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Age Discrimination Is Alive And Unwelcome Here!
Common sense appears to be a rare commodity these days. Why is this so?In an era when the emphasis seems to be on all things young, beautiful and sometimes shallow its about time we took stock of ourselves and did our businesses a favor by employing older workers! Age discrimination is a terrible injustice that has far reaching effects on our economy where ever we are.When I was much younger I used to watch these older workers with wonderment and ask myself 'how did they get to be so smart' many of them didn't even have degrees! Now 25 years in the workforce has educated me with some answers.It was a lesson that was to educate me through the years as I often learnt that the most successful and balanced poeple in society where those who were older and often weren't high...(related: Employment)

Air Liquide: Driving Liquid Air
Have you ever heard of liquid air? The process of liquifying air was a major scientific achievement that took place over 100 years ago. Even after 100 years there are only a few companies that liquify air, which is probably why you've never heard of it before. Liquifying air is a cheap way to isolate different gasses like oxygen and nitrogen.The task of liquefying air began in 1892, when Frenchman Georges Claude began working with acetylene. At the time, acetylene was thought to be a very promising substance as it was used in lighting fixtures, but i...(related: Employment)

Alert! An Over-50 Jobseeker Has Just Entered The Building
Interviewing Tips for the Older Job-seeking PopulationA red alert is probably melodramatic, but I'm sure jobseekers in this age bracket probably feel there is one. The bulk of the job-seeking population is currently facing job-search woes that the elderly population has been experiencing for years.In recent years, I've seen that over-50 jobseekers have wised up to the fact that age bias is still existent in America's workforc...(related: Employment)

Always Have A Current Resume
What is the biggest mistake people make with resumes?People write their resumes as a chronological summary of everything they've done in their professional lives. Employers only care about one thing: what you can do for them. If they can't quickly get that answer out of your resume, it'll get tossed in the garbage can. An effective resume draws their attention, clearly spells out why you are better than the other candidates, and lands you an interview.Should I use an experienced resume preparer?Yes. Get it done right the first time because once your resume starts circulating, you won't get a chance to go back and clean it up. Frankly, when I work with people on their resumes, I am shocked at what they're sending out. These days, employers keep...(related: Employment)

American Idol Syndrome

I like Simon, one of three judges on American Idol. I find his feedback refreshingly honest. And while his words startle me with their ego wounding potential, the traditional feel-good, let-you-down-easy, sugar-coated feedback is not much of a gift. It's hard to tell someone they're not good enough and their dreams are not going to happen, at least in this venue. But not telling them is no gift either. Some contestants rise to the challenges he throws at them. Some don't. And, some can't. Which one are you?


The people who influenced me most in...(related: Employment)

An Alternative To Hiring Employees
Current trends in business are conspiring to create a revolution in the way that small and medium sized companies do business. These forces have created an environment in which growing companies can make maximum use of their labor dollars, while accessing a talent base previously unreachable due to the costs involved with hiring top talent.The first trend is towards self-employment. Entrepreneurship is at an all time high. According to a study by Register.com Inc, 47% of U.S. adults h...(related: Employment)

An Rx For Your Résumé
Whether you are an accountant, virtual assistant, or a corporate executive, your job skills are constantly refined. A new sales presentation you've organized or the new spreadsheet package you've mastered should be included on your résumé. You may have new skills that could turn your dead-end job into a new career in another field. If you update your résumé continually, it makes it easier to send it out at a moments notice. Your résumé should be well written, typeset and laser printed. It should also be suited for your targeted employer and field, focusing on your key experience. It should be free of all grammatical errors and appealing to the eye.A cover letter ...(related: Employment)

An Unexpected Career Direction
My starting point was how to draw on 25 years of experience in which I have helped thousands of people to their own career success, and make this knowledge freely available to anyone and everyone who could use it. I believe that if people are given the right information and helped to reach their own conclusions; they can make an outstanding success of their careers. I wasn't planning on writing much about business start-up or self-employment yet as I got busy with this project something happened.I set out to write down all this information about changing careers that I have amassed from personal experience over the years working directly with individuals and groups. I felt sure that I knew the best way to make it accessible to those who would want it, was to use the internet. Only trouble was, I wa...(related: Employment)

Analysing Adverts For The Creative Response
The fundamental rule is: if you are going to apply for advertised jobs then only apply for the right ones. Don't waste time by applying for the ones you've no chance of getting; not only is your time lost but your morale will suffer if you keep getting rejections. Analysing adverts thoughtfully saves you more than just time.When you are looking for a new job, particularly if you don't currently have one, it's too easy to be 'busy' by spending your time on the wrong things.For example one day, I observed one of my students reading a well known Daily Newspaper which on this particular Thursday had around 40 pages of display adverts. As he read through, it became clear to me that although there were so many ads, there really w...(related: Employment)

Answering The What Are Your Weaknesses? Interview Question
One of the trickier questions an interviewer might put to you is "what are your major weaknesses?"What are you meant to say? If you list all your weaknesses, aren't you just giving the interviewer reasons to think that you aren't up to the job?If you read most other interview advice guides, they will say that you should list some wea...(related: Employment)

Any Job Is An Honorable Job

Seeing your job as an honorable job, adds more meaning and peace to your life. Also, seeing the honor in what you do now, creates an ideal foundation upon which a career change can be built.

At fifteen, my first job was that of a waitress at a loca...(related: Employment)

Applying For A Job In Another Country? International Resumes
Is an International Resume still a Resume? This is a very common question among those looking for work overseas for the first time. When you contact companies about applying for a job with them you will not often be asked for a resume, you will be asked to send along your CV. I reme...(related: Employment)

Applying For A Job In China
Working in ChinaWorking in China is very common now. Either you are sent to China by your company or you apply for a job to be stationed in China. Applying for a job in China is very common today as China gradually becomes a economic powerhouse. In fact, many Hong Kongers and Taiwanese feel that it is important to have good job experience in China.It is also very common to be posted for short working trips to China as a technical expert or co-ordinator as China is a big consumer of modern technology. Many companies sent ...(related: Employment)

Aptitude Tests Reveal The Difference Between Your Aptitude & Ability
Aptitude tests measure your skills, abilities, values, interests and personality in order to help you determine which careers you might be best suited for and eliminate those that you are not.Aptitude tests are some of the most important tools to anyone considering a career change.Job satisfaction for individuals depends on several different factors. An incr...(related: Employment)

Are Online Degrees Valid To Prospective Employers?
Online distance learning has gained rapid popularity with the advent of the internet, which has proven to offer great supporting facilities and convenience for online education. However, just like everything else with pros and cons...(related: Employment)

Are You A Nice Person? What Companies Are Looking For In Recruiting And Retaining Great People
Hal Rosenbluth, author of The Customer Comes Second, states; "In our selection process, kindness, caring, compassion, and unselfishness carry more weight than years on the job, an impressive salary history, and stacks of degrees."Does your company hire these types? Are you one of them? Take the following quiz to see if you are:Agree Disagree1. While driving, I signal my intentions ___ ___2. I slow down to allow traffic in from on-ramps and other lanes ___ ___3. I place my shopping cart to the side of the aisl...(related: Employment)

Are You An Ex-career Woman Living In A New Country?
Were you once a successful, professional woman who had a significant status level and received adequate remuneration for your work?Have you re-located to a new country where the educational degree you worked so hard to achieve is neither recognized nor considered valid?As a result, have you now settled for a job for which you are overqualified and living paycheck to paycheck?If you once had a successful professional career and answered yes to the above, you probaby understand how fr...(related: Employment)

Are You Bored By What You Do?
Is your working life in the doldrums? Do you feel stuck in a rut? Uncertain about the future? Depressed by what you can see ahead? Still looking for a job that will fully engage your interest?If so, you're like millions of others who face each working week more with resignation than excitement. It's not that things are bad. They just aren't as good as you would like them to be.So would you like to be doing something you truly enj...(related: Employment)

Are You Busy Living Or Dying?
If you are not busy living, then you must be busy dying. Most of us do this subconsciously and are unaware of which side of this equation we reside on. It must follow then that if you have lots of money, you are probably busy living and living well. Everybody wants more money. But is it the money itself or is it the freedom it buys? Lots of money = lots of freedom.On the opposite side are the people busy dying. It must follow then that their income falls short of the mark. They cannot meet their obligations, their debts are growing, and there is more month at the end of their money. Yet fuel prices, housing costs, taxes, ...(related: Employment)

Are You Eking Out A Living, And Cant Get What You Want From A Job?
Many people are working at jobs they don't wantand they hate to go there every day. Are you oneof them?Let's start by examining how you got into this kindof "pickle" to begin with. Did you take this job be-cause you thought you couldn't find anything else?Did someone you are close to, tell you to take iteven if you didn't want to? Were you in panic be-cause you thought you would be out on the street?When I listen to people who have gotten into thispredicament, I usually find that the main cause forthis kind of frustration and unhappiness is becausethere is a lack of self-esteem and no goal setting.These two elements go hand in hand. It's almostas if the job seeker has lost some part of the self and is wi...(related: Employment)

Are You In A Groove Or A Rut?
Ruts: the routines in our work and lives that have become uninteresting and bothersome.Everyone has a favorite rut or two. They are comfortable, familiar and undemanding. If you stay in them long enough you begin to equate them with who you are and buy in to the belief that remaining steadfastly in them is all you can expect out of life.Ruts are furrows, gullies, creases and (dare I say) wrinkles where we tend to live life cheerfully and without much thought. We find one way of doing something, and continue the pattern. It does not matter whether it is the be...(related: Employment)

Are You Living Your Career Dreams?
Inherent within the human spirit is a desire for fulfillment, a longing to carry out our creative aspirations by rea...(related: Employment)

Are You Making These Common Job Interview Mistakes?
Going to an interview without a plan of action is like going out on a football field without a game plan. Total disaster! Suppose I were to ask you right now."What are your skills or attributes?" Could you give a good answer?Suppose I were to ask you the question that's in every interviewer's mind."Why should I hire you?" What would you say?All of the interviewer's questions that you will see in this section have a purpose, and that is to put solid meaning into your interview preparation. So, do study them, all of them.Interviewers have different styles, some you will like better than others. The keys to any successful interview are the four B's.Be likableBe able to give complete answersBe on ti...(related: Employment)

Are You Ready For A New Career?
Is your current or most recent job truly what you want to do?Do you dread the prospect of coming into work every day? Do you look back on your work day as you travel home and cannot seem to find a fulfilling moment? If you answered yes, read on.You could be unhappy with your supervisor; you may not like the politics or corporate culture; or you may not like the industry you are in. You may also feel that you are underpaid, underutilized, undervalued or unappreciated. You may not have sufficient opportunities for career advancement; or perh...(related: Employment)

Are You Ready To Start A Business? Take This Quiz And See
Don't get discouraged! A "no" answer to any of the questions will identify an area for development -- not a roadblock. I am available to help if you would like to discuss your options in greater detail.(1) Do you offer a clear, unambiguous benefit that your target market can't live without?Ideally you can learn whether demand exists for your service. Otherwise, don't dive in. Dip a toe into the water to see if it's warm.(2) Can you demonstrate expertise?Collect testimonials, references, products and awards. Credentials help only if clients believe they make a difference.(3) Do you have evidence that people wi...(related: Employment)

Are You Sabotaging Your Career?
My experience working with thousands of leaders world wide for the past two decades teaches me that most leaders are screwing up their careers.On a daily basis, these leaders are getting the wrong results or the right results in the wrong ways.Interestingly, they themselves are choosing to fail. They're actively sabotaging their own careers.Leaders commit this sabotage for a simple reason: They make the fatal mistake of choosing to communicate with presentations and speeches -- not lea...(related: Employment)

Are You Suited For Self-employment?
A recent poll conducted by Yahoo! Small Businessshowed that nearly 3 out of 4 Americans have consideredstarting their own business. In fact, of more than 2,200 adults surveyed, over half (51 percent) said they wouldlike to launch their small business within the next 5 years.Clearly, entrepreneur...(related: Employment)

Are You Taking Your Inner Brat To Work?
Is your inner brat taking over your job? Everyone has an inner brat. It's the part of us that's still a 2-year-old. It gets furious at the slightest inconvenience. It feels entitled to get what it wants when it wants, and complains when things don't go its way. Your inner brat not only makes you miserable, it makes work unpleasant for everyone else.Chances are this describes someone you work with. It's always easier to spot someone else's inner brat than your own. But take a moment now to reflect on yourself and answer the following questions:* Do you frequently complain that something isn't fair?* Do you get angry at least once a day?* Do you hate at least one person at work?* Have you almost quit your job on the spot because you were upset?* Are you a spreader ...(related: Employment)

Are You Tired Of Hiring Other Peoples Rejects? - 12 Mistakes Recruiters Make And How To Avoid Them
When John applied for a job at Oakland Company, his resume looked fabulous, showing tremendous talent and advancement. His qualifications were beyond question and he built immediate rapport with everyone in the interview process. Every one of his references checked out. Six months later, you were wondering why you hired this clown.Today's hiring professionals seem to prefer recruiting candidates from the ran...(related: Employment)

Are You Winning The Talent Wars?
How many times have you heard or read, "Our employees are our greatest asset"?What are the chances of any company surviving if it cannot find the right employees ? or find enough of them? In 2003 Roger Herman, Tom Olivio, and Joyce Gioia wrote in Impending Crisis that by the year 2010 the U.S. economy will support 10 million more jobs than there will be people in the work force to fill them.This future scenario could make the late 1990's volatile job market look like it was relatively stable compared to what we m...(related: Employment)

Are Your Intentions Clear In Your Job Search?
1. Do you REALLY know what you want?2. Do you know yourself well? What your interests, talents, and transferable skills are?3. Are you articulate? Can you explain what you want and do it clearly?4. Do you have supportive people interested in you and your welfare? If not, find some, NOW!5. Do you have a network of contacts? Start with your friends.6. Do you rely too much on the "want ads". Don't.7. Do you have an agenda of who to see,...(related: Employment)

Are Your References Ready?

One of the most common forms of background check performed by companies hiring new employees is the reference check. They typically re...(related: Employment)

Ask For That Raise!
For nine years Jeff worked for company G as an engineer. Flying airplanes was his first love. His job came in a close second place. That changed when Jeff met Judy. Their relationship quickly turned serious and they married.When Jeff and Judy sat down to do financial planning as a couple, Judy learned Jeff's salary was surprisingly low. With a human resource background, Judy knew the salary range for Jeff's type of work, and what his credentials were worth. Jeff was seriously underpaid.Jeff was shocked and somewhat crestfallen. His attitude was, "I'm lucky to do what I love AND GET PAID for having fun!"As Jeff began to understand his market value he felt betrayed. Had he been duped? Had he been a fool...(related: Employment)

Ask Me No Questions, Ill Tell You No Lies
If only there were no questions involved in getting a job!If you've been following NBC's "The Apprentice," you know who Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth is. She's had the honor of being fired by Donald Trump (and others, according to "People" magazine).A while back, Omarosa claimed that one of the other contestants made a racial slur against her.According to website opinion polls, only 10% of vi...(related: Employment)

Ask The Recruiter
We all have career goals, big or small. Here are some questions I have recieved over the last month from those actively seeking new employment.How many versions of resumes should I have - and why?- Ideally, you should personalize your resume each time you apply for a job. List only your experience relevant to the job you are applying for. The number one issues with the resumes I recieve every day is that they have irrelevant information which makes the resume too long, and too difficult to read.Today's employers want to quick glance your resume in 30 seconds or less to decide if they want to read further. Irrelevant information makes it difficult to focus on relevant points, and employers ...(related: Employment)

Assess Your Transferable Skills

One of the most important parts of a job search is assessing your Transferable skills. These are skills which you can use in other jobs such as: Communication, Information Management, Human Services, Managerial, Manual/Physical Labour, Personal Attributes, Organization.

Often when people have been working in the same job for a long time, they become so accustomed to performing their duties that they fail to recognize the skills they have.

It is beneficial to sit down and write out a list of all the things you do in a work day and all the things you do at home as well. It is easy to forget that skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, and organization which you use at home and in volunteering are skills that you can transfer and use on a new job.

A benefit to this recognition of your skills is tha...(related: Employment)

Auto-disqualification - When Your Resume Never Reaches The Decision Maker
How would you know if your resume did or didn't reach the appropriate decision maker? You can truly never know for certain. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that your resume does not get "auto-disqualified", or provide obvious reasons not to be hired.There are several "mistakes" commonly made in resumes that give immediate reasons why you will not be offered the...(related: Employment)

Avoid A Three-ring Circus With These New Interviewing Strategies
I referenced the circus because I just finished another interviewing book that recommends asking for the job before leaving the interview. I can envision up to 15 qualified professionals each asking the interviewer for the job. If each asks for the job, doesn't that make the question null and void ? cross out each other's great gesture? If everyone jumps through the same hoop, performing like a good little circus monkey, what's going to set you apar...(related: Employment)

Avoid Mistakes And Gaffes In Your Job Resume
Having mistakes and gaffes in your job resume spell disaster for your job search. The last thing an employer needs is to look at a poorly written resume. The employer is looking at possibly dozens of resumes a day, and if yours is not up to par, don't expect to hear from him/her.Make sure you proofread your resume for spelling errors. If you're not sure about the spelling of a particular word, make sure the spell check function is on while you are writing your resume.One of the first things that an employer will look for are your qualifications for the job. Don't waste the employer's time by not listing your qualifications where he/she can see them. If the employer sees that you're qualif...(related: Employment)

Avoid Potential Job Interview Disasters
There are definitely things that you can do to avoid minor mishaps which could ultimately blow an interview. Become familiar with these 7 potential interview disasters so you can prevent them from obstructing your path to that ideal job.1. DON'T ARRIVE LATEShowing up late is both rude and inconsiderate. Is this the first impression that you want to leave with a potential employer? Map out your route and try it out before the interview. Plan on being at least half an hour early to your appointment. This will provide a buffer to protect against wrong...(related: Employment)

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The Fallibility Of Psychological Testing
Psychological Testing has become rampant across industries, more so inthe case of Information Technology, BPOs and ITES companies. Thesetests are used to 'throw up' personality profiles and competencydescriptions that would help companies recruit the 'right' candidate.The Human Resources department i...(related: Employment)

3 Creative Job Search Tactics
It's a fact: the best jobs attract loads of competition. So it pays to do whatever you can to stand out as a persistent, creative ...(related: Employment)

Cracking The Connection Code: Networking For The Introverted
We've all heard it before: "Just get out there and network!" If it was that easy, we would already be doing it. So why is it so hard? Well, you're an introvert, aren't you? Enough said.However, unless the prospect of a really long job search excites you, you have to get out there and connect with people who don't know you but who could benefit from your expertise.Below are a baker's dozen tips to help you crack the connection code.1. Attend with a purpose in mind. Be choosy about the events you attend. Pick the ones that interest you most. It could be a ribbon cutting for a new business, a chamber of commerce mixer, ...(related: Employment)

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