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Success At Work : People Skills : Networking

Getting along with your co-workers is critical to your
happiness and success at work. You may find yourself
spending more time with your co-workers than with your
spouse and family. Each individual in an organization is
just a small cog in a big wheel. Without the assistance of
co-workers, you will find your ...(related: Employment)

Success At Work: Techniques: Computer Literacy
It's hard to believe that there are people in today's workforce who don't know how to use a computer. In today's society, being computer illiterate is equivalent to being functionally illiterate. Obviously no one reading this article is computer illiterate, but maybe you know someone who thinks they can avoid computers and still be successful at work.Let me tell you a story about a good friend of mine back when I worked at Motorola. The company moved the manufacturing of automobile alternators offshore, resulting in his transfer to my department. Although he had about 20 years with the company, this was to be his last stop before being booted out the door.He was assigned to me as an Electronics Technician, and the first assi...(related: Employment)

Successful Job Interview Tips
Congratulations! You've finally landed that job interview you've been waiting for. Now the real work begins! Remember, resumes don't get jobs; they merely get you in the door. Here's how to make your resume come alive and make a good impression.Tell Your Story in 60 Seconds or Less. Believe it or not, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for job candidates is what to say when an interviewer opens with: tell me something about yourself. This is not the time to share where you were born, your love of cats, or how much you hate your last boss! It‚??s your golden opportunity to make you...(related: Employment)

Successful Job Search: 10 Steps To Quickly Acquire Your Dream Job And Put More Money In Your Pocket
Do you want to continue your costly, time-consuming and exhausting struggle in a frustrating job search using weak, ineffective tools that are getting you nowhere? The job market today is fiercely competitive with few high-paying or desirable jobs available. With repeated downsizings, companies have learned to survive with less.Mediocrity has no place in your job search process. To be a player among the huge number of job seekers, you need an edge, a unique compelling advantage.To be successful, you must differentiate yourself from the crowd. You must use search strategies that put you head and shoulders above your competition. You must possess knowledge and skill in your area of expertise, and know how to demonstrate that to the world. You may be the best candidate for a position, ...(related: Employment)

Successful Job Search: Knocking Out The Competition
Most of the time, competition stimulates us, gets our juices flowing, generates creativity, a sense of excitement, and motivates us to perform at our best. Looking for work is another matter! When it comes to financial survival, to regaining independence and self-worth, competition can be crippling.We apply for a job in the fervent hope that hundreds of others are not also applying. Finding work is too serious an issue to be considered a game or a sport. We need to find that position that will make everyt...(related: Employment)

Successful Job Seeking ? The Importance Of Your Cover Letter
As an employer I receive many job applications each week. Some cover letters are so well written that I am compelled to review the attached resume even if our company is not currently hiring. I don't want to miss an opportunity to contact an outstanding individual. Other cover letters are sufficiently interesting that I will file them away and review them later in the week, while others simply beg to be deleted immediately.What makes the difference? For me, there are ...(related: Employment)

Supplement Your Skills And Improve Your Work Position
It is often said that the majority of people are but a few checks away from homelessness. Without a consistent income, this may be a true statement.Some ability to multi-task can get you through a temporary employment down-spell.While a formal plan is often best, the theory of continued employment is rapidly c...(related: Employment)

Surprise! Accounting Is The Hot New Major
There was a time when accounting was the boring college major that many people regretted signing up for. A constant barrage of numbers, statistics and spreadsheets was none too interesting.Boy, have times changed! Thanks to recent accounting scandals by companies like Enron, there is a high demand for accountants and auditors.According to the Job Outlook 2005 survey, accounting comes out on top as the most in-demand major on college campuses. Forget dot com start ups. Cleaning up a company's accounting books is what's in.But can accounting be sexy?<...(related: Employment)

Surviving Corporate Politics Part 2: Keeping Up Appearances
Never a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression, or so the saying goes. We all know that when someone is introduced into your work environment for the first time, their peers size them up immediately. How they are dressed, how they talk, and how they set up their workspace. Especially in large companies, where there is constant personnel movement, keeping up your appearance is a full time task. In smaller companies, how you compose yourself from Day 1 is of utmost importance. We will start with the basics:Work Clothes: Dress up. Not in terms of church going attire, but as your immediate superiors. In cases where there is a big gap bet...(related: Employment)

Surviving In Corporate Amercia: Part 1 - Email
There is a saying that goes, "The best offense is a great defense". Nowhere is that applied better in the corporate world than in the intelligent use of email. In this age of technology, E-mail is a multi-purpose tool that can be adapted into each user's organizational patterns. Firstly, we will get the basic do's and don'ts out of the way.<...(related: Employment)

Surviving Office Politics
It's your first month in a new position and it's rougher going than you'd anticipated. You feel like an outsider and you're miserable.Pondering how this happened, you nostalgically recall how comfortable and well-liked you felt in your last job.Not only do you possess the requisite skills to do well in your new position, you've also built a solid reputation in this field. Yet, you are floundering. Badly.It's not the actual work that is driving you crazy; you like the work. Even the long hours are not the problem.It's the emotional undercurrents, gossiping and backstabbing thickening the air that you find exhausting.You can't seem to find your feet and get traction in your new environment. And people have started to notice and are making comments...(related: Employment)

Surviving The Technical Interview
Ah, the technical interview. Nothing like it. Not only does it cause anxiety, but it causes anxiety for several different reasons.How many people will be asking questions? From experience I can tell you there‚??s nothing like walking into a room and seeing nine people on the other side of the table.Second, what will you be asked? You‚??ll sometimes he...(related: Employment)

Surviving Unemployment Through Emotional Damage Control
Looking for work is a roller-coaster ride: high with elation when you think you've found a great position, low with discouragement when you realize that someone else was offered a job you wanted.Most of the time, you fall somewhere in between, your mood cycling from cautious optimism to keen disappointment. You try to conceal the inner turmoil, turning a brave face to the world, trying to convince everyone that you are "just fine."For the sake of your health and your sanity, try these approaches:1. Identify someone who is willing to be a sounding board for you: your significant other, a fellow job seeker, a career counselor, a good friend. Explain that you need some...(related: Employment)

Sweeping Up Worms
With the opening of a new venture and numerous reporters arriving in an hour, it felt like one of those "chickens with heads off" days. We were close, but not ready. So like locusts to a wheat field, a swarm of people were devouring the last minute details. Then, it rained. With rain, came worms, hundreds wa...(related: Employment)

Switching Careers - 7 Key Steps
Are you thinking about switching careers? If you are, you're not alone. Most Americans switch careers three times in their lifetime. Nevertheless, switching careers is scary. And it's especially paralyzing the older you get. But making a career switch is very possible and much more common than you might think. Before you're ready to leap, realize that it's a heavyweight decision that deserves some time and solid thought. Here are seven steps to help you on your way.1. Gain insi...(related: Employment)

Tackling Your Unemployment Creatively
Are you unemployed or been laid off? You are not alone if that is any comfort to you. Worldwide millions of people are in the same predicament as you are. Unemployment and lay offs are stark realities of the downsizing, reengineering, restructuring,...(related: Employment)

Take Charge Of Your Job Search: 12 Steps To Success
Despite what many people may say, a job search does not have to be an unpleasant experience. There are those people who choose to take charge of the process, who actually find the process to be very rewarding and stimulating. Conducting a job search is in many ways a self discovery process and an opportunity to put your true endurance and attitude skills to the test.Here is the secret to experiencing job search success: Be Productive, Be Proactive, Be Positive, Be Persistent, and Be Polished. It is a very easy formula to follow: Do your homework on what you want to do and where you would ideally like to do it. Do more than you think is necessary before it needs to be done. Maintain a positive attitude, it will make all the difference in the world. Don't give up too easily, ...(related: Employment)

Take The Personal Out Of The Workplace: Leave Your Troubles At The Door!
Bringing your emotional baggage into the work place is inappropriate for all the reasons you may imagine. Yet employees, managers and business owners do it all the time.The question is, how do you handle it? How do you look at your manager and think, "No one is going to tell me what to do!" What if a client, peer or prospect gets you on a Bad Day?How do you take the personal out of the workplace?It requires discrimination and distinction. If you are hav...(related: Employment)

Take This Job And...re-staff It
Deciding to leave a job isn't easy. In fact, quitting a job requires courage, especially in today's soft economy when the unemployment rate has reached 6.4%. However, in a tight job market, some people consider leaving their jobs without having another "lined up".When after a careful evaluation of emotional and financial considerations you determine that leaving your job is your best option, you may find that you will have a hard time getting support from your family, friends and colleagues. The moment you tell others that you are considering leaving your job, their immediate reaction will be, "Don't leave your job if you don't ...(related: Employment)

Taking A Survival Type Job Is Good For You.
Ugh! Arg! How can a survivor type job be good for me?I'm barely hanging on to what I found and at minimumwage. (I have been promised a ten cent an hour increasein one month).I used to be a facilities manager at a tire factory. Boy, have I hit bottom! I've had to give up a lot of things Iliked; like my fitness club membership. None of thatnow. I feel so down in the dumps that I don't evengo for a walk, much less worry about my being fit or not.I feel lousy after the tire factory went overseas....(related: Employment)

Taking Charge During An Interview!
Perhaps you've found yourself in the position of seeking a new position due to a layoff, cutback or downsizing and are now facing the interviewing process. As scary ...(related: Employment)

Taking Job Loss Seriously

Anyone reading this article and has
suffered a job loss recently IS
taking the job loss seriously. The
stages often are:

1. A sense of relief, sometimes
euphoria if the job has been a bad
one, and sadness if the loss has
been unexpected.

2. Next comes anger, resentment
and more sadness.

3. If the job was a bad one, sadness
often leads to real depression and
more anger. If the job was a good
one, expect the same reactions.

4. Euphoria has gone, along with
re...(related: Employment)

Taking Your Words Seriously

When we ordered the stained glass window as an accent piece for our home, the artist-proprietor told us he was a bit behind. "So," he said, "to be on safe side, plan on six months." That was two years ago. We still don't have the window. Each time we call or stop in, he has yet anoth...(related: Employment)

Talented People
I was asked last week for an article about employment, "What is your favorite 'employment phrase'?"Wow, talk about tough questions! What sprang to mind were all the phrases that people should avoid like the plague, so I had to do some fast thinking to come up with one that I loved. After mentally narrowing down my options, I settled on one: 'talented people'.When used correctly, this has an 80% chance of success. Here's how to use it: in the interview, when asked why you want to work at XYZ corporation, you reply, "I would love to work at XYZ because I really want to work with a group of talented people, and your reputation in the field is incredible." This im...(related: Employment)

Tales From The Corporate Frontlines: Career Opportunities For New Graduates
Tales from the Corporate Frontlines: Career Opportunities for New GraduatesThis article relates to the Career Opportunities competency and explores issues such as internal growth opportunities, potential for advancement, career development importance, and the relationship bet...(related: Employment)

Tales From The Corporate Frontlines: Career Opportunity And Employee Retention
This article relates to the Career Opportunities competency and explores issues such as internal growth opportunities, potential for advancement, career development importance, and the relationship between job performance and career advancement. Evaluating the Career Opportunities competency in your organization will determine whether your employees believe they have a chance to grow within the organization. Studies show that lack of career opportunity is one of the top reasons why employees leave an organization. Also, continual...(related: Employment)

Tales From The Corporate Frontlines: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
This article relates to the Job Security competency, commonly evaluated in employee satisfaction surveys. After a large scale cut in personnel, this particular group of employees needed some extra support. Examining the issue of job security measures how your employees view their job security within your organization. In today's often volatile or contingent labor market, it's crucial to understand the level of security your employees feel about maintaining their jobs. Studies show that employees who do not feel secure in their jobs are less likely to be committed to best assisting customers. Evaluating this competency can be especially useful if your organization has suffered recent layoffs or firings.This short story, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, is part of AlphaMeasure's compilation, Tales From the Corporate Frontlines. It illustra...(related: Employment)

Tales From The Corporate Frontlines: Try, Try, Again
This article relates to the Career Opportunities competency and explores issues such as internal growth opportunities, potential for advancement, career development importance, and the relationship between job performance and career advancement. Evaluating the Career Opportunities competency in your organization will determine whether your employees believe they have a chance to grow withi...(related: Employment)

Targeting Your Resume Is So Important For Your Career
Targeting your portfolio, (resume and cover letter) can get you any job you desire! The purpose of targeting is so you can find your perfect match, your dream job!To target successfully, you need to calculate the position, do this and you will be sure to hit the mark.When targeting the job you wish to apply...(related: Employment)

Technology In The Workplace - Boon Or Curse?
Like all new innovations, technology in the work environment can either work for you or against you. What is good for the employer or is not always the same for the employee.Is Technology Working FOR You or AGAINST YouWhen cellphones became available it seemed that they would fill a need for instant communication - any time, any place - that would help people be more efficient and thus save time.Then email became a mainstream method of business communication. Marvelous - now telephones wouldn't ring off the hook, messages would not have to be stored and retrieved as verbal communications, which took time. Instead, information would be clear and concise and could be retrieved and answered any time, any where - again the promise of more freedom.With email, intern...(related: Employment)

Telecommuting Cover Letters
Question: How do I market myself online?Answer: With a stellar cover letter and resume.Okay, so let's get into the meat of this. You know that you need to market yourself, and you can do that with a stellar cover letter and resume. But, why is that so important? Let's think about this. When you apply offline for a job, you are competing with a handful of people (usually) and right there you have a better chance to get called in for an interview. Online jobs you are often competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of other applicants for the very same position.In the "real world" you apply in person. Therefore, you can dress for success and put your best foot forward. You can impress them with your presence and personality. Online you can't. What's your "best foot fo...(related: Employment)

Telecommuting Interview Tips
Telecommuting Interview Tips- By Nell TaliercioYou've made it! Your cover letter and resume got you to the interview process... now what? First of ...(related: Employment)

Telecommuting Resumes
Your resume needs to outline your skills and experience, as most know. What some may not know is that employers want to know what you'll bring to the table. They don't want to know what your daily duties were. They want to know what you did for the companies you worked for that makes you extraordinary. Did you save them money, did you make them money, how were you the best at what you did, etc. Yes, employers want to know what your experience is, so duties are good to add. Again, the name of the game is SELL YOURSELF! This does not lose its importance in a resume.On your resume, point out the skills that will make you a good telecommuter. Can you work well with no supervision? Do you learn fast? Put that on your resume. If you were left to work with little to no supervision at your last job, let them know that. Al...(related: Employment)

Telecommuting Website (part One)
"I've heard you talk about building a website to get telecommuting jobs. Can you tell me more about this, and how I would do it?"If you all listen to WAHMTalkRadio.com, then you might have heard me talk about using a website to help you get a work at home job. Basically, what I said was that...(related: Employment)

Telecommuting Website (part Two)
Last article I discussed why a telecommuter would benefit from starting a website, and what you should include on the website. This article, I'm going to cover how to market the website and ...(related: Employment)

Telephone Job Interview Preparation Tips
TELEPHONE INTERVIEW BACKGROUNDTelephone interviews are quite common in today's job market.They are offered for a variety of reasons including cost savings,screening of candidates and out-of-town applicants. To successfullynavigate the phone interview, it is important to have a solid gameplan in place for preparation.<...(related: Employment)

Telephone Phobia: Make The Phone Your Job Search Friend
You're pretty comfortable using the phone. It's something you do every day in your working routine; so why i...(related: Employment)

Tell Me About Yourself
The need to tell people about yourself may present itself during an informal conversation with a colleague, on the Little League field with a neighbor, on the phone with a past acquaintance, or in a face-to-face meeting for a job opportunity. "Tell me about yourself" is a favorite question that has befuddled many an unsuspecting candidate.Responses can range from strong to weak to irrelevant to fatal. Having a good response, grounded in your own philosophy, is as important as having a good serve in tennis. There are several different types of responses. Two that are very effective are the Specific Approach and the Overview Approach.The Specific Approach allows you to identify specific, relevant aspects of your background, while the second is more of a ...(related: Employment)

Ten Careers For High School Seniors Who Hate School
Let's face it?not everybody likes going to school and high school can be a terrible experience for many students. Whether you're the hands on type who preferred Shop class to English class, or an athlete who liked working as a team more than studying alone, or even someone who liked schoolwork more than schoolmates; the idea of four more years of school is unbearable. If you identify with any of these types, but still want to secure a good future, there are some great options out there for you.For you hands on types there are a lot of great careers out there that allow you to work with your hands and they pay well. There will be some coursework in things like shop math, reading schemat...(related: Employment)

Ten Courses Of Study If You Want To Be Your Own Boss
For many Americans, an important component of the American Dream is the possibility of hard work turning into financial fortun...(related: Employment)

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Tales From The Corporate Frontlines: Career Opportunities For New Graduates
Tales from the Corporate Frontlines: Career Opportunities for New GraduatesThis article relates to the Career Opportunities competency and explores issues such as internal growth opportunities, potential for advancement, career development importance, and the relationship bet...(related: Employment)

What A Former Stay At Home Mom Knows About Creating A Stunning Resume That You Dont
Recently I was asked to touch up a friend's resume. Her challenge was simple. She was a stay-at-home mom who had not worked in four years. A difficult task however, with the information in this section, I generated a listing of skills she did not know she had. Here is a partial list.(Organized, patient, detail oriented, energetic, ability to multitask, works well under...(related: Employment)

Medical Billing Businesses Are Growing Fast And Providing A Needed Service For Doctors
You've seen the commercials and web sites about starting medical billing businesses in your home. You can't just start calling doctors and telling them you will take care of the billing for them. It is their income and they want to know you are a true business and that you have experience. So, before any thing else, look into classes to help you get those medical billing jobs.There are several ways to be certified. One is to go to your local community college and see if they offer a medical billing business opportunity course. Many of them do or they can tell you whom to contact. The other...(related: Employment)

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