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Interview Preparation
The dreaded job interview is the Number 1 source of email enquiries to Confidence Club. The following email is typical:"I have an interview coming up and I'm terrified! I have to do a presentation in front of a panel of judges, and I j...(related: Employment)

Interview Presentation Skills: Dealing With Your Nerves
Sooner or later, the interview invitation is going to say you are required to give a presentation as part of the selection process. And like most people you may dread having to do it. You may think that you cannot speak publicly because of nervousness but all good speakers are nervous, and you can overcome those nerves.What you can do is control those nerves and make them work for you rather than against you. There are several techniques for doing this which you should be aware of:Tension should be released first in the lungs:Short, panicky breathing should be replaced by slow, deep breathing - through the nose (to prevent drying out your throat prior to speaking). This can be done quite unobtrusively as you ...(related: Employment)

Interview Questions: How To Stump The Interviewer
In the limited time an interviewer has with you, their mission is to know you and assess your worth, especially in relationship to the other candidates interviewed. Asking you questions is the way they accomplish that mission.Since interviews are two-way streets, your time should be spent assessing the position, the company, the employees and anything else that could sway you toward, or detract you from, the job...(related: Employment)

Interview Quicksand
How will you respond when you're asked the following two questions?1.What type of boss do you like to work for?2.What are the pros and cons about your present employer?-March 2003You scan the career section. Then you see it; your dream job. Your resume is sent, calls made; an interview set up. Now you're in the hot seat.How will you respond when you're asked the following two questions?1.What type of boss do you like to work for?2.What are the pros and cons about your present employer?You're leaving your present position because you can't stand your boss. He/She drives you insane, makes your skin crawl and shatters your nerves. Put-down...(related: Employment)

Interview Skills That Attract Offers
An interviewer's mission is to assess your qualifications compared to the other candidates interviewed. Asking you questions is their way of accomplishing that mission. Preparing meaningful responses in advance is your way of impressing the interviewer.Be prepared to talk about your skills, competencies, qualifications and accomplishments especially as they pertain to the speci...(related: Employment)

Interview Thank-you Letters
The number one etiquette tip for interviews is writing a thank-you letter. This is not a tool commonly used by job seekers right now. If you are looking for an advantage and a way to stick out above the other job applicants then follow up your interview by showing appreciation and courtesy.The letter should be written and sent within 24 hours of your interview and sent to all people who either interviewed you or helped you out in the process. If it is not appropriate to send a letter to everyone who was involved with your inte...(related: Employment)

Interview Tips, How To Get The Job You Want
Enter into a state of relaxed concentration. This is the state from which great basketball players or Olympic skaters operate. You'll need to quiet the negative self chatter in your head through meditation or visualization prior to sitting down in the meeting. You'll focus on the present moment and will be less ap...(related: Employment)

Interview Tips - Ten Top Dos & Donts For Winning Interviews
In this day and age it can become increasingly difficult to even get your foot in the door and get an interview; once you've accomplished that you will want to make sure...(related: Employment)

Interviewing Over Lunch: Are You At Risk?
Sometimes a hiring process will include having lunch with the hiring manager. Despite anything said to the contrary (like "It'll just be an informal lunch so we can get to know each other."), this is a formal part of your interview!This can be a very tricky situation.Impression...(related: Employment)

Intuition: The Secret To Your Career Success
For far too long, we moderns have relied on our analytical/logical brain to make important life decisions. It is my belief that our imaginative/cre...(related: Employment)

Invest In Your Career Change--put Your Money Where Your Dream Is
You say you want a new career, you say you want to start your own business, you say you'd love to be a freelance writer and travel more but are you serious? Can I really believe you? Are you investing in your dream?When you want something badly enough, you're willing to work hard, make sacrifices, and invest in your dream.Most people who've made a career change didn't have lots of money from whic...(related: Employment)

Is A Career A Calling Or Choice?
How much of our career path is destiny and how much is free will? In my opinion, it is 50/50. We are given a life map at the beginning of our lives, and there are things we are meant to learn, people we are meant to meet, work we are meant to perform. But many of us are not tuned into ourselves and the signs that are presented to us. We often miss important information, and miss out on those lessons, people, and jobs.The use of free will comes about when we are presented with options. Choices are really curves in our path. We can choose to take the long route, or the ...(related: Employment)

Is A Career Change On Your Horizon?
Making a career change is nothing new in today's job market.I've heard it said that the average American changescareers at least once in his or her life. Long gone arethe days of working for the same company from the timeyou graduate high school or college until that magicalretirement day.You sure won't find that kind of loyalty from companies to their workers these...(related: Employment)

Is It A Scam?
I wanted to quit my job. So I decided to make my fortune online. I had no idea what I was doing, but that had never stopped me before. I joined a mlm company. They said to succeed online you need to get an auto-responder and purchase leads. Great. But I didn't know what an auto-responder was...I was pretty vague about the lead thing too. So I asked, "What's an auto-responder?""It's like a fax machine," was the response.Great. Problem was they were talking to a bus driver. I'd never used a fax machine. I had probably seen one, but I couldn't actually remember having seen one...and if I had, I wouldn't have known what to do with it. Point is,...(related: Employment)

Is Job Loss Making You Sick?
Job loss affects most of us like anyother loss in life. Yes, there are otherlosses that are greater, but this onecomes close too!From my experience,...(related: Employment)

Is Pursuing A Career In Patent Law The Right Move For You?
What's It All About?The field of patent law is wide open to Biologists, Chemists, Engineers, Computer Scientists, and many other science and technology professionals. And it's true; individuals with the proper science or engineering degree need only pass the Patent Bar to become registered Patent Agents. Upon becoming a Patent Agent, you may gain employment wri...(related: Employment)

Is Your Career Your Calling Or Just A 9 To 5?
Do you remember your parents asking you what you want to be when you grow up? By the time I was in the 9th grade, my mother started asking me that same question until I graduated from high school. At that time I wasn't 100% sure what career path I would take, but I had several ideas.Your calling is that passion that you have deep inside ? the career that defines your purpose in life. Someone once told me if you find a job that you love y...(related: Employment)

Is Your Job Search Guided By The Controller Or The Controllee?
I'll define what I mean by these terms."The Controller" is a job seeker that is ruled by doing everything right. He/shehas read all of the appropriate books,done a good job composing a resume,but is still unemployed."The Controllee" has also read all of thebest books about the job search, hasa credible resume, but is still without work.What can each of them do to make theirjob search campaign: WORK.The person who is controlling what theythink is a good campaign is not stoppingto: Polish and have great inter-personalskills; doesn't send a thank you note anddoesn't ask for the job.The person who is being controlledby the process needs to assess their campaign and see what they are leaving out. Is their networking going well,is their sufficient follow-up? Is there roommade for th...(related: Employment)

Is Your Resume Doing Its Job?
Is it opening doors to new opportunities? Does it compel the reader to think, "Hey! This applicant can ?put that one on top of the 'call in for an interview' pile!" Does it showcase wh...(related: Employment)

It Is Still Possible To Be Upwardly Mobile In America!
Yes, it's still possible to be upwardly mobile in America: it's called a career in sales.Sales jobs come in all shapes and sizes. From the lowest telemarketer to the global strategic accounts managers, sales is what makes a company successful.Today, the need to find sustaining careers is a hot topic for everyone in the labor force. Yet, every business owner I know is constantly lamenting the lack of good, effective salespeople.What makes people unwilling to go into sales? How can we show people tha...(related: Employment)

It May Be Time To Walk In An Employers Shoes
If you are in a job search and aren't receiving viable hits, it's time to walk a mile in an employer's shoes. Okay, I realize what you may be thinking. For just one day, you would like an employer to walk in your shoes so they can be sympathetic to the stresses you are going through on a daily basis. That makes sense, since what most of us want is to be understood by others.However, when I suggest you take the time to put yourself in the position of an employer, that isn't meant to minimize the realities and responsibilities of your world. Your responsibilities sit across f...(related: Employment)

It Takes Time
The story goes that after one of Ludwig van Beethoven's performances, several people were offering him their congratulations, when one woman commented, "I wish God had bestowed me with such genius." "It isn't genius, madam, nor ...(related: Employment)

Ive Got The Big Bad B Word On My Job!
That "B" word---B O R E D O M.How did I get this wearing word in my work?I got it because I don't have enough todo in my job! Yes, I have completed myassigned tasks, but I have time left over,which leads to boredom.I know that all kinds of jobs have boredomconnected to them, "little bores" or "bigbores", if I reduce the concept to thesmall items I just mentioned.I have to find a way to reduce the boredomI feel to make myself feel better about myjob and mys...(related: Employment)

Jesse And Al Should Read This!
Instead of getting all bent out of shape over innocuous remarks made by the President of Mexico, perhaps the Lord and Prince of African-American Ideological Imperialism (that's Lord Jesse and Prince Al) should know just how Americans apply for those jobs they so vehemently claim Mexicans are stealing.The good folks at Careerbuilder.com recently took a peek into the matter. In a survey of 600 hiring managers, 70 percent of them reported the following bizarre behaviors displayed by American job applicants. [1]Now listen carefully Lord Jackson and Prince Al:· No shows-they make the appointment for the job interview then do not show up· Compulsive watch-checking during the interview· Interviewee asking the interviewer to hurry up the inte...(related: Employment)

Job Dissatisfaction
Job dissatisfaction is a driving force behind individuals seeking employment elsewhere. When evaluating your employment it is important to distinguish between the work you do and your workplace.Do you find purpose in your work? Are you driven by passion or necessity?All work has purpose. All work has value. You are the best person to evaluate the value of your work. The value of your work depends on whether or not your personal needs are being met.Are you passionate about your work? You may be working in your chosen profession, even with a company you have always wanted to work for, and still you may experience moments of job dissatis...(related: Employment)

Job Hunting: Its Still The First Impression Stupid!
In the 1992 USA Presidential election, political strategist James Carville hung a sign in Bill Clinton's Little Rock campaign office that read, "It's still the economy, stupid." His intent? Simply to keep everybody focused on the most important issue of the day. History clearly demonstrates he was right and George Bush Sr. was soundly defeated.The lesson to be learned from this is that even the most important among us; the inarguably qualified, are still not immune to a potential to overlook the obvious.When it comes to job-hunting, nearly everyone's heard the mantra; You never get a second chance to make a first i...(related: Employment)

Job Hunting Tips: Accepting Judgment
Applying for work is stressful, no matter the circumstances. Even if you are already working, and merely looking to see what else is out there, you still want to be offered the position. If you realize, half way through an interview, that you would be mis...(related: Employment)

Job Hunting Tips: Assessing Personal Value
A week out of work is a vacation. You can sleep late in the morning, revel in your newly found free time, shop when the stores are empty, and get around to those chores you have been putting off for too long.Three weeks out of work and you are still relaxed. There is a new and better position waiting out there and you just need to get around to finding it.Six weeks out of work and you are getting anxious. Fifty resumes have vanished into a black hole and the telephone refuses to ring.Twelve weeks out of work and panic starts to set in. You review your recent efforts to find work and seem to be doing all the right things. You start to doubt yourself: Am I too o...(related: Employment)

Job Hunting Tips: Containing Anxiety
It hangs from the ceiling above your bed while you toss through the night hours. It waits inside the door of every employment office you enter. It dogs your footsteps as you pound the...(related: Employment)

Job Hunting Tips: Organizing Your Attack
Looking for work is an energy-devouring ordeal, often leading to running in circles and not getting anywhere. A systematic approach can help you focus on your goal, avoid wasting the energy you need to conserve for interviews and employer contacts, and lower your stress level.Some resources you might find helpful include:1. Newspaper cla...(related: Employment)

Job Hunting Tips: Staying Active
Unemployment is depressing: financial pressures stress you out, looking for work is humiliating, and your fragile self-confidence reels under the blows of indifference and rejection.It becomes harder to get up in the morn...(related: Employment)

Job Hunting Tips: Taking Care Of Yourself
Looking for work is generally a miserable undertaking. No matter how much education and experience you have, you are in...(related: Employment)

Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid
By avoiding these 8 simple mistakes, you can improve your chances ofhaving a successful interview and landing the job of your dreams.1. DON'T SHOW UP LATE. There is no easier way to lose points with a prospective employer than to sho...(related: Employment)

Job Interview Preparation - What Employers Are Looking For
When an employer decides to conduct an interview with you, there are certain things that they are looking for from you. Naturally, you are likely to focus on these things during an interview, but you should remember all of the tips in this manual because following those tips is what is going to make the employers see all of those things in you.Since everybody wants to have a leg up when it comes to an interview, it naturally seemed to be appropriate to let you in on what the employers are...(related: Employment)

Job Interviews And The Secret Of Selling Yourself
A very effective and persuasive tactic when selling something is to promote its benefits as well as its features.Very simply, features are what something has; benefits are what those features do for you.For example, if you're selling...(related: Employment)

Job Interviews: Answering Whats Your Greatest Weakness?
Many interview guides advise candidates to answer the common "What's your greatest weakness?" question with a positive trait disguised as a weakness. For example, "I tend to expect others to work as hard as I do," or "I'm a perfectionist."That would be a mistake.Why? Because interviewers have heard these canned answers over and over again.If you use one of them, it will likely backfire on you. Because the hiring manager will think:

  • You're not being honest about your true weaknesses and are just regurgitating someone's advice;
  • You fe...(related: Employment)

    Job Interviews: How To Answer The How Do You Handle Stressful Situations? Question
    When answering the "How do you handle stressful situations?" question during an interview, the best strategy is to give some examples of stressful situations you've dealt successfully with in the past.Everyone faces some form of stress on the job now and then. They probably won't believe you if you say, "I've never been in a stressful situation."So take some time before the interview to think back over your career and come up with some stressful situations you can talk about. Make sure they are situations that had a happy end...(related: Employment)

    Job Interviews -- How To Follow Up Effectively
    Getting a job is not just about your performance in an interview. The post-interview follow up you do has a critical role in a successful job hunt. Here's how to do it effectively.On the day of the interview or at most the next day, send a thank you note to each of the interviewers. Apart from saying that you're keen to take up the job, mention two or three of your key strengths or skills that are directly useful for the position.During the interview, you should find out how soon they plan to have a person in place. Ask "In what timeframe do you expect to make a decision?" That'll g...(related: Employment)

    Job Interviews: Identifying & Using Your Most Important Asset
    When you're looking to get hired or get promoted, what do you think is your most important asset? Your experience? Knowledge? Skill? Talent?While all of those are advantages that will help you achieve your goals, there's one thing that's more important than all of them combined.Your attitude!Let me illustrate my point.I attended a board meeting recently. It should've been spelled "bored." Just about everyone's eyes were glazed over or nearly closed with fatigue as one dull presentation after another was foisted upon the board members, staff and audience.Then something changed.Someone who had never spoken at a board meeting before got up, went to the...(related: Employment)

    Job Interviews: Ill File A Grievance!
    I recently went to a retirement party with my husband for one of his co-workers. I worked at this same place six years ago (that's where I met my husband, but that's another story), so I knew most of the people at the party.One person I didn't know (I'll call her Jill but that's not her real name) was talking about how bored she is in her current job. She's been with the agency for about three months and is doing administrative work."I'm way overqualified for this position," she said. "I used to be an Office Manager. I only took this job because I heard this agency was a good place to work. I know I can get something better."Jill told me she planned to apply for a new opening at the same agency -- a slightly better-paying administrative position. That position became vaca...(related: Employment)

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    Chicken Soup For Job Seekers
    Do you want to change your job but don't know the right way to go about it? Are you vacillating between waiting for your dream job or accepting the first one that comes your way? Or are you a fresher falling in line with what your parents wish you to be rather than what you wish to be? If this is the kind of situation you find yourself in, then the next few minutes will help you get a clearer picture. Here is our bowl of chicken...(related: Employment)

    5 Interviewing Tips To Get That Job!
    Anyone who is a jobseeker knows that looking for a new job or career is a job in itself. Once you have completed the laborious task of writing your resume and submitting it to various companies, you now have to pass the screen test to get the job. Interviews are the gateway to landing your ideal job. These five tips will help you get own your way to making that job yours.Tip#1Be Confident"Your first impression is your only impression."Nothing is worse than a limp handshake,...(related: Employment)

    From The Workwise Collection: Job Hunting In The New Economy
    To succeed in today's global marketplace, companies must hire the best and the brightest. Having talented employees can make the ...(related: Employment)

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