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Online Business: The Underground Railroad For Corporate Escapees
Millions of people everyday spend eight hours or more in a small padded cubicle. The curious thing about it is they choose to do that. They willingly sacrifice a quality of life because they believe it is the only way to support their ...(related: Employment)

Online Resume Formats
There are several types of online resume formats that can be used when contacting potential employers. When you search for job openings online, some companies will have on their websites which online resume format is...(related: Employment)

Online Resume Tips And Secrets
I manage a website for corporate flight attendants that features resumes prominently listed on the first page of the site. Unlike some careers, corporate flight attendants must promote themselves overtly in order to find wo...(related: Employment)

Opportunities In Automotive Services Industries - How To Cash In
I believe it would be safe to say that the transportation industry is one of the highest revenue producers in today's modern economies.Millions upon millions of private passenger vehicles rule the highways and rural roads in countries around the world.Automotive reconditioning services, for the retail car/truck dealer, provide significant income opportunities for well trained, highly motivated entrepreneurs.There are several categories in the automotive reconditioning field. These categories include:1) Leather Repair and Reconditioning2) Vinyl and Plastics Repair and Reconditioning3) Paint Touch-up4) Paintless Dent Removal5) Alloy Wheel Repair6) Windshield Repair7) Gold Plating Services8) Mobile Detailing ServicesAs a journeyman of auto reconditioning, ...(related: Employment)

Out Recruit The Competition
We hear from our clients that they "hope the candidate takes the job." Hiring a candidate shouldn't be ...(related: Employment)

Outsmart Other Job Seekers By Showing These 5 Key Strengths
Getting an appointment for an interview these days is an accomplishment. It indicates that you have a good resume, and/or that networking has paid off. Bravo. Now for the all-important in-person phase of the process.There are hundreds of books out there with advice on this topic. I've read a lot of them. One I read recently, "201 Questions to Ask on Your Interview" by John Kador, hit a home run with me.What particularly grabbed me was his discussion of 5 key attributes that need to be in evidence when you interview.I'm continually telling my clients to ensure that the examples they use to highlight their accomplishments are specific. Explicit numbers, results and outcomes. Generic words are meaningless a...(related: Employment)

Overcome Interview Nerves: Be Better Prepared Than Your Interviewer
Although interview preparation is everything it's sad to say that perhaps as many as half of all interviewers you're going to meet will be unprepared or incompetent. It's not all their fault, it's just lack of interview preparation time or responsibility; some of them will be co-opted at the last minute to meet you and won't have had time to prepare.However there are those who just think they're great interviewers and fly by the seat of their pants!!It's not all bad news though; you can tu...(related: Employment)

Overcoming Inertia In Job Change
If you can hold on to an optimistic belief in the possibility of success, you have a very powerful motivator of change. But not everyone can, or will need help to do that as some are naturally more optimistic than others.It can be especially difficult to be optimistic if you are feeling a little hurt or bruised following redundancy, but even when you know you need the change it can be difficult to get going. Just take a look at the stages:Stages of Change1) Thinking About Th...(related: Employment)

Overcoming The 7 Roadblocks Women With Families Face Making Career Changes
Family is the driving force of our lives. You need family to support you and in most homes you need money to support your family. You work to support your family but you usually end up spending little time with them because of your 9-5 job. According to a Gallop poll 70% of Americans hate their jobs.Life is funny sometimes. Its so easy to find yourself in a job you don't love, in a career that doesn't drive you or longing for passion in our work. Sometimes we find ou...(related: Employment)

Overwhelmed And Overworked: The Myth Of American Productivity
Employment finally seemed back on track during the first few months of 2004. Politicians crowed that "Our tax cuts are working." Then, without warning, job growth slowed to a crawl, resulting in a deficit of more than 2 million jobs from that confidently predicted only a year ago. To counteract that dismal performance, public emphasis turned to another indicator, productivity. The reported increases in American productivity are quite genuine. Individual worker output collectively rose, from 2000 to 2003, by a full 12 percent. Definitely a bonus for Wall Street - but what about Main S...(related: Employment)

Pair Your Powerful Resume With A Great Cover Letter
Every great resume deserves a great cover letter.A cover letter is crucial because it's the first thingthe hiring manager sees. And you only have seconds tograb his or her attention. So, you have to make surethe cover letter stands out from the dozens--or maybeeven hundreds--of others that cross the hiringmanager's desk each week.You might ask, why bother at all with a cover letter?If I only have a few seconds to grab a recruiter'sattention, why not do it with a resume? The answer is,that even the bes...(related: Employment)

Passing The Police Test Just Became Easier
You've taken the police officer selection test or law enforcement entrance exam, but just can't seem to get a high enough passing score. You know you would be a good police officer if you could overcome that first hurdle. Well, your not alone. Thousands of police officer applicants fail the entrance exam every year, but that's now a thing of the past. Introducing PoliceQuiz.com.PoliceQuiz offers police test preparation for thousands of cities and to...(related: Employment)

Pebbles In Your Shoe Dont Only Hurt Your Foot But Cause Back And Hip Problems!
CIO Magazine ran an article entitled, "Ten Mistakes CIO's Too Often Make" written by Susan H. Cramm, former CIO and vice president of IT at Taco Bell and CFO and executive vice president at Chevys, a Taco Bell subsidiary.I was thunderstruck by her ninth mistake---Pretend that your organizational weeds are really untended flowers.My mind immediately went to a comparison with what it is like to spend a day walking with a pebble in your shoe. If you ha...(related: Employment)

How was your latest car wash experience?Did you take your car to a do-it-yourself car wash where you could ensure that every spot that needed to be cleaned was clean?Did you approach the car wash cautiously, checking your windows 2 and 3 times to ensure that they were firmly secure so that no water could come inside? Then carefully ease your car up to the marked line and then wait - feeling powers beyond your control begin to move your car forward and then ...(related: Employment)

Personal Contacts: The Key To Successful Networking
When the word "networking" is used, we tend to think of upwardly mobile college graduates with a bursting day timer in hand chatting up the competition at business meetings, conventions, or workshops. The average blue/pink/white collar worker disconnects, feeling that they could never b...(related: Employment)

Personal Grooming: 8 Top Reasons Why You Can?t Take It For Granted In Your Career
Most people when they landed "the dream job" after an interview or even got "the deal" of the lifetime in their businesses, sadly to say tend to slack on their grooming habits and it even goes to the point that they are wearing their pajamas going to the office. It seems that's very extreme but it happens....(related: Employment)

Personality Testing; Myth And Realities
It is commonly believed myth that personality testing instruments can measure your personality and predict your future behaviors. The pre-employment testing mechanism has been following this creed without any solid evidence. The testing industry claims all out validity. The educational institutions and employer organizations use them for screening purposes. Their transparency and equity has even convinced the courts of law.But it is still an unresolved riddle; what do they test?Do they test personality? What is personality then? What is its na...(related: Employment)

Petite Modeling: Is There A Career For You?
PEtite modeling is a tough industry to break into. Especially since most modeling agencies won't represent models unless they're 5 feet and 9 inches tall or taller. Have you had people tell you're cute? Do you hear all the time "you should be a model"? But you just don't qualify for the strict standards that most modeling angencies have?Rest assured there is a career out there for the petite model. There is work in the worlds of the fashion, commercial, editorial and many other industries for the less 5 feet 9 inch models. There is even work for models as short as 5 feet tall.Most of the work in the petite modeling industry involoves close up pictures of the face, hands, feet or othe...(related: Employment)

Petite Modeling: What Should You Wear To Your First Modeling Photo Shoot?
If you're looking into making the petite modeling industry your career and are wondering what you should bring to your first photo shoot then this article is for you.Don't take this lightly. Yo...(related: Employment)

Phone Interviews: Prepare To Ace Them!
More companies are saving time and effort by doing initial telephone interviews before committing themselves to hours of time assessing and evaluating applicants. They are doing this because, frankly, it's a good way to save a team's time from interviewing obviously unqualified people. From your standpoint, this means that you need to d...(related: Employment)

Planning To Work Abroad
Working abroad can be an exciting, rewarding and horizon broadening experience; and if you take the time to plan ahead carefully before you go, you will make your transition into the overseas work place a smooth and successful one.So, if you're considering relocating overseas to take up a temporary assignment or you'd like to move abroad permanently and find work there are basically three m...(related: Employment)

Planning Your Successful Career: 15 Ideas
"Doing a good job is one of the most important ways to move up the ladder", says Dr. Don Bagin, Professor of Communications at Glassbro State College.If you are one of the many people who do a good job consistently but are not noticed by top management, here are some suggestions to help you get on the fast track:...(related: Employment)

Playing From The Blue Tees: Women In The Federal Government
Throughout the past decade, workplace diversity issues have allowed organizations to adjust their policies in response to the need for workplace equality in all aspects. As a result of the dynamic political, social and economic changes, some companies have willingly become more inclusive, integrating women, people of color, gays/lesbians, and individuals with disabilities into their workforce at all levels of their organizations. However, others have failed to make this paradigm shift.The Federal government has failed to see ...(related: Employment)

Power Resumes ? Writing Your Objectives
A powerful resume starts with a good statement of objective. This is the headline of your advertisement promoting yourself. The headline has to be simple yet state with clarity that you are the perfect choice for the specific job or position.Clarity of objective requires that you be clear about your own career direction. If you are not clear where you are headed with your career and the specific goals, you may not be the right fit for the position. There are bound to be certain uncertainities in your mind, there may be areas of concern on the path your career is moving. Yet it is better not to reflect those grey areas in your objective statement.There are several ways you can write your objectives.Decide on the specific job title you want...(related: Employment)

Powerful Phone Interviews
Phone interviews are de rigueur with many organizations.Companies conduct phone interviews for a number of reasons.It's a way to screen out the dead wood.It gives the next interviewer baseline information from which to work.It saves money.So, how do you prep for a powerful phone interview?And how is it different from a face-to-face interview?Recently, three of my clients aced their phone...(related: Employment)

Practice Speaking
For many people, interviewing is not a natural act any more than going on a blind date is. You are asked a bunch of ...(related: Employment)

Pre-interview Web Research
You have obtained an interview -- congratulations! You feel prepared to discuss your strengths, your accomplishments, your willingness to work hard and learn quickly, and your ability to fit seamlessly into the employer's needs. But... you don't know anything about the employer. You may not even be sure what kind of industry they are in. Do some quick homework before your interview and you may glean a basic understanding of their business that can set you apart from other candidates.In the "old days" you would have needed to visit a library to try to find the employer in a Business Directory or Manufacturers...(related: Employment)

Preparation Is Key
Interviewing for a new job, or a promotion, can be a stressful situation. However, Preparation is the KEY! When preparing for that all important interview, take time to reflect upon your career experiences; and look for at least five good examples of your accomplishments and challenges--we will call them "brag...(related: Employment)

Prepare For Your Future Now --
All Presidential candidates (before and after) make all kinds of promises about YOUR 'social security' when running for the top job. Regardless of the promises, YOU are the one who has to live or die by the future plans made on your behalf.Future plans that YOU make and control. It's your actions that count. No one else is going to make sure that you are cared for in your old age. At street intersections in every city there's the guys and gals with a sign (hungry, homeless, work for food, etc.). The 'Government' will not meet your needs when you are down and out or fe...(related: Employment)

Prepare For Your Performance Review Before You Start The Job
When you start a new job, you probably realize the first three months are critical to your long-term success. Everybody's eye is on the "newbie" as you le...(related: Employment)

Preparing For An Interview
When preparing for an interview, you need to know your skills, experiences and achievements, and how to answer interview questions.Your SkillsBec...(related: Employment)

Preparing For Your Job Interview: What You Need To Know To Be Successful
In the limited time an interviewer has with you, their mission is to know you and assess your worth, especially in relationship to the other candidates interviewed. Asking you questions is the way they accomplish that mission.You'll be asked to tell the interviewer about yourself, your qualifications (especially as they pertain to the specific opening), your professional background, your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses, and your goals. So the first step is to know yourself. Be prepared to talk about your skills, competencies, qualifications and accomplishments. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Explore the goals you have for yourself ? both current and future.Especially ...(related: Employment)

Preventing The Runaway Candidate
Municipal and law enforcement officials in Georgia are still calculating the final costs associated with the "runaway bride". Much like the runaway bride, the "runaway candidate" can have a devastating effect upon a potential employer. In today's competitive market for top candidates, most employers co...(related: Employment)

Professional Moms: How To Get Ready To Re-enter The Workforce
Finally! Your youngest is in school and you are ready to hit the job market after an extende...(related: Employment)

Protect Your Business By Performing A Background Check
The success of a business endeavor involves a concerted efforts of financing, strategic planning, product design or service positioning, marketing, sales, and customer support. One of most important aspects of doing business is the people you deal with everyday - your employees, your partners and your competitors. Whether you are a small business owner or a human resource manager of a large corporation, you want to make sure that you hire responsible employees, you deal with trustful partners, and you may even want to learn more about your competitors.It is a routine for corporations to perform background checks on their hiring prospects before they make a hiring decision. Background checks reveal more information than that you gain from r...(related: Employment)

Put Some Mystery In Your Life
Mystery shoppers. For some it conjures up images of private eyes and undercover detectives. That's fair. In Nevada, a mystery shopper is required to register with a firm that is in association with the Private Investigative Licensing Board. Somewhat funny, but true. If you shop, and I'm sure you do, you have probably bumped into someone on a shopping assignment. Did you notice them? Doubtful. Or you may have found yourself on the receiving end of an evaluation by a mystery shopper. Did you realize it at the time? Probably not. But what is mystery shopping exactly? And can you really make money for shopping?Mystery shoppers are primarily independent contractors. They receive their assignments from mystery shopping companies. These companies have been contracted by various businesses in need of mystery ...(related: Employment)

Q & A How To Find A Great Search Firm
Q & AQ: Are people sometimes cautious of 'headhunters'?A. Yes. However the industry has evolved over the last decade and steadily gained more respect. Now recruiters go to the same lengths that other professionals do to be certified by obtaining a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) designation.

Reactions To Job Loss; Getting Past The Emotions
Without doubt, job loss through downsizing or redundancy, is a major event for everyone when it happens. Most of us invest so much of ourselves in what we do that job loss can take away our sense of status and belonging, as well as t...(related: Employment)

Reading The Want Ads--not For Jobs--for Information
What? Want ads are where job announcementsare, not information!Wait! Job want ads are full of information ifyou know what to do and how to use them.Doubtful? Here are some ide...(related: Employment)

Ready To Move -- Anywhere!
"I have lived in this city all my life. My family is here. I am pretty satisfied, but lately I'm getting restless. I want to move somewhere - anywhere. I was thinking of Seattle...:"Whenever I give a talk, somebody asks this question. If we're in Miami, people want to move to Seattle. If we're in Seattle, Miami sounds pretty good - especially if we're in the rainy season.(1) Identify what you have now. Lisette said,"My whole family is here. We have family meetings every two weeks. They are very important to me."(2) Get a sense of why are you restless. Is your career grow...(related: Employment)

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5 Steps To A New Job
The economy is picking up, budgets are new, positions are open and companies are hiring. Now is the time to rev up your job search efforts. Use these tips to dramatically improve your results.Get on the job boards and make sure you setup search agents so you get a daily e-mail whenever a new job is posted that meets your criteria. Look for niche boards that focus on your profession.Make sure your resume is great. If your resume has been posted for a while and you have not been getting calls, then run, don't walk, to a professional resume writing service. This is one of the best hiring times of the year and an investment of a couple of hundred dollars to have a resume that gets you noticed is well worth it.Identify companies th...(related: Employment)

The Career Athlete: What It Takes To Manage Your Career
Managing your career, just like managing your life, requires preparation and ensuring that your time is directed meaningfully. Don't wait and see; make things happen. Just like athletes who prepare for the "big game" or a marathon, designing your career requires goals, planning, work, and above all, commitment. Think of yourself as a Career Athlete.Being a Career Athlete requires awareness and action. Athletes are aware of their gifts, talents and abilities. They then focus their training on sharpening these skills with the goal of ...(related: Employment)

Invest In Your Career Change--put Your Money Where Your Dream Is
You say you want a new career, you say you want to start your own business, you say you'd love to be a freelance writer and travel more but are you serious? Can I really believe you? Are you investing in your dream?When you want something badly enough, you're willing to work hard, make sacrifices, and invest in your dream.Most people who've made a career change didn't have lots of money from whic...(related: Employment)

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