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Avoid Your Cv Always Ending Up In The Bin
Cover Letters must grab the reader's interest so that they immediately want to learn more about the writer (you).Your cover letter is generally the first document those potential employers will read. So your job is to make sure it introduces you effectively and positively.The 5 Best ways to make sure your CV or resume does get thrown aside: ? You don't include a powerful cover letter? The same cover letter was photocopied or obviously used for another job? The cover l...(related: Employment)

Avoiding 10 Deadly Interview Mistakes
Too many job seekers set themselves up for failure before the interview ever takes place. They fail to target their audience, demonstrate relevant ...(related: Employment)

Avoiding Tire Kickers As Job Seekers
With the economy heating up and employment prospects opening up after years of dormancy, it is more critical than ever for employers to understand that unfortunately, career "tire kickers" still exist in the marketplace. Demand for quality talent, especially at the senior executive level, still outweighs supply. Tire kickers' waste valuable time and resources for both professional recruiters and busy hiring managers. They sap the strength of well designed recruiting efforts and can wreak havoc on organizations that fall for their deception....(related: Employment)

Back To School For A Career Change
Q. I hate my job as a computer consultant. I am ready for a career change. The aptitude tests say I should be a recreation specialist. I like the idea but I dread returning to school for a new degree.A. Before you invest in a degree,...(related: Employment)

Background Checks: How They Can Determine Whether You Get Hired Or Not!
Background checks are utilized by companies today to decide whether or not you will be permitted to work for them. Information in these reports can reveal many things about you to a prospective employer; it is critical that you be aware of what a company may uncover via a background check before one is conducted. You need to be aware of what steps you must take to protect yourself should negative information about you be uncovered.Background checks [or reports] can range from a corroborating an applicant's Social Security number to a detailed description of the prospective employee's history and friends. There are several bits of information that might be included in a background check. Please note that many of these sources are created by governmental agencies and are, in fact, public records:Bankruptcy Character refere...(related: Employment)

Bartending School Online- Earn Your Bartender Training From Home
Many young adults flock to bars, lounges and clubs on a weekly basis. They spend hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars on entertaining themselves and their friends. When the night's over and the lights go up, everyone starts to trickle out the front door a little more broke than they were when they entered. Everyone that is, except the bartenders who get to walk out a little richer than they were when they came in. Bartending as a career can be lucrative and extremely fun. Better yet the occupation fits well with many young adults lifestyles and allows them the freedom that regular nine to five jobs don't.Many bartender...(related: Employment)

Be Prepared For The Unexpected
How long has it been since you last had to search for a new job? These days it's not at all unusual to change careers or jobs several times in a lifetime. The idea of retiring from the same company after a lifetime of service is much less a reality in today's world than it was a couple of decades ago. The likelihood of unexpectedly losing your job is greatly increased today due to a number of different factors such as corporate downsizing, technological evolution, and globalization just to name a few. Being thrust i...(related: Employment)

Beat The Crowd With Winning Resume Cover Letters
Far too many people underestimate the importance of resume cover letters. In a sense, a well written cover letter works like an agent on your behalf. It tosses a sales pitch for...(related: Employment)

Become A Personal Trainer
Every human body is different and a personal trainer will know exactly how to not just get a human body into proper shape but also shape the body into the desired form. A personal trainer knows that while guys may want to 'bulk up'; a girl might want to slim down. A good personal trainer will know what to do to get the desired look wanted by their client.To get started, it really comes down to lessons from instructors about how different exercises affect the human body. The key to being a good personal trainer is not just ...(related: Employment)

Become An Lpn, The Fast Path To A Nursing Career
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) CareersLicensed Practical Nurses provide the most amount of direct patient care within the nursing category of healthcare. If you're interested in a healthcare career dealing directly with patients, becoming an LPN is a rewarding opportunity.LPN Job DescriptionLPNs provide a large portion of direct patient care. LPNs may be assisted by nurses' aides ( CNAs ) and other assistants in some...(related: Employment)

Becoming A Home Inspector: What The Home Inspection Schools Dont Want You To Know
Chances are if you're reading this you've thought about becoming a home inspector. You may have even seen the ads that say you can make hundreds of dollars a day as a home inspector. Home inspection schools put many of these ads out. They paint a rosy picture about the profession and how easy it will be for you to make a ton of money virtually overnight. I'm ...(related: Employment)

Becoming A Police Officer Just Became Easier
As many law enforcement candidates can vouch for, taking the police entrance exam can be a stressful and highly competitive experience. I decided to research some preparation web sites and purchased several E-book...(related: Employment)

Before You Begin, Know What To Expect - How You Can Make A Living Proof Reading From Home
Proof reading from home is an excellent way to make money, right? How hard and challenging can it be to do some editing after all?In fact it can be quite challenging to find a good quality proofreader that works from their house. This is due in part to the heavy demands it places on the individual and on their family. It is often more work than realized. Here, we will talk about the realities of proof reading from home.

Behaviour To Climb The Stepping Stones To Career Success
The heading of this article could just as well have been "How to position yourself for promotion" or "How to position yourself for career advancement" or "How to climb the success ladder" or something similar.What behaviour will improve your chances for success? Behaviour which can be described as good work ethics.The answer on how to cultivate good work ethics is simple. Make yourself one of the linking pins in your organisation.A linking pin is someone ...(related: Employment)

Believe And Get Hired
Good things seem to come in bunches, especially in a job search. Ever wonder why?Example: ever know someone (perhaps you?) who, after many weeks in a fruitless job hunt, suddenly hit a "hot streak" and landed two or three interviews in a matter of days?What happened? What changed? Did the job market suddenly improve? Perhaps.Or ... was that improvement all in their head?I'm a firm believer that belief determines outcome. And WHAT you believe has a profound effect on HOW you perform, particularly if you're looking for a new job.This "secret" to improved performance has proven itself for decades in the world of sports. Let me illustrate ...Before 1954, the conventional wisdom was that nobody could run a mile in under four...(related: Employment)

Benefits Of Maintaining A Career Portfolio
Have you ever tried to contact a past employer only to discover they are no longer in existence or your former manager has moved on and been replaced by someone else? Of course, if you are an avid networker this shouldn't be much of a problem when it comes time to provide proof of your experience, education and accomplishments. A portfolio of your career should be developed and maintained using all documentation of your career history in order to over...(related: Employment)

Benefits Of Mystery Shopping For Secret Shoppers
Mystery shoppers are people who are hired to scrutinize employees, products and customer services of any organization. The benefits that they get from mystery shopping are:They enjoy doing a job that's fun and frolic.Mystery shoppers shop because they enjoy doing that. Mystery shoppers visit not just the stores but the restaurants and hotels too. They are supposed to evaluate products like food, drinks, spa and gym. It's obvious that they have to use the products in order to assess them. They get their money that they had spent on eating, back. To top it all they get some bucks for doing this job. Quite often, they get free meals in restaurants and free stay in hote...(related: Employment)

Best Strategy Using Internet Job Search Engines
Best Strategy using Internet Job Search EnginesThere are hundreds of Internet job search engines, from super job banks monster.com, careerbuilder.com, hotjobs.com to regional job banks, to job banks with occupational focuses, such as Dice.com. Job seekers can hardly exhaust all the job search resources, so we have meta job search engines which will simultaneously search several job board for the same job search criteria. One of the major mistakes common job seekers make is to search only the super job search engines. Admittedly more job openings are posted on the super job search engines, but in the mean time, the employers who use the supper sites will also receive much more applications for the posted position. A large portion of job bank traffic is generated by jo...(related: Employment)

Big Job Sites Vs The Small Ones
There is much to say about posting resumes on the big job sites online. There are many positives and also negatives to doing this as well. Posting your resume is a way to get you exposure to recruiters and employers. There really isn't any specific criteria for posting your resume... Only get it out for everyone to see! The more you p...(related: Employment)

Blogging For Candidates 101: Nuts And Bolts
A "blog" is simply an internet (web) log. Blogs are created for personal or professional use. They may promote a product or service, or merely serve as a personal online journal. There are currently just over four million blogs today, with a new blog born every seven seconds.The problem of cocooning candidatesToday, we work and live in an era of heightened cynicism and secrecy. Isn't it much harder than it used to be to call into a company and attempt to speak wi...(related: Employment)

Book Summary: How To Work With Just About Anyone
This article is based on the following book:How to Work with Just About Anyone"A Three-step Solution For Getting Difficult People To Change"By Lucy GillPublished by Fireside/ Simon and Schuster 1999ISBN 0-684-85527-5206 pages"I just can't seem to get along with this person!"Every office has that one difficult person to work with, who affects productivity due to a terrible attitude, chronic tardiness, or simply drives everyone else up the wall. Here is the answer to common problems in conflict management.Dealing with negative behavior, whether at work or at home, can be solved with three steps:<...(related: Employment)

Booster & Drainers

Like huge anchors on cruise ships, other people can hold you down. Not intentionally, but their negativity impacts you. It's hard to be winning at working when you're anchored in place. It...(related: Employment)

Brainteasers: Or, How Many Crazy Interview Questions Does It Take To Get Hired?
You've looked at all the job interview tips and techniques. Did your homework and studied all the potential employer interview questions you may be asked. Plus, you've practiced your answers in front of the mirror and in a mock interview. Yep, you're a well-prepared candidate ready to show your stuff. What more does an interviewer seeking a great candidate want?Well, for starters, they may want to know:** How many quarters - pla...(related: Employment)

Bringing Our Family To Work
Let's face it, most of us consider professional success and personal success the same.In other words we become our careers. We also bring our personal and family behaviors to work causing many of the same conflicts we have at home.The number one skill that will improve both our  professional and personal life is good communication. What we have to say is not important unless we are able to be heard.Following are tips to help build good communication skills:Listen with an open mind. Concentrate on what the person is saying and the body language used. Put all your energy into thinking this is the most important plac...(related: Employment)

Build New Habits -- Payday Will Come --
Feeling that it never works is not a good excuse. You may even remember last year not getting past February. GOOD intentions. NO success. Don't quit! Every year has a new beginning for each of us. Keep on working at it.NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONSYou knew that was coming. Wipe the slate clean for 2004. Most of us had a few UPS and some had more DOWNS. There is real power in your mind. Think positives even when ...(related: Employment)

Build Your Career Decision By Decision
Do you dislike making decisions and avoid the challenge whenever you can?Take heart. Look around and you will find you have plenty of company.Management psychologists Irving L. Janis and Leon Mann say people tend to be "reluctant decision makers" because they are "beset by conflict, doubts and worry." They explain that people "seek relief by procrastinating, rationalizing and denying responsibility" in making choices.This human tendency creates a big vacuum. Its name is opportunity!"Organizations cannot function, certainly cannot succeed, without good decision-makers. Organizations reward those men and women who are willing and able to fill those roles," accordin...(related: Employment)

Building A Solid Network
A client who has a fine arts degree wanted to move out of his successful career in advertising and into the real estate development business. He had alread...(related: Employment)

Building Performance Trust
You can have outstanding ideas, yet never leverage them into winning at working results. That's because the secret behind those ideas lies in performance. Yours.Getting the okay to pursue your idea is directly related to the level of confidence other people have in your ability to deliver it. And if you do, you will create for yourself opportunities on a regular basis. One successful idea delivery leads to another and another and another. Bigger and bigger ideas are entrusted to people who consistently turn ideas into reality.You see, not only does an idea need to be a good one, but the idea-maker needs to be a performer who can deliver the vision. That doesn't mean you need to have executed lots of ideas before getting one approved. It does mean the base quality of your work is a deciding fact...(related: Employment)

Building Your Army Of Supporters: How To Build Strategic Relationships In The Work Place!
Once you have accomplished your task of getting in the door and getting the job the real job of career advancement begins!You will soon learn (if you haven't already elsewhere) that corporate politics are ALWAYS su...(related: Employment)

Bullseye Interviewing
An interview is much like a blind date. You have sweaty palms, heart palpitations, shaky nerves and a preconceived notion of what could happen. The perfect scenario unfolds in your mind, where you are calm, cool and collected, dressed smartly, totally in control, enthusiastically meet...(related: Employment)

Business & Career: Know Your Ruling Star!
"Know your Ruling Star. One man is better received by one nation than another, or is one welcome by one city than another. He finds more luck in one office or position than in another, and all though his qualifications are equal or even identical. Let each man know his luck as well as his talents. Follow your guiding star and help it without mistaking any other for it. Know how to transplant yourself. There are nations with whom one must cross their borders to make one's value felt."- Balthasar Gracian, (Spain, 1600's)Have you ever felt, &qu...(related: Employment)

Business Careers: Keys To Moving On From Retrenchment
You may be astonished to realize that retrenchment may occur more than once during the life of the modern day worker. In fact, career advisors report that we could expect to be made redundant up to three times during our working life.As common as retrenchment is, when it happens, no one likes it. Whatever range of emotions initially emerge - fear, anger, resentment, retaliation, humiliation, disappointment - we should recognise as being quite normal. How we respond and deal with the situation will influence our e...(related: Employment)

Business Dress For Women: Making Impact
Buying a suit can be an important investment when you are trying to improve your look for business or career advancement. Wearing a standard off-the rack suit for business or a job interview does not always mean success. Fit is very important. The outfit may be great but if it does not accentuate your positive features or is not the right color, you will not look as good as you can.Start by ...(related: Employment)

Business Experience Is Your Security Cover
Some may want to interpret "independent" to mean WITHOUT others. None of us are truly independent or able to make it in life alone. All of us depend on family. Friends. Our church family. Schoolmates. Business associates. And others.You may hear someone say, "she is a self-made millionaire" or "he did it all by himself" and believe it. NOT SO by a mile. There is NO ONE who can make a million dollars without others being...(related: Employment)

Can Nurses Be Entrepreneurs?
Yes, Nurses can be entrepreneurs. In today's market place nursing has a unique service to offer not only to hospitals but nursing homes, private care and doctor offices. We as nurses have...(related: Employment)

Can You Actually Fail A Personality Quiz?
Q. I didn't get a job that I interviewed for. The employer told me that I had "failed" the personality quiz. How is that possible?...(related: Employment)

Can You Compete?
Are you looking to hire the best talent? Are you thinking about adding a new employee who will significantly impact millions of dollars in YOUR business? Do you want to hire the best? Then you need to show and convince your next hire that you are serious about him joining your team.In March, we received the following candidate's response to two high level interviews. The candidate would potentially earn over $100,000 in base salary. As a regional salesperson, the candidate would potentially add millions in new revenue per year to the company. We edited his response. Needless to say, the first company did not convince this very capable salesperson that they wanted him, the second one did."Dave, the PROCESS s...(related: Employment)

Can You Tell Me Something About Yourself!
Interview Question, "Tell Me Something About Yourself?""Tell me about yourself" is the query, posted by one of the members and since yesterday I ha...(related: Employment)

Career Advice: Are Resumes Obsolete As A Primary Job Search Tool?
In a day of background checks, pre-employment drug screening and multiple interviews, where do resumes fit in? According to many successful job applicants, not very well. An ever-increasing number of new hires say that resumes were not crucial in landing them the job. Instead, they simply played a part in sealing the deal. If that's true, it means that mailing out resumes and waiting for the phone to ring is the last thing any recent grad or serious job seeker will want to do.It's no secret that many large corporations waste thousands of hours scanning and combing over resumes that may not even be viable. That's because they tend to warehouse tens of thousands of them in a process tha...(related: Employment)

Career Advice On Freelance Writing Jobs
Sometimes the freelance writing jobs available are those that no one wants. Or, they are those that new businesses are looking to fill. You will not find postings for the best jobs and employment because many of those jobs go to individuals who already have an established career or a good working relationship with those businesses. For those looking for career advice to find the best freelance writing jobs available, they can find a few things here that will help them get the experience they need or at least get a foot in the door.

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    Resumes, Networking, Headhunters ? Useless Without Marketing Sweet Spot
    A career transition is no longer about getting your hands on a list of contacts, networking with headhunters, or going onl...(related: Employment)

    Get A Job! Tips For Organizing Your Resume
    Whether you're a Vice President of Marketing or a recent college grad, your resume is the 'key' to opening the doors of employment. It is an employer's first impression of you and believe it or not, many hiring officials spend less than thirty seconds reviewing it. With only fleeting moments to make a first impression, it is imperative that your resume be organized.Polish your shoes, practice your handshake, and take note of some tips for creating an organized resume that will catch the eye of even the most weary of HR associates:
    • Start by sitting down with you...(related: Employment)

      Ebook Review: Winning A Job Is Easier With Job Secrets Revealed
      IntroductionThere are literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of books about writing resumes and job application letters. Why should Brierty's be any different? Well, Brierty came from a copywriting background - sales and marketing. His focus is on selling your services, not applying for a job.There is a difference. Applying for a job is a process ... write a resume, write a cover letter, post it to an address in the advertisement. Most 'how to write a job application' ...(related: Employment)

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