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7 Powerful Sales Copy Writing Techniques!


Your sales letter is the most important component in yourweb site or marketing campaign. It will introduces yourproducts or services to your visitors and how people react(buy, bookmark, leave) is 80% entirely depends on yoursales letter.

Below, I will show you how to make you sales letter aCompelling, Non-stop, 24/7 cash generating machine!

1. Tell a good story in your sales letter.

Every body loves a good absorbing story, with a good storyyou will create empathy with them.

Give story that relates to your reader's situation, Tellpeople about how you get started in your business, putyourself in your visitors' shoes and show them that youknow, understand about their problems and how your productor service can help them solves their problem.

2. Put your main benefit in your headline.

It is easy to sit back for a while and write down all yourProduct's benefits on a piece of paper, after that you canChoose which benefit to put on your headline. Combine yourproduct's benefit with power words such as discover,amazing, Secrets, guarantee, exposed, secure, love, etc.

Remember that people are overloaded with information, thisIs why you need to put some quick attention grabbers sopeople will stay and read the rest of your sales letter. Ifyour Headline doesn't get read then everything else may gounread.

3. Focus on one product or service.

You need to focus on one product only, don't offer too manythings to your visitors, if you want to sell other productyou can have different page on your web site or create anew mini site to sell it.

4. Put testimonials on your sales letter.

A Good, believable testimonials from real people will helpIncrease your sales dramatically, put their photos,highlight their main satisfactions with using color,bolding key sentences, italic, underlining, etc.

5. Put women, babies, pets attributes in your sales letter.

Tie your product with one of these trio because they candeliver more attention responds to your product or service.Insert a women's picture in your web site header, e-bookcover will increases your sales response.

6. Create some urgency for your visitors to order.

You need to make people take action and order your product.e.g. "For a very limited time only", "Until the end of thismonth", "Only for our first 100 customers"

7. Tell people what they are going to lose if they don'tbuy your product or service.

It's true that people will react more to what they aregoing to lose instead of what they are going to have.

e.g. "Order now before you competitors catch on!" "You willsave hundreds of dollars using this product!"

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