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Why You Need To Be An Intrapreneur
When a client asks me if I think he or she is a good candidate for starting a new business, I ask several questions (see our free assessment, "Are You an Entrepreneur?"). But the truth of the matter ...(related: Employment)

Why You Only Really Need Four Sample Resumes
Any job seeker looking for sample resumes usually doesn't have to look very far.A multitude of sites today are offering free sample resumes on the internet in addition to the avalanche of books that are released each year touting resume examples. With this kind of information overload it can be quite easy for the unsuspecting job seeker to become mired down in sample resumes, moving from one to the next in their pursuit of the 'ultimate' professional resume example that will land them the job of their dreams.Every book and website has a different twist, a different acclamation to insure you their samples resumes are the absolute best. The truth is that sample resumes, for the most part, do not vary much. That is not to say there are not cert...(related: Employment)

Why You Should Never Complain About Former Bosses
You're at a job interview. You're doing great, answering questions left and right. You're enthusiastic, upbeat, confident. Then they ask, "Why did you leave your last job?"An image of your former boss, red-faced and screaming, pops your head. He was such a jerk! You desperately want to vent your frustrations and tell them why you HAD to quit, but you hesitate, thinking... is honesty the best policy in TH...(related: Employment)

Why Your Cv/resume Is Not Generating The Interview Offers You Want
If your current CV or resume is not generating the interview offers you want, it is time to start assessing it. Check to see that the following descriptors apply:*Begins with a suc...(related: Employment)

Wishing And Hoping
Years after Disneyland was built, after the completion of Walt Disney World, the story goes that someone went up to Mike Vance, Creative Director for Walt Disney Studios and said, "Isn't it too bad Walt Disney didn't live to see this?" Without pausing, he replied, "But he did see it, that's why it's here."If any outside figure influenced my life early on, it was Wa...(related: Employment)

Women Who Quit Work Abrubtly After Childbirth - Are You The Type?
According to statistics one out of every five pregnant women will not return to work. Quitting abruptly after childbirth could wreak havoc on your finances, your career and even your relationship with your partner.How can you determine if you are vulnerable to quitting your job abruptly after having your baby? Below are some elements that can contribute to leaving your job:1. You hate your job-Babies have a way of forcing true feelings to the surface. This means that if you hate your job now, while you are preg...(related: Employment)

Words. Words. Words.
They're only words. Some believe the school-yard taunt: "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me." They're wrong. Words can hurt you in the workplace.I'm not referring to the caustic ones spoken (or received) tainted with sarcasm, irritation, anger or frustration, carrying an emotional punch. I'm talking about simple, everyday, normal word choices. These words, like black ice, are not an obvious danger at first glance. But, they can impact your results. So, user-beware.Words create impressions, images and expectations. They build psychological connections. They influence how we think. Since thoughts determine actions, there's a powerful connection between the words we use and the results we get.Think about these two words: spend and invest. Would you like your bank to spend your money or invest it? Si...(related: Employment)

Work At Home Jobs Vs Self Employment
Work at Home Jobs vs Owning a Home Based BusinessNot everyone is interested in owning their own home business, but a lot of people are interested in dropping out of the rat race a little bit. More and more jobs are available where you can work from home. And since your productivity will probably be better working from home, you'll probably make more money. The other advantage is that it doesn't cost as much money to work from home, since you no longer have commuting expenses, lunches out expenses, or the same clothing expenses. These are big advantages.Just because you don't want to own your own home based business doesn't mean you can't work from home. All it involves in a change in mindset and some effort.Recommended ReadingIf you're interested in learning mo...(related: Employment)

Work Attitude Ethics For Progress
This "fruit for thought" article is for all human beings, who somehow find themselves in the role of breadwinner and striving to improve their living standards.The heading of this article could just as well have been "How to position yourself for promotion" or "How to position yourself for career advancement" or "How to climb the success ladder" or something similar.The answer on how to cultivate good work ethics is simple. Make yourself one of the linking pins in your organisation. A linking pin is someone to whom everybody turns to, to get information and advice from. It is also someone who can lin...(related: Employment)

Work In Dubai
Dubai is home to an exciting, diverse, multi-cultural blend of young, dynamic and professional people all enjoying the unrivalled quality of life the Emirate has to offer. It is of absolu...(related: Employment)

Work Is A Four-letter Word
I can hear the jokes already and most of them are not politically correct. Let me throw out a word that we often don't attach to work and yet I think it is a word of redemption, of contribution, of achievement, of community, and ultimately, of legac...(related: Employment)

Working Abroad - Employment Advice In Spain
Jobs and employment on the Costa BlancaThe Council of Europe regulations forced Spain to end all restrictions on the free circulation of European Union workers as of January 1st, 1992 - which means that all EU citizens can work in Spain under the same conditions as Spaniards complete with employment contracts and employers contributions into the Spanish Social Security system on your behalf, giving both yourself and your dependants, access to the Spanish National Health Service. These rights extend even to family members who are non EU nationals.For example, if a Briton working in Spain is married to, say - a US national, the non EU spouse will have full rights to residence and employment in Spain. In addition, children of foreign workers will have the same rights to trade school education ...(related: Employment)

Working As A Knowledge Worker In The Information Age
The old adages: "It's not what you know, but who you know" and "High Tech, High Touch" could be the mottos of knowledge workers in the 21st Century.Never before in the history of the world has both networking and interpersonal communication been potentially easier, broader, more wide-spread and paradoxically, more difficult.The access to people and information in the information age is without parallel in history. The same technology which has enabled this to happen, has also reduced the time between communications from weeks to seconds...(related: Employment)

Working From Home - Could You Cope?
It is a well-known fact that more and more people are choosing to work from home rather than face the daily agony that is otherwise known as commuting. There are m...(related: Employment)

Working In Dubai
Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is one of the world's fastest growing employment hotspots in the world. Up to 20 new companies establish themselves in the emirate's free trade zones every week and since 2002 some 650 companies have registered in the Dubai Media City free trade zone alone.Particularly in the fields of tourism, IT, media and finance there are significant job opportun...(related: Employment)

Working In Iraq: Is It For You?
The US Army Corp of Engineers and numerous private companies are still looking for people to help rebuild Iraq's infrastructure. In fact, one Web site reports that there are currently 60,000 jobs available in Iraq for US citizens. And the pay can be very good. Some civilian contractor jobs start at $80,000. Others pay even more. A truck driver earning $30,000 in the US may be able to get a job in Iraq paying $70,000, $80,000 or even $90,000 a year.Just as important, housing and me...(related: Employment)

Working On A Farm In Kent
Being a student, a person needs to look for summer jobs, to keep up with the expenses for school and fun activities. This task is not always easy, especially when you are studying at an American branch university and you have to pay tuition as well. So getting a summer job obviously rules out getting a job in your home Eastern European country as that would pay for only a couple of beers the most.So here we go, approching the winter and thinking about the summer. There a...(related: Employment)

Working With Recruiters: 5 Critical Words For Candidates
As professional recruiters working both retained and contingency search assignments, we spend a significant part of our effort preparing both the candidate and the client employer for prospective interviews. Preparing each side to meet and interact removes much of the predisposed tension that is inherent to the interview process on both sides. If each participant of the interview is prepared thoroughly with a detailed mental picture of what to expect, the normal nerves or "butterflies" are lessened and the result is a more fruitful interview from both sides of the table. After all, the purpose of the interview is to discover if a variety of ...(related: Employment)

Workplace 911
I've watched a few episodes of Nanny 911 and with the chaos, out of control children and seemingly irreparable behavior, it strikes me as a precursor to Workplace 911. No, not a new reality TV show, but everyday workplace problems.You see, kids who don't get their way, who learn to hit, manipulate, scream and throw things, grow up and go to work. By the time they're adults, they've replaced their aberrant behaviors, like spitting, wi...(related: Employment)

Workplace Melodrama--a Flair For The Dramatic
A flair for the dramatic is a theatrical term used to describe an actress or actor who has a talent for melodrama, characterized by intensely enacted interpersonal conflict and exagg...(related: Employment)

Workplace Violence - 8 Tips For Spotting Early Warning Signs
One of the greatest threats facing both employees and the companies they work for, is workplace violence. It has become the leading cause of death for women and the second leading for men, following closely behind motor vehicle accidents. In fact, the best estimates now being reported show that 1-in-4 employees will be the victim of workplace violence this year alone.While the media is quick to highlight the most deadly attacks that occur, the fact is that most employees will be lucky enough to only suffer from simple assaults. However, this is not to downplay the almost 400,000 aggravated assaults, 51,000 rapes and sexual assaults, 84,000 robberies, and nearly 1,000 homicides reported each year. I simply want to acknowledge that the average employee will not have to worry a...(related: Employment)

Write And Get Hired
Want to get hired faster than up to 97% of other job seekers?Well, you can. By doing two simple things almost nobody else is doing:1) write down a job search goal and2) read it out loud 10 times a day.Do this and you'll find a job faster as a result. I promise.Here's how ...Depending on which self-help book you read or success guru you listen to, only about 3% to 10% of the population has written goals, with deadlines. To prove this, ask yourself -- do you have written goals? Probably not. Now...(related: Employment)

Write Resume Keywords That Gets Your Application Read
As children we often used to read stories where magical words can open caves filled with treasures or magicians using words like abracadabra... sim sim.. and magically things appear out of thin air.Resume Keywords are the magic carpet that c...(related: Employment)

Writing A Great Resume, Part 1
Need a great resume to land that great job coming up? We are going to learn to create an eye-catching resume, using Microsoft Word.First, you need to collect all the information you will need to complete your Resume (dates of employment, education dates.....).Let's go to 'start' -- 'programs' -- 'Microsoft Word'. When the page opens, begin where the cursor is flashing and type in 'Resume'. Skip a few lines, by pressing the 'enter' key.Type in 'Personal Details'. Give your name, complete address, phone and fax number (if you have a fax #). Skip a few more lines.Type in 'Employment'. Begin with your last job and list the dates (from -- to)...(related: Employment)

Writing A Great Resume, Part 2
TIP: Update your resume often. Be sure to add details of any training course, new interests and areas of responsibility.Continue to style your resume the way we did it before. Use Bold font for section headings. You might also want to underline them.TIP: For Speed-highlight the text to underline -- go to the top toolbar. You will see a button that looks like U (with a line under it). Click that button and it will underline your text.For each job and educational establishment, make the font of the first line larger th...(related: Employment)

Writing A Must-read Cover Letter
If you want to land an interview, you'll need more than a perfectly polished resume, you'll also need a perfectly polished cover letter.A cover letter does more than provide a mere introduction, it gives the employer an opportunity to see why you are the right candidate for the job-before she even takes a look at your resume! By taking the time to customize a cover letter to each job opportunity, you can almost guarantee that your resume will get a good look instead of landing a permanent home in the circular file-or worse, the recycl...(related: Employment)

Writing A Resume That Gets You Noticed
As the old saying goes, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." In today's business world, of c...(related: Employment)

Writing A Resume: To Template Or Not To Template?
Are free resume templates a viable answer to preparing akiller resume?It's a fact that if your resume doesn't stand out--both interms of content AND appearance-- you'll find it verydifficult to get the job you seek.Hiring managers get hundreds of resumes for every openposition, but usually have time to interview only a han...(related: Employment)

Writing Cvs And Resumes For Professionals With Examples
Tips on writing your Skills and Achievement Based CV (ABCV) by Mike Kelley at First ImpressionsConducting a job search is like marketing and selling a product -- with YOU as the product. The best way to market yourself is to go through this sales sequence. In sales you have the "Features and Benefits" of the service or product provided. When selling yourself these can be communicated as your "Skills and Achievements".Your abilities can be overlooked and difficult to understand especially if you are coming from a different backgr...(related: Employment)

Writing Great Cover Letters
Cover letters are an essential ingredient to your complete résumé package. This is the best opportunity for you to demonstrate your personal character, knowledge of the company and your business writing skills.The following is a relatively generic format for creating your cover letter. Note that most cover letters are designed to target a specific company or at least a specific industry.First ParagraphYou must spark the e...(related: Employment)

Writing Powerful Resumes ? 10 Golden Rules
Your resume is your sales letter. It may not get you the job. But it must get you an interview. The resume should be written to arouse the interest of the employer so that you get your appointment for an interview. This is the primary purpose of a resume. Here are ten golden rules to follow in creating a very powerful resume.1. While writing a resume you should keep in mind that it is written with the purpose of getting a specific job. This will focus your resume on the requirements of the job and then match your experience and abilities to fulfill the requirements of the job.2. A powerful resume will be concise and to the point. Care must be taken not to include anything that ...(related: Employment)

Writing Resumes That Attract Your Perfect Job
Let me introduce you to Ben. He made it happenBen was a comptroller. He liked what he did and wanted to find a similar job after his position was eliminated during a re-organization. He brought to our initial meeting a resume that outlined his employment history and education. There was no profess...(related: Employment)

Writing Resumes
Use a resume as a foot in the doorWhen you go to college, they don't really teach you how to advance your career. In order to get the jobs you want, you need to know how to write an effective resume that will win you interviews. In order to be successful, you need to look at resumes as marketing brochures. Writing good resumes demands that you understand their purpose. They just need to...(related: Employment)

Yes, Ive Had Gaps In My Employment History--what To Do About It?
Yes, I've Had Gaps In My EmploymentHistory--What Can I Do About It?1. Honestly, there is not a single personwho has not had SOME gaps in theirwork history. Anyone who says differentlyis someone who might not always tell thetruth.2. So, you, job seeker have had someemployment gaps in your career/work life.What to do? What to do?3. Sit down...(related: Employment)

Yesterdays Hero
Wonder Woman makes it looks so easy. She gets up every morning, fights the good fight, calls it a day, and starts the whole process all over again. This is the way most of us begin our workday. We work hard, accomplish lots, and get up in the morning for an encore presentation.From childhood we were told that if we put 110% into our careers that we will be shoo-ins for promotions and raises. It sounded like an excellent plan and one that you easily bought into-hard work equals a big return on investment. Good deal.Then one day you walk into your office only to discover that your position has been eliminated. Not through any fault of your own, but because the powers-that-be made an executive decision to reduce costs....(related: Employment)

Yesterdays Project Manager Is Todays Project Engineer
The rapid growth of technology, greater exposure to knowledge, higher levels of awareness are making the young project engineer act more and more like a project manager.What I mean is, todays project engineers are actively supervising new graduates, setting and monitoring schedules & budgets, interacting with clients and so on.A decade or so ago these duties were undertaken by project managers or sup...(related: Employment)

You Are Lucky In Your Career!
You Are Lucky in Being Satisfied in Your CareerJust for fun let's you and I, reader, considerthat you are satisifed with your current career.It's good to find out why. You have a goodboss, good hours, good benefits and have agreat chance of being promoted soon. You are lucky and fortunate. What are you doingfor yourself that this good fate will continue?Are you preparing yourself for that promotion?How?One thing you might consider is to informallypoll your co-workers about your performance.No, this does not mean that you set up aquestionnaire about "how you're doing" orset up an artificial meeting or conversationabout yourself. An informal way of measuringyourself can be: Are you informed about thel...(related: Employment)

You Are Not Entitled To A Job!
Résumé TipsSome basics about job hunting...First of all, nobody owes you a job! This obvious fact is often overlooked by the eager job hunter -- at least for a couple of months -- when he or she gives up looking for a job! Many people think employers should hire them because of their award-winning personality. You have got to have a little something to show for yourself besides your pretty smile. The simple truth is, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd so that your potential employer will actually listen to what you have to say.A great résumé is the best place to start. Action statements about what you have accomplished really stick out on a résu...(related: Employment)

You Can Identify A Problem Solver

As an executive recruiter, I interview a lot of people. And while most candidates find a way to look good on paper, their resumes don't always reveal how good of a problem solver they are. Yet all of my clients want to hire problem solvers - people who can walk into their operation and make their problems go away.

This is understandable. Business, of course, is all about problems. In fact, whether your business is in growth mode or decline, you will always have problems. And it's management's job to either come up with the answers, or hire people who will. This article is about the latter.

How We Learned about Solving Problems

Through c...(related: Employment)

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

There is no easy way to define exactly what editors, publishers, PR managers, non-profit directors, advertising executives, and other industry professionals want from writers.

There are no written guidelines, standard requirements, or official specifications that apply to writing jobs across the board...

Every employer has special expectations and each writing position demands different skills. In an attempt to gather helpful hints for writers seeking to land a job i...(related: Employment)

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Whiners Need Not Apply
Sometime last summer I decided to host a pity party and invite all my friends. Well, not all my friends, exactly. Only those whose livelihoods might have, like mine, been suffering from the downward slide of the economy. To make the guest list, invitees would have to possess the ability to grumble, gripe, groan, fuss, snarl, scream, fret, rant and complain -- preferably all at the same time. I wanted world-class whiners at my party. Optimists need not apply.The idea for the party came about following several back-to-back conversations with different editors, all of whom relayed to me different versions of the same scenario: advertising sales are down, there are fewer magazines pages to fill, so we don...(related: Employment)

Work At Home Jobs Vs Self Employment
Work at Home Jobs vs Owning a Home Based BusinessNot everyone is interested in owning their own home business, but a lot of people are interested in dropping out of the rat race a little bit. More and more jobs are available where you can work from home. And since your productivity will probably be better working from home, you'll probably make more money. The other advantage is that it doesn't cost as much money to work from home, since you no longer have commuting expenses, lunches out expenses, or the same clothing expenses. These are big advantages.Just because you don't want to own your own home based business doesn't mean you can't work from home. All it involves in a change in mindset and some effort.Recommended ReadingIf you're interested in learning mo...(related: Employment)

Employment Under A Microscope
A certain amount of oversight is involved in almost any job. The more important, the more highly skilled, the more successful the position, the lower the degree of oversight. At the bottom rung of the economic and social ladder - the laborers, the...(related: Employment)

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