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3 Special Benefits Every Customer Wants

Customer Service

Every customer looks for 3 special benefits when they dobusiness with you. They may not specifically ask for thesebenefits. But you're losing sales if you don't automaticallyprovide all 3.

1. Fast Results

Prospective customers may take a long time deciding whetheror not they will buy from you. But once they decide to buy,they expect instant results. When people buy a car they wantto drive it home today. When they sign up with a health clubthey expect to look and feel better by the end of the week.

Look for ways you can reduce the time your customers have towait after a transaction before they can start enjoying theresults of their decision to buy. Try to deliver yourproduct at the point of sale. When that's not possible, lookfor creative ways to provide a benefit your customer canstart enjoying immediately.

For example, a publisher I know recently created a specialpackage combination of his latest "how-to" book in print andseveral eBooks on the same subject. When customers order hisnew book, they can immediately download the eBooks on theircomputer. They don't have to wait for the hard-cover book toarrive before they can start enjoying the benefit they paidfor.

2. Easy Procedures

Customers want products that are easy to use and servicesthat produce results without disturbing their daily routine.You can increase your sales by stressing the "easy to use"characteristics of your product or service in all yourpromotions. Convenience and ease of use are often moreimportant to customers than price.

Simplify your buying procedure too. Make it easier forcustomers to buy from you and you will get more sales.

For example, many online shoppers are impatient and won'ttolerate a lengthy ordering process. Minimize the number oftimes your customer has to click to another screen whenordering online. Use a simple order form instead of ashopping cart if you only offer 1 or 2 items. And don't askthem to give you more information than you need to processtheir order.

3. Personal Attention

Every prospect and customer wants personal attention. Oneway you can provide it is by giving them an opportunity toask questions.

Only interested prospects will take the time to askquestions. Many will buy from you if they get valuableinformation from your answer. You can often include apromotion for your product or service as part of youranswer.

Answering questions is not time consuming. The samequestions will be repeated over and over again. But you onlyhave to answer each question once if you save your answer toa permanent file. Copy it into your reply whenever you getthat same question again ...and revise it slightly topersonalize your response. You can answer questions quicklyand your prospects will appreciate your personal attention.

Tip: If you find yourself personally answering a lot ofquestions, add a Questions and Answers page to your website. Post the answers to your most frequently askedquestions. It will reduce the number of questions you haveto answer individually. But remember, it also deprives youof an opportunity to impress prospects with your personalattention.

Every customer wants fast results, easy procedures andpersonal attention. Most won't ask for these benefits. Butthey won't buy from you unless they get them. Make sure youprovide all 3 of these special benefits ...and look for waysto improve the quality of each. Then watch how quickly yoursales increase.

Copyright 2004 Bob Leduc

Bob Leduc spent 20 years helping businesses like yours findnew customers and increase sales. He just released a NewEdition of his manual, How To Build Your Small Business FastWith Simple Postcards ...and launched *BizTips from Bob*, anewsletter to help small businesses grow and prosper. You'llfind his low-cost marketing methods at: call: 702-658-1707 After 10 AM Pacific Time/Las Vegas, NV

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