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How To Get Promoted - Take Control Of Your Destiny!
It Is Up To YouSo, you want to get promoted. The possibility really lies in your own hands. Remember the trite but true saying, "If it is to be, it is up to me!" Don't wait for things to happen. Set yourself apart from the crowd and make things happen. Most people...(related: Employment)

How To Get That Promotion
If you're looking for that promotion or pay rise then you'll need to be noticed by your employer, so here's a few tips to stand out from the crowd:Have a Friendly & Positive attitude towards Everyone you come into contactProvide Service and treat Everyone as your customerBe Professional at all timesAlways look for extra work, especially when others are ducking for cover to avoid itWatch what your colleagues are doing, copy from the ones who are receiving praise for their efforts but learn to do it bet...(related: Employment)

How To Get The Job You Want In Any Economy... Act Like A Headhunter
Having spent the last few years of my career in the staffing and recruiting industry, I'm asked all the time by friends and relatives if I can help them find a more desirable job. I've helped my fiancé get a job, helped my college buddies get jobs after graduation, and even helped a few high school buddies find jobs having not seen them for years. It's a real joy in recruiting when you can help someone find a job that positively impacts their life. But the fact of the matter is, not everyone has the opportunity to work with a headhunter. I would say that only a small percentage of career moves are made at the hand of a headhunter. So what do the rest of us do when we find ourselves in a dead end situation and no one to conduct the hunt for you?I've heard lots of gimmicks, tricks, and tactics for aiding the process and I'm sure you'...(related: Employment)

How To Give Job-winning Answers At Interviews
Human Resources personnel, professional recruiters and various other career experts all agree: one of the best ways to prepare yourself for a job interview is to anticipate questions, develop your answers, and practice, practice, practice.There are plenty of websites that offer lists of popular job interview questions, and knowing the types of questions to expect can be very useful. But knowing how to answer those questions can mean the difference between getting the job and getting the "reject letter."HOW TO ANSWER QUESTIONSFirst, know these important facts:1. There is no way to predict every question you will be asked during a job interview. In other words, expect unexpected questions--they'll come up no matter how much preparation you do.2. Treat any sample answers you find, such ...(related: Employment)

How To Improve Your Work Situation
buWhy are so many people unhappy in their work situation? Why do people, who are successful at one career, have such difficult times coping with their new career? These problems frequently occur, because conflicts exist in their work relationships.Relationships between you and your work can also be considered the "games of work." Games have basic rules to play, which require specific skills to succeed at playing. People win at the games they play when they achieve the game objectives and by operating within the rules of the game better than others. The "games of work" also have objectives a...(related: Employment)

How To Insure Job Security
The attorneys I coach have one common problem. They don't have enough hours in the day to do everything they need to do. Most are working long hours and that "To do" list keeps growing not shrinking. So it is no wonder that when I suggest that they find time to market their practice they think I am just plain daffy!If you are working in a successful...(related: Employment)

How To Know If You Are In The Right Career
Ever wonder if you are in the right career? If you are like most people you have. Did you know that 80% of people are currently misemployed? They are either underemployed, not happy with their current position or not fairly compensated for their skill and/or function set. If so many people are misemployed, why do they stay in their current situation? Why do they not take the necessary steps to move into something that will be fulfilling and something they can look forward to doing every day - a situation they can truly be proud of?The following are some of the most common r...(related: Employment)

?how To Look Your Best In A Down Economy?
As you know too well ~ many jobs have been lost during the turn down in our economy over the last several years. Important sectors as well as entire industries have felt the challenges of lost profits and reduced staff.Most of us felt the dot-com failures personally. Venture Capitalists hit the skids while employees were terminated by the thousands. Many found themselves in the job market for the very first time. Highly qualified talent with nowhere to land but in the unemploye...(related: Employment)

How To Make Money As A Reflexologist
Being a reflexologist is one of the top five career choices in the field of holistic health. The trend shows that more and more people...(related: Employment)

How To Make More Job Contacts Faster, Through Viral Marketing
Are you in the job market? Sick of every blog-byte cramming down your throat that you have to get out there and network? Feel like your traditional networking efforts have turned into a self-destructive waste of time? Online Social Networking (OSN), a form of viral marketing, is a better way to hook up to opportun...(related: Employment)

How To Make Your Career Change Easier
Despite what your grandmother told you, life is not supposed to be a struggle. The same is true for making a career change. This doesn't mean you won't work hard to get the job of your dreams. We often forget that we can make things easier on ourselves so that the transition is not painful! Do these six things and you'll notice a huge difference right away.1. Take your dream job for a test drive. Get a part-time job doing something related to your dream work, volunteer in a similar field, or job shadow someone who's already doing what you'd like to ...(related: Employment)

How To Manage Your Career Like A Business
Look upon yourself as a company with a product or service to sell. Understand your market and devise a dynamic marketing campaign, remembering that companies hire employe...(related: Employment)

How To Negotiate The Best Salary And Benefit Packages
Salary and Benefits NegotiationOne of the most difficult aspects of job searching for many people, especially those who are just starting out or who are making a mid-career change, is actually the salary and benefits negotiation aspect. This is true partly because some people are just naturally uncomfortable with negotiation in general and also because they may not feel knowledgeable enough about the job market to be able to effectively negotiate for better pay and benefits. In other cases, certain job seekers may not feel confident enough about their talents and skills in order to attempt salary and benefits negotiation.For the most part, employers expect that there will be some negotiation regarding salary and benefits packages. Today, this tug of war ha...(related: Employment)

How To Overcome A Bad First Impression
Have any of these situations happened to you? Forgetting your client's name, unintentionally insulting a co-worker, spilling coffee on your boss, not recognizing an old friend, drinking too much at the company party, sending a racy e-mail to the wrong person, or asking a woman's due date when she's not pregnant ? ouch! You never have a second chance to make a first impression, so what happens when that first impression is a negative one?In a perfect world none of these things would occur, but the truth is, we all make mistakes. Effective communicators are not only aware of how their actions impact others; they also know how to respond in uncomfortable situations. If handled properly, flubs can act...(related: Employment)

How To Pick The Best Career For You, Part 1
In Part One we'll look at how Positioning or "Coming to a Theater Near You" simplifies and expedites your employment hunt by reinforcing employer buy-in through justification of the sale.Rapidly gain employer agreement that you're the right person for the job by proving how their organizational needs are met through your specific abilities to solve their identified problems.Your search shouldn't be about the moneyMost job hunters passively seek a job by default rather than strategic design. If you do, you may be committing the ultimate career crime against yourself...(related: Employment)

How To Pick The Best Career For You , Part 2: From Exposure-to-opportunity
Gain an audience by recognizing opportunityThere's a sexier method to salsa into a great career...(related: Employment)

How To Pick The Best Career For You: Part 3
Marketing-with-Intent precisely drives you to your target and with greater speed because you are using the right mode of transportation, an accurate compass and a clear vision of where you're headed. You'll differentiate yourself from your competition by using the right vehicle to uncover the best career for you. Finding a job is easy. Locating a meaningful career is much harder but well worth the sweat.The traditional method of career transitioning moves you out of t...(related: Employment)

How To Power Negotiate Your Next Bonus
A raise in your base salary is a permanent source of increased income. However, to increase your take home pay, you can also negotiate performance bonuses on specific projects, activities, or time frames. In the sales world bonuses are often called commissions. That is, a person is paid a salary plus commission for a certain level of sales. However, even if you are not in sales, you can find ways to earn extra income by negotiating win-win solutions.It's all about increasing profit for the company or your department. For example, let's say you are part of a project with a $100,000.00 budget and a 10-week timeline. In simple terms, the project average is $10,000.00 per week ($100,000.00 divided by 10 weeks = $10,000.00 per week.) You app...(related: Employment)

How To Prepare For A Performance Appraisal
Performance appraisal should be treated as an ongoing developmental process rather than a formal once-a-year review. It should be closely monitored by both employee and reviewer to ensure that targets are being achieved. By preparing yourself diligently and demonstrating a willingness to co-operate with your reviewer to develop your role, you will create a positive impression.To enable you to assess your own performance as objectively as possible, try to view it from your manager's perspective. Make sure you are conversant with the company's assessment policies and proce...(related: Employment)

How To Prepare For A Telephone Interview
It is important to prepare thoroughly for your telephone interview.Begin by studying the job description and ...(related: Employment)

How To Reach Outside Yourself To Advance Your Career
When flipping the channels of your TV, you are bound to come across a Public Service Announcement (PSA) endorsed by a celebrity asking children to approach their parents, teachers, or someone they trust when they are at a crossroads. ...(related: Employment)

How To Reach Your Next Job Faster With Fewer Potholes, Roadblocks
Complacency damages your career more than lack of qualifications. The most obvious roadblock you'll encounter on the race to find your next job is usually regrets about skills, education, and professional knowledge. However, be careful that you don't possess an inner smugness that rests on past successes. Complacency will trick you to believe that employers will find you without any effort on your part to find them. You'll be anesthetized to job search urgency by this false sense of security. Overconfidence costs you money and opportunities if you decide to sit back with a Jack Daniel's and idle your time away until the phone rings. It won't.Job seeker loses $30,000 and top management role while waiting for "right opportunity.

How To Really Look For A Job
Are you looking for a job -- really looking? Or are you simply waiting for employment to fall into your lap?If you're like about 75% of the job seekers I've met over the past nine years, you're probably doing too much waiting and not enough searching.Stop.Now.Instead, here are two ways to be more proactive -- and much more effective -- in your job search.1) Stop waiting for job leads to appear. Start making your own.Here's a real estate analogy that directly relates to your job search. (Trust me.)Where would you rather buy a 3-bedroom house, in Japan or the United States?Considerin...(related: Employment)

How To Receive Multiple Job Offers After You?re Fired
Ask survivors of the most popular reality television shows and they'll tell you "If you have to eat a cockroach, don't spend too much time thinking about it." Keep focused on the end-game and move on.Know yourself, have a plan, make a footprint. After you're fired, the raw power needed to convert a job loss into a high-voltage catalyst that gains multiple job offers is surprisingly simple. Consider these energizers:Who you are? Detangle your sense of job from your sense of selfWhere are you going?Design a five-year plan for career focus / directionWhat can you do?Maintain a life-long log of your career achievements"Getting fired is a lot like getting divor...(related: Employment)

How To Receive Payment As A Freelance Translator?
A problem most freelance translators are facing with is how to receive payment. In particular: How to receive payment for small jobs. Many translation agencies are reluctant to pay small fees via wire transfer due to the transaction fees; often they will send you a check instead. And I suppose I don't have to tell you: The banks charge an enormous commission when you come and want to cash in ...(related: Employment)

How To Recoup From Missing The Most Important Meeting Of The Year
Sometimes missing a critical meeting just can't be helped. Despite the advance planning, you just cannot make it to the meeting. Before y...(related: Employment)

How To Resign Gracefully
Once a new job has been accepted, you need to consider the timing of your resignation. Since two weeks' notice is considered the norm, make sure your resignation properly coincides with your start date at the new company.Try to avoid an extended start date. Even if your new job begins in 10 weeks, don't give 10 weeks' notice; wait eight weeks and then give two weeks' notice. This way, you'll protect yourself from disaster; in the unlikely event your new company announces a hiring freeze a month before you come on board. By staying at your old job for only two weeks after you've announced your resignation, you won't be subjected to the envy, scorn, or feelings of professional impotence that may result from your new role as a lame-duck emp...(related: Employment)

How To Start Your Own House Cleaning Business
If you are thinking about starting your own house cleaning business, begin by evaluating your present circumstances. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but how you reply will affect what you do.How much stre...(related: Employment)

How To Stay Calm In Tryng Times
That's not you? Great! Bad habits are hard to break once the addiction gets hold of us. Been there. Gave up "smokes" long years ago but it took lots of willpower to kick the habit.FIRST THING IN THE MORNINGShould the question be asked? Is this YOUR best time of day or is ''night' your choice? Everyone has a different clock. Some of us like to sleep longer. Stay up later.Does it matter? You do whatever has to be done. Adjustments have to be made according to our work schedule. Kids going to school. Some of the little on...(related: Employment)

How To Success On The Job From Job Hunting To Keep Your Job And Get Most Of Out Of It


This article will prepare you for the difficult task of job hunting. Not only will it show you how to get a job but it will show you how to keep your job and get the most out of it. You will be able to use the most modern psychological measures in dealing with other people so that you are always ahead. Follow the instruction in this book and see yourself go to the top.


Know What You Want

You should be perfectly clear of what you want. Don't give yourself vague objectives such as "any job that pays." Make your objectives and goals very definite and specific. Your first step to getting a successful job is knowing precisely what you want. ...(related: Employment)

How To Survive A Job Loss
Has this ever happened to you: You have been working at a particular job for a few years. It's not the greatest job and it hasn't always allowed you to capitalize on your unique gifts or talents. But it's ok, and it pays the bills. The job has become a part of your life's routine.Then one day, without any forewarning, you're let go. In what seems like a split second, you go from being gainfully employed to joining the ranks of the unemployed. It's a shock to the system....(related: Employment)

How To Survive In Business Long Enough To Win
As a former human resources professional it has always intrigued me as to why people were more 'successful' than others. By 'successful' we are referring to an innate ability of some people to set and achieve ...(related: Employment)

How To Take The Pain Out Of Performance Reviews
The Painful ApproachFor many years, "performance management" was of an annual event dreaded by both the management and the workforce. For a week or two every year the manager would virtually isolate himself and ponder the stack of review forms staring him in the face. Chances are there was very little data tracked, so he'd try to rack his brain for the past year so he could "evaluate" his employees. In the meantime, a silent tension was building within each of the employees. Always anticipating a "surprise", they had no idea what to expect. After all, "how far back could the manager remember?" and "what will he remember?" Regardless of the outcome, everyone would breathe a sigh of relief when it was over.It's Different T...(related: Employment)

How To Tap Into The Invisible Job Market
Is there a company in your area that you'd love to work for? Do you assume that, because you don't see them advertising in the classifieds or posting jobs on their website, they have no openings? That may or may not be the case. That truth is, only about one-fifth of job openings are actually advertised!Here's how to tap into the huge "invisible" job market.1. Make a list of companies you'd like to work for that are likely to have positions in your field. When composing your list, do some research and take notes about each company. You'll use that later.2. Obtain the names of the people in those companies who have the power to offer you a job. Simply call each company's main number ...(related: Employment)

How To Tell If You Are Fired And Just Dont Know It
No one should be fired and be surprised about it. There are always warning signs. The trick is in learning how to recognize the signs and to have a plan of action. Many time subtle hints are given that allude to the ax falling.Here is a checklist of early warning signs that add up to impending doo...(related: Employment)

How To Terminate An Employee And Live To Tell The Tale
1. Employee Backdrop in AustraliaThe whole arena of Industrial Relations and the interaction between employer and employee is conducted within the complex framework of various statutes, state and federal, regulations and rulings and common law. Unlike 'tort' law (a civil wrong such as negligence) the practice of Industrial Relations has many interlocking precepts and req...(related: Employment)

How To Think Like A Headhunter To Find Your Dream Job!
In this ever changing world, we need to think out of the box to get ahead. This true for anything you do in life. If you want to succeed you will need to be creative.People every day are coming up with new ideas on starting a business, a new craft, hobbies etc. The same hold true for a job search.If you want to land your dream job, you too will have to learn to accomplish this.Many people have been creative with job searches through out history. Although I wouldn't recommend trying many of the ways people have used. They were all examples of people being creative.One man trying to break into the advertising field actually delivered a pizz...(related: Employment)

How To Track Your Right Career
Are you lost in the wilderness when it comes to choosing a career? Once, we knew the way. As children, we played at different roles, but some became our favorites. Those favorites hinted at our gifts. They pointed the way to our exciting futures as entrepreneurs, dancers or astronauts. We did what was fun, and, in the process, we began to find and follow our paths.As young adults, however, our paths began to fade under thickets of ob...(related: Employment)

How To Transform A Boring Note Into A Killer Cover Letter - Part I
The AIDA formula is as old as dirt. It was taught when I was in school over a decade ago. And it's still being taught for good reason - it works! When you apply it to your cover letter, it has the power to transform a regular cover letter into an attention-grabbing "Killer Cover Letter" that'll make your phone ring off the hook.AIDA is an acronym. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It describes the process marketers want to take their prospect through in order to make a sale.In this case, the prospect is the hiring manager and you're selling yourself in the sense that you want the hiring manager to contact you for an interview. So I'm going to show you how to grab the hiring manager's attention, create interest, arouse desire, and ultimately get him or her to take action (pick up the phone ...(related: Employment)

How To Transform A Boring Note Into A Killer Cover Letter - Part Ii
In Part I, we covered how to grab the reader's attention with the opening sentence. Nowwe'll get them interested, arouse desire, and get them to take action. Let's get moving.InterestNow that you have the reader's undivided attention. The next step is get them interested in what you have to offer. In this case, since you're applying for a job, the goal is to get the reader interested in you, right?So how do you do that? You feed them interesting facts. Like how much money you sav...(related: Employment)

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My Career Is In The Doldrums - Do I Need A Coach Or A Therapist?
Is Monday the worst day of your week? Can you hardly remember when you enjoyed going to work? Do friends ask why you seem so down? Maybe this has been going on awhile, and you're realizing it's time to do somet...(related: Employment)

The Last Minute Interview
Your breath catches in your throat - at last, an interview! Elated, you write down the time and place of the interview, who to ask for, say thanks, and hang up!But, wait, it's such short notice, and you haven't been interviewed for ages. Too, you never did get around to practicing. How can you possibly prepare in time to perform well? You hesitate to call them back to reschedule-that might not look good. You feel the anxiety building, even a little panic. What should you do?Here are three easily remembered tips that will help a lot.Relax. Remind yourself that you would not be interviewing at all if they didn't like what they saw on your résumé. Review the ad and the response you sent them earlier (you did keep them, didn't you?). Be reasonably sure that you understand what it is they are looking ...(related: Employment)

Finding A Career In Harmony With Your Life Path
Which of the following would you chose? Doing your lifework as a permanent occupation or a regular ...(related: Employment)

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