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Online Promotion Beats Traditional Ten-one
While traditional marketing can work for the book author or publisher, the return is dim for the huge effort it takes. You must promote 90% of the time to even get a milligram of attention. While you may have a success or two, most of your efforts will bring poor book sales. Ask yourself right now, what is working...(related: Copywriting)

Organizing Your Data To Write Better Copy
Last quarter I talked about interviewing / gathering data. So now you've got several thousand words of notes, hopefully digitally recorded. What comes next?GETTING ORGANIZEDI suggested organizing your interview questions into 4 groups. I'm going to label them for you A, B, C, D.·what is the business p...(related: Copywriting)

Power Keys To Writing Power-packed Marketing Copy
In order to maximize your sales efforts and fully seize your greatest profit potential, these essential elements are a "must-have" and "must-apply" in all of your action-driven marketing communications.Value-Added, Benefit-Rich Headlines Make The DifferenceA bold, mouth-watering headline is considered by many a marketer to be the most important element of any super-eff...(related: Copywriting)

Power Words And Phrases
I like to use power phrases when writing sales material. These power phrases add punch to a line or a paragraph and I usually use them to start off a sentence.You can generally find alot of "power phrases" when reading good sales copy. I usually keep a notebook nearby so that whenever I come across a line or a phrase that I Iike in sales material, I write it down for possible future use.They are also great for writers block too. When I am stuck in the middle of writing, I'll usually refer to my power phrases, and the next thing I know, the sentences sometimes start writing themselves.Some examples of the power phrases I use include:"Listen closely...""As you...(related: Copywriting)

Prevent Procrastination With Positive Pressure
My wife and I recently bought a house.It's currently being built and moving day is slated for December. So we decided to buy some furniture in order to fill some of the "extra space." (Our new home is double the size of our current one.)Now, something really interesting happened.The story is a little long, and almost unbelievable, but let me cut to the heart of the matter. (I'll tell you the whole story some other time. You'll cringe!)After shopping around a few stores, ...(related: Copywriting)

Professional Copywriting Services - How To Provide Your Own
Just because you're running a small business doesn't mean you have to run an amateur business. People judge the professionalism of a small business by many things including:

  • the quality of the product or service offered;
  • the dress code of the sales people;
  • the location and decor of the business premises and;
  • the quality of their written material.

  • Professional Writing: Six Great Reasons To Hire A Writer
    Most people can write. Some can even write well. But only a few individuals can write as quickly and persuasively as a professional writer. Effective communication requires a well-crafted message that is interesting to your audience. Anything less is a waste of your time and money.Professional writers can develop a wide variety of documents including proposals, advertising and design copy, content for websites, sales letters, strategic plans, brochures, and newsletters. An organization looking for the best value should consider the following benefits of hiring a professional writer:1. Save time: Your time is valuable. ...(related: Copywriting)

    Progressive Headlines Guide Customers To Buy
    Headlines are, without a doubt, one of the most important elements in copywriting. As has been said countless times before, if you don't get your readers' attention with the headline, the chance of them reading your copy is virtually none. But headlines (and sub-headlines) play a vital part in the copywriting process for other reasons, too.Whether ...(related: Copywriting)

    Promote Your Business And Get Paid For Doing It!
    How can you gain credibility and exposure for you and your business, reach a motivated audience, develop a far-flung network, hone your presentation skills -- and get paid to do it?Many writers, artists, speakers and entrepreneurs have found an answer: they teach classes in adult education programs.Adult education is big business. In the new century, "change" is a hot topic and learning ...(related: Copywriting)

    Pulling Sales With Your Ad Copy
    One of the best marketing tools available to your internet business is good sales ad copy. This can pull in sales faster than just about anything.If you're not a writer or cringe at the thought of writing your own sales copy, you can always hire a professional, however if you're on a budget and have an adventurous spirit, writing your own ads can be a worthwhile option.So how do you write sales copy that pulls sales? Let's take a look.Get their attention. You have about six seconds to grab the attention of your reader so you have to act fast. Verbalize your benefits at the onset. Use words and phrases that are enticing and compelling. Use color, large fonts and exclamation points. Get the readers attention in the heading and keep it focused in the body of the ad.

    Quotations As Expressions In Life
    Quotations are expressions, usually in the spoken form or in literature, which are referenced to by others. Usually, quotations are written within quotation marks, as a verbum dicendi, to indicate that it was an ex...(related: Copywriting)

    Real Estate Professionals Need You To Write For Them!
    Ask yourself these questions:
    • Are you an experienced writer?
    • Do you want to stay at home to write?
    • Do you want to work for yourself?
    • Do you learn new things...(related: Copywriting)

      Revealed: The $12,500 Copywriting Formula
      Have you heard of Brian Keith Voiles? Probably not, but if you have eyes you've seen his ad campaigns and you probably even bought products that he created ad campaigns for. Would you like to have the formula he gets paid $12,500 to put into use for Fortune 500 Companies?Well then, today's your lucky day, isn't it? If you follow this formula whenever you write a sales letter or an ad you'll see how well it increases your success. Remember that the key to writing a sales letter is that the job of every paragraph is to make the reader want to read the next paragraph.Use this as a skeleton when you write ads and then go back through your ad to make sure you've covered all nine points in the right order.1. ATTENTION - Write a headline that GRABS your reader. F...(related: Copywriting)

      Sales Headline Copywriting ? Two Quick Steps To Success
      Get a Good Start for Sales SuccessThe headline to a sales letter is like the doorway to a store. The purpose of both is to draw people in. To get people in the store, a doorway has to be both attractive and inviting. To get people to read the letter, the headline has to both make the prospect take notice and make them want to know more.When you write a headline to sell something, make sure it does these two things:1. Gets atten...(related: Copywriting)

      Segmenting Your Target Audience Through Your Copywriting
      Ask any copywriter what the first commandment of copywriting is and they'll quickly tell you "Know Thy Target Audience." In order to write effectively you have to know this one group of people and know them well. I guess that's why many people get so frustrated when it seems they have more than one preferred customer base. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, "What if I have more than one target audience?" In all actuality, you probably don't. You just have different segments of the same audience.Segmenting your target audience is a very common practice? almost expected even. Let me explain. Perhaps you sell a nutritional supplement. Think of all the people who might use your nutritional supplement. There are adults, pregnant wome...(related: Copywriting)

      Sell Anything To Anyone On The Internet With Hypnotic Writing
      I imagine you are the type of person who really wants to make your idea a reality. I also think that you fall into one of two groups; the first is a person who WANTS to succeed but does not know how. The second is the person who has read so many books on great marketing and still can't find the HOLY GRAIL so does not get of the ground.Are you fed up of reading about everyone else's success? What about you're share of all this wealth flying across the internet?Read on.Times have changed, they always change; change is the only constant.Internet marketing and E books c...(related: Copywriting)

      Seo Copywriting: 7 Tips
      So you finally built a website for your home-based business. How exciting is that!? Now you just have to let people know you're out there. The best method is to use an SEO copywriting strategy, which optimizes your web content using popular keywords.SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You want to fill your website with the most commonly searched words within your industry. These words are called ...(related: Copywriting)

      Should You Use Testimonials When You Create A Web Site?
      You've probably seen web sites with testimonials - they can add legitimacy. But sometimes they are believable, and sometimes they are not. Are testimonials worth the effort?The answer is "Yes" if they are done right.When done correctly, testimonials can help you establish credibility and give you an opportunity to prove the claims about your web site.However, when done incorrectly, testimonials aren't believable and honest, and can cause more harm than good.Here are some ideas on how to use testimonials effectively:1. Do not fake itYour testimonials should be believable. The best way to make them believable is to not make them up...(related: Copywriting)

      Six Reasons You Don?t Need A Technical Writer (and Why They?re Dead Wrong!)
      I know, I know. Times are tough. You have to make due with the staff you have. It's a common and valid lament in today's workplace. You've got to do more with less, so an obvious place to cut costs is in your documentation efforts. After all, writers and editors are a luxury in lean times. You're a small company and you can produce your documentation in-house, right? Think again. Hiring the right freelancer to do the job correctly the first time around could save you hundreds or thousands in help desk calls, service calls, document revision, and distribution. Here's why.1. You want someone with your i...(related: Copywriting)

      So Youve Decided To Hire A Freelance Copywriter - A Guide To The Collaboration Process
      Whether you're an executive or a small business owner, chances are you will have to hire a writer somewhere along the line to create your marketing material. Here is some insight into the process, what is expected of you, and how to get the most out of your investment.But before we start?All your written background material please! Rather than set up a meeting, the most efficient way to get started is to send all previously w...(related: Copywriting)

      Some Copy Tips From An Old Hand
      I have been in the ad game for a long, long time. I have trained hundreds of writers, and I've been responsible for moving of millions £ & $ in product worldwide. Here are just a few tips that I hope will help you do a better job, and make a big...(related: Copywriting)

      Some Important Tips On Proposals And Price
      Here's a critically important copywriting technique I use when writing sales letters and proposals for our own direct marketing services and for our clients.It's all about "price".I see it all the time. And perhaps you do too. Letters and proposals that bury the ...(related: Copywriting)

      Sowing The Seeds Of Opportunity: How To Multiply Your Freelance (writing) Work
      You can turn your $200 fee to write a press release into $2,000 to carry out an entire PR campaign...(related: Copywriting)

      Step One For Copywriters: Understand What To Say

      Find a passage of poorly written copy, and chances are you will have found a copywriter who never figured out what it was that he or she was trying to say.

      Whenever I have trouble with some copy, I stop, sit back and then write at the very top of the page...

      "What is it that I...(related: Copywriting)

      Steps To A Writing An Effective Press Releases
      Want to get the most media attention and spotlight for your business? Then the first place to start is with a GREAT press release. Now I can almost see half of you leaving now, dreading the thought of having to write one of these. But wait!! I'm going to show you easy methods to make your press release work for you and get the attention it deserves. Ready? Let's go.We'll briefly go over the basics because of their...(related: Copywriting)

      Sticky Homepage Copy In 30 Seconds
      Yes indeed, that's all you've got, 30 seconds to make your website visitors decide to stick around...The internet has changed how we think about the customer, the product and the competition. I'm going to take you on a journey through these new ideas and show you what has changed and how you now can approach your marketing.You have to put yourself in the customer's shoes and talk directly to her about how she benefits from your products. She wants product information and lots of it, but in due time. No more hard sell focused on the product. And the word competition is useful only to identify the people we need to observe and emulate, but no longer are we out to destroy them, we're out to partner with them. Confuse...(related: Copywriting)

      Stop Chasing Away Customers! Bad Copy Is Your Worst Enemy
      Every day, more and more of us begin new online businessventures, hoping to make a better living or just a little extraon the side. And every day, more and more of us fail.This may seem like a negative attitude, but unfortunately, it'sthe truth. The Internet is a great place to do business, butfinding real success is like...(related: Copywriting)

      Subtle Emotion - The Key To Copy That Works
      Say the word "emotion" to a man, and he'll immediately jump out of his seat and run from the room! Utter the wor...(related: Copywriting)

      ?super Adjectives? Boost The Power Of Your Copy
      Pretty or elegant? Good or scrumptious? Nice or delightful? There is power in the adjectives you choose. Just like Clark Kent and Superman or Bruce Wayne and Batman, some adjectives are plain, ordinary, everyday words. Others are alter-ego Super Adjectives that leap into your customers' minds in a single bound. Adjectives are boring, but Super Adjectives impress, inspire, and convince yo...(related: Copywriting)

      Super Verbs Really Move Your Copy
      Run or hustle? Eat or devour? Move or scurry? You can boost the power of your copy by boosting the quality of verbs you use. Verbs show action, and the way you describe that action can have a dramatic bearing on your readers....(related: Copywriting)

      Tech-writers: A Necessary Evil
      New to tech-writing, or thinking about starting? The key to success is recognising that tech-writers are a necessary evil.Tech-writers are necessary because someone has to write the user doco. The programmers and managers sure as hell don't want to. This is actually part of the reason that you're evil, too. In my experience, most programm...(related: Copywriting)

      Ten Eye Popping, Jaw Dropping Ad Copy Secrets

      In order to make more sales and get more profits for your business, fist of all, you should have a good ad copy. Once you master the knowlege for how to get traffic, you will get a lot of visitors to your site. If your ad copy does not sell, your advertising and traffic are wasted. Here are a few tips for your reference.

      1. Use positive words, not negative words. Positive words arose positive thinking and let visitors have good mood to read your offers, and give you their credit card number.

      2. Publish a list of famous and respected customers who have bought from you on your a copy. People will think that if these people bought from you, they should also trust your business and purchase your products. Make sure to get their permission first.

      3. Show befo...(related: Copywriting)

      The Five Rules Of Influential Web Writing
      Building a professional reputation requires a campaign founded on your words: the positions you endorse, the motions you advocate, the accuracy of your vision. Writing for the Web can either establish your expert credibility or destroy it.When your business requi...(related: Copywriting)

      The Formulas Freelance Copywriters Employ When Creating Web Content
      What is it exactly that copywriters DO when they produce new text for a site makeover? You often see the advertisements; a designer is looking for a freelance web writer who is going to create content around a number of keywords. There's not a lot more information about the process. What are the tricks of the trade and how do you get value for money when hiring a freelance writer?When you discuss a site makeover with a copywriter, be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Any writer needs to know the answers to at least these questions before he can meaningfully go to town on your content;What is the site's line of business?Who is targeted?How does the client want their web content to reflect their goals?What is th...(related: Copywriting)

      The Lead: Sinking The Hook Into Your Prospect
      You only have an instant to capture your prospect's attention. No matter the medium ? a sales letter, print ad, or commercial ? she's going to make an almost instantaneous decision about whether you are worth her time or not. So you'd better start off with a bang.Hopefully, you already have a good headline. The words ...(related: Copywriting)

      The Lost Art Of Fundamental Copywriting
      What ever happened to good old fashion, fundamental copywriting? Has anyone seen AIDA? I mean, before you can run, you first have to learn how to walk, right? Yet, I see it over and over again. Marketers who can't even write a simple headline are trying to "hypnotize" readers with "psychological copywriting," because that's what a few of today's copywriting experts are telling them they should do!I'll let you in on a little secret. If you master the fundamentals of copy...(related: Copywriting)

      The Number One Copywriting Technique That Makes Your Prospects Read Every Word You Write
      How does this sound?Today, I'm going to show you how to get a fifteen page sales letter read from beginning to end and keep your prospect magnetized to *every* paragraph along the way. Impossible?The real magic behind these magnetic sales letters is not some mystical skill or secret formula but rather a simple copywriting concept that has been around longer than most of us have been alive. It's one of the Grand Secrets behind copy that gets read?and that means your pitch has been delivered? and that's how sales happen!Fortunately for you and me, the concept I'm referring to is almost a long-lost art among new copywriters. (And that's a darn shame? because it's so easy to use, once you take the time to learn the details.) So...(related: Copywriting)

      The One Word Every Prospect Craves
      It's arguably the most important word in the copywriter's arsenal. It ranks right at the top with words like "free," "new" and "savings."I'm talking about "you.""You" is the word that gets your prospect's attention and keeps them involved. As Herschell Gordon Lewis says in "The Art of Writing Copy," "Unless the reader regards himself as the target of y...(related: Copywriting)

      The Power Of Saying You Can
      If you have children, you will doubtless remember saying to them, "You can do it."It's what we say when our toddlers first struggle to their feet.It's what we say when they face their first day at school, when they first ride a bicycle, or first swim a full len...(related: Copywriting)

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      7 Steps You Must Take Before Writing A Word Of Copy!
      Copywriting ChecklistOkay, you know you have your product (or service) in front of you. Now it's time to get the word out with an attention-grabbing sales letter. But where do you begin? Whether you hire someone to write your copy, pass it off to a staff member or learn to write it yourself, you need this checklist.The Critical Steps to Take Before Writing Your Sales LetterOne of the biggest misconceptions new clients have when they come to me is I can whip out a sales letter in a few days. Wrong, wrong and wrong. A lot of preparation goes into writing copy. I spend on average 50% - 70% of my time PREPARING to write copy. If you don't do your homework, the chances go up exponentially that your copy ...(related: Copywriting)

      9 Tips For Great Design Of Your Marketing Materials
      1) Don't just hire a good designer. Hire someone who has had plenty of experience designing business collateral. Your designer needs to ask you the right questions about the project. And he/ she needs to be able to turn the design round reasonably fa...(related: Copywriting)

      How To Write Adverts That Forces People To Respond
      Think for a moment some day and consider the kind of advertising you see in your post box, on the TV, on your computer, on the radio, etc. Then ask yourself this question, "Would I buy this or not?" If you say "No," then ask yourself why. If you say "Yes," then ask yourself why.Consider what is it that makes this advert attractive or what is it that this person's offer is deemed to be unattractive. By carrying out this exercise regularly you will be surprising ...(related: Copywriting)

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