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Career Change: A Glittering Invitation To The Emotional Stalkers
As much as you are yearning for career-change, and as much as the trends actually favor it, just contemplating a shift is a glittering invitation to four emotional stalkers who love nothing better than to play a nasty game of team-tag at your personal expense. When you unmask these bandits -- even a little -- they begin to lose their emotional charge ? leaving you free to more fully explore the opportunities to re-invent yourself.Stalker # 1: The Devil You Know. Just imagine that you're headed for work. You're at the station, briefcase and newspaper in hand, waiting in a narrow sea of gray look...(related: Employment)

Career Change - Creating Wealth & Happiness
Whether you have a business idea or not, here's what I want you to do?I want you to take a pen and paper and go and sit somewhere quiet in your home where you will not be distracted. Get comfortable. Take a deep breath and relax for a moment.Now I want you to write down everything you WANT in life. That's right. Everything that you wish you had in your life. It might be a new car, a house with a walled garden, some new and beautiful clothes, a swim with the dolphins, an arctic cruise, new watch, the latest Laptop, whatever? Just write it down. At least twenty-five things, but it could be twenty pages long.Spend some time wri...(related: Employment)

Career Change - Emotional Intelligence For Knowledge Workers?
Nowadays we can expect to survive the second half of our lives and as our work is knowledge-based - we knowledge workers are not finished after 30 years on the job - Are we merely bored?There are three ways to develop another career: The first way is to really start a career. Our original career decision (at school or college) may have been simply around 'getting a job to make some money' or just to 'get into the...(related: Employment)

Career Change: From Suits & Sales To Boots & Rails
Peter Humleker had it made. As the general manager of a successful car dealership, he was earning an impressive income. The only problem? He hated what he was doing."I was making a living off of manipulating and misleading people, taking advantage of them with ugly games and lies," Peter said. "It's how I was taught to make sales, and I was very good at it."Eventually, his feelings of success were overcome by feelings of remorse."I had to get out of that business," he said. "No paycheck amount is worth the guilt, lies and not being able to look at myself in the mirror."So at the...(related: Employment)

Career Change Is Not For Wimps! 3 Powerful Steps To Do Work You Love
Tough words... but I truly believe that folks who make career changes should be applauded for their courage. The courage to live closer to their authentic selves. The courage to put aside all the negativity we hear about the economy. The courage to face their own fears.Most people will change careers 5-10 times in their lifetimes. Not just jobs ? but whole new careers. At the same time, we're not taught how to go about this in the best way ?how to evaluate what ...(related: Employment)

Career Change - Is Your Career A Good Fit Or Is It Causing Pain?
Do you leap out of bed in the morning looking forward to the day ahead?Do you love your job and find that your working day goes past in the ...(related: Employment)

Career Change Success Is Yours If You Follow The Formula
Recent surveys suggest that, given the chance, about four out of 10 people would change career tomorrow and a further two might. The mos...(related: Employment)

Career Change: Success Tips
Successful career change is based on first making an honest assessment of your skills and experiences. Then you match them against the current market conditions. Finally you set realistic goals. Here are five strategies to keep in mind when changing careers:

  • Plan for a longer job search. Changing industries requires research, which requires time. Assess your financial situation and make realistic decisions. You may have to consider an interim position or part-time work or even volun...(related: Employment)

    Career Development - When Its Time For A Change
    There's a certain courage required to hear your gut. To really be true to how you are feeling. And that is never more important than in your career. Sometimes people feel that they are not completely happy. At other times they might have a sense of distance from the business or organisation they are in.This lack of 'alignment' makes for discomfort - and many people listen to it for the whole of their careers (and lives) and yet never truly hear it.So what are the clues that can help us realise that if change is in the air, it is a g...(related: Employment)

    Career Discovery - Pinpoint Your Ideal Career
    Determine your ideal career--one that's in alignment withyour values, passions, and talents--and discover the workyou were born to doCareer discovery is the process by which a person identifiestheir ideal career path, thus saving themselves a lot oftime (and money) by not pursuing career choices that theywill ultimately find unfulfilling. To find your truecalling, you need to dig around and find the things that areimportant to you--now, and in the future.Career discovery is an important process, and one of thoseskills they don't really teach in high school or college.Career counselors in school mainly focus on accessing yourskills and trying to match them up with the appropriatecareer field. This can work fine for ...(related: Employment)

    Career Education Options For Working Adults
    Ask yourself this question: "Do I like what I do for a living?" If you answered "no", what are you doing about it? Maybe you have a "good" job, but it's not very rewarding to you personally. Maybe you have job with good pay, but bad hours or worse ? a job with good hours, but bad pay. Perhaps you've just done your job for too many years, or are excited to work in some of the new careers that just weren't available when you finished school.Whatever the reason is for you wanting to switch careers, there are some practical considerations to take into account.How long will it take?How will I find the time to do it?How much will it cost?This article will answer these questions and point you tow...(related: Employment)

    Career In The Toilet?
    Individuals not within their target career field may feel insecure, doubtful, or maybe even ashamed of their current job title. Career changers make up a large portion of the job-searching population. Although people (in general) are "creatures of habit," they thrive for change ? especially when unhappy in their current position or industry. Continuing with educational goals or transferring to another industry...(related: Employment)

    Career Job Satisfaction - Get Off The Treadmill - Exit Your Rat Race!
    Get Off the Treadmill - Exit Your Rat Race!We can all get in a rut from time to time. Who hasn't had a moment in their lives where you've asked yourself the question: "Why am I doing this?" Whether it's who you've become, the business you are in, your career, relationships, where you live or all of the ...(related: Employment)

    Career Killers To Avoid
    Many professionals and managers are so involved in day-to-day crises and fighting fires that they forget about a key leadership characteristic: self-management. Effective leaders are first of all effective in managing themselves ? their time, their focus, their emotions and their careers. It's too late to figure out what's next for you once your company has merged, had lay offs, changed strat...(related: Employment)

    Career Moves: Take Charge Of Your Life
    Every day millions of people let their inner fears stop them from creating the life of their dreams. No one will deny that it is scary to step out of your comfort zone, but once you challenge your fear and take action, you can attain great things.1. Dream Great DreamsImagine you could be, do, and have anything you want. How is what you want for your future different from your life today? Once you've identified your dream, you can take the steps to make it come true.2. Make A DecisionIn every de...(related: Employment)

    Career Planning For Gifted Adults
    "James is so restless and energetic. I wonder if he's hyperactive.""Nancy seems to be all over the place. She's got a dozen projects going at once!""Harley does things so fast! He put up a website in two weeks.""Marlene is so intense. She needs to lighten up."While it's possible that James is hyperactive, Nancy is scattered, Harley skates on thin ice and Marlene is depressed, it's also possible that each of these people wears the label, "gifted adult," often unaware.Gifted children often lose interest in school because they're bored. They don't always get top grades because they think in unconventional patterns.Gifted adults can be misunderstood. Those who read books like ...(related: Employment)

    Career Search From Within
    Seeking meaningful and fulfilling work can become a discouraging, confusing and overwhelming journey. Beware spending too much time looking for your answers outside of yourself. Ultimately, coming to know our right livelihood is the inner work of our whole being.In order to nurture our well...(related: Employment)

    Career Searching: A Vision Without A Plan Is A Hallucination
    Success is not always something you necessarily find when you arrive. It may be the journey that gets you there.It seems as though people make career management more difficult than it has to be. When something threatens to make it simple, they almost invariably find a way to make it more complicated. For example, in recent years there's been much more activity in the small to mid-size companies, yet the majo...(related: Employment)

    Career Strategy When Your Boss Is A Bully
    Q. Right after I accepted my new position, the manager who hired me quit. I now have a boss "Sam" who's a classic bully. He has most of the office terrorized. Every question becomes a confrontation. Last week, he walked into the conference room as I was meeting with a custo...(related: Employment)

    Career Success: Don?t Be Caught With Your Pants Down
    Do you want to know how to jump-start your professional career? Or, are you already in the trenches trying to be a high performer and wanting to make a quantum lead to the next stage of your career? Or, because of downsizings or reorganizations, you feel like you are paddling faster and faster but seem to be getting nowhere? Find out how to monitor your changing environment so you won't be caught with your pants down.Visualize your career environment as one huge jigsaw puzzle. It consists of your present job, your company, your industry, your profession, your regional, national and world economy. You may only be aware of certain pieces of the gigantic puzzle. However, those ...(related: Employment)

    Career Success: Get Ahead Of The Crowd
    Regardless of where you open your briefcase or palm pilot each day - at a large corporation, a small business or the end of your dining room table ? the key to staying employable the rest of your life is your own creative action. The person who is going to be successful is not going to succeed just because of good work. That is a given. It is expected. Crafting your competitive advantage is what is going to get you ahead in these crazy, changing times. Pat attention to and practice the following...(related: Employment)

    Career Success: Take Charge Of Your Career
    People react very differently to the waves of change that suddenly flood the work and marketplace. Some, who feel confused or unsettled struggle to keep their heads above water gasping for air. By contrast, others, who may not even like or agree with the changes, nevertheless accept them, get on with their lives and swim forcefully to thei...(related: Employment)

    Career Success Through Self-marketing
    Marketing shouldn't be limited to advertising companies. Finding a job or enhancing your current position requires good self-marketing skills. What is s...(related: Employment)

    Career Tips: How To Start A New Career
    These days most people accept that jobs are not for life anymore. People are more mobile and much more likely to change jobs every few years and even careers a number of times throughout their lives. And it is increasingly common that we may also find that we need to change jobs because of retrenchments, redundancies and closures. Having confidence in your skills and experience and your ability to deal with the challenges of starting over can give you a greater sense of confidence about your career, and whatever life brings your way.Get support. Surround yourself with family and friends and let them know your situation. Stay in cont...(related: Employment)

    Career Transitions: Creating Complementary Careers In A Day
    Down-sized? Outsourced? Burned-out? Wizened up? That's what I said. Wizened up! Now is not the time to be depressed. Now, is the perfect time to assess your life and what you want to do with the ...(related: Employment)

    Career Transitions : Fearless Flyers
    You may have read one of my previous articles on career transitioning which described how to create complementary careers for yourself. This article will introduce you to three people I call Fearless Flyers because they have taken the leap of faith that many of us would only dream of considering.Fearless Flyer #1 worked for a big gym equipment manufacturer. In fact, she was a regional sales manager for them, doing quite well with sales, I might add. As she visited various gyms, she observed people using the facilities. She realized that people were staying inside buildings working towards their health rather than being outside and getting the extra benefits to their well-being from what the outdoors had to offer. ...(related: Employment)

    Careers In The Advertising Business Internet Marketing Style
    So you are interested in seeking a job with an advertising business or Internet marketing firm? The first step would be to gain enough knowledge in marketing theory and practical applications. A four-year college degree is helpful but those without a college degree can still land a job with a top firm if they have enough real-world experience. You must have a genuine love for advertising to be successful. Often the initial salaries are small and job turnover is high. But with a strong determination, you can succeed in the advertising and Internet marketing field.When entering the Internet marketing arena, try to become as familiar with successful clients as possible. Learning how successful firms have succeeded in business will give you an idea on how to be successful yourself. ...(related: Employment)

    Careers-changing Jobs: The Fantasy Of The Ideal Job
    Most people would agree that the concept of a job today is vastly different from that of 20 years ago. Organisations are changing at speed, technology has changed the face and pace of work, and globalisation is pushing every business to examine it's operations in a totally different context.How do we, the people that work within this changing environment, manage our own needs and wants? Over the last 10 years I have had contact with many individuals searching for their place in the working world. For many, a growing sense of dissatisfaction with their work, or a general feeling that things aren't as they should be, has left them with two ques...(related: Employment)

    Cdl Practice Test ? Offers Practice Tests To Prepare For The Cdl Exam
    As you take CDL practice test, you do become morefamiliar with the CDL test, and being familiarwith the test will make the actual test much lessstressful.In fact, if used correctly, CDL practice testcan be an extremely targeted study tool thatwill precisely pinpoint the areas in which you are weakest and then help you to learn how to combat and overcome those weaknesses.What if you take a CDL practice test and get 20questions wrong, and your errors span a largenumber of different topics, from GeneralKnowledge to Hazmat?Well, you should take your test and study it. Identify every question you got wrong, figure out why you got it wrong, and then tea...(related: Employment)

    Certification For Freelancers And Home-based Business Owners
    When we think of technical certification, most of us think of the seemingly endless jumble of letters that follow the names of information technology experts-MCSE, MCSA, A+, CCNA, etc. These certifications serve as standardized, objective validations that the person ho...(related: Employment)

    Change Your Career, Change Your Life
    Change Your Career,Change your Life!Lots of times I see and talk to people whoare tired, bored and burnt out of their currentjobs. I'm not sure what causes this dis-satisfaction. One reason, though, that I'vethought about is that the work they are doing is not their life passion. Or, if it was,something in the person has changed or thepassion needs to be re-kindled.One of the best ways to re-kindle a work passion is to celebrateall of one's accomplishments from a lifetime.Even the young adult has many task...(related: Employment)

    Change Your Life, Change Your Career And Get A New Job!
    Careers dictate resume formatDifferent careers use different forms of resumes. When you're working on your resume, beware of services that try to sell you on just one template, regardless of your target career. That's because formats of resumes really depend on the industry or...(related: Employment)

    Changing Careers? How To Get Around The Three Major Mental Roadblocks To Success

    A part of you can't wait to dive into your new career -- but you're also smart enough to know that you can expect a few bumps along the road to success. By far, the biggest roadblocks exist between your own two ears!

    Let's take a look at three common mental roadblocks and learn how to overcome them.

    ROADBLOCK No. 1: Wishful Thinking

    How many times have you wished you'd hit the lottery? Now, how many times have you actually won the lottery? Far too many people spend far too much time wishing when they should be dreaming.

    So, what's the difference between wishing and dreaming?

    Wishing is passive. We wish for things over which w...(related: Employment)

    Chicken Soup For Job Seekers
    Do you want to change your job but don't know the right way to go about it? Are you vacillating between waiting for your dream job or accepting the first one that comes your way? Or are you a fresher falling in line with what your parents wish you to be rather than what you wish to be? If this is the kind of situation you find yourself in, then the next few minutes will help you get a clearer picture. Here is our bowl of chicken...(related: Employment)

    Children At Work: Looking At Child Labor In The Victorian Age
    Today, it isn't that uncommon for some children and teenagers to work. They may earn extra money by baby-sitting, doing yard work, or maybe even walking dogs. Others, once they go on to high school, may go to work in their local grocery store, malls, or food chains. However, in the Victorian Age, it wouldn't seem at all strange to see children as young as five or six, go to work full-time (sometimes sixteen hours a day!) in often dangerous conditions.As you read, ask yourself questions. Why do you think children so young were working? What type of jobs do...(related: Employment)

    Choose Your References Wisely!
    So, you need to submit employment references. A simple task, right? Sure, you could contact three of your closest friends and ask them to be your references. They may be able to testify to your character, but do they know how well you would perform on the job? Probably not. Let's explore the types of references you must seek, the number of people you should include, and to whom references should be ...(related: Employment)

    Cleaning Houses For A Living Has Some Unexpected Benefits
    If you're looking for a way to earn a living or just to make some extra money on the side, cleaning houses for a living is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.Cleaning houses? Doesn't that sound like a lot of unpleasant, grungy work?Yes, it does sound pretty unpleasant, and that is exactly why there is very good profit in it. Most people hate to clean. Add to that how busy everyone i...(related: Employment)

    Closing The Gap On Your Career Goals
    If you still picture a steady progression up the ladder when you think of your career goals, it is time to shift your thinking. For most people, climb...(related: Employment)

    College Labor Is Available In Ohio
    Ohio has always been big on education and that means a bright, energetic and reliable workforce for expanding businesses. A business which wants to expand i...(related: Employment)

    Common Resume Myths & Misconceptions
    For the person crafting their first résumé the task can seem a little bit daunting, even a bit frightening. Human Resources [HR] specialists, résumé writing professionals, school advisors, and even friends and family members all have their say. When it comes down to it you must have a résumé you feel comfortable with especially since you will be the one to read it the most. Let's take a look at some common résumé myths and misconceptions you need to be aware of before writing your first résumé.1. Pictures are a no-no. In most European countries it is customary that a head ...(related: Employment)

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    Are You Busy Living Or Dying?
    If you are not busy living, then you must be busy dying. Most of us do this subconsciously and are unaware of which side of this equation we reside on. It must follow then that if you have lots of money, you are probably busy living and living well. Everybody wants more money. But is it the money itself or is it the freedom it buys? Lots of money = lots of freedom.On the opposite side are the people busy dying. It must follow then that their income falls short of the mark. They cannot meet their obligations, their debts are growing, and there is more month at the end of their money. Yet fuel prices, housing costs, taxes, ...(related: Employment)

    10 Things To Do To Get The Job
    10. Understand all of the opportunities available to you. Don't just assume that you can only work at the standard place of employment for your area of study. The key to finding a great career is to think outside of the box. Don't get caught being narrow-minded when considering where to apply your skills and energy. Every firm needs accountants, project managers, sales people, etc.9. Get to know a successful person. Your dad's friend doesn't count if he doesn't know you. You must be able to find someone tha...(related: Employment)

    How To Terminate An Employee And Live To Tell The Tale
    1. Employee Backdrop in AustraliaThe whole arena of Industrial Relations and the interaction between employer and employee is conducted within the complex framework of various statutes, state and federal, regulations and rulings and common law. Unlike 'tort' law (a civil wrong such as negligence) the practice of Industrial Relations has many interlocking precepts and req...(related: Employment)

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