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The Hidden Job Market: Real Or Imagined?
The hidden job market has been touted as the place to go if you want to find the best jobs. It's been said that this sector of the job market accounts for seventy-five percent of all the job openings out there. If that is true, then what we see in the classifieds and on the Internet job sites account for only twenty-five percent of all job openings. So the question becomes, is the hidden job market a myth or does it truly exist?The hidden, or unadvertised, job market does exist, and can be located. When a company advertises a job opening in the classifieds and on the various job sites, it takes three to four months for that position to be filled. Since companies lose mon...(related: Employment)

The Importance Of Background Verification
Today's society has created an environment that requires business owners to be armed with numerous tools. Many employers currently spend little time verifying the accuracy of employment applications and the cost of not doing normal due diligence can be staggering.Consider:An HVAC company recently paid $750,000 to a customer who was raped by a service technician. His employment application indicated no criminal convictions and the employer did not perform a complet...(related: Employment)

The Inevitable Job Interview Question: ?why Did You Leave (are Planning To Leave) Your Last Position
This is a question that you can almost count on being asked at your next interview What the interviewer wants to know is, "Why are you available?"The answer you give could set the tone for the rest of the interview. For instance, if you were to indicate that you were bored or burned out at your last job, the interviewer would quickly become concerned about your performance at this company. The question can be especially tricky if you've had less than favorable conditions regarding your departure from a company. Regardless of the circumstances th...(related: Employment)

The Interview - A Few Tips For Making A Great First Impression
Searching for employment is one of the most nerve-racking activities to engage in. As if the direct need for income is not stressful enough, the process of writing a résumé, networking in your industry, and applying for jobs can leave anyone shaking in their tracks. Once you have hit the pavement and made a few contacts the phone calls should start coming in. With a little effort, hopefully a phone call could lead to an interview; which happens to be one of the most horrifying portions of career building. With the completion of a good interview, a job offer is just a step away. Here are few tips of turning any int...(related: Employment)

The Interviewable Resume
It is rumored that the only word William Shakespeare wrote on his resume was "Available." We'll probably never know if that is true. But it raises an interesting question. How much information is too much and how much is too little when dealing with resume copy?The resume is a vital piece to any job search. As companies scramble to find the ideal candidate, they use the resume to screen candidates. Done right, a resume builds an instant connection with the reader and helps steer the course of the interview in your favor. If you submit a resume that piques the curiosity of the reader, he or she most likely will ask questions based on the information you provided on the resume as opposed to relying on a pre-packaged questionnaire. That's how you know you have an ...(related: Employment)

The Last Minute Interview
Your breath catches in your throat - at last, an interview! Elated, you write down the time and place of the interview, who to ask for, say thanks, and hang up!But, wait, it's such short notice, and you haven't been interviewed for ages. Too, you never did get around to practicing. How can you possibly prepare in time to perform well? You hesitate to call them back to reschedule-that might not look good. You feel the anxiety building, even a little panic. What should you do?Here are three easily remembered tips that will help a lot.Relax. Remind yourself that you would not be interviewing at all if they didn't like what they saw on your résumé. Review the ad and the response you sent them earlier (you did keep them, didn't you?). Be reasonably sure that you understand what it is they are looking ...(related: Employment)

The Myths Of Career Change
Chances are you already have many ideas about what it takes to successfully transition into a new career, even if you have never done it before. Some of those ideas might be useful ? most probably are not. In this article I w...(related: Employment)

The Network Within
When you hear the word "networking", what comes to your mind first?You probably think about going to a job fair or asking all of your friends, family members and acquaintances for jobs.But if you are currently employed, you might very well have easy access to one of the best networks you can have.Let me introduce you to a different networking concept ? that of "inside" networking, "inside" meaning: within your current company or organization....(related: Employment)

The Night Worker
In the process of musing about our perennially awake world for my Social Psych blog, I started to think about our present work world and how its operations have changed the lives of millions of workers.I ma...(related: Employment)

The Not-so-effective Cover Letter
Here's a newsflash: Cover letters work, plain and simple. This is why I'm intrigued by the fact that a) jobseekers rarely submit them and b) hiring managers seldom read the...(related: Employment)

The Organized Job Search
Many people, under financial or other pressures to find work quickly, feel they can't afford to take the time to get organized. On the other hand, conducting your job search in an organized manner will reduce the amount of time you spend looking for information, following inappropriate leads, or waiting for your dream job to fall into your lap. It generally takes at least a month to find an entry-level job, and as much as nine months for ...(related: Employment)

The Path Of Least Resistance
I spend a bit of time on airplanes. So, I was surprised by what I observed on a regional jet. Yes, it was holiday travel. Yes, the flight was overbooked. Yes, infrequent and tired travelers were creating challenges for the only stewardess. Still, she saw the small boy, no more than eight, seated in the exit row next to his grandfather. She chose to ignore him, wishing and hoping her safety message stating a person must be over fifteen to sit in the exit row would fix it. Maybe she didn't want the hassle of trying to reseat passengers on an already late flight. Maybe she was tired, too. Who knows?What I do know is that despite the safety implications of her decision, she chose the path of least resistance that day. And she's not alone. Many people take that path at work. They choose...(related: Employment)

The Perfect Fit: Women & Franchising
An interesting combination of factors at this time in history may be the reason so many women are turning to franchising to fulfill their entrepreneurial desires. Women's increased financial power, better education, and corporate experience, combined with their desire for more autonomy and desire to connect with others who share their values make franchising a great fit for many women.Women are better educated now than ever. They have accu...(related: Employment)

The Perfect Resume
The perfect resume presents hiring managers with a four-fold vision of who you are and what you bring to the table:

The perfect resume offers Logical Proofs:    

  • Facts
  • Quantifiable data
  • Logi...(related: Employment)

    The Perils Of Employment: Are You About To Be Let Go?
    From the moment you are born and you take your first breath, you begin to die.It's just a fact of life. And to illustrate another truth: From the day you are hired by a company, you move closer to the day you will move on. This is either a natural occurrence or a purposeful severing of ties.Statistics show that the average person will hold at least ten to twelve different jobs in what would nonetheless be seen as an illustrious career. Moving from one job to the other is a natural progression, each job or situation representing a stepping stone to the next. The bottom li...(related: Employment)

    The Power To Succeed
    It's amazing how we fool ourselves... while at the same time believing we are doing what's best.Let me give you an example. I overheard a guy telling a group of friends, over drinks, how he had become fed-up with work. Guys being guys, they immediately started to come up with options to fix the problem ? ideas like changing company and changing jobs. That was when the guy got all logical?'Yeah, but I need to pay the mortgage and my kid's education and we've got a holiday planned for the Bahamas and?'I interrupted. 'How much do you need?''A hundred grand a year,' he replied.'What's more important,' I asked, 'your happines...(related: Employment)

    The Pros And Cons Of Telecommuting - As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Seasoned Telecommuter
    Janelle Delacorte has been happily answering calls for the Home Shopping Network and various infomercials since November 2004.Several nights out of the week she tucks the kids in to bed, turns around, takes 20 or so odd steps, and arrives at the office. In her pajama's, no less.Janelle is a telecommuter.According to the 2004 ITAC American Interactive Consumer Survey, she's one of 24.1 million people who is employed by a company, and works from home. And as you can imagine, she loves her job.In a recent interview she confided with me about the pro's and con's of telecommuting.Pro's:

    The Quickly Changing Landscape Of The Job Market
    Does it seem that with every passing year it's getting harder and harder to find good paying jobs? If you think so, you're not alone in your thoughts. In fact, this is a common complaint that many people have and it is even worse for those that do not have a college education.Jobs are not bountiful right now and even college graduatessometimes find themselves waiting tables for a year or twoafter they receive their diploma before they are able tofind a job. So, with the work force becoming tougher andtougher to break into, what are you going t...(related: Employment)

    The Recruiting Truth...time Is Not On Your Side
    In today's marketplace things are constantly changing and so are the needs of just about each and every organization. Whether your co...(related: Employment)

    The Right Way To Send Your Resume
    Having a great resume is the first critical step in a successful job search. Unfortunately, most people don't know the best ways to get that resume noticed. In today's job market, where you are competing with hundreds of other resumes, knowing the right way to distribute your resume can make all the difference.First o...(related: Employment)

    The Ripple Effect Of Fear
    Unemployment carries a lot of emotional baggage for most of us and fear is a major component. We fear the financial fallout of no longer receiving regular wages. We fear the impact of our lack of productivity on relationships: our marriage, our family, our friends, and our social and community activities. We fe...(related: Employment)

    The Role Of A Medical Assistant In A Modern Medical Practice
    Many physicians are unsure of what tasks are appropriate to assign to a Medical Assistant. It is important to remember Medical Assistants are not licensed to make independent medical assessments or give advice. Although many Medical Assistants may have advanced training in certain clinical areas it is ultimately the responsibility of the supervising physician or other licensed health care provider to assure that their staff and Medical Assistants working in the office are performing duties in compliance with all governing laws.Physicians must determine the skill level and capabilities of each Medical Assistant they super...(related: Employment)

    The Secrets To Interview Success
    Many well qualified and extremely able candidates fail at job interviews simply because they are unaware of the conventions of the job interview and the expectations of the interviewer.Successful candidates, on the other hand, manage to impress prospective employers precisely because they know how to present themselves.Thus, they study the job advertisement; th...(related: Employment)

    The Six Figure Job Search
    Before we start discussing how to search for a six figure salary job, let's set a goal. The goal I suggest is to double your income every fi...(related: Employment)

    The Springtime Of Your Career
    Rick Jarow, author of Creating the Work You Love, introduced many of us to the notion of career seasons. When we're struggling with a career, we're most likely to think of winter. At some point a career change (or other transition) feels like being buried under a coat of ice, hibernating through long, dark days. Hopefully we learn to see the beauty of winter -- sun on the snow, clear air, the bare outlines of trees denied their leafy cover-ups.Spring gets promoted as a time of new beginnings -- and it's a fragile season. Buds appear on trees, only to become leaves in a matter of days. Cherry blossoms, forsythia, and daffodils seem to last just long enough for us to learn their names.Spring also brings energy. Here in New Mexico, we're blown about by winds. The dog ra...(related: Employment)

    The Squirrel Effect
    An industrious black-tailed ground squirrel has his home beneath a stump not far from my office window. I've been watching him squirrel away provisions for winter. He reminds me of people I've worked with.Starting his journey by standing tall on the stump, the squirrel hurriedly looks side to side. When he's certain it is safe he leaps into the grass, jumping then running to a group of nuts nestled beneath a medium-size pine. There he briefly pauses to make his choice. Selecting one pine nut in his teeth, he darts back to the stump with a run-jump motion. Once again standing tall, he looks for competitors or predators be...(related: Employment)

    The Surefire Way To Getting A Pay Raise
    If you are working for someone else, it is important to remember this fact: No one gives you a raise, you must earn it. You've got to prove you are worth the additional money you are asking for. And, you must do this in a professional, business-like, and diplomatic way. You do this by completing salary research and having the facts straight in terms of your worth and the addit...(related: Employment)

    The Telecommuting Tightrope
    For many of us, telecommuting seems like the ideal situation. You wake up, shuffle over to your home office, work at your own pace. You take a break when it suits you, you end your day when you're ready to. You can rearrange your work schedule to fit aro...(related: Employment)

    The Top 10 Mistakes Job Seekers Should Avoid In Contacting An Employer
    There are numerous tools and resources available to guide job seekers through the steps of a career transition. These tools are very useful and suggest much that you should do. At the same time, some individuals benefit equally by learning what to avoid. If you count yourself in this latter...(related: Employment)

    The Top 10 Reasons To Have A Career Coach
    Many people in the last decade have experienced for themselves either a layoff or termination. Some of these people affected have experienced outplacement-consulting services. This is a fancy word for "help" in finding a new job. Many have also heard the adage that it is better to get a new job while you are still employed.I will address why finding a job is an ongoing process of managing your career for yourself; and how a career coach can help more than just your career1. To gain Clarity in your lifeMost people don't know what they really want in their life/ careers. Even the one's that do....don't know when they get it.2. To develop your personal Vision/MissionYour personal visi...(related: Employment)

    The Top 10 Ways To Achieve Balance In Your Life
    1. Define Success for YourselfClarify and write down what success means for you. What would it look like, feel like, what would you hear if you were successful. Use these answers as your barometer....not somebody else's.2. Get a Handle on Your finances TodayPay your bills on time, do a budget, know how much is coming in and going out. Save at least 10%. Live within your means.3. Get Rid of the Energ...(related: Employment)

    The Top 10 Ways To Manage Your Career
    Many people in the last decade have experienced either a layoff or termination in their lives or the lives of somebody they know. While many of these people affected have experienced outplacement-consulting services, some have not and they may be in for a rude awakening - cor...(related: Employment)

    The Top Ten Strategies Of A Great Interview
    You've just received a call to interview with your dream company. Do you know how to prepare for the interview so that you'll feel confident, have a good experience and set yourself apart from others? Try following the steps below and you'll not only be well prepared, you'll present yourself as a true professional.1. Research the company.Do your homework, e.g. go to the company's website and read about the employers vision, strategy, competitive advantages, products, finances, departments, etc. If the company doesn't have a web presence look them up at the library, call the Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce, find out who they are, what products they sell, and something about their competitors.2. Prepare your elevator speech.This is your two-minute opportunity to enlighten the int...(related: Employment)

    The Top Ten Ways To Jump Start Your Career
    1. Do What You Love.Have you ever noticed we usually love to do the things we're best at? So what's your strength? Discover your passion and excel at what you do.2. Create Work/Life Balance.It really can be done with a little planning and prioritizing. Professional, Personal, Physical, Financial and Spiritual needs should be considered when paln...(related: Employment)

    Theres No Need To Pad Your Resume
    It seems like a good idea, harmless in fact. Your friends assure you that everybody does it and that employers rarely check resume facts. Going on blind faith and convinced the truth hasn't been helpful so far, you seriously consider fabricating information on your resume. You adapt the school of thought that a little white lie never hur...(related: Employment)

    Think About A Nursing Degree
    If you decide to get a degree in nursing, there are many things you need to know and consider first. Choosing your nursing school may not be aseasy as you expect. There is research that needs to go into it to be sure you get the best school available to you. You are going to want to lo...(related: Employment)

    Think Twice Before You Change Jobs
    You've got the itch to change jobs. This might be a good time to make the move.The Wall Street Journal has just reported, "Job-seekers from rank-and-file workers to senior executives are preparing their resumes for what may be the strongest fall hiring season in years.""Before you jump to a ne...(related: Employment)

    Those Little Things
    Moving to another state meant finding a new dentist. I tried one a neighbor recommended who seemed friendly, competent and eager to please. But, I never went back. His office was a case study on the importance of little things.The coat hook was missing a screw and falling from the wall; waiting room magazines were outdated; the posted office hours were taped over with an index card and new hours written in marker; the credenza was overflowing with mail and claim forms. There are plenty of dentists to choose from, and while he might be a competent one, why chance it?It's the same at work. Bosses choose which people to give a great assignment to, take a chance on or conside...(related: Employment)

    Three Myths About Resume Writing
    Your perspective on resumes ? what they are and how they function ? will doubtless influence how well you can write your own. To create an outstanding resume, begin by questioning and replacing some of the commonly held assumptions about resume writing.ASSUMPTION: "A resume is a personal history, and p...(related: Employment)

    Three Steps To Writing Your Own Resume
    While most professionals hire a professional resume writer, some draft their own resume. People who write a lot for business usually have more success in putting together a sharp, focused presentation; still, anyone can learn the basic steps to prepare his or her own resume.There are three major differences between a "strong" resume and an "o.k." resume:1. FORMAT AND PRESENTATION DETERMINE WHETHER THE RESUME IS READThe average resume is scanne...(related: Employment)

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    The 6 Stages Of Modern Career Development
    Career experts say that people will change careers (not jobs) 5-7 times in a lifetime. This being true, career management is an important life skill to develop and cultivate. There are six stages of modern career development: Assessment, Investigation, Preparation, Commitment, Retention, and Transition. Learning the characteristics of each stage will empower you to navigate through each stage easily and with more confidence.In the Assessment Stage, you are getting ready for your life's work. This stage is characterized by unawareness, in that you are not sure what your values, strengths, and weaknesses are. You start to feel like you want to know more about yourself and make a conscious effort to get...(related: Employment)

    What To Do When Your Boss Is A Butthead

    I've never worked for a boss I didn't like or respect.  Sure, some were better than others, but I never considered quitting my job because of a bad boss.  Unfortunately, many employees aren't so lucky.

    If your boss is a total butthead, someone you'll never get along with, admire or respect no matter how hard you try, there are a few things you can do.

    Wait.  Is your boss close to retirement or promotion--or even better--termination?  If so, try to bide your time and wait until that happy event happens.

    Bite your ...(related: Employment)

    Job Hunting Tips: Organizing Your Attack
    Looking for work is an energy-devouring ordeal, often leading to running in circles and not getting anywhere. A systematic approach can help you focus on your goal, avoid wasting the energy you need to conserve for interviews and employer contacts, and lower your stress level.Some resources you might find helpful include:1. Newspaper cla...(related: Employment)

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