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Domain name registration is a necessary, easy, andstrategically important first step in establishing an onlinepresence, whether for business or otherwise. A well-chosendomain name registration can set you up for success withyour new site in so many ways, the most prominent of thesebeing increased search engine traffic. Here's some vitalelements to consider when executing your domain nameregistration.

A good domain name registration, particularly for an onlinebusiness, (which is the main focus of this article) iseasily done, but at the same time requires choices that willimpact your site's effectiveness. So here, in no particularorder, are some things to bear in mind when doing a domainname registration.

The extension - Will it be a .com, .net, .org, .info etc.Any of these will get spidered and indexed by the searchengines, but if you can get a .com for your chosen nameyou'd be better off, as this extension is more common andcarries an air of legitimacy with it.

Try not to have you domain name registration with your webhost. The reason being that should you decide to part wayswith your host, (and this isn't uncommon!) it's potentiallya massive headache to move your domain as well. Split themup: you'll be glad you did!

Your domain name registration, purchased from a reputablecompany should run you somewhere between $1-10, depending onthe extension and the amount of time you sign up for.

Probably the most important aspect of your domain nameregistration is the choice of keywords to use in your domainname. Try to use the main keyword or phrase you'd like tooptimize the whole site for, and see if you can craft adomain name around it. The search engines seem to favorkeyword-rich domain names. Nuff said.

Keep it short if possible. A shorter name is easier toremember than a long one.

Don't use your company name unless it has your keywords init. There's no point in ranking high for your name if no oneis looking for it yet.

Try to keep your domain name registration topicallyrelevant. As search engines get smarter and smarter, sitesthat display total relevance will rank higher than catch allsites.

Lastly, be sure to avoid other companies trademarks andcopyrights in your domain name. For example, let's sayyou're an affiliate of The Sharper Image. It's tempting touse some version of that name to promote your affiliatesite, but don't do it, unless of course you'd like to meettheir lawyers!

To sum up, your domain name registration is easy to do, butimportant to do well. It can make the difference in whetheryou get found or not!

Keith Thompson is the webmaster at DomainName Registration Today where you will find the latestnews and information on domains.

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