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Job Interviews: Plan Your Appearance To Make A Great First Impression
Your personal appearance is a critical component of that all-important first impression when you walk into the room for your interview.So plan ahead!Some people don't think about what they're going to wear until the morning of the interview. Then they scramble to find something that's appropriate, clean, and doesn't look like it's been slept in.Imagine putting on that rarely used suit an hour before your interview and discovering that it no longer fits!Plan your outfit in advance, try it on to make sure it fits well, and get it cleaned and pressed if necessary.When deciding what to wear, think "conservative business attire." Even if you are interviewing for a field job in which y...(related: Employment)

Job Interviews: Six Steps To Acing A Telephone Interview
Telephone interviews are becoming more popular these days. Whether that's good or bad depends on how you handle them!Sometimes telephone interviews are used as a pre-screening technique for all candidates. Other times they are reserved for candidates who live far away.Regardless of the reason, you must take them as seriously as an in-person interview.In other words, you must be prepared if you're going to ace the test. Here are six steps that will help you do just that:#1. Take the call when you're ready. If an employer calls and wants to do the interview when you're not expecting it (instead of setting up an appointment), excuse yourself politely ("I'm in the middle of something right now?") and offer to call back in ten minutes. This ...(related: Employment)

Job Interviews: Succeeding With Panel Interviews
These days, job interviews often consist of a panel of three-to-six interviewers.A "team approach" to finding the best candidate can be beneficial for the employer. Each member brings a different set of skills, experience and judgment to the team, and can point out pros (and cons) about a candidate that the other interviewers might miss.Panel interviews can also be beneficial for the job seekers.In a one-on-one interview you only have one shot at making the best impression. With a team doing the interviewing, your odds are increased!Say for example that Interviewer No. 1 had a bad experience with your past employer and unconsciously (or consciously) holds that against you, even though you had nothing to do with what happened. Intervi...(related: Employment)

Job Interviews -- The Four Worst Objections You?ll Face And How To Deal With Them
Dealing with tough questions and objections is an essential part of job interviews. Here are four common ones that derail many candidates. Read on to find out what they are and how you can deal with them.Objection #1: You've been fired from your last jobFirst of all, don't blow the issue out of proportion, either to yourself or to the interviewer. Remember, this is fairly common these days. Employers know it too.There are at least three ways you can handle this issue. If you left your previous employer on reasonably cordial terms, consider asking them to allow you to say you resigned from the job. Many employers will agree to this.Another option is t...(related: Employment)

Job Interviews & The Magic Of Music

Can music help you with your next job interview? It just might! Here's how.

First, it can help you during your research, preparation and practice. While it doesn't appear to work for everyone, some studies suggest that having classical music playing softly in the background as you study can boost your recall. Try it as you're reading over your prepared answers for probable interview questions.

Second, musi...(related: Employment)

Job Interviews -- The Real Reasons Why You Need To Follow Up
Effective follow-up after a job interview is often a key reason why someone gets a job, even though there are other equally qualified candidates. Many candidates treat follow up as an optional add-on to their job search. That's just not the case.There are several reasons why you should follow up.Sometimes, out of sight is really out of mind. Your phone call or letter can help the interviewer remember you over other candidates.We like to believe that hiring decisions are made logically and not influenced by extraneous considerations like whether you follow-up. In practice, that's rarely the case, as most executives involved in recruitment will tell you.Following up will ensure top-of-mind recall. That is sometime enough to give you an edge over the competitio...(related: Employment)

Job Interviews: Use The Personal Touch To Get A Job
A study conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research in 1995 showed that sales people who used their prospects' names generated a 239% increase in sales. In today's fast-paced world, that personal touch is even more important.The simple act of using a name can have a dramatic impact on your own ultimate success in landing a new job!

Job Interviews: What To Wear
It takes between seven and seventeen seconds for a person to make an impression of us and much of that impression is based on how we look. It stand to reason, then, that what we wear to job interviews will make a far greater impact on our success than anything we're likely to say once those first crucial seconds have passed.Dress For the JobIf yo...(related: Employment)

Job Interviews -- What Your Pre-interview Research Should Cover
When you go in for a job interview, you're not just a candidate seeking a job. You're a potential problem solver and contributor. To play that role effectively, you must be armed with the right kind of information. That's what pre-interview research is all about.Break down your research efforts into four broad areas. That'll make it easier to manage and also ensure you don't leave anything out.#1: Get insights into the organizationThis is the best place to start your research.Obviously you should find out about the organization's products and services, the markets it serves and how long they have been in existence. Plus, you ne...(related: Employment)

Job Layoff: Confronting Why Me?
Perhaps you saw it coming. The fall in company stock prices. The news articles about company troubles. Maybe it was just rumors on the production floor, or a creeping suspicion that orders had slowed down and there was no longer the backlog of work which had been a security blanket. Maybe it was the way management started to avoid you and private meetings were held without any communication issued afterwards....(related: Employment)

Job Lead Websites To Use In Your Telecommuting Search
Let me ask you a question: are you tired ofusing job sites only to find scam after scam? I bet you're noddingyour head in agreement to that question. I know that I was sickand tired of spending all my time online searching fortelecommuting jobs only to find scams. Any type of free job siteis going to have a few scams, but some sites have more legitimatejobs than others, and some are easier to use than others.There is one job site t...(related: Employment)

Job! Money! Career!
Feel somehow your life is stuck in MS-OFFICE ? The reality of life for MBAs is Excel or PowerPoint , I heard Google is catching up at campus. Having gone through this myself, (I am still not out of it!), having had the nightmare of freshly minted MBAs reporting to me every year ( 90% of MBAs in their first job believe that their first Boss in Incompetent) and struggling to manage their transiti...(related: Employment)

Job Offer Negotiations: Getting What You Want
You have worked hard at finding your next job. You have come through many obstacles and have reached your career objective. You have received a job offer. You're thrilled. Mission accomplished. After all, what else is left to do?A majority of job cand...(related: Employment)

Job Offers And Pay Negotiations
When you first get the job offer it will often be a verbal offer and is likely to be subject to taking up references and perhaps even a medical examination.So never say you are accepting a job offer, or resign from your present job until you have received a formal offer in writing for the new position. Occasionally, after an interview, employers try to shorten their process by asking if you will accept the job there and then. It's flattering and gratifying to know they like you enough to make an offer but be very careful or you may find yourself caught out with no job.You should be careful in your response and if you are interested say "I would like to accept it but please confirm your offer...(related: Employment)

Job Or Career
At this present time I have a job. It pays some of my bills, and again I have a job. I don't think of my job as a career because I don't have a passion for it. I dread going to work at times, so I know this isn't a career for me. I'm working at a clinic at the present time, and it's a stressful job, and not really my cup of tea.A job is defined as a series of tasks or activities that are performed within the scope of what we call work, according to The Career Fi...(related: Employment)

Job Or No Job: The Certainty Of Uncertainty

Headline from AP via Yahoo News! January 11, 2005: "Chrysler Expects No Job Cuts in 2005, 2006."

Headline from Detroit Free Press, January 12, 2005: "Chrysler Cuts 200 Hourly Workers."

Job uncertainty has become part of the...(related: Employment)

Job Search 101
The whole job search effort is completely exhausting and at times just plain pathetic. It is what it is and if you are unemployed know that the job search experience is one familiar to everyone at some point and time, so don't feel alone. One of the major mistakes many job seeks make is not being able to keep the whole job search experience organized. Remembering who you spoke to on what day, concerning what job can be a true "mission impossible."There are a couple of things that can make the whole experience more palatable. Lighten up and write it all down.1. Write down all names, numbers, address, driving directions, phone and fax numbers associated with your job s...(related: Employment)

Job Search - 6 Tips To Boost Your Campaign
Does your job search feel like a big weight on your shoulders?Are you confused about what you should do next?Do you have starts and stops in your search activities?Are you beating yourself up because you haven't done enough?Okay, first things first.Conducting a job search can be overwhelming under the best of circumstances.Add to that a full time job, kids and/o...(related: Employment)

Job Search Advice For Desperate Job Seekers
Another morning of job hunting lies ahead of you. You pour a cupof coffee and open the paper to the employment section. With amixture of anticipation and desperation you pick up a stub ofpencil and prepare to target and identify some possible jobopportunities....(related: Employment)

Job Search: Age-proofing Your Resume
Older job hunters fear interviews where their age cannot be concealed and where an initial response of dismay on an interviewer's face, quickly hidden, confirms their anticipation of discrimination. The mature job seeker often prefers the anonymity of mailed resumes, e-mailed inquiries, internet applications, and telephone contacts.Interviews, however, are the goal of everyone who wants to work. There is so much pre-selection ...(related: Employment)

Job Search Blurts
I coined this word to draw attention tothe nervous and apprehensive way ofsaying something in the job search thatmakes you feel like a buffoon. A "blurt"is a catchy way of saying: Gaffe.When is a blurt inappropriate? For example,the interviewer has explained to you whatthe job duties are and you say: "Oh, I can'twork on Saturdays". The interviewer hasnot said anything about Saturday work...(related: Employment)

Job Search Campaign Tip: An Activity Diary
Looking for a job involves a wide range of responsibilities: preparing a resume, looking at ads, contacting employers, calling and visiting friends and acquaintances, follow ups, interviews. While none of us ever plan to be out of work for very long, it can be very useful to immediately start documenting your activities and your feelings to provide a road map of where you have been and where you want to go. It helps to have a central location for recording your daily actions so you don't miss anything important or forget a critical deadline. It is also reassuring to have somewhere to go when you're feeling blue and too lethargic to go anywhere or do anything you ...(related: Employment)

Job Search Lessons From The Super Bowl
The Super Bowl is a game but, like sports in general, it offers useful life lessons that we can take with us . . . if we only look below the surface. As I watched the game, I saw a number of things. How many did you see?1. Winning is a team effort. The teams that make it to the game don't get there by accident. There are teams of planners and l...(related: Employment)

Job Search -- One Of The Secrets Of A Trade Show
A trade show is a great place to network, look for a job, find a new employee or develop a partnership.Are you in the market for a change? Maybe. Maybe not. But it's always smart to be willing to chat.CAVEAT ? Don't gossip. Don't be negative. Don't burn bridges. Every industry is a closed loop, so ...(related: Employment)

Job Search Secret #1
The job search secret that is so powerful it will blow your socks off is simple - if you think you want or need a Career Change all you have to do is understand this Job Search Secret:It's simple - Change your Thinking.When you're looking for the new job or career move it's easy to think that 'they' hold all the cards. But I want you to try and change the way you think about things. This one simple technique is the job search secret that will power you to ...(related: Employment)

Job Search Techniques: Smashing The Gray Ceiling
For decades, women have chaffed at the invisible glass ceiling which prevents their moving into the high executive brackets that their competence, knowledge and skills have earned. The same amorphous barrier confronts older workers both in ...(related: Employment)

Job Search: The End Of The Line
There is an end to the job search tunnel!It has been a long, hard road: layoff, unemployment, fear, depression, and occasionally panic or despair. Beyond the trauma of losing your job stre...(related: Employment)

Job Search: Time Management
There is an old adage that "Looking for a job is harder than working." How true! The rigors of job search are magnified by the turmoil we experience: lack of self-confidence, humiliation, financial pressure, and the undercurrent of emotions that color all we do: fear, anger, depression, anxiety, loss.One practical step we can take to lower the stress and conserve our energy for finding work, not feeding our bloated worries, is to manage our time effectively. Have you ever noticed that you get more chores done when you're busy? If time is limited, we squeeze in those extra demands because we know they...(related: Employment)

Job Search Tip For College Students
Today everyone is looking for that special job that will suit their exact needs. In this day and age we all have circumstances, situations, obligations, etc. that make demands on our time and energy. In most cases students will get a job that will give them enough money to pay for the fuel for their car and a few nights out, assuming they even have a night off.Why should any student who is studying hard...(related: Employment)

Job Search Tips - How To Increase Your Success
Finding a job can be a painful and difficult experience. Here are three things that you can do to minimize the pain and increase your chances of success.1) Approach finding a job as if it were a full-time job, because it is.Consider this: if you had a job, you would report to wor...(related: Employment)

Job Search - Understand Employers
Think like an employerTo be successful in your job search campaign you must think like an employer or a recruiter. If you are going to do this right, you need to appreciate the ways that employers sift through the flood of resumes. We call the most common process the screening.Faced with a pile of hundreds of job application...(related: Employment)

Job Security Is Dead! Are You?
Job security is an out dated concept. The idea is nice: The longer an employee works for a particular company, the more valuable that person becomes to the company in question. But the reality of the current job market is a different story. Every day in the U.S., employees are forced into early retirement, laid off, or fired as a result of corporate down-sizing, mergers, and re organizational bankruptcy.An employee was once valuable to the company because they graduated from college, got a degree, and/or had determination for hard labor. In the past, it was all right to become comfortable with your position. In today's society...(related: Employment)

Job Tips For The Frustrated Job Seeker
There is nothing more frustrating and depressing when you are out of work and trying to find a job and your job search is going no where. Don't feel bad, you are not alone and there is a good reason why searching for a new job can be so difficult. There is no doubt the job market has changed. 30 years ago when I applied for my first job I remember answering an ad in the paper, calling and speaking to a real person, going in for the interview, filling out a application, had the interview and was offered the $3.75 and hour shipping job. Things are not that simple today. Back then there was no voice mail, no email, you mailed in a typed resume, who had a fax at home? You called and talked to a real person. You may of filled out a application but not the dozen forms you need to today. And you never had to prove...(related: Employment)

Job Trap; Relationships With Co-workers
Most of us interact with our co-workers on a daily basis, its what helps us get through the day. Most employers go to great lengths to promote the "team", some thousands of dollars on retreats and seminars and the like. Basically, to them a group of cooperative, resourceful employees all working together is as valued as good advertising. And no wonder, without it their business would fare well. Picture a workplace populated only by the characters of the show "Family Guy". How succsessful do you think this business would be?One of the bigges...(related: Employment)

Jobseekers! Look For Smoke, Not Fire
"If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always received," said some wise person. This is certainly true when it comes to job-hunting, especially during a "sucky" economy. How many times have you applied to a job on Monster.com? Now ask yourself, "How many other people have applied for the same position?" The numbers are discouraging I assure you. Should this keep you from applying to jobs online? By no means, job boards are a necessary part of the process. However, if you limit your jobsearch to seeking only those jobs that you are qualified for then you are making a mistake. Am I suggesting that you do a "shotgun" effect with your resume and apply ...(related: Employment)

Just A Series Of Choices
Steve's a pretty regular guy ? wife, 4 kids in their blended family, 12+ years of engineering experience, a degree, mortgage, car payments, some debt? and feeling depressed because he waited to look till the end. L...(related: Employment)

Keep Your Phone Costs Down!
When you're looking for work, some of your expenses will change. You may not commute daily since you won't need a monthly commuter ticket, but each time you travel to an interview...(related: Employment)

Kick-in-the-pants Job Search
Believe it: three obstacles will hold you back from your ideal job -- your résumé, you, and your job-search methods. There's no hidden formula; there's no bribery needed; there's no one standing in front of employment - other than YOU!You've probably heard all the excuses, or used them yourself. The job market is bad; technical jobs are going overseas; those thousands of manufacturing employees had to go somewhere ? of course, these excuses are only the tip of the iceberg.Look at the job market as challenging. Who doesn't love a good challenge? The current state of the market means that you must job search smarter. Do you have something against learning? We are always overcoming obstacles in our personal and professional lives, so why should today be any ...(related: Employment)

Kill The Hype
She was waiting for me when I returned from a meeting. Standing outside my office door, I could tell by her downward glance, Jodie was not there to give me good news on the project. Despite her confident, enthusiastic and definitive style, she failed to deliver what she had pitched. It was not the first time.Jodie operated counter to the Scottish proverb advising: "Never let your feet run faster than your shoes." She was full of ideas, full of promise, full of idealism, and short on results. Her over-promising was stalling her career. You see, results are what differentiate people who are winning at working fro...(related: Employment)

Knowing And Guessing
The line between average and exceptional work performance is dotted with ordinary day-by-day behaviors. I was reminded of that line recently. My husband was explaining to a nurse how he'd inadvertently taken the last dose of the live typhoid virus on the wrong day and wondered if he needed to retake the sequence prior to our Africa trip. "No," she commented, "I think you'll be fi...(related: Employment)

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Make The Right Career Move
It is not realistic for HR Managers to believe that there will not be any staff turnover in the organisation. Having regular staff turnover need not be a negative proposition as it may imply that the ind...(related: Employment)

Change Your Career, Change Your Life!
Lots of times I see and talk to people who are tired, bored and burnt out of their current jobs. I'm not sure what causes this dis- satisfaction. One reason, though, that I've thought about is that the work they are doing is not their life passion. Or, if it was, something in the person has changed or the passion needs to be re-kindled.One of the best ways to either find a dead or to re-kindle a work passion is to celebrate all of one's accomplishments in a lifetime. Even the young adult has many tasks that have been done, which encourage passion in work. It's both hard and easy to go over one's ac...(related: Employment)

Where Did All The Farmers Go?
Several times a year, I hear someone complain about the development of farm land in our area. These complainers consider it a crime that so much of our farm land has been converted to housing, business, shopping, etc. They seem to consider the farmers and developers to be criminals.If you want to know why so many farmers have sold out to developers, allowed the land to grow houses instead of crops and left the farm life that their families enjoyed for generations ? read on. Do you know why more a...(related: Employment)

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