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How To Write An Effective Ad
A letter or postcard allows you to "talk" one-on-one to your prospect. That means you should use "I" and "me" and "you" in your sales letter. Don't use the corporate sounding "we".Remember just one person is reading your letter or postcard at once. So don't write in the plural, even if your mailing is going ou...(related: Copywriting)

How To Write Carrot-wielding Copy!
A significant reason behind websites that fail is the lack of an effective direct response sales message. Such a message is comprised of three elements (it must be):

  • Captivating (it captures the reader's attention)
  • Riveting (it pulls her into reading further)
  • Engaging (it calls her to act)
  • How can you incorporate those three vital elements? If I were to answer that question adequately it would likely take me an entire book the size of an encyclopedia! But for now, let me give you a succinct explanation.First, write to be scanned. On the web, people are fast-paced, click-happy (with an attention span the size of a DNA molecul...(related: Copywriting)

    How To Write Direct Mail That Really, Really Works!
    So, you have something you want to sell. It may be a product, a service, or a cause. It could be a membership, a subscription, or a motor car. It might be paper, health products or the idea that the humane society or the Alzheimer's association is worth giving money to. It could be comput...(related: Copywriting)

    How To Write For A Paper Or Magazine
    l. Introduce yourself to the editor of your local newspaper. (Or, if you do business within a certain neighborhood, talk to the editor of the neighborhood paper or shopper.)Tell him/her about your profession. Express your availability to serve as that paper's free-lance "expert" for that profession.2. Invite the editor to call you anytime the paper is doing a story on your field.3. If you offer to work for free initially, it should be easier to get published. And this will show the editor your ability to generate interesting, informative copy.4. Suggest a question/answer column about what you do. Develop a "sample" column where you ask questions consumers might have...then provide the answers.5. You don't need to stop at just one newspaper! If your customers are located t...(related: Copywriting)

    How To Write Headlines That Get Attention
    No doubt, the headline is the most important part of any advertisement or sales letter. The reason is very simple. The headline...(related: Copywriting)

    How To Write Headlines That Grab Your Prospects Attention
    It doesn't matter if you're writing an article, a newspaper or magazine ad, a web page, or even a Y...(related: Copywriting)

    How To Write Powerful Headlines
    I want to tell you how I go about writing headlines. I like to keep swap files of headlines around for future use. And how I go about doing it goes something like this...I'll find a headline I like, wherever it may be, and then I don't copy it word for word, instead I'll use a "fill in the blank" approach. That way I get a generic headline that I can apply to almost any business.For example, I find a headline I like that goes something like this:"Give Me 5 Minutes And I'll...(related: Copywriting)

    How To Write Profitable Ads

    Regardless of how you look at it, the most important aspect of
    any successful business is its advertising. In fact,
    the success of any business is largely dependent on good advertising.

    First of all, you've got to have a dynamic, spectacular ad that
    attracts the eye and grabs the interest of the people you're
    trying to sell to. Thus, unless your ad really "jumps out" at the
    reader, your sales won't live up to expectations, and your ad
    money will be wasted.

    The eye-catching appeal of your ad must start with the headline.
    Use the headline to very quickly create a picture in the minds of
    the reader--a vision of all their problems being solved, and
    attainment of the kind of ...(related: Copywriting)

    How Writing Radio Can Help You Become A Better Writer
    Knowing how to write, and write well, is a skill that will come in handy in all sorts of situations. And if you combine good writing skills with the persuasive selling tactics found in, say, copywriting, you'll be that much more ahead...(related: Copywriting)

    How You Can Become A Freelance Business Plan Writer
    As with any business, becoming a freelance business plan writer can be a challenge. The first challenges involve factors such as cash flow, getting clients, and maintaining some sort of order. Later,...(related: Copywriting)

    How You Can Find Freelance Children?s Writing Positions That Will Last
    Freelance children's writing positions are always advertised. Rather, the schooling to learn how to write for these jobs is advertised. But, there is often a large lack of employment vacancies actually available. Many of these companies offering to train individuals in these positions claim that there are quite a few ...(related: Copywriting)

    How You Can Find Freelance Copy Editing Jobs
    Even for those with the skills needed, finding copy editing jobs can seem next to impossible. The simple fact of the matter is, though, that through quality and building relationships, these jobs can be found and employment can lead to a career in the field. For those who are struggling to start out, finding those first copyediting positions is the most difficult part of the challenge. But, with the web's growth and the demand for more and...(related: Copywriting)

    How You Can Proofread Your Own Work
    Putting out a high quality product is a given these days. With all the competition out there, you have to look great in every aspect. So proofreading all copy is extremely important and here are some tips to help you to proofread your own work after you've finished editing it:Read through your copy the next day -- many times your eye tends to 'deceive' you by reading what's supposed to be there rather than what may actually be there! Reading it a day or two later helps you to look at your copy with a fresh perspective!Use 'spell check' which is av...(related: Copywriting)

    How Your $2-an-article Ghostwriter Is Like A Cheap Pair Of Pants
    Web marketers: have you figured out that article marketing is the secret to your success on the web?And did you realize that the more web articles you put into circulation, the more of a web celebrity you'll become, and the more money will come pouring in?So what did you do after you figured...(related: Copywriting)

    Impulse Writing For Better Ad Headings
    Writing headlines for your ads is the most important part of your online presence.When posting your ad to classified sites, directories, message boards, newsgroups or mailing lists, the only part of your ad that is showing is the heading.So, what your heading says will make the difference betw...(related: Copywriting)

    Increase Freelance Sales With An Online Resume!
    Freelancing is a competitive business, especially in today's fast-paced, e-focused world.Often there are hundreds of writers competing for t...(related: Copywriting)

    Internet Marketing 102: Copy What Works
    Internet Marketing- Forget the experts, latest software program or even that book that someone is selling to get on the "best seller list" and the 200 free ebooks they are offering you. Here is what REALLY works, and it's something that you learned in kindergarden.Although less than 2% of you reading this will ever "get it", every once in awhile we like to step into the lime-light if you will and provide you with where the real money is being made on the internet... if that's anything you'd be interested in.To sum it all up... It's copy. Now we are not saying copy someone's website word-for-word. Never do that. But what we are saying, is copy their business model. Copy their key words. Copy where they have incoming links. Copy their adwords campaigns. Research. Copy. Research. Copy....(related: Copywriting)

    Is Freelance Hiring Right For You?
    Assume you were faced with the task of hiring a new group of talented individuals to handle a huge account you just landed. Are you up for the task? Or perhaps you have a small job that needs completing but no one on staff can handle the...(related: Copywriting)

    Is Your Content Provider Selling You Ripped Content?
    Ripped content: well the term itself is self explanatory. Content that has been copied from some other site, without any official authority to do so. Although sound...(related: Copywriting)

    Is Your Web Copy Plain Talk?
    It's true, we were all taught in school to express ourselves differently on paper, than the way we speak. To follow rules of grammar, and inject an artificial air of formality.Forgetting about this training when you write web copy is one of the best thing you can pos...(related: Copywriting)

    Its Not What You Say But How You Say It
    Copy is all about words. Or is it?Copy is about using words to describe the benefits of your offer. About using words to paint vivid mental imagery. About using words to stir the senses, press all the "hot buttons" and push the reader to take some kind of action.But is it really ALL about words? I mean, just words? No.Some copywriters claim that graphics, formatting and photographs should NOT be added to a salesletter because they distract. They can take the reader's focus away ...(related: Copywriting)

    Its The Headline, Stupid! - Writing Powerful Headlines
    "It's the headline, stupid," is the sign that hangs over my computer screen. It reminds me that to write effective articles, press releases, sales letters--whatever I want people to read--I need a powerful, grabber headline or title.You are competing with a lot of others to get the attention of potential readers and customers, and you have only a few seconds to grab them. By using the tips and techniques here, you can stand out from the crowd ...(related: Copywriting)

    Its Time To Start That Swipe File
    Just as great fiction is an art, so is great copywriting. Beneath the art, however, there's a foundation of basic knowledge and skills. The craft that goes...(related: Copywriting)

    Keeping It Real: The Only Copywriting Trick That Works
    Much of today's accepted copywriting wisdom comes from old books written for a different, quieter world.For most of the twentieth century, widely promoting a successful message was expensive and difficult, requiring control of significant resources and substantial time commitments. Though the general public was more trusting and open to suggestion, more effort was required to reach them. Until the mid-n...(related: Copywriting)

    Kick-start Your Juices
    Listen, consider this scenario.You have a deadline to honour. Time is pressing, tighter and tighter. You are hoping to come upwith some topic for your project.....However, ideas on what to write about keep eluding you.W...(related: Copywriting)

    Kick-starting Body Copy
    Several correspondents to our newsletter, AdBriefing, say that they are having trouble writing body copy for ads. Their problem seems to be the age-old one of how to kick things off ? how to make a start. Can I help? Of course, I can.When you have been writing copy as long as I have, you will come to understand that there is an unwritten formula for writing copy. While I shudder at the thought of formulae in advertising (since advertising is still a matter of doing what your instincts tell ...(related: Copywriting)

    Killer Ad Copy
    Not everyone is a writer. Good copy writing is a science and can be learned over time. Great copy writing is an art and should problably remain in the hands of those who can craft it well.Words have power.They can make you laugh, cry experience great joy, provide encouragement or they can destroy your confidence. They need to be used very carefully. You can compell people to take an action you want through the power of your words.When writing sales copy, you need to consider what response or action you want your reader to take.To do this you need to talk to your reader on a personal level, get th...(related: Copywriting)

    Killer Business Headline Templates - So How Do You Write Killer Headlines In Minutes? You Cheat!
    According to Branding and Advertising legend, David Ogilvy: 5 times as many people read the headline than they do the body copy in a sales message. This means that unless your headline actually helps sell what you've got to offer, you'll have wasted 90% of your time, money and energy.Now, you don't need me to tell you 90% waste isn't lean! So here are some quick and dirty headline templates that will turbocharge the power of your busi...(related: Copywriting)

    Knowing Copywriting Basics - How To Get Ahead In Your Copy Writing Business
    In order to get ahead in your copy writing business, you need to know copywriting basics. There are several things that all business owners need to know, and here, we will touch on just a few. In order to succeed, learn all you can about copy writing and careers in the field. You might just find one or two copywriting ...(related: Copywriting)

    Lapsed Donors: How To Write A Fundraising Letter That Wins Them Back
    Your definition may differ, but I define a lapsed donor as someone who has not donated to your organization within the last year, two years or three years. Donors who have not sent you a gift in over three years are not lapsed donors. They are former donors.Lapsed donors are valuable. Unlike strangers, they have supported you before. And they believe in your missio...(related: Copywriting)

    Long Copy Versus Short Copy
    When I show some people my advertisements, I sometimes get the feedback: "I'd never read that. There's too much writing. It needs to be simpler, and...(related: Copywriting)

    Long Copy Vs. Short Copy? If You?re Still Debating This, You?re Missing The Point!
    I've seen this ongoing debate debate jump up again recently in several Blogs and message boards and I can't help but laugh. It's not a new debate? Ever since the long copy masters of the early 1900's, people have been arguing for or against the practice.As a copywriter and conversion specialist, convincing my clients to test longer copy on their websites is often a very difficult task. After all, online customers have microscopic attention spans and are always in a hurry to move on.Different visitors have different goals, different personalities and different buying styles. Some visitors will want to read everything you can give them before buying and then they still need "more information" before they can decide. Others just want to know "what are you selling", "what does it do for me...(related: Copywriting)

    Magic Words That Sell And What Words To Avoid
    We all know words are powerful. Whether written or spoken, according to advertising legend David Ogilvy, some of th...(related: Copywriting)

    Making A Living As A Copywriter; Freelancing Versus Agency
    So You Want To be A Copywriter?Wannabe copywriters often check out my site for information relating to my services and fees. And quite right too! I still give my competitor's websites a 'gander' every now and then, in case they're doing...(related: Copywriting)

    Making Your Purpose Your Business Step #4 - Organizing & Developing Online Content
    If you have done your homework then you are ready to organize and develop what will be your online content. Your content is very important as it will be used for promoting you, your work, and your website. Content serves a variety of purposes; it displays public relations, target marketing, and general information to build a platform for your product (your purpose).One of the main items that need attention would be your biography. If you are an artist or writer, you will get asked for this pertinent information every time you make a submission or apply for competitions. Your biography is an essential piece of information that often can get viewed p...(related: Copywriting)

    Memorable Sales Copy -- How To Write It
    Want to know the secret of creating MEMORABLE promotional copy? Sales copy that actually stays with your customers long after they've finished reading it?Then master the art of using words to create pictures in your custome...(related: Copywriting)

    More Insider Secrets To Great Copywriting - Judging Your Target Market
    This week we're going to reinforce the training that Recruits of my Red Hot Copywriting Bootcamp are drilled on. In case you didn't read my last article we covered what you MUST do before you write a single word of copy. Each weekday we build on your skills of creating your copy from the ground up following my Field Guide. By the end of this copywriting...(related: Copywriting)

    No-holds-barred Conversation With Dan Lok - Part 1
    Question: If you were starting out and had no references or a substantial resume, how would you go about finding paying customers for your services?To answer your question, I'll assume you're a junior copywriter or marketing consultant.When I first started out and didn't know a soul, I'd open the yellow pages and cold-call the business owners. I'd go to networking events and try to get business. (Sucks!)Sometimes I'd do a little 'switchcraft' and call the companies who sent me direct mail letters.Before I had a track record, I wrote a lot on a results-oriented basis. This is also know as a 'sink or swim' or 'thrive or starve' approach....(related: Copywriting)

    On Copying And Stealing Designs
    The notion on the great artist, Pablo Picasso's quote, "Bad artists copy. Good artists steal" is lost on many. And revolving around the graphic designer circles is the quote "Good artists copy, great artists steal" known as Picasso's quote, still. Anyway, it might just be safe to assume that Picasso have not quoted this words exactly but he did have an "expert's assessment and statement" regarding copying and stealing art styles and techniques.The artistic world was widely influenced by Picasso, being the first living artist to be featured in the Louvre. M...(related: Copywriting)

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    Magic Words That Sell And What Words To Avoid
    We all know words are powerful. Whether written or spoken, according to advertising legend David Ogilvy, some of th...(related: Copywriting)

    How To Really Connect With Your Customer In Your Copywriting
    One of the least talked-about areas in copywriting education isvoice. This is probably because it's tough to set general rulesfor something that's so personal to each of us. After all, thesame things go into building your copywriting voice that go intomaking you who you are!Personality, upbringing, environment, education, audience,purpose?all these and more go into forming your voice, n...(related: Copywriting)

    How To Find Editing Services Online
    Quality is what you need. What you don't have is time. You need to find an editing service online that can help you get the work you need done, quickly and effectively. But, where do you look? Where can you find such a service and know that it is of good quality? While it would have been a difficult task to find an editing service online a few years ago, there is now an ever growing supply of them. You'll find quite a selection to choose from as well. Here are some guidelines that may help you in finding not only a service to use, but a good quality one at that.First off, you need to know what you want from your service. If you are just in need of a few editing projects, you might want to look at price and a larger compa...(related: Copywriting)

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