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Ten Great Careers For Computer ?geeks
The universal acceptance of computers into our daily lives, both at work and at home, has decreased the image of computer use...(related: Employment)

Ten Great Careers For Single Parents
The challenges of raising a child by yourself, whether you're a mother or father, can be very difficult. Add the burden of having to be out of the home for 40+ hours per week to work and raising a child at the same time can be nearly impossible. This article describes ten careers you can train for that will give you the money to support your child and the time to be there for them.These careers all take less than two years to complete ...(related: Employment)

Ten Great Careers That Don?t Require A Four Year Degree
One of the great myths associated with the "American Dream" is that you need to have a four-year college degree to be successful. As...(related: Employment)

Ten Healthcare Fields That Cant Wait To Hire You
Healthcare is one of the hottest career fields in America today. The aging and retiring of the largest population segment in the country, known as "baby boomers", has left the healthcare industry racing to find enough employees to fill the void. Advances in medical technology and treatment are causing people to live longer as well. Add the fact many universities and colleges don't have enough teachers to train new employees; there becomes a ripe market for healthcare careers.You would be amazed how many types of healthcare careers there are available. This article will discuss three main categories; patient care, non-patient care and operations. We'll also discuss an amazing new trend with tremendous opportunity ? home health.Three main healthcare jobs in the category of patient care are nursing, medic...(related: Employment)

Ten Questions For Entrepreneurs To Ask Themselves
Ten Questions For Entrepreneurs To Ask Themselves1.Do I have the persistence and patience necessary to be a business owner?It would be nice if once you wrote your business plan all you needed to do would be to execute flawlessly and everything would fall into place. Maybe it happens to a few businesses but usually i...(related: Employment)

Ten Resume Writing Tips You Can?t Live Without
For some job opening, employers receivehundreds and even thousands of resumes.When you are looking for a job, howcan you best promote yourself? Howcan you convince a prospective employerto pick-up the phone and call you foran interview?Sought-after career coach and authorof the critically-acclaimed book,The Dark Before the Dawn: 70 Secretsto Self-discovery, Theresa Castrostates that you should take into consideration that your resume is the first exposure a potential employer willhave of you. Given this, you shouldn'ttak...(related: Employment)

Ten Things About Your Career Development
There are some tactics you can action whatever you wish for from your career. Whatever you might think right now, you have all the tools you need for a career which give you joy and fulfilment. You might not think that possible, or that it will leave you cash poor. But that's not usually the case. Your life can change within your control.Those who are the best at Career Development...

  • Recognise UneaseThey see within themselves that they are not as happy as they should be and take steps to find out why.
  • Get CreativeThrough the murk and confusion, they are able to step back and see the big picture and leave nothing out as options.
  • Understand their ValuesBy finding out just what is truly important to them - what gives them a real buz...(related: Employment)

    Ten Things To Do If You Really, Really Hate Your Job
    1. Begin focusing on what you want instead of how much you want to escape. When you find yourself sharing the latest horror story, stop in mid-...(related: Employment)

    Ten Things To Do When You Really, Really Hate Your Job
    1. Begin focusing on what you want instead of how much you want to escape. When you find yourself sharing the latest horror story, stop in mid-sentence and say, "What I want to have is....(related: Employment)

    Ten Tips To A Job Winning Interview
    These days, interviews don't come easily. When you get The Call, make the most of your time -- and go for it!1. Investigate the company's culture, markets, and finances. But resist the temptation to show off what you've researched: "I just read that you're about to embark on a new product line") unless you have a question directly related to your career.2. Look like you belong. Learn the company's dress code and err on the side of conservatism. When you're seeking a senior position based on industry experience, you'll be expected to know the rules without being told.3. Take charge of the inter...(related: Employment)

    Ten Tips To A Powerful Resume
    A new resume can jump-start your career. Your network contacts may ask for a resume and some industries absolutely, positively demand a resume as the price of admission.Does your resume come across as wimpy as a lettuce leaf -- the kind that hides under your salad and nobody notices? Create a powerful resume that demands to be noticed -- and earns kudos fo...(related: Employment)

    Thankk-you Notes: An Integral Part Of Your Career
    There is one little practice that is vital to generating the interest of potential employers. It is critical, but very few job seekers actually do it.What is it? The THANK YOU NOTE!Interview experts agree that EVERY job hunter MUST send thank-you notes after EVERY interview. They also point out that most people completely ignore this bit of wisdom.In order to have a huge advantage over the other candidates...(related: Employment)

    Thank-you Notes: An Integral Part Of Your Career Design
    There is one little practice that is vital to generating the interest of potential employers. It is critical, but very few job seekers actually do it.What is it? The THANK YOU NOTE!Interview experts agree th...(related: Employment)

    Thank-you Notes: Your Thoughtfulness Will Be Rewarded
    I get asked these questions over and over: "Should I send separate thank-you notes to everyone who interviewed me? Can I just send one thank-you note to the hiring manager and ask him/her to thank others involved in the process?"The answers are yes and no, respectively.Send a separate thank-you note to everyone who interviewed you, whether it was an informal pre-interview phone call, an interview lunch meeting, or the final formal interview after a lengthy process.Don't be stingy with your thank yous!It's an easy thing to do, it will only take a few minutes--and it will make the recipients feel good about you!Why wouldn't you jump at the chance to do that?You can make your thank-you notes...(related: Employment)

    The #1 Job Search Mistake To Avoid: Not Preparing Your Mind!
    Mental preparation is probably your most important task as you proceed in your job search. This not only needs to be worked on right from the start, but also on an ongoing basis.A healthy mindset is your best asset for the daunting task ahead. Here are some points to help you prepare mentally:1. Maintain positive self-esteem. You must believe in yourself and your abilities. You have special skills and talents that are valuable. Talk and think positively about yourself. Projecting this is the only way prospective employers will believe in you. If you are not convinced yourself, you will not be able to convince anyone else. Your confidence and self-belief are two important personality traits that any employer looks for, and they cannot be faked, o...(related: Employment)

    The 10 Biggest Career Change Mistakes - And How To Avoid Them
    Career change is no walk in the park.If it was easy, the castle gates would have burst long ago under the stampede of restless corporate warriors. Even with a burning desire to escape, the gritty issues of money and future work loom larger than life. Add in the trauma of a lost security blanket and you've got a love-hate relationship that keeps you marching stoically in place.It doesn't have to be that way. Successful career-changers take one step at a time. Learn a little?make a little progress. Learn a little more. ...(related: Employment)

    The 10 Second Window Of Opportunity, Resume Hour Glass
    Do you know that a hiring manager just spends 10 second with your resume before deciding to forward or junk it? Ten seconds is all you got, to impress that person to get to the next step of the hiring process - "interviews". I have seen many folks who can easily market themselves in person but they are poor at condensing them in a piece of electronic paper. This article hel...(related: Employment)

    The 10-step Resume Critique
    Your resume will generally receive a 15- to 30-second scan upon first review by an employer. With that in mind, it is critical that your resume -- your "paper handshake" -- makes a positive first impression and compels the reader to put your resume in the "yes" pile and possibly call you in for an interview.Before you circulate your resume, you will want to ensure it incorporates the basic characteristics of a powerful, interview-generating resume. When evaluating your resume you can follow the same basic steps as professional resume writers. This will increase the chances not only of having it placed into that "yes" pile, but also of helping it rise to the top of the s...(related: Employment)

    The 4 Job Search Facts You Need To Know!
    Are you harboring bitterness or anger towards your current or past employer?Do you find it difficult to be upbeat when interviewing or networking because of past job experiences?Have you spent sleepless nights worrying about how to explain your choppy resume?If you are currently in the job market, you need to dump this baggage fast!Here are 4 key job search facts you need to know:Fact #1:Your past employer is not investing hours in a personal vendetta against you.Fact #2:Employers know that the demise of dot.com companies and the economic downturn of the last 4 years have resulted in choppier resumes.Fact #3:People you network with don't want to hear about your past woes. They want to know what you're doing to move ahead!<...(related: Employment)

    The 5 Essential Telecommute Résumé Components
    1. An attractive layout that is easy to read and follow.Recruiters and hiring managers are busy people. They are often reading hundreds of résumés in a day so they don't have time to clean up your résumés formatting.If a hiring manager opens your e-mail attachment and the lines are out of alignment (usually from using the "tab" key) or if the font is too large/too small, they will likely hit delete and move on.Instead of using...(related: Employment)

    The 5 Ps Of A Job Search
    Step One - Plan:Most people spend more time planning a one to two week vacation than they do planning their lifetime care...(related: Employment)

    The 6 Stages Of Modern Career Development
    Career experts say that people will change careers (not jobs) 5-7 times in a lifetime. This being true, career management is an important life skill to develop and cultivate. There are six stages of modern career development: Assessment, Investigation, Preparation, Commitment, Retention, and Transition. Learning the characteristics of each stage will empower you to navigate through each stage easily and with more confidence.In the Assessment Stage, you are getting ready for your life's work. This stage is characterized by unawareness, in that you are not sure what your values, strengths, and weaknesses are. You start to feel like you want to know more about yourself and make a conscious effort to get...(related: Employment)

    The 7 Tough Job Interview Questions That Can Make Or Break You - And How To Answer Them
    Some interview questions are asked so frequently that they've become classics. Practically every interview you go on you'll be answering one or more of these seven interview questions.Why are these the most frequently asked interview questions? Probably because they give the employer a good idea of who you are and if you're the best fit for their company.** Tell Me About YourselfThis is an obvious open-ended questions where the interviewer is inviting you to give some background on yourself. But wait. Should you start revealing personal information about yourself? No. This isn't a beauty contest or game show.How to Answer: This is not a question you should try to wing off the top of your head. You need to write down a careful an...(related: Employment)

    The Art Of Selling Yourself!
    To "sell" oneself on paper is not easy. Creating a resume is a design and construction job and a test of your writing skills as well. A resume can either be self written or written with professional help.Self-written resumes are attractive with good fonts but the disadvantages of self-written resumes are that they may be unfocussed and carelessly organised. The candidate who gets the job is not always the most qualified; rather, the candidate with the best presentation is the one who gets hired.A resume is what is most essential to communicate what we have been, wha...(related: Employment)

    The Background On Background Checks

    In one of my past lives I held a Top Secret clearance as a Civil Service employee working for the Air Force. So I am familiar with background checks. But many job seekers are not. Here's a little background on background checks...

    More companies are doing background checks on potential employees these days than ever before.  Why?  Here are justa few of the reasons:

    1. Studies show that 30-40% of all job applicants put false information on their resumes or applications, and "exaggerate" their qualifications during interviews. Can you blame employers for wanting to verify claims made by desperate job seekers?

    2. Lawsuits for "neg...(related: Employment)

    The Best Business And Economy Solutions
    In todays Business and economy, starting any business service requires a good business plan. A little money wouldn't hurt either.Here it is, if you are thinking about a career change, or starting your own home based business, this is a great place to start.Discover some of the least expensive and easy to start, home based business opportunities available in 2005.These business oportunities are great for just about any ...(related: Employment)

    The Big Mo : Momentum And The Hiring Process
    Momentum as defined by Webster's is: strength or force gained by motion or through the development of events. For our purposes, the interview process is a "development of events". Creating and maintaining momentum throughout the interview process is critical to attracting and securing top candidates in today's competitive market. Momentum or "The Big Mo'" as I frequently call it is a term widely used by spo...(related: Employment)

    The Career Athlete: What It Takes To Manage Your Career
    Managing your career, just like managing your life, requires preparation and ensuring that your time is directed meaningfully. Don't wait and see; make things happen. Just like athletes who prepare for the "big game" or a marathon, designing your career requires goals, planning, work, and above all, commitment. Think of yourself as a Career Athlete.Being a Career Athlete requires awareness and action. Athletes are aware of their gifts, talents and abilities. They then focus their training on sharpening these skills with the goal of ...(related: Employment)

    The Case For Internships
    America may be the Land of Opportunity, but this is also the land of the Big Trade-Off. Sure, you can have that nice house, but you're going to have to become a mortgage slave to keep it. You can drive that fancy sports car, but you'll have to fork over an insurance premium as hefty as the GNP of some Third World nations. In the Bible it says, in life, if you want honey, you get bees with stingers. For anything worth having, there's price to pay.It's the same with a care...(related: Employment)

    The Changing Values Landscape Of The U.s. And How It Impacts Midlife Job Searchers, Part Two

    The values landscape of our nation is changing, and with it your personal values landscape is changing as well.  What does this mean and what does it have to do with midlife?

    Researcher Dr. Paul R...(related: Employment)

    The Changing Values Landscape Of The U.s. And How It Impacts Midlife Job Searchers

    Imagine a huge river that has been flowing for centuries:  See the thick underbrush that has grown up on either edge of the river's expansive banks and the moss-lined stones that litter its shallow edges.  Feel the power of water so deep and so strong because it has been pulsing through this landscape since the Renaissance, yet now this mighty river approaches a "Great Divide" such as has never been seen before in human history.

     There really is such a river and such a Great Divide and you will witness their inevitable collision in your lifetime.  Why does this matter?  Because you will observe the Great Divide from within it and will likely experience personal and professional chaos as a result, especially if you now or soon face...(related: Employment)

    The Chicken Or The Egg?

    Even before I checked my calendar on Monday morning, I knew the appointment would be there. Passed over for promotion again, Ralph wanted specifics on why I hadn't chosen him for the posit...(related: Employment)

    The Computer-friendly Resume
    The evolution of technology is changing the traditional methods for job searching and recruiting. More and more companies are now relying on computers to initiate the process of hiring and are filling their database with candidates with skills that are easily searchable. Traditionally, submitted resumes were first received and sorted by humans. What else, right? But now, for many firms, this step has been handed over to their computers.To facilitate more efficient hiring, incoming resumes for some large firms are sent to a computerized applicant tracking system to be scanned, or read. The resumes are sorted, categorized and retrieved through data scanning technology and entered into the organization's computing network. Resumes must now be formatted and written in a way so that the i...(related: Employment)

    The Dog Days Of Job Hunting
    Does a headline like this scare you? it should because the consolidation is not over yet.Don't despair just because we are in the "dog days" of job hunting there are action items you can do now to keep yourself primed for. FYI: Dog Days is the name for the sultriest period of summer, from about July 3 to Aug. 11. Named in early times by observers in countries bordering the Mediterranean, the period was reckoned as extending from 20 days before to...(related: Employment)

    The Executive Resume - Moving Beyond Accomplishments
    There is a major difference between conventional resumes and executive resumes. Accomplishment...(related: Employment)

    The Fallibility Of Psychological Testing
    Psychological Testing has become rampant across industries, more so inthe case of Information Technology, BPOs and ITES companies. Thesetests are used to 'throw up' personality profiles and competencydescriptions that would help companies recruit the 'right' candidate.The Human Resources department i...(related: Employment)

    The Five Most Common - And Most Avoidable - Résumé Errors
    Writing an effective résumé can certainly be challenging. There are numerous rules and none of them apply 100% of the time. It is often much easier for people to craft their document if they understand the boundaries within which they will need to operate 100% of the time - the mistakes that should never be made and will brand a job-seeker as unprofessional. Eliminating all of these errors from your résumé will go a long way in improving your chances of securing an interview.1. "Responsible for..."The Problem:This is one of the most common, and most amateurish, résumé errors. There is no greater example of weak, passive writing than the overused "responsible for."There are two base reasons...(related: Employment)

    The Global Work Marketplace - The Revolution Of How Work Gets Done
    Will cubicles be a distant memory for today's workforce? Will the expense of office space and the tremendous burden of employee benefits be a thing of the past for modern day businesses?The reality is, for thousands of people, this change has already occurred. Internet based 'Service Auctions' now abound where businesses can post their ongoing jobs or one-time projects to a ...(related: Employment)

    The Group Interview
    Sometimes, when going on job interviews, you might end up in a situation where you are in a group interview. A group interview is where you are being interviewed along with several other candidates for the job. Some professions that might conduct group interviews are sales, education and flight attendants.The purpose of the group interview is to observe candidates' interpersonal skills and personality traits. After the group interview, the number of candidates is lowered and usually one-on-one interviews are set up.Potential employers want to see how you interact with other people. This gives them an idea of how you will deal with managers, co-workers and customers. They also want to find out how well you work in a group. Sometimes, the group is asked to work together in order to solve a hypothetica...(related: Employment)

    The Hidden Agenda Of Interviews
    It's Not What They Ask - The Hidden Agenda of InterviewsWhat do you think you're going to an interview for? To list your qualifications and discuss what's on your resume? That's just the tip of the iceberg, and you're the Titanic if you don't go in with at least an idea of what is beh...(related: Employment)

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    Should You Join A Modeling School For Petite Modeling?
    If you are thinking of breaking into the petite modeling industry and wondering if you should hundreds of doll ars on modeling school or classes you need to read this article. Here are few facts about modeling schools.>Modeling schools will not get you jobs. Clients who are hiring petite models do not care if you have been to modeling school or not. It doe...(related: Employment)

    How Much Can You Earn Working As A Proofreader?
    Thinking of a career as a proofreader? Then you will most likely want to know about salaries. Are you hoping to hear that you will make thousands and thousands of dollars a month in this field? It is very possible that you will barely make a few hundred when you are first starting out. There is no guarantee of a paycheck in this field. If you do not provide quality work, you probably will not have many clients returning for repeat work. Proofreading as a career is hard, but when you get in the door, you may do fairly well. Proof reader salaries are not glamorous, but they can be fairly good.To find out about salaries, you can...(related: Employment)

    Seven Steps To Making A Successful Career Change

    My first job was secretary to Moses. Having to transcribe and make 2,430 copies of the Ten Commandments convinced me I was on the wrong...(related: Employment)

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