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How To Turn A Job Search Into A Career Find
The only way to find a new career is to stop looking for a job Career success requires the identical effort and targeting as setting a course for continuous professional development.Job opportuniti...(related: Employment)

How To Turn Career Mistakes Into Career Wins
I recently talked with a client who was paralyzed at the thought of making another "mistake" in her career.She was stuck and unable to choose a direction. Her fear of looking stupid, of choosing another career that she wouldn't like, loomed over her. Her negative thoughts were keeping her from making any move at all.Does this sound familiar?Have you pursued a career, or taken an advanced degree, only to find it's not for you?What is your willingness to try something new?If this rings a bell, then I've got some comforting thoughts for you.It's by your mistakes that you learn and grow. You need to kn...(related: Employment)

How To Type A Resume For Employers
Learning how to type a resume may feel like a daunting task. Even the most affluent writers have asked themselves, how to type a mind-blowing resume. Follow the tips in this article, and you will find the answers on how to type an outstanding resume.First, your resume must be computer printed. The days of the almighty pen or grandma's typewriter are behind us. No more carriage returns with the dinging bell.You should always use black ink throughout. It is the most professional, and helps if your resume is going to be copied by your perspective employer.Today's computers come with several different fonts from which you can choose. However, wh...(related: Employment)

How To Use Flow In The Job Search
What is "flow"? Flow as described by thepsychology professor and educator,Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, is a state of being andbehavior. The behavior is one of complete absorption in a task. It is a transcendent state of being.An example would be of a musician whoseplaying causes the person playing to losesight of time, place & circumstances. Some people have called this a "divine rapture".How can a job seeker find "flow"? More oft...(related: Employment)

How To Walk Away From An Opportunity Thats Wrong For You
Q. I just finished a job interview. Everything went well. But I can't get excited about the job. The people were nice but frankly, I got bored.Should I withdraw my application or hang on to see what happens?A. Let me share a secret. I love country music ­ especially the classics. Your question ...(related: Employment)

How To Win The Job-hunting Game
When I got over the initial shock of being urged to "seek alternative employment" I found myself, like so many others, out beating the bushes looking for a job. I found that I was just another one of the sheep following the same traditional job-hunting procedures as everyone else.I wrote resumes, mailed them to the same prospects that everyone else was sending theirs to and found little comfort knowing that mine was included in a pile that was growing bigger every day.To be successful amid all this competition would be tantamount to winning the lottery! It sure ...(related: Employment)

How To Work Effectively With Recruiters
"R-E-S-P-E-C-T / find out what it means to me" is a line made famous by Aretha Franklin, and one that recruiters have adopted as their mantra. This is probably because there is a love-hate relationship between candidates and recruiters. Specifically, candidates love what recruiters can do for them, but at the same time, aren't fond of the fact that they need their services.One can hardly blame candidates, since over the years recruiters have been branded as uncaring, money-hungr...(related: Employment)

How To Write A Better Cv (uk), Or Resume (usa And Elsewhere)
The first point to make is that the terms "CV" and "Resume" (with or more often without the French acute accents over the e's) are virtually interchangeable in the UK; they mean the same thing, but if anything the norm is CV. In the USA and elsewhere, the CV (Curriculum Vitae to give it its full title - literally "Life Study") is a different animal - a dry listing of qualifications ...(related: Employment)

How To Write A Job Winning Resume That Puts Yours On Top

Many people would love to get a better job. And most of these same people have the proper training and skills to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, so many job hunters have very poor communication skills. They are unable to clearly tell potential employers about their job qualifications. In short, they do not have good job seeking skills. In many cases, this prevents them from getting a high paying job that they could easily do. Often, the job will go to someone who is less skilled but who has written a eye-catching resume.

Often, job seekers have a few mistaken opinions about potential employers. They believe that employers are able to easily separa...(related: Employment)

How To Write A Resume, Avoid These Resume Mistakes
HOW TO WRITE A RESUME-MISTAKE #1NEVER USE THE WRONG PAPER!What kind of paper should you choose when typing your resume? The color of paper you will want to use will be white or ivory. You will also want to type your resume on a heavier paper, such as a 20 lb. bond.HOW TO WRITE A RESUME-MISTAKE #2DO NOT APPLY TO THE...(related: Employment)

How To Write A Resume Cover Letter That Will Get Your Resume Read
A Resume Cover Letter has only one purpose - to stimulate the recipient of your resume to review your resume. This free resume cover letter tutorial assumes that you will be sending your resume and resume cover letter by email.In the age o...(related: Employment)

How To Write A Resume That Stands Out From The Crowd
Today's job market is competitive. Many companies receive hundreds of resumes a year, making it difficult for yours to stand out from the crowd. However, that should not keep you from getting...(related: Employment)

How To Write A Résumé
Figure out what you want to do.You can't write an effective résumé if you have no job target. What I mean by this is you need to tailor your résumé to the specific job you want to apply to. Gone are the days of sending out 400 copies of the same résumé.Make a list of the jobs you have held that have relevance to the new job target.If none exists, what skills did you acquire from those jobs that apply to the one you are seeking? For instance, if you are applying for an administrative assistant position, it is possible that your fast food job does not apply and should be left off. However, one exception would be if you were in a managerial position and had restaurant paperwork you were responsible for (like inventory, ordering, report...(related: Employment)

How To Write A Scientific Resume
You're a scientist, you're very well educated, you're intelligent, and so writing your own résumé should be easy, correct? I mean, how hard could it be? Especially if you have written your own thesis or dissertation in the past, you may feel that you can save the $300 bucks (or however much it costs, even if it is a tax deduction!) and simply do it yourself. The ...(related: Employment)

How To Write A Simple Job Description
1.0 A timely reminderIn a recent decision in a New South Wales court it was found that an employee was psychologically injured and that contributing factors such as not having a job description and controlling management behaviours were responsible. The employee was subsequently awarded $500,000.00 for psychological injury.Not having a clear job description can lead to significant expense, declining morale and uncertainty. In this is the case, you the employer is the party that will be penalised and the courts' will not display leniency for ignorance or busyness....(related: Employment)

How To Write Cover Letters That Increase Your Chances Of Winning An Interview
Submit a poorly written cover letter and the chances are your resume will end up in the trash bin without even being looked at.On the other hand, a well written cover letter can almost guarantee you get an interview.

How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter: Be Brief--and Be Gone!
The best cover letters are 'one-page wonders.' Why? Because they suit today's busy employers who are already overloaded and often overwhelmed. The best way to catch their attention is to 'be brief?and be gone.' Leave them wanting more?so they'll call you for an interview?which is just what you hope for. Write a letter that makes your point about the job you want, displays your enthusiasm, and clearly asks for the opportu...(related: Employment)

How Totalk Your Boss Into Giving You A Salary Increase
* If you believe you deserve a salary increase, ask for it as soon as possible; don't procrastinate or wait for yo...(related: Employment)

How Well Do You Manage Your Boss?
Are you in this situation? You and your boss just don't seem to connect and work well together. It isn't that you are having knock down ...(related: Employment)

How You Can Find Freelance Writing Employment
How can you find writing jobs? Do you have proven skills that can propel you in the right direction? If so, then why are you looking for fresh vacancies? The best tool to those who have employment histories is to look to the companies that you have already worked for. There, they can help provide you with more work, or point you in the right direction.There are many careers in which you need a good education to do well. This one is no different. Employment, freelance or with a company, is available to those who have a proven track record. For those that do not, though, they will have to prove themselves in other ways. It may be necessary to take on a proofreading career in order to get your foot in the freelance door. Or, you may find that editing is not helping you and ther...(related: Employment)

How You Can Find Opportunities For Foreign Language Proof Reading Work
For those who are fluent in another language, foreign language (ie non-English) proof reading can be a great source of income. It is a...(related: Employment)

Hunting The Executive Head Hunter
5 tips to win over an executive head hunter or management recruiterMany job seekers find themselves overwhelmed with dread at the prospect of hunting down a new career position on their own. That's why many people hope to hang their hats on the connections of executive head hunters to do their hunting for them in their ongoing (never-ending?) quest for the ultimate trophy career.In order to convince a reliable executive head hunter, a job seeker has to plan his attack. A well connected executiv...(related: Employment)

I Just Lost My Job: How Am I Going To Tell My Kids?
One of the responsibilities of a human resources professional is to let employees know that their job has been eliminated. It is seldom easy to do and often painful for the person who is hearing the news.Just recently, I was involved in communicating a large layoff to employees at a Fortune 500 company. I sat with one woman after she had heard the news to tell her about the career transition services she could t...(related: Employment)

I Quit!
More and more people are calling it quits to successful careers to create some personal leisure time or to pursue another career. This trend is becoming more popular and common. Years ago few people voluntarily quit a job midway through their careers, no matter how unhappy they were. It was not acceptable to leave one job without having another job to go to. There was a stigma pr...(related: Employment)

Ideal Job And Handling Criticism
How many times have you been asked, "What is your dream job?"Even if you document a dream job on paper, will you be happy every day in that job? Unlikely. Heck, you could work in you...(related: Employment)

Identity Theft And Your Online Job Search
While identity theft is nothing new, the Web has opened up whole new world of opportunity for identity thieves.According to the FBI, identity theft is the top online fraud. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission says that identity theft is it's number one source of consumer complaints - 42 percent of all complaints, in 2001.The thief will use your personal information to open credit card accounts, cell phone accounts, open bank accounts in your name and write bad checks-leaving the victim with the bills and ruined credit ratings. Identity thieves may pose as representa...(related: Employment)

If You Think You Cant Change Course... Youre Right

You've heard the expression that some people see the glass as half full while others perceive the same glass to be half empty? Yesterday I had the opportunity to see this difference in perception in action.


My father and I drove to the airport to pick up my some family members visiting from Florida...(related: Employment)

If Youre Fired, Will Past Employers Keep Your Secret?
Despite what some job seekers think, it is not illegal for former employers to tell reference checkers that you were fired. They can say anything they want as long as it's true.But many companies do have polici...(related: Employment)

Illegal Interview Questions -- Be Prepared
I'll quickly cover the following:A) Why Employer Ask Illegal Interview Questions.B) Examples of Illegal Interview Questions.C) Tips on How To Respond to Illegal Interview Questions.******FACT ******U.S. law prohibits certain types of questions and you are by no means required or obligated to answer these questions. Thesequestions are prohibited for a reason: to keep employersfrom unfairly trying to weed you out as a possib...(related: Employment)

Im Just Me - An Overview Of An Web Er.. Designer, Developer, Consultant And Friend
I am going to give you a breakdown of my ... er ... work ... playtime .... income ....I'm a UK based Web Designer, Web Developer, Internet Consultant. I build websites, content management systems and internet solutions for anybody who can afford me. I am a prostitute!! Yes! A prostitute - I use my ...(related: Employment)

Image And Style Count
When I was a child, there was a pool nearby and every year my parents bought us season tickets. My brother and I swam there everyday. One day we were swimming the length of the pool underwater. As I came up at the edge of the pool gasping for air, the lifeguard was there to meet me. He asked if my brother and I would join the swim team. We were so excited; we talked about it for days.The next few weeks we prepared for competition. That day arrived and our first meet took us to a pool across town. We all piled out o...(related: Employment)

Importance Of Your Job Search
So that you can decide just how critical your job hunt is in your total life scheme, let's put a kind of frame around the importance of the effort ahead.Reflect on it.A job is not just a job. Half of you waking hours are devoted to it. Its quality ramifies through all other aspects of your life. It determines your productivity and how far you will go in achieving full self-realization. It governs your happiness, the happiness of your family, where you live, and how well. The quality o...(related: Employment)

In A Rut? Ready For A Career Change?
Are you unhappy at work? Tired and lacking energy and drive? Don't worry, you are not alone! Studies in the US show that up to 70 percent of the workforce is unhappy with their job at any given time. We all feel dissatisfied and frustrated with our jobs at times. So, how do you know when the feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration means it is time for a career change?There are a few key signs which point towards a need for change:* feeling overwhelmed by your workload* unable to balance your work and life responsibilities* confused about ...(related: Employment)

In Control - Inside Tips On Interview Success
No, you can't control how the interview will be conducted, nor can you control the outcome. But you can influence it greatly by the way you present your personality and your skills.Part of acing an interview, is preparation. Do your homework on the company you're applying to. Read their stock performance if they're listed. Surf for their web site, and be sure to read the About Us page as well as any news or press releases. Check out any trade-related publications, or annual reports. Being able to comment knowledgeably on subjects the recruiter may bring up, is a plus on your side.Dress to i...(related: Employment)

Independent Rn Contractors Are Taking The Nursing Profession
Nurses wake up and take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. Are you tired of having no input in your career, little money in the bank, lack of respect for your profession and little compensation for the long hours and years of dedication? Independent RN Contractor is a great way to renew your interest and rejuvenate your nursing career. As An Independent Nurse Contractor you will increase your choices as to when, where and how often you work, substantially increase your income and most of all gain professional autonomy.An Independent Nurse contractor contracts with a healthcare facility to provide ...(related: Employment)

Inside Sales Jobs: A Job Worth Seeking?
Are you interested in inside sales as a career? Inside sales can be a very rewarding job if you so choose. What is the difference between inside and outside sales positions? If you think the difference is staying out of the sun, read on and discover if or why an inside sales job could be for you.With inside sales you will need to not only sale a product or service, but be a representative for it as well. You will most likely be required to be on call to s...(related: Employment)

Integrity At Work - How Do You Show Up?
As the business sections of today's papers and magazines read more and more like the police blotter, ''Integrity'' is fast becoming a hot topc of conversat...(related: Employment)

Internships: Bonkers Or Brilliant?
I have something to say that's driving me batty. It's regarding graduates who fuss about not getting a job they like or not getting a job at all for that matter. Blah blah di blah?Let me ask you something. Imagine a small town like ours with a limited number of companies, looking for limited vacancies to fill. There are thousands of grad...(related: Employment)

Interpersonal Skill Building -- Yank The Suckers & Weeds
According to the National Gardening Association, suckers are rapidly growing shoots rising from an underground root or stem, often to the detriment of the tree. They can be very irritating and annoying for they bear no flowers or fruit. Rather than cut them off, one way to get rid of them is...(related: Employment)

Interview Preparation Made Easy: Create An Interview Preparation List
Here's a quick way to compare your own job experience and qualifications with those that your prospective employer is looking for in a specific job position. Make an "Interview Preparation List". When you prepare for a job interview, it's good to have a quick reference of your past work experience that you can study ahead of time to help prepare you for the specific job you're interviewing for.Grab a sheet of paper and make three columns.Column A will be "Position Requirements"; Column B will be "Your Qualifications and Experience"; andColumn C will list "Your Stories". For this exercise, you'll be using the actual job description from the employer.So, in Column A (Position Requirements) you'll take one piece of the job description and write for example: "Abi...(related: Employment)

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Job Search: Time Management
There is an old adage that "Looking for a job is harder than working." How true! The rigors of job search are magnified by the turmoil we experience: lack of self-confidence, humiliation, financial pressure, and the undercurrent of emotions that color all we do: fear, anger, depression, anxiety, loss.One practical step we can take to lower the stress and conserve our energy for finding work, not feeding our bloated worries, is to manage our time effectively. Have you ever noticed that you get more chores done when you're busy? If time is limited, we squeeze in those extra demands because we know they...(related: Employment)

Can Nurses Be Entrepreneurs?
Yes, Nurses can be entrepreneurs. In today's market place nursing has a unique service to offer not only to hospitals but nursing homes, private care and doctor offices. We as nurses have...(related: Employment)

Take The Personal Out Of The Workplace: Leave Your Troubles At The Door!
Bringing your emotional baggage into the work place is inappropriate for all the reasons you may imagine. Yet employees, managers and business owners do it all the time.The question is, how do you handle it? How do you look at your manager and think, "No one is going to tell me what to do!" What if a client, peer or prospect gets you on a Bad Day?How do you take the personal out of the workplace?It requires discrimination and distinction. If you are hav...(related: Employment)

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