feel you are worth. Whatever...(related: Employment)

    Counteroffers: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
    If "resignation" is the word that strikes fear into all employers, then "counteroffer" is the one that strikes fear into an employee's heart. "What should I do? They've matched my offer?"It's Friday afternoon. You walk into your boss' office and ask the question that has sent scared many a managers -"Do you have a minute," you ask. At that moment, he knows you're resigning and if he/she wants you, they will have to fight to keep you."Why? W...(related: Employment)

    Cover Letter Magic: 4 Ways To Ask For The Job Interview - And Get It!
    Just how important it is to ASK for the job interview clearly and directly in your cover letter?IT'S EVERYTHING!So the question remains: how effectively are you ASKING? The following four ways will help you nail down many more job interviews. Try them all and see which ones work best for you.FOUR Surefire Ways To Effectively Ask For The Job Interview In Your Cover Letter1. Attract attention with a great headline using Bold Title Caps right below the greeting in your cover letter.May We Meet In Perso...(related: Employment)

    Cover Letter Sample -- For The Corporate Flight Attendant
    Writing a cover letter to send with your résumé can be both confusing and frustrating. What exactly should you say? Are you saying too much? Are you only speaking about your needs ...(related: Employment)

    Cover Letter Warning: Watch Out For The Big Bad Word!
    Dear Job-Seeker:Just as Goldilocks was suspicious of the big bad wolf, be wary of the big bad word! You know the kind. Pursuant. Heretofore. Credence and all their contagious cousins! Unless you keep your guard up, these little pests will infest your cover letters like termites in a wood pile! Don't let them.Remember, employers are regular folks--just like you and me. They don't want to carry around a ten-pound dictionary in order to get thr...(related: Employment)

    Cover Letters
    Cover Letters: Are you telling them what they want to know?Let's face it. Recruiters (or employers) are smarter than we think. Bigger organizations pay a hefty salary to their HR department to filter out and sieve through hundreds and thousands of resumes. The idea is to build an organization with people of the right mental aptitude. Most of the top organizations believe strongly in a motto - "People are their greatest assets". Your cover letter goes a long way in capturing and retaining the attention of these people whose main job is to recruit people and coordinate with the workforce.A well-written cover letter engages the recruiter and pushes him to spend more time reading your detailed resume. Before you start off writing your cover letter, write dow...(related: Employment)

    Cracking The Connection Code: Networking For The Introverted
    We've all heard it before: "Just get out there and network!" If it was that easy, we would already be doing it. So why is it so hard? Well, you're an introvert, aren't you? Enough said.However, unless the prospect of a really long job search excites you, you have to get out there and connect with people who don't know you but who could benefit from your expertise.Below are a baker's dozen tips to help you crack the connection code.1. Attend with a purpose in mind. Be choosy about the events you attend. Pick the ones that interest you most. It could be a ribbon cutting for a new business, a chamber of commerce mixer, ...(related: Employment)

    Crafting A Stellar Career Summary For Your Resume

    Are you a career changer?  Or, are you satisfied with your stable career but interested in updating your resume?  Are you a professional who has tried different things but are still searching for the kind of work that best suits you?  Whatever your career situation, what your resume most needs is a stellar career summary.

    What difference can a career summary make for you?  Here are  4 reasons why you need one in your resume:

    1.) A career summary communicates more about you and does so more powerfully than an objective statement.

    2.) Employers love career summaries and use them to preview your resume.  If they like your summary, they're more likely to read your whole resume.

    3.) A summary does a superlative job of maski...(related: Employment)

    Create A Network And Catapult Your Job Search
    Networking is still known as a great job-search strategy, yet it eludes some individuals simply because they don't know how to go about it. Individuals also tend to shy away from networking because it's time consuming. Unlike online résumé submission or folding a résumé, stuffing it in an envelope, and adhering a stamp, networking requires far more time and dedication. The results, however, can be quite different than those experienced from traditional résumé submission.Your network incorporates everyone around you, such as your preacher, doctor, neighbors, friends, colleagues, and/or fellow committee members. The object is to talk, ask, brainstorm, and seek the assistance of others that know of an opportunity or contact that you do not. Have you heard of Stanley Milgrim's theory of "Six Degrees of Separation" (more popularly known...(related: Employment)

    Create A Rappin? Resume
    (Percussion sounds emanating from who knows where while you listen to the cadence of the words below.)It's time to sell yourself.May the words light up the way.It's now your chance to shine,And it's soon gonna be your day.So make sure you show themAll the many things you can do.It's now your chance to shine.With a resume just for you.No, no, no! Wait a minute! This isn't the kind of "RAP" that you should use for your resume. Although, there would be some shock value, and the person doing the paper screening would surely get a laugh and not likely forget your name. The WRAP to which I am referring is W, written wisely and well; R, review, rewrite, re-read; A, analysis and awareness; and P, proofread and proofread again.The WRAP approach needs t...(related: Employment)

    Create Your Plan B Before The Layoff Axe Falls
    In one short week, the axe fell at a number of companies and thousands of employees were without jobs. Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Ford Motor Company of Canada, PNC Financial and Kimberley Clark each had to make critical business decisions and lay off large numbers of employees. Reasons ranged from "maintaining a tighter rein on costs" to creating a "simpler nimbler" organizatio...(related: Employment)

    Creating A Feng Shui Power Office: 6 Easy Tips To More Successful Surroundings

    More and more people are looking to gain an edge in their working environments.  One method that business people are increasingly turning to is feng shui.  Feng shui promises that by arranging your office environment correctly, it is possible to create a better energy in your office, and that energy can promote further opportunity and advancement.

    In feng shui, there are a few very basic, yet potent, guidelines to creating an effective office environment ? and that can instantly boost the career quotient of almost any office inhabitant. Although, some offices may require more extensive rearrangement to help promote success, most offices only require a few modest changes.  Use these suggestions to help you create your own "Power Office." 

    1.  Sit in the power position. 
    This is situated opp...(related: Employment)

    Creating A Winning Resume
    Preparing your resume can often seem like a daunting task. You've done your research, but there is so much information, and how do you pick from the countless formats?!Writing you...(related: Employment)

    Creating Traffic Jams
    It's hard to imagine why anyone would pick up a newspaper to find a job any more. With a seemingly endless array of career sites, mailing lists, corporate sites and newsgroups, job seekers have more options online than ever before. And the credit goes to the growth and advances in Information Technology (IT).Traditionally job seekers most preferred channel was Newspapers & Personal Referrals. As for online recruitment, the medium has come a long way in the last 3 years, but it remains a tool that has only been put to the tes...(related: Employment)

    Creating Your Own Luck

    Losing my job in the last recession of the last century, I discovered first hand the power...(related: Employment)

    Cross Cultural Interviews
    At this moment in time, the increase in cross border human traffic has meant that companies are no longer dealing with a homogenous native community from which they recruit thei...(related: Employment)

    Culture Shock
    Today we hear much talk of the 'global village'. People are have more opportunities to travel and live abroad than ever before. However, when you leave a familiar environment and go for an extended stay somewhere quite different, you could experience a whole range of unexpected and unfamiliar feelings. Many of these emotions can be very strong, making you feel out of control and confused: just the sort of problem you could do without as you try to cope with a new job, a new way of life. This is the experience we call 'culture shock' and its course is well understood and documented. So, the first thing to remember is that culture shock is normal, that it has clearly defined stages and that, provided you understand what is happening to you, you should be able to cope with it.Why might we experience culture shock? The first point to ...(related: Employment)

    Cv Writing ? How To Write A Cv
    A winning CV has 2 objectives: To illustrate your strengths and maximise your chances of getting through to interview and to put factual information, such as dates, places, names together in a presentable and readable form. Focal PointIt is claimed that the human eyes are naturally drawn to a focal point one third down from the top of the pag...(related: Employment)

    Cvs And Resumes Sometimes Just Get In The Way
    As a head-hunter and Career Coach I see so many CVs and resumes that look as though they are designed to get in the way of what I (or any other recruiter) might need to know about you the candidate. They vary from pure meaningless waffle without any identifiable facts to lengthy tomes with so much detail they send me to sleep. And I persevere where many others wouldn't bother.My least favourite CV of recent times was seventeen pages long. The first page had only the candidate's name on it (you know who you are don't you?) and the second page was devoted to a full page head and shoulders photograph. The other 15 were packed full of so much information that I felt I knew his life hist...(related: Employment)

    Day Trading ? The Ultimate Work-from-home Job?
    Ever dreamt of giving up the daily grind? Want to strike out on your own and work from home, but don't know what you could possibly do to make a living? Full time Nasdaq trader Harvey Walsh wondered just that, and now he asks "Is day trading the ultimate work from home job"?We've probably all had the same thought at some time or another, as we trudge off towards another day at work ? the same work we've been doing day in day out for years ? "surely there has to be a better way?" Slaving away to make somebody else rich just doesn't seem right somehow, but what alternative? Setting up a new business, or buying an established one, are both expensive and risky prospects. So how can the disenchante...(related: Employment)

    Dazzle Interviewers With Your Achievements
    Attention Job Seekers: Tasks and Responsibilities are BoooringHo hum. The interviewer sits there drumming her fingers on the desk trying to look interested while you drone on about your duties and responsibilities at your last position. As you finish up your snore-inducing list of daily tasks, your interviewer jots down next to your name - "Good candidate . . .but nothing special."What happened? You didn't get the job. Even though you felt you were well prepared for this job interview. When the employer asked that common interview question: "What accomplishments ...(related: Employment)

    Dealing With How Would You...? Questions
    I'm always preaching about proper preparation prior to interviews. If you research the position and company carefully, you can anticipate likely questions and prepare excellent answers.But something I also tell job seekers is that you can never anticipate every single question.I once had to respond to a "How would you...?" question about exhuming a dead duck. I am not making this up. The position involved community affai...(related: Employment)

    Death By Workers Compensation
    Excerpt of Death By Workers' Compensation"The Bleeding Rose"In this Excerpt the time that has lapsed is over an hour after the accident. What you are about to read will sicken you and make you wonder why no charges were ever pressed and why this man was not arrested for his part in destroying another person's life, let alone possibly destroying a unborn child's. Alex is seven and half months pregnant. The m...(related: Employment)

    De-bunking The ?follow Your Bliss? Myth
    Hello Fellow Seekers!I don't know about you? but I'm pretty tired of hearing about how you can "follow your dream" in three or four easy steps. I've seen plenty of people leap before they sufficiently looked --and end up dissatisfied or broke, or both. I've also had clients come to me after reading a hot, new book or attending a workshop. And they still can't figure out what it is they want to do for a living.Of course not! You can't think your way to a new career ? or, at least you can't 99% of the time.The truth is that career change is no walk in the park. It takes focus, a smart strategy and guts.Focus:Anyone...(related: Employment)

    Defining Success Your Way!

    In my career advising practice, I often find that my clients are not clear about what success means for them.  Our society defines success primarily around three elements: power, money and fame.  Many of you reading this may be saying, "wait a minute ?those elements ...(related: Employment)

    Difficult Relationships At Work - Dealing With Workplace Conflict
    Difficult Relationships at Work - How to Influence the UncooperativeWe rely on and spend more time with our colleagues than with most other people in our lives: yet we frequently experience conflict at work. This is a problem that is beginning to be recognised, but it is still not being dealt with either effectively or sufficiently. Conflict is such a broad term for what can be experienced, ranging from office gossip to outright bullying. In nearly every single office there are always going to be personality clashes at some point, and most of the time they will be fairly easily sorted out. However, sometimes they aren't and there is often no other option than to resign. The real problem underlying this situation is that people really don't have the skills to deal with these kinds of...(related: Employment)

    Diplomats And Spies
    "The Baratarian pirates also offered their services. Even though an American naval force had destroyed their base on Grand Terre Island in September, the Baratarians rejected British overtures to side with them. (6) {Other accounts make it clear the men were willing to go it alone or against the Americans and yet Lafitte convinced them to support the American cause. I see this as part of the French Masonic or Merovingian/Priory plan that included Napoleon. Lafitte and Joseph Napoleon later tried to break Napoleon out of St. Helena. I think Lafitte was their agent a...(related: Employment)

    Discontentment In The Workplace
    While more people are finding employment, more employed workers are discontent and experiencing frustration. In most cases it can be boiled down to four factors: feeling undervalued, unappreciated and powerless, and world events.You can possess a tremendous amount of creativity and skill, but if you aren't given opportunities to utilize and express these qualities to their fullest, frustration can quickly set in. For most employees, there is a huge differential between what they can bring to the table and the resp...(related: Employment)

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    You Should Interview The Interviewer, Too
    I know what you are thinking. You're thinking, "Wait a minute. Wouldn't that be somewhat presumptuous if I were to ask the interviewer questions?" No. The truth of the matter is they want to see that you have enough intelligence and business sense to ask questions requiring informative answers. Most human resource professionals and hiring managers believe having an applicant ask questions is one of the most important aspects ...(related: Employment)

    Resume Writing - Get That Job
    Looking for a new job, whether it is with a new company or a promotion within your own organisation, requires time and effort. To make your job search more effective you need to take five fundamental steps on the road to success:· Analysing your skills· Writing a winning Resume· Managing your job search· Coaching for interview success· Negotiating your job offerStep 1: Analysing your SkillsThe most crucial step in the job search process is to assess what skills you have to offer to your future boss. At an interview you will have to tell your story. An interviewer will not re...(related: Employment)

    Overcoming Inertia In Job Change
    If you can hold on to an optimistic belief in the possibility of success, you have a very powerful motivator of change. But not everyone can, or will need help to do that as some are naturally more optimistic than others.It can be especially difficult to be optimistic if you are feeling a little hurt or bruised following redundancy, but even when you know you need the change it can be difficult to get going. Just take a look at the stages:Stages of Change1) Thinking About Th...(related: Employment)

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