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Resurrecting The Perfect Resume, Part Two

Are you in denial about the lifelessness of your resume?  If you are reasonably qualified for the type of work you seek, yet your resume is consistently failing...(related: Employment)

Rethink Your Career Transition
Are you going nowhere in your career? If you've decided it's time to change your career completely, here's a new way of changing!Before you jump ship, think about what's been happening in your career. Have you been making little or no progress for some time? You may be in the throes of what George Leonard, author of Mastery, calls the "plateau". Leonard argues that we master something with a series of one intense upward growth spurt followed by a long period of nearly flat growth ? a plateau. In this age of "what have you done for me lately", you may have just tired of being on the plateau. Before you chuck your old career, decide whether it no longer works for you or whether you've just tired of...(related: Employment)

Retirement: Is It A Career Change Option?
Retirement might be the answer when you ask yourself "why do I want to make a career change" and you decide that what you actually want is not so much a career change as to stop what you've been doing altogether.This may be a good choice for some ? those who can afford it ? but not necessarily the right choice for all. Of course retirement doesn't have to mean doing nothing at all, in fact with longer life-expectation, that probably isn't an option for many of us.For most people considering retirement, or early retirement, the main concern is money. Some of you will have no worries, you've planned for it, and you've invested your savings and budgeted ahead. But even with the best savings rates, it won't be like that for the majority, especially with what's happening to pension funds every day.However, far from ...(related: Employment)

Retiring In Paradise
I have to admit that I'm starting to slow down a bit. I am definitely in my final career ? and quite comfortable working a 40 hour schedule. I even take a day off here and there to golf/ bike/ ski, although I'm thinking of selling my windsurfing equipment .For the past two years I have been looking for a spot in paradise to retire to in five years or so - and I think I found it!I have been traveling all over the Western US looking for the perfect spot to retire. But my idea of retiring is not the same as my Dad's - and then again, maybe it is. Let me explain.My Dad had a pre-WWII high school education. He worked in government service for 30 years. He grumbled about his job the whole time ? that is until the last few years. In his last ass...(related: Employment)

Revitalize Your Recruiting For 2005
Happy New Year! The forecasts are in agreement: Hiring is on the rise. 2005 will mark the revitalizati...(related: Employment)

Reviving Your Resume
A resume may not be who you are, but to a potential employer, it may be all they see of you and make or break your chance for your next interview. While many of us either spend long hours crafting the perfect resume (or pay someone else big bucks to do it for you) and may not want to mess with perfection, not updating your resume may cause more harm than good.If you are currently in the job market, evaluate your resume, and whether it's...(related: Employment)

Rev-up Your Network!
Whether you are looking for a job, new clients or feel the need to expand your list of professional contacts, networking is the answer.So what are you saying to yourself right now? "Yuck, I hate networking. I'll go to a networking event one of these days, if I can figure out where the REALLY good connections are."Hello? These are all excuses that keep you in the same place and move you no closer to your goals!Guess what? We all hate network...(related: Employment)

Rewriting Your Resume? 7 Easy Ways To Give Yourself An Upgrade
In today's competitive job market, a first class resume is an essential tool for winning an interview. The way in which you present your skills, achievements and experienc...(related: Employment)

Rich Career, Poor Career
What makes for a rich career? It is more than just the salary and benefits. A rich career is one that suits your talents and provides an opportunity to make a meaningful co...(related: Employment)

Risk-taking - Get Your Feet Wet!
We often use the phrase, "Get Your Feet Wet" when we are just beginning to learn how to do something or are about to pioneer a new initiative. When we participate in a project for the first time, there is usually a hesitancy to step out into the unknown.There's no better way to learn than by doing. This requires that we move away from our comfort zones and step out into the unknown, which usually exceeds our reach and makes us stretch to get it.Stepping Out Into the UnknownThe unknown elicits strong emotional responses, the chief of which is fear. We're afraid to take chances or that we ...(related: Employment)

Salary Negotiation: How To Earn More Money And Respect From Your Employer
Despite how important fair pay is to most of us, effective salary negotiation is an often misunderstood and avoided topic. Current research indicates the average duration of a position today is 3.8 years. Over the lifespan of your career, how well you negotiate raises or starting pay will have an enormous cumulative effect on the quality of your life.So why does this skill remain elusive for many career professionals?Most of us do thorough research and prepare extensively for a job interview. We create the perfect resume, slave over cover letter drafts, and rehearse answers to anticipated interview questions. We make sure we're dressed right, have references, and are on time. But all too often, only cursory attention is given to thinking through how, when, and why we'll end up being happy with the terms of our pay.<...(related: Employment)

Salary Negotiation Secrets Revealed
Before you go into the interview, it is important to know what salary you want, what you need to live on, and what you will be prepared to accept. Spend some time working out your budget. Remember to factor into your calculations the remuneration you'll need in the future.Decide what types of benefits are important to you.A compensation package might include: flexible work schedule, option to work at home,...(related: Employment)

Salary, Raises, & Perks: Negotiate To Get Paid What Youre Worth!
Salary negotiation requires preparation and good timing. It's important to determine your salary needs and research the market value for the job you want. Timing is critical for negotiation. Discussing salary requirements too early in the interview process can jeopardize your chances of getting the salary you deserve. Failure to negotiate could result in losing money.Market ValueThe negotiation process begins by determining what salary you need. Prepare a detailed outline of your expenses. Next determine the market value of the job for which you are applying. Research similar positions with other companies and jobs requiring comparable experience. Information ...(related: Employment)

Sample Cover Letters ... The Hidden Pitfalls
You can benefit from sample cover letters as they can help you learn about the constructs of a...(related: Employment)

Sample Resume Objectives: Good, But Summaries Are Smokin!
Since college I've been told that a resume ought to have an "objective statement" at the top. Maybe you've been told the same.I'm here to tell you somebody's been lying to you!Well, not necessarily, but maybe. Every resume has an objective, but not every resume has to have an objective statement. So before you get the urge to se...(related: Employment)

Sample Resume Objectives: Read, Dont Copy
The resume objective statement is typically something that trips people up.Confronted by the silent challenge of the blank page, most folks Google for "sample resume objectives". They hope that'll help.Probably not.I say that because sample resume objectives often are l...(related: Employment)

Sample Resume Objectives: What They All Tend To Miss
Sample resume objectives. When a harried and possibly panicked job seeker finds one he thinks is good, he feels like the drowning man who just got rescued.But as Shakespeare said, there's something rotten in Denmark. Or in that sample you...(related: Employment)

I was rushing through the white-tented terminal building at Denver International Airport when my attention was diverted ? as if often is -- by a storefront massage business. Checking my wristwatch, I calculated I had just enough time for a 20-minute chair massage.I settled onto the light gray vinyl chair and placed my face inside the cushioned headrest. The massage therapist introduced himself. "I'm Lee," he said. "But you can call me Sawbones."He must have seen the cartoon question mark floating above my head in an imaginary white bubble -"Sawbo...(related: Employment)

Searching For A Federal Job
Many years ago searching for a federal job was a long, complicated and drawn out process. Today, it has been become far less complex and is now just a three-step process. Finding a federal job used to be accomplished through postings in a government office branch and sometimes in libraries. Today, finding an opening can be done right on the Internet. There is a web site that lists federal jobs also lists many state, local and even private business positions. Many of the federal, state and local jobs can be applied for right online. If a position requires a resume, individuals can take advantage of online resume development and transmission.Looking for a federal job can be done at most Federal buildings around the country ...(related: Employment)

Searching For An Executive Job
A job search for executives is far less complicated today than it has been in the past. Anyone who is looking for an executive job can simply look to the Internet where there are hundreds of employment websites, with many specifically geared towards executives. These websites offer individuals the opportunity to network with other executives in order to share ideas, offer communication about opportunities and support that can be useful during a job search.The best way to begin looking for an executive position is to have...(related: Employment)

Searching For An It Job
Looking for an IT job is one of the easiest to perform due to the incredibly high demand in the IT field. As the Internet grows, corporations network through Intranets ? even the advancement of science has the demand for anyone with IT skills at an all time high. Computer technology continues to advance, change and grow and, in turn, increases the demand for new and diverse IT jobs. A job search for a person with the right skills is not only easy, but can be quickly done with the accessibility of online IT employment web sites.When an IT professional is embarking on a job search, it is important to keep in mind that these jobs tend to pay very well. With the high demand for IT employees, the first job that an individual comes...(related: Employment)

Searching For Employment
Searching for a job can be a daunting and confusing task for anyone, whether he or she is just entering the job market, looking for a better job or find him or herself without a job after several years with one employer. A job search can be suc...(related: Employment)

Searching For Jobs Online
Searching for jobs online is easier than ever, but also more confusing than ever. Any Internet user doing a job search online will find that they can choose from hundreds of national employment listing web sites and the numbers can often be staggering. When performing on online job search, it is a good idea to choose from an online employment classi...(related: Employment)

Seeking A New Job While Currently Employed : Tiptoeing Through The Minefield
So, you currently have a job but you are looking for something a little better. You are getting tired, uptight, and maybe just a little stressed out. This is a dangerous time ? the time when job seekers can turn into wing nuts and make key mistakes. So, how do ...(related: Employment)

Seeking Knowledge Will Give You Power
What are you interested in? We all have a passion for something. So, what is your passion?Are you actively seeking information about your passion? Knowledge, providing it is correct knowledge, will increase your power.In this century there is an increasing demand for experts in so many fields. Everything is becoming more and more specialized.Let me give you an example. At the turn of the 19th Century, all you needed to do to be an Accountant was to be goo...(related: Employment)

Self Describing Skills - Key Strengths
You need to be the best you can at describing your best qualities; particularly your key strengths. In my coaching practice I generally, at some point, ask my client: "What are you good at?" purely as a means to establish if they have already thought through this most important question.Some have, but more often they have...(related: Employment)

Self-knowledge: The Key To Finding The Right Career Direction
Your career, like any journey, has a beginning, an end and a direction. For many people, the present direction of the career is probably not a result of entirely their own choices. If, for some reason, you are not happy with the direction of your career, there is a way out: Take charge of your career and change its direction.1. Know yourselfHas it happened with you that after desperately looking for something (e.g., keys) all over the place, you eventually found it right in your pocket or drawer?That's exactly the case with finding a new career direction. Usually, we try to search for a new career direction by looking all around, for example, at hot jobs, emerging fields, prestigious companies, friend's career, what's safe and so on. Ironically, we fail to look for the answer where it actual...(related: Employment)

Self-preservation Techniques For The Unemployed
Looking for work can be difficult, frustrating, anxiety-provoking, and demeaning.There are few situations we encounter in life where we feel so powerless. Not only do we have a sense that we have little control over...(related: Employment)

Seminars: Why Are They Popular, And What Advantages/disadvantages Are There To Attending One?
Seminars dealing with "special topics" have actually been around for decades, and are an older form of marketing and information exchanges, that ha...(related: Employment)

Serious Business Networking
As they always say "It's not what you know, it's who you know."Of course just knowing people doesn't necessarily get you the job, or the promotion, or the contract you wanted, but it certainly can help; so long as people don't think you are using them.It's true that networking is extremely important, so finding new contacts is the key to your continuing success; you need to learn out about networking meetings or events in your ar...(related: Employment)

Seriously Impress At Your Interview With These 7 Hot Tips
So you've managed to secure a job interview for a position thatfits you PERFECTLY. Now comes the moment of truth: Are youREALLY ready for the interview? If you've rehearsed what you'regoing to say and know the perfect answer to every potentialquestion, you're half way there. There's just one importantthing you've forgotten:Yourself.How do you sell yourself and show your potential employer howvaluable you can be to their company? You want to make them hireyou TODAY and not even T...(related: Employment)

Settling Successfully Into Your New Job
The euphoria of getting a new job can sometimes be overcome by apprehension about what comes next. After all, you're "the new kid on the block," and there's much to learn--about your new job duties and much more. But here are some things you can do to make the process go smoother.1. Dress for success. You'll want to look profess...(related: Employment)

Seven Deadly Types Of Job Recruiters
Collect them all!Over the course of six months in my pursuit of a new job, I have talked to recruiters on a daily basis. I have communicated with or have been contacted by at least 100 recruiters. While there are a few good ones out there, I've found that the majority of them are just plain odd. I have put the most notorious oddballs into categories to help you decide which type you are dealing with. Unfortunately, I speak from personal experience and I have crossed paths with all of these types. If the recruiter you're dealing with exhibits any of the characteristics below...run!1. The Broken English Speaking RecruiterCharacteristics:

  • Leaves unintelligible messages on your machine i...(related: Employment)

    Seven Myths You Must Challenge Now To Begin Your Second Career Today
    * Has it been awhile since you explored career options?* Are you making your 21st century choices based on beliefs that were accurate when Reagan was president of the US (and Thatcher was PM of Great Britain)?* Do you wish you could take a test that would point you to the perfect Second Career?Then you're probably operating on yesterday's myths -- time to move to today's reality!

    Seven Steps To Better Networking
    If published statistics are accurate, employment agencies and search firms fill about 20% of all jobs in the US. Job boards fill anywhere between 2% and 8%. So how do the others get filled?Networking consistently fills more jobs than any other method. Yet people often don't know how to network well or only act in crisis (I need a job now!) Networking when you don't need a job will help you cultivate relationships that will help you find work.Here's what to do.1. Develop an elevator speech. If you're not familiar with th...(related: Employment)

    Seven Steps To Making A Successful Career Change

    My first job was secretary to Moses. Having to transcribe and make 2,430 copies of the Ten Commandments convinced me I was on the wrong...(related: Employment)

    Seven Success Tips For Recent Graduates Entering The Professional World
    1) Build a Relationship With Your BossLike it or not, no single individual has a greater impact on your career future than your direct supervisor. So, how do you get on their good side from the start? Managers want to feel that you truly care, and that you are "in it with them" as a team. Bring your boss solutions, not problems. Most managers have enough problems already. When a problem arises, take initiative to consider what alternatives are available. Don't just throw the problem on their desk and have them figure it out. At some point, they will expect for you to figure out what the best plan of action is first, so they don't have to.Try to build a relationship with your boss. Ask them about their career path, and always ask your boss for advice on what you or the company could do better....(related: Employment)

    Seven Tips To A Job-winning Interview
    These days, interviews don't come easily. When you get The Call, make the most of your time -- and go for it!1. Investigate the company's culture, markets, and finances. But resist the temptation to show off what you've researched: "I just read that you're about to embark on a new product line") unless you have a question directly related to your career.2. Look like you belong. Learn the company's dress code and err on the side of conservatism. When you're seeking a senior position based on industry experience, you'll be expected to know the rules without being told.3. Take charge of the interview! The most successful interviews feel like friendly conversations. When your interviewer has an agenda (such as the infamous "stress interview") stay...(related: Employment)

    Seven Ways To Say You?re Fired And What To Do When It Happens To You
    Today's employers scramble for creative ways to advise employees of their unexpected departures. The days of employers being loyal to their employees are long gone. We now live in a culture where every working adult should be wearing a parachute just so he or she can land safely when forced to jump from the corporate tower. How are employers giving employees the boot?1. You have the opportunity to resign. Let's be honest, you have the opportunity to resign everyday. What makes today so special? Well, it's because you really don't have a choice in the matter. If you say, "Thanks, but I'll pass on that today," you likely will find yourself term...(related: Employment)

    Seven Ways To Stand Out In A Sea Of Applicants
    Is your résumé getting lost in a flood of résumés? Are you certain you could demonstrate your value to potential employers, if you could just get in front of them? Do you want to dramatically increase your chances of getting a follow-up call from employers? Bait your job-search hook with these seven tips and you'll catch a whale of a good job.1. Write a focused, accomplishment-centered résumé. Make sure that your résumé includes several examples of how you added value in previous positions. Include what you did, the outcome and why that is important. I guarantee you will stand out from the crowd if you target your résumé, highlight key skills, include success stories complete with results, and make it easy on the eyes.2. Respond to appropriate ads. T...(related: Employment)

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    Resume Writing Tips
    Make sure that your resume is up to date with your latest job experience and educational accomplishments. Have a friend or relative evaluate your resume to see if it is clear, consistent, and fairly represents your skills and experience.Is your resume in a high impact format?Be sure to do a spell check on your resume. Misspelled works can reflect negatively on you and diminish your prospects.Many companies have a form on their web sites for submitting electronic resumes. Have a version of your resume that you can cut and paste into submittal forms. Create one that doesn't have columns and indents as these do not work well when pasted into a form.Let your family, friends, alumni groups, and industry con...(related: Employment)

    How To Make More Job Contacts Faster, Through Viral Marketing
    Are you in the job market? Sick of every blog-byte cramming down your throat that you have to get out there and network? Feel like your traditional networking efforts have turned into a self-destructive waste of time? Online Social Networking (OSN), a form of viral marketing, is a better way to hook up to opportun...(related: Employment)

    How To Deal With Workplace Inflexibility
    You've been a model employee: responsible, industrious, creative and productive. You've gone the extra mile time and again, with a smile.Now you have a family.Quite reasonably, you expect that when you ask for an altered work schedule that better fits your family's needs, your employer will go along with you. You've done your homework and developed a written proposal demonstrating that your new schedule is in your employer's interest.But someone in the organization sees the matter differently and opposes your plan.Now you face a tough question: IS THIS CONFLICT WORTH THE...(related: Employment)

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