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Diabetes And Exercise - Just Move It!


While exercise and eating guidelines are based on goodscientific principles, they do not necessarily agree withhuman nature or common sense. Recent history tells us thatwe are better off encouraging the mediocre people who arewilling to include exercise in their daily lives, ratherthan cramming guidelines down the majority of those who wantto fight the inevitable. In the end, keeping things simpleand in a supportive situation will keep everyone happy.

With all the fitness and diet programs out there, you wouldthink people in our country would be getting in bettershape. We're not. Why? All of us are confused, frustratedand burdened down at the contradictory of medicine andfitness for one reason, and the other reasons involve issueswe have already discussed.

The key in motivating yourself to exercise is to keep youreye on the big picture. If you don't, the details willbecome a quicksand pit. The big picture is: JUST MOVE IT!

So much money and time is spent on gimmicks and diet fadsthat only get used for a short time, with little or noresults.

The big picture is about being realistic, not to have highexpectations, but to focus on internal health issues, suchas blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol levels, and a quietmind. The challenge is that you have grown accustomed tobeing motivated by instant gratification. It is more of apriority to look good rather than to have lower stresslevels.

You get frustrated because you are trying to fight a battleyou can't win with something fast and easy. It's calledaging. You blame aging on other things in hopes there issomething out there that you can do or take that will getyou the results you want in the shortest amount of time. Thetruth is while good looks are a good measurement; they areonly perks in the big picture.


The "Wellness Industry" is the fastest growing industrytoday. Why? Because millions of people are searching forsome hidden treasure box with a magic formula. The truth ofthe matter is you will never replace HARD WORK! There areparts to any exercise program that work. Yet, anythingpromising fast results is usually too good to be true andwill set you up for disappointment.


Logic will say if I walk for twenty minutes, I will burnthis amount of calories. If I walk forty minutes, I willburn twice as many calories and be in better shape. Not so!

When it comes to exercise, the term "Over Training" is usedwhen muscles have reached their limits, run out of nutrientsand need replenishing, but do not get it. Sometimes you willsee this in poor sleeping patterns, added soreness, plateausand boredom in workouts that make us aware of needing rest.For the athlete, one of the hardest things, yet best thingsfor us to do, is consciously listen to our bodies. Sometimesthe body's requirements go against logic. There may besituations where your body needs more rest time to rebuilditself. Sooner or later you will hit a wall and then whatare you going to do?


When it comes to maintaining an exercise program let's faceit, it is hard work. It can be hard at times and it neverseems to get any easier. Harder exercise is not the answerto better results, but doing it effectively and efficientlyis. No matter how old you or what your goals are it'simportant to incorporate all areas of fitness into aprogram:

" Joints- through flexibility exercises

" Heart-through cardiovascular workout,

" Skeletal muscle -with strength training.

" Balanced eating habits

When all areas are implemented in a regular routine, theybuild on each other. Something is better than nothing, butif your program is lopsided, meaning lacking in one area oranother, your results will be affected.

Twenty years of dedicated exercise has taught me threeprinciples that have kept me motivated over the years.

Greg Ryan is a high profile fitness expert and former employee of Kathy Smiths. Body building champion, public speaker and personal trainer to the stars. He is a best selling author of the Changing from the INSIDE OUT through real behavior change, smart eating and effective exercising. Start getting in better shape today!For FREE MINI COURES click here http://www.resolutions.bz

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