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5 Things You Need To Know Before Deciding On A Certification Training
The right certification trainingTrainings vary a lot when it comes to quality. It's essential to choose your certification training provider based on things such as the quality of materials, trainers' competence and skills, counseling facilities, track record etc. A good trainer is essential because you can learn from his real life's experience.CostUsually, the cost of the training is a big issue for people, sometimes even a deciding factor. But the price shouldn't be your only ...(related: Employment)

5 Tips For Customizing Your Resume
Gone are the days of the bland, generic one-page resume. Employers these days are more impressed by a resume that is customized and they tend to give jobs to interviewees that have a bit of knowledge about the company.By doing your research, you're showing initiative, which impresses potential employers. It will also help you decide whether or not you would feel comfortable working for the company, ...(related: Employment)

5 Ways To Combat Job Burnout
Job burnout happens when the stress or prolonged frustration of a job or career contributes to emotional and physical exhaustion. The ability to cope with general life stressors outside of work is strained. This combination results in a lack of motivation, fatigue, irritability, and sometimes depression. Job burnout presents a significant challenge for everyone supporting the burned out individual.The challenge of burnout can be ...(related: Employment)

5 Ways To Drastically Improve Your Resume In 10 Minutes Of Less
Follow these quick and easy tips to build yourself a betterresume in under 10 minutes flat.* Use strong, action oriented language that describesspecific skills or accomplishments.Go through your resume from top to bottom and eliminate weaklanguage. Don't write "Was in charge of large graphic designdepartment that increased company revenues" when you...(related: Employment)

5 Ways To Profit From No Child Left Behind (nclb)
The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (No Child Left Behind) is designed to reform and improve student achievement and change the culture of America's schools. According to this reform act each state must measure every public school student's progress in reading and math in each of grades 3 through 8 and at least once during grades 10 through 12. By school year 2007-2008, assessments (or testing) in science will be underway. These assessments must be aligned with state academic content and achievement standards. They will provide parents with objective data on where their child stands academicall...(related: Employment)

50 Things To Do To Your Boss That Are Fun For You, But Not For Them
1. You're eavesdropping and you hear your boss has reservations at his favorite restaurant. You know, the one you can't afford. Call them back and cancel his reservations ? say you're his wife.2. Have a friend ...(related: Employment)

6 Steps To Re-inventing Your Career
Meaningful work honors the deepest part of your being. It is the embodiment of your gifts and talents and all that you value. Finding it in a safe, smart way requires these six steps:1. Soul Searching. Your journey begins with some intriguing self-examination. This step goes beyond looking at your work experience and skills. You also consider your values, interests, and personality preferences. This can be done informally through the use of specially-designed exercises or it can be done formally through professional assessment testing. Taken all together, the soul-search phase allows you to come up with a comprehensive personal profile that will help you develop future ...(related: Employment)

6 Vital Tips For Creating A Superior Resume
1: Keep It ShortConsidering that initially HR personnel only spend approximately 10-20 seconds on a resume, the shorter your resume, the most desirable it is. Aim for one page.Of course, it is sometimes impossible to create such a short resume. You might have to include a second page because you have way too much information regarding your work experience, accomplishments, etc. In this case, make sure that you list the most relevant information within the upper half of the first page because that is the section that gets looked at first. This way...(related: Employment)

60 Hour Work Weeks - Can You And Your Career Survive Them
In the 80s while I was an account executive for AT&T most people in my organization worked normal (for then) business hours. By that I mean they arrived close to 8 or 8:30AM a...(related: Employment)

7 Deadly Cover Writing Sins
Don't start off your job search with one (or more) strikesagainst you by committing any of these common cover letterblunders. Each is easy to avoid, but they can sink yourchances of an interview if you include them in your letter.1. Sending your letter to the wrong person, location, ordepartment.Do you really want your letter to land you a job at thecompany you're sending it to? Then take the time to verifythat you...(related: Employment)

7 Secrets Of A Highly-effective Resume Cover Letter
Just like the late, great Rodney Dangerfield, the "humble" cover letter gets no respect.Job-seekers spend so much time and en...(related: Employment)

7 Steps To A Job-winning Resume
A new resume can jump-start your career. Your network contacts may ask for a resume and some industries absolutely, positively demand a resume as the price of admission. When you begin thinking of your resume as a power source, the results can be astonishing.1. Your resume is a sales tool. It is not a place for therapeutic self-disclosure or true confessions. Be honest but present your accomplishments in the most positive way.2. Leave tricky questions ("Why did you have six jobs in ten years?" "Why are you applying for an entry position after you've been running the show?") for the interview. Practice interview responses with a support group, friend or career coach.3. If chronology works against ...(related: Employment)

7 Steps To Effective Communication
The success of any business or organization depends largely on how effectively the members communicate. The ability to speak well is a minimum requirement of some businesses when hiring. Whatever the job, business professionals require extensive use of oral communication when carrying out their duties.Effective communication involves:Listening: Good listening skills and showing a genuine interest are attributes of a successful communicator. Sales associates who actively listen to customers inquires and complaints are more able to solve problems and gain customer loyalty.Use Names: When meeting p...(related: Employment)

7 Steps To Interviews That Win The Job
These days, interviews don't come easily. When you get The Call, make the most of your time -- and go for it!1. Investigate the company's culture, markets, and finances. But resist the temptation to show off what you've researched: "I just read that you're about to embark on a new product line") unless you have a question directly related to your career.2. Look like you belong. Learn the company's dress code and err o...(related: Employment)

7 Tips For Writing Winning Resume Cover Letters
Writing a good resume cover letter is something you should seriously consider when preparing to send off your resume to potential employers.Here are seven important cover letter writing tips:

  • Address the individual by name. If you don't know their name then use: "Dear Sir or Madam"...(related: Employment)

    7 Tips To Deal With A Bad Performance Review
    Q. "I wasn't happy with my last performance review. Should I dispute the review? Write a letter for my file? Talk to a lawyer? Or just let it go?"A. Most professionals feel you should offer some kind of response. But whether to respond, and the way to respond, will depend on your company's culture, the unwritten message and your own career goals.1. Assess your report in light of the company's culture.In some cultures, anything but glowing praise will be viewed as negative. In others, tough reviews are the norm.Often your boss will be expected to come up with at least one point of constructive critici...(related: Employment)

    8 Steps To Getting On-track When You Start A New Job
    Starting a new job can feel like moving to a new country. Your language skills may be modest. You have little knowledge of the laws, let alone the customs and traditions of the society you are entering. All you have is a passport and the goodw...(related: Employment)

    8 ?thurvival Skills? For 05
    Just what is a "thurvival skill?" It's a skill that let's you thrive and survive at the same time. In today's economy it's not enough to just be good. You need to be better than your counterparts and colleagues. It's all about creating an action plan to keep you name in the limelight and on the top of the list. What list am I talking about? The one that says call X, hire X or X is the best person for the job. Or event he list that reads we can get rid of everyone but X. Is this person you? It could be.It takes a particular skill set.1. Flexibility-You need to go with the flow. There are thin...(related: Employment)

    80,000 Americans Work In The Oil Change Industry
    There is a huge shortage, which effects franchises costs in labor, availability of labor and quality of workmanship. For instance 80,000 Americans are in Oil Lube Facilities alone and over 50% are franchised lube centers. Companies like; Jiffy Lube, Lube Pros, Grease Monkey, All-Tune and Lube, Oil Can Henry, etc.Automotive maintenance franchise issues continue as technician shortages increase. We are seeing issues in the automotive aftermarket service sector, which makes it tough on Automotive repair and service franchises. This effects mobile auto service companies as much as fixed site operations. Mobile unit automobile repair teams, which require two technicians per unit o...(related: Employment)

    9 Secrets To Career Success
    Are you miserable at your job (or what you are doing) but go anyway to earn a living? Do you feel you are unable to use your talents and are doing things that are stressful? Do you find yourself in a career rut? Wouldn't you rather be in your ideal income position and "Go to Play" everyday? Most people spend approximately 35% to over 67% of their waking hours working. Being unhappy for so muc...(related: Employment)

    9 Tips On Creating A Professional Emailed Job Application
    With the advent of the Internet, many of us have the opportunity to apply for work through email.However, just because this is the Internet and email is so fast and convenient, that does NOT mean you should give up professionalism and polish!FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT. I recently looked over a few emailed applications, and let me tell you, it was an eye-opening experience! Here are a few examples of how *not* to do things...
    • One person simply forwarded the job description to the hiring company. There was no explanatory letter, no name (just some garbled email address), no nothing. Why should a company want to hire someone who can't be bothered to make an effort?<...(related: Employment)

      A Bit Of Pollyanna
      "Stop being such a Pollyanna," a trusted, more experienced colleague counseled as we took the long route back to my office. He had just witnessed my project idea annihilated as co-workers eagerly argued why my idea wouldn't work, where it was flawed and why it shouldn't be funded. Despite naysayers in the room that day, I believed it was worth pursuing. Ultimately, it did receive funding and became, in time, a successful endeavor. A bit of Pollyannaism got me though.Everyday, in meetings just like this one, ideas are gutted before they're allowed to evolve. It's becoming a workplace ritual to poke pinholes in t...(related: Employment)

      A Career In Image Consulting
      You might have seen them while watching TV shows such as Extreme Makeover, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, or What Not to Wear. Or you might have heard that Martha Stewart needed them to give her advice on how to look sympathetic to a jury.We're talking about Image Consultants, and they have one of the hottest new businesses today.Also known by such titles as wardrobe consultant, fashion stylist, or makeover consultant, image consultants are...(related: Employment)

      A Career In Medical Assisting
      My name is Danni R, and I am a certified medical assistant and online educator. I am writing this article to introduce you to an exciting career in the allied health profession that has existed for quite a long time but is just recently gaining the attention and recognition it deserves. I am talking about a career in medical assisting!A Career In Medical AssistingMedical assisting is a field full of opportunity for those who enjoy working side by side with physicians and others in a medical office or clinic regardless of gender.Traditionally, medical assisting has been a profession dominated by women, mostly because of biased counseli...(related: Employment)

      A Career With The Fbi
      Do you have what it takes to become an FBI special agent? Do you have a sincere desire to enforce federal laws and investigate crimes?This job requires hard work and can often times be dangerous and stressful. You'll undoubtedly be in close contact with crimminals and victims of crime. But a special agent's job is rewarding if you enjoy serving the public. Long before applying for a job as an FBI special agent, you'll need to plan carefully what you need to do to qualify.The FBI Special AgentFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agents are the Government's primary investigators, who investigate criminal violations of over 260 statutes not assigned to another federal agency. Agents may conduct surveillance, monitor wiretaps, examine financial records, or particip...(related: Employment)

      A Concept That Could Double Youre Income In Mystery Shopping
      Do you want to double, or increase significantly you're income in mystery shopping? If yes, I'll be sharing to you an age old concept. Now you might have learned this already or you may consider this common sense. But is a concept that's worth drilling on for more knowledge or for the sake of repetition, mind you "Repetition is the mother of all skills".The concept I'm talking about is Time Management. From our early years we always hear the saying "Time ...(related: Employment)

      A Cover Letter Tip Guaranteed To Land You More Job Interviews!
      Looking for a new job?I'm about to reveal one of the most powerful cover letter tips you'll ever discover. This little-known secret can dramatically increase your job interview requests all by itself.Here's a 'not-so-subtle' hint for you:P.S. -- This tip works like a charm and commands the attention of every reader!Did you catch that hint? It's true, by adding a simple P.S. -- or Post Script -...(related: Employment)

      A Day In The Life Of A Freelance Copywriter
      Ever wanted a job where you could spend all day, every day, writing clever and inspiring prose? Yes? Well don't become a freelance copywriter!Don't get me wrong, it's a great job, and for some of us it's a calling that won't be denied. And you definitely do get to write clever and inspiring prose. It's just that you don't do it all day, every day. In fact, when you sit down at the end of the day and think about what you've done, the percentage of time spent writing is surprisingly low.So what does a freelanc...(related: Employment)

      A Job Is Not A Job

      It only happened on Mondays. Sometimes I escaped the unpleasant ritual. But, more often than not, right before boarding I threw up in the ladies room of the train station. It wasn't the commute I hated. It was the job.


      The reasons don't matter why a job I once enjoyed turned into a job I didn't. It happens. Bosses change, companies change, priorities change, budgets change, responsibilities change. Some changes bring personal growth and opportunity. Some don't.


      What does matter was the lesson learned that stayed with me the rest of my career: a job is not just a job. That job I hated helped my checking account. B...(related: Employment)

      A Killer Secret To Get Your Cover Letter Read
      You're still reading?so I know my title grabbed your attention.Why? Because it 'packed a punch.' You have three seconds to nab your reader in any written co...(related: Employment)

      A Look At Some Out Of The Ordinary Jobs
      What do you want to be when you grow up? Chances are if you ask that question in any third grade class, your answers wi...(related: Employment)

      A Peek At Nursing As A Career
      We need more people to choose nursing as a career. There is a national shortage, so the career choice would guarantee future employment fresh out of school.Just last week, a...(related: Employment)

      A Workplace Romance Can Be Detrimental To Your Career
      Over 70% of single employees will become romantically involved with someone they work with at some point in their career. The workplace has become the new single's bar. The workplace has also become the number one place for cheating spouses to meet affair partners and conduct extramarital affairs.Proceed with caution if you're attracted to someone on your job and are considering engaging in a workplace romance. As tempting as it may be to date someone from work, the risks far outweigh the rewards. An office romance could cause you legal problems, public embarrassment, and could be detrimental to your career.Legal ComplicationsIf your workplace lover becomes involved in a corporate scandal, you could be named as an accomplice, or hauled into court as a government witness. Consid...(related: Employment)

      About Your Work
      I like Simon, one of three judges on American Idol. I find his feedback refreshingly honest. And while his words startle me with their ego wounding potential, the traditional feel-good, let-you-down-easy, sugar-coated feedback is not much of a gift. It's hard to tell someone they're not good enough and their dreams are not going to happen, at least in this venue. But not telling them is no gift either. Some contestants rise to the challenges he throws at them. Some don't. And, some can't. Which one are you?The people who influenced me most in my career were those who gave me the hardest critiques. Stricken with a bruised-ego for days, or on occasion for months, inevitably their feedback helped me make the right life choices to improve, change direct...(related: Employment)

      Acceptance Is The Answer To All Our Problems

      Many people today have lost jobs after decades of service; many others suffer within jobs they can see no way out of. In order to survive a painful job loss ? indeed, any type of painful loss ? we must come to some acceptance. How does one find acceptance amidst the humiliation, shame, despair, fear, grief and uncertainty job loss...(related: Employment)

      Acing The Interview
      It's no secret that there is a lot of competition for writing jobs.What makes or breaks you in an interview is more of a mystery that some writers may try to unravel for y...(related: Employment)

      Active Listening Skill Tips For Interviews
      During a job interview, a potential employer asks, "Can you take on more than one project at a time?" If you respond, "Yes," you may want to rethink that answer. According to Dynamic Listening: Interview Skills, a computer based training module from Mindleaders in Columbus, Ohio, you should avoid one-word or one-sentence answers.Be specific. And speak money-language. Here's a preferred answer to the question above, "In general, depending upon the type and length of proje...(related: Employment)

      Adapting To Change In A Changing World
      Have you learnt a new skill or improved upon your existing skill in the last six months to one year?According to the world acclaim...(related: Employment)

      Advantages Of Mobile Oil Changes; A Potential Small Business For You?
      Mobile oil change and mobile lubes are great for fleet operators to insure equipment lasts as long as possible. A mobile van equipped with lubrication equipment and on site oil change components can provide such services to fleet owners. It also can be a business opportunity, oil change franchise or small business for someone wanting to achieve their American Dream.Think about it a simple oil change is a necessity but it can also be an interesting way to enter the arena of franchise business opportunities; of course this would on...(related: Employment)

      After Your Interview - What Must You Do Next?
      Other than actually landing the interview itself and living through it, waiting after the interview and wondering whether you will get a phone call or a rejection letter can be one of the most difficult aspects of searching for a job. What you do after the interview should actually start while you are still 'working' the interview.Prior to leaving make sure that you have noted the name of the person or persons who interviewed you. This will come in...(related: Employment)

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      What Your Guidance Counselor, Career Counselor, And Own Mother Probably Never Told You...

      The alarm clock jars you awake at some insanely early hour. As you hit the sn...(related: Employment)

      Salary Negotiation Secrets Revealed
      Before you go into the interview, it is important to know what salary you want, what you need to live on, and what you will be prepared to accept. Spend some time working out your budget. Remember to factor into your calculations the remuneration you'll need in the future.Decide what types of benefits are important to you.A compensation package might include: flexible work schedule, option to work at home,...(related: Employment)

      Finding A Career In Harmony With Your Life Path
      Which of the following would you chose? Doing your lifework as a permanent occupation or a regular ...(related: Employment)

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