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Three Tips For Successful Networking
I generally shy away from using the word "networking" when it comes to our business. As professional "headhunters", we are constantly practicing and performing the art of networking in our daily operations. Many only consider the subject of networking when they are either seeking a new job or seeking new business opportunities. From our perspective, networking should be a daily event in your life. Networking is the art of building relationships that create benefit for yourself. Here are three tips to becoming a top notch "networker".1. Develop an "Elevator Speech": The theory goes that if yo...(related: Employment)

Three Ways To Transition To A New Career
As a Certified Personnel Consultant working for Find Great People International in Greenville, South Carolina, I receive telephone calls from people who are considering a career change. For some, transitioning to ...(related: Employment)

Tips For Building A Successful Career
1. Develop excellent work habits ? for example, meet deadlines and don't procrastinate.2. Read extensively about your primary career area. "Own" your profession by developing a disciplined reading program, so you'll be aware of trends and developments.3. Practice team playing ? learning from colleagues and sharing your knowledge.4. Know both your job and your organization's expectations, and be sure they're on the same track.5. Set goals, write them down and evaluate your progress.6. Focus on understanding your client/cust...(related: Employment)

Tips For Getting Your Movie Career Launched
Hollywood helps those who help themselves! In you want to get your movie career fast tracked then here are three common sense tips to help you on your way.1. Borrow the Boy Scout's Motto: Be Prepared.Once you start the ball rolling you never know when you're going to get a casting call. When that call comes there isn't going to be any time to get all of the basics covered so get them out of the way right now.Get your portfolio in order. Have plenty of copies of your PROFESSIONALLY done publicity photo's on hand.Have all of your stage and screen credits listed even if it's only summer stock ...(related: Employment)

Tips For Handling On The Job Setbacks
If you've chosen a business career, you will inevitably experience some type of setback. And whether your pet project is canceled, your performance review is a bust, you get turned down for a promotion, or you're asked to leave the company, setbacks hurt big time. Nevertheless, if you start thinking of yourself as a victim or allow yourself to lapse into prolonged negativity, you won't be hurting anyone except yourself. Worrying until you get sick, abusing drugs or denying that you've reached an impasse won't help either. The best strategy for making a comeback is to recognize the reality of the situation, acknowledg...(related: Employment)

Tips For Requesting A Raise
You probably think you deserve a raise. But does your boss think so?Here's how to go about convincing your boss that you're really worth more than you're being paid.First, you must realize that doing a great job is NOT a good enough reason to justify a raise. Your employer EXPECTS you to do a great job. Your performance must be "over and above" what other employees in similar positions are doing. And you can't rely on your boss to recognize your true worth without help from you. If you don't ask for one, you may never get a raise.So here's what you do. First, make a list of your spe...(related: Employment)

Tips For Successful Job Hunting: How To Get A Job Without A Resume
I am in my mid-thirties, and, as you can imagine, I have changed and looked for jobs many times in my life. No matter how successful was in my job hunting research, I realized that there are certain ground "rules" that need to be respected; otherwise, we will not get what we want from our careers.First of all, forget about your resume.A resume can't get you a job. A resume won't get...(related: Employment)

Tips For Surviving As A Corporate Refugee
In her book "Are You A Corporate Refugee", Ruth Luban associates "corporate refugees" with refugees who never intend to leave their home country. People who are uprooted from the familiar terrain, customs and native l...(related: Employment)

Tips For Terrific Telephone Interviews
Telephone interviews don't just happen; they are the result of action you have taken. For example, when you are networking and the company representative becomes interested in your skills; when a company representative calls you in response to a résumé you have sent; or when you have previously set up the telephone meeting. Your goal is to achieve a face-to-face meeting at the end of the call.1. BE PREPARED! Keep your résumé, files, paper, and pen within easy reach of the telephone.2. SMILE WHEN YOU ANSWER THE ...(related: Employment)

Tips On Finding Employment As A Corporate Flight Attendant
I will not pretend that this is the easiest topic to write about. In fact, my knowledge of how one f...(related: Employment)

Tips On How To Write High Impact Letters Of Recommendation
Congratulations. You've been asked to write a letter ofrecommendation for an employee or colleague. This person valuesyour opinion of him or her, and you'd be glad to help themadvance. The problem is you're unsure of what to say or how tosay it! Here are four tips to keep in mind when preparing yourr...(related: Employment)

Tips To Survive A Layoff
The following eight tips will help make sure that recover from alayoff sooner than you think.#1 - DON'T PANIC: You may have lost your job but you have not lost everything. You area skilled individual and will work again. Do not ever lose sight ofthese two simple sentences. Do not let yourself fall into a spiralof negative thinking. Think back to all the other people that youknow of that have lost jobs in the past and are now successfullyemployed.#2 - REFLECT AND RECOVER:Step back and clear your head. Ange...(related: Employment)

Tmi: The Resume Destroyer
"They say my résumé should be only one page long. Is that correct?"Not necessarily. Many résumés are rightly two, three, or even more...(related: Employment)

To All Managers: How Does Add Affect Your Workplace?
Tent caterpillars create a cocoon for an entire colony. Within one colony there are two types of caterpillar. One type, pioneers, weave long threads forming the skeleton of the tent. The others, the workers, weave cross threads filling in the structure. If there are too many pioneers, the tent is too big and collapses. If there are not enough pioneers, the tent is too dense and the colony suffocates. Viva la difference.Within the colony of human beings we can find similar differences. Some are explorers, entrepreneurs extending the boundaries of our environment in art, science, or business....(related: Employment)

To Get Hired Or Get Promoted, Attitude Is The Key
When you're looking to get hired or get promoted, what do you think is your most important asset? Your experience? Knowledge? Skill? Talent?While all of those are advantages that will help you achieve your goals, there's one thing that's more important than all of them combined.Your attitude!I attended a board meeting recently. It should've been spelled "bored." Just about everyone's eyes were glazed over or nearly closed with fatigue as one dull presentation after another was foisted upon the board members, staff and audie...(related: Employment)

Top 10 Resume Writing Tips To Get You The Interview
There are many reasons why you could be in the marketfor a new job right now. Perhaps...> You just graduated from high school--or even better,college--and you're ready to strike out on a quest foryour first "real" job.> Your worst fears finally manifested and you've beendownsized.> You're bored with the...(related: Employment)

Top 10 Skills For New World Of Work
There are many changes coming in the world of work, such as increased competition, the need for more education and certifications, and the trend to change careers 5-7 times in a lifetime. No matter what job or career path you decide to take, there are some basic skills that all employers look for. To succeed in the modern world of work, keep your skill set up- to- date. The following is a list of the top ten skills needed for the new world of work.1. CommunicationCommunication is the ability to e...(related: Employment)

Top 10 Super Job Interview Tips
Use these interview tips for job hunting success!It's a tough job market out there today. An...(related: Employment)

Top 10 Tips For Career Advancement

Here's a list of the top 10 tips you can use to advance your career:

1. Don't be afraid to say "I don't know."  If you don't know something, say so; don't try to fake it. 

2. Take responsibility for your actions. If you're at fault, admit it and take the blame. If you're wrong, apologize.

3. Never gossip. Gossip can hurt the careers of two people: the person being talked about, and the person doing the talking.

4. Never say "That's not my job." Don't think you are above anything. Pitch in and set a good example, especially if the job is one that nobody else wants to do. Your willingness to do so will be noticed and appre...(related: Employment)

Top 5 Tips For College Grads Entering The Working World
1) Build a Relationship With Your Boss:Like it or not, no single individual has a greater impact on your career future than your direct supervisor. So, how do you get on their good side from the start? Managers want to feel that you truly care, and that you are "in it with them" as a team. Bring your boss solutions, not problems. When a problem arises, take initiative to consider what alternatives are available. Don't just throw the problem on their desk and have them figure it out. Always ask your boss for advice on what you or the company could do better. Offer to stay late for projects, even if they might no...(related: Employment)

Top Career Advice ... More Choices And A Better Way Of Life
Why Career Advice Is So ImportantChoosing a career presents a nerve-racking decision, as it can have a life-long impact on you. Do not fret, as you can gain a clearer outlook into your future by thorough career planning.Having a clear vision of the future can guide you by helping you set career goals and helping you on your way towards attaining them. Whether you are starting out on a new career or looking to change your current career, you will benefit enormously from taking sound advice.Don't Spend Most of Your Life Doing ...Chances are that you will be spending a great deal of time at your job, about 40 hours a week. Career advice and career profiling can guide you to a job that is enjoyable for you and matches your interests.There a...(related: Employment)

Top Ten Guidelines For Working With Executive Recruiters
1. Select the right type of recruitment partnerDetermine whether you would be best served by a retained, contingency, contract or research based partner at a global, national or local level.2. Interview recruiters to find th...(related: Employment)

Top Ten Networking Strategies To Get A Job, A Promotion, Or Make A Sale
Whether you are networking to find a new job opportunity, gain a promotion, or close a sale, you have two main goals with the networking interaction:1. To be remembered so that when opportunities appear, people will think of you as the perfect person to handle things,2. To be referred to others who can give you insight into these opportunities.Your overall goal of course is to get a job, make a sale, or gain more business -? but it is these two steps that lead really effective net workers to the jobs, careers, and opportunities they want. What effective net workers unde...(related: Employment)

Top Ten Reasons To Start A Catering Business
There is little doubt that Americans still have a deep abiding love for all things eatable. Despite the h...(related: Employment)

Travel Light To Work
As a frequent traveler, my goal for each trip is to travel light. Despite thoughtful planning, sometimes that goal is shattered when I go to close the suitcase and realize I need a larger, or even second one. I can't always get my packing right and end up taking more than I need. When that happens it's frustrating. I ...(related: Employment)

Travel Writer Jobs, What Are They And How To Find Them
Travel writing jobs are few and far between. Getting into this field is hard to do and requires a lot of training and experience. But, there are many benefits to them. There are many individuals who would love to get employment opportunities in this field. And, because the world is faster and faster becoming accessible to more people, increasing employment availability can be found for travel jobs as well. But, how does a person get in and how do they do their job?Travel writer jobs belong mainly to freelance authors, travelling far and wide. ...(related: Employment)

Traveling For An Interview? 10 Tips To Get You From Here To There
You've just been granted an on-site interview in another town. Hurray!This means you'll be traveling to an employer's location so that they can further evaluate you for a specific job position.Before you make any travel arrangements, it's a good idea to discuss who will be paying for your trip ? you or the employer. If you're paying, find out if you'll be reimbursed. It's a good idea to save all your receipts from the trip if you're being reimbursed for expenses.Here's some things to keep in mind when traveling to interviews:1) Let the employer know immediately if you have to cancel the trip or make any changes to your visit.2) Unless the employer is reserving your flight and hotel room, you will need a way to make reservations in...(related: Employment)

Troubleshooting Your Job Search
OK. You've posted your resume online. You've sent out a dozen copies answering classified ads. You've told everyone in your network that you're looking for a job.And nothing has happened.Now what?Since 1996, I've written/edited resumes for nearly 3,000 clients and refunded less than 3% of them for lack of results. Based on this experience, here are four ways for you to troubleshoot -- and improve -- an unsuccessful job search.1) Is your resume focused?Your resume can't be all things to all people. Mak...(related: Employment)

Turning The Table: Questions For Your Interviewer
(DES MOINES, Iowa ? January 26, 2005) The fateful final question of all interviewers may carry more weight than you would think. Upon hearing "Now, do you have any questions," you are given a chance to show the quality of your character and interest in the company. No matter how well the interview went, passively responding to this question with a shake of the head and a polite smile will only communicate to the employer that you are not interested in inquiring about the job, the company, and your place ...(related: Employment)

Turning Their Loss Into Your Job Gain
It isn't the end of the world, even if it seems like it. Losing your job can be a heart-breaking experience. After all, your security in life and your abilities is now in question. You can feel disillusioned a...(related: Employment)

Unemployment Blues: Mind Over Mood
Our lives are tranquil and smooth so seldom, it seems. We have our ups-and-downs, our good days and bad days, our sunny moods and black moods. The less we swing in opposite directions, the happier we tend to be. The biology of our bodies craves balance and consistency -- changes in our thought patterns and emotions interrupt the regularity of our nerve pathways leading to chemical inbalance and internal disturbances.Stress kills because stress is the critical determinant of how we think, how we feel, how we react: all activities which terribly upset that silent body chemistry. Events cause stress: the death or illness of a loved one, fear of terrorism, divorce, exposure to violence or a personal attack, financ...(related: Employment)

Unemployment Blues: Staying Afloat
The unemployment checks are running out and there is no potential job in sight. The wolf is knocki...(related: Employment)

Unemployment Survival: Creating A Sense Of Security
In a time of economic downturn, international turmoil, company restructuring and corporate mergers run amok, thousands of people are either out of work or fearful of losing their jobs.Is there, then, such a thing as job security?No job, in itself, is totally secure. Governments cut back, unions have periods when they have no work available for their members, directors and CEOs are forced out, self-employment ventures fail. Even the most coveted and powerful position in the world, the Presidency of the United States, only lasts 4 or 8 years.Your only job security lies in self-security. Knowledge and appreciation of your value as a worker: your skills, y...(related: Employment)

Unemployment Survival: Taking Back Control
One of the most emotionally crippling aspects of unemployment is the sense of powerlessness it engenders. Job layoff triggers financial pressures, emotional distress, family turmoil, and dashed career hopes. It is forced on us by unrelenting fate, an emotionally disengaged employer, and economic currents that have little to do with us personally. We feel that we have no control over our situation, our lives, our future.As we work through the anger, resentment, depression, and fear which is the common lot of the jobless, we can take some steps to regain our balance, reclaim a positive focus, and reassert personal control.1. Daily Routine.We no longer h...(related: Employment)

Unlimit Your Life!
Do you have a tendency to think in absolutes?Is everything good or bad, black or white?This type of thinking can severely limit your options. Or worse, prevent you from getting an accurate picture of what'spossible.Most people are uncomfortable hanging out in the "I don't know"space. The anxiety of not knowing triggers a rush to decisionmaking. However, learning how to deal with periods of uncertainty while weighing your options will afford you thetime to make a superior choice.So how do you do this? Try a new approach and get support.Broaden Your ReachSuppose you wanted to explore career options. If you usually get advice from one or two people, instead make a list of everypossible person w...(related: Employment)

Update Your Resume Today
A friend was just promoted to a position of vice-president of a company. I am happy for him and the first thing I told him after congratulations was "update your resume". He is now in a new league and if and when a headhunter should call or an opportunity to advance presents itself, he must be ready with his paperwork. Ready now, not tomorrow. A prospective employer's first impression of you should be one of preparedness.How about you? When did you last update your resume...(related: Employment)

Updating Your Plum Job Now That Youre A Parent

It's startling to discover how having kids changes the way you see the world.  Just compare your "before kids" vs. "after kids" views on what counts as:

  • A good place to live.
  • A desirable car.
  • A great restaurant.
  • A wonderful evening.
  • Your ideal or "plum" job.

Give that "plum" job a closer look.  Back in college or graduate school, yo...(related: Employment)

Use Job Search Hacks To Get Hired Faster
Job searching alone is like hitchhiking a scary ride with an unknown stranger on a 180-mile long deserted, no-exit road with hopes you'll make your destination. When you lack time or expertise to plan career moves carefully, sometimes the loss of ground is not apparent until years later. You can get trapped in a black hole and frustrated that your career is not advancing to full potential. Ever feel imprisoned in positions that lacked adequate reward, satisfaction, challenge or a future?There are many reasons for these job jails:? You've become too specialized.? You've become too generalized.? You failed to look ahead and plan for the future.? You held out...(related: Employment)

Useless Resume Objectives
What's wrong with an objective on a resume? The problem with objectives on resumes is that a typical objective is self-centered and self-serving; therefore, it is useless. Instead of an objective, use a power statement.Let me illustrate what I mean by giving examples of both objectives and power statements. Here is a typical objective, one that HR personnel see on top of resumes all the time:"Customer Service Representative position allowing me to fully utilize my skills and attributes and providing professional advancement opportunities."What did this objective tell me? The above objective communicated to me basically nothing but for the sake of this case study here are a few points:

  • The person is looking for a Customer Service position. (No pro...(related: Employment)

    Using Freelance Websites To Telecommute
    How is your job hunting going? Have you had problems finding legitimate jobs? I don't know if you've ever thought about using freelance websites to obtain work at home, but this should be something you look into. It...(related: Employment)

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    What Is Workers Compensation Fraud
    What is FraudFraud occurs when a person knowingly or intentionally conceals, misrepresents, and makes a false statement to either deny or obtain workers' compensation benefits or insurance coverage, or otherwise profit from the deceit. The key to conviction is proving in court that the misrepresentation or concealment occurred knowingly or intentionally.Premium fraud and benefit fraud are the most common types of workers compensation fraud.Premium fraud is usually committed by an employer who misrepresents the amount of payroll or classification of employees, or who attempts to avoid a higher insurance risk modifier by transferring employees to a new business ...(related: Employment)

    Showing Appreciation To Workplace Un-sung Heroes
    Millions of Un-Sung Heroes are born every minute! They are found everywhere-on street corners, in our homes, offices, and communities-wherever there are people in need of rescue. These special people, whose positive actions and initiatives are performed to benefit others, are ...(related: Employment)

    10 Tips To Help You Ace The Interview And Get The Job
    The interview is the "beauty contest" part of the job search process. Interviewers get to compare candidates by asking them similar questions and comparing the answers. Being just the right person for the job won't help you if you b...(related: Employment)

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